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    This is a claymation for Scott Ryder's 35th Bday based on his cat, Phoebe, who steals his Delorean to go into the distant future to take a nap on Jabba's floor. Unfortunately, Jabba is in no mood to entertain a lazy cat in his palace. His trusted aid, Boba Fett, had just danced provocatively with his personal slave girl, and as we all know, Jabba believes in monogamous relationships since he's an honorable slug. Phoebe arrives just after the slave girl is eaten by the blood-thirsty Rancor. Her plans for a pleasant space-aged nap are thwarted when Jabba fiendishly subjects her to the perils of the pit. He then proceeds to knock Boba Fett into the precipice after ordering him to kick the Delorean in. Being a cat, Phoebe lands on her feet. Her doom seems eminent when the Rancor moves towards her, but the Delorean crushes the unsuspecting Rancor. Shortly after this, Boba Fett falls on top of the bloody heap after his jet pack runs out of fuel. Stunned and angered by Jabba's betrayal, he attempts to shoot his wrist rocket at Phoebe, when Salacious Crum falls haphazardly onto Fett's head. Once again he tries to shoot Phoebe, but Jabba's frog bong decapitates Boba Fett's head from his body and crushes Mr. Crum. By this point Jabba decides to take his wrath out on Phoebe. He gives her the option to choose her destroyer, and being the dumb cat that she is, she accidently blurts out the "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man" in Cat-ese. Jabba couldn't be more pleased. He knows that it's extremely difficult to destroy a giant marshmallow, so he feels assured that Phoebe will shortly be extinct. However, Phoebe's years of living with Heidi and Scott (okay, maybe just Scott), have taught her to think quickly in times of peril. She constructs a fire using her explosive flatulence along with some magical wood that is conveniently lying around in the pit/arena . Grabbing a metal poker to skewer Mr. Stay Puft, she begins chasing him around the pit/arena until he finally makes a fatal move, which is when she pounces. The story ends with Stay Puft's head on the metal rod... the remainder of this adventure is unknown, but I'd like to think that once Jabba smelled the roasting marshmallow, he decided to set aside his anger toward Phoebe and join her in the delicious campfire feast. Aside from the primary plot of the story, the credits do have a couple of key components... For one, Jar Jar Binks is bludgeoned to death and rolled up in one of the credits (to be tossed into the Sarlak Pit) and C3PO is squashed by Jabba's fastball credits. The downfall of these two obnoxious characters is definitely essential to any parody movie involving Star Wars characters. If I had more time, I'd probably take a stab at whupping Anikan as well, or at least by making him cry (I'd take away his Twilight movies and he'd really be upset!! haha!--my sister's going to beat me up for this comment).. I hope to have more animated shorts to come... The only problem is that when I get focused on this, I don't want to do anything else (I stayed up over 24 hours two different days working on this. Thank goodness for coffee. Hope everyone enjoys it! Post comments or questions. Story by Astraes Locke and Scott Strzesynski. Art direction and script supervision by Angel and Arista. Creature Creation and Set Design by Angel, Arista, Scott & Caroline Strzesynski, and Astraes Locke. Produced using the PS3 Eye Create with post-production using Macbook Pro with iMovie and Garageband. Film by Hobo Joe Productions in association with Strz-In-My-Pants Productions and Bluestar Entertainment. Special thanks to the makers of Back to the Future, Star Wars and Ghostbusters, without whom, we would never have been inspired to make this movie. Music for Back to the Future was added after the movie was completed. This score is by the John Debney & Royal Scottish National Orchestra. The other rocking songs were "Swagger", by Flogging Molly and "Lean On Sheena" by the Bouncing Souls. Unfortunately, there's not an easy way to line up the sound on the PS3 Eye Create program, so we had originally made this as a "silent film". Then we grew brains and exported it to a flash drive so I could Mac the crap out of it. This is why the beginning title seems a little long---it was drawn out to fit with the Back to the Future music. Titles and Credits were produced by Astraes Locke, with the written acknowledgements by Angel and Arista. Feel free to post you want someone to make a claymation for you. Time involved is EXTREME... this was done over the course of 3 days (72 hours in total).

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