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    Documental rodado en 2011 con película de cine inversible. La totalidad de esta obra, desde el titulaje sobreimpuesto en cámara hasta la sonorización en pistas pegadas al film o las transiciones de cortinilla, pasando por el revelado y el montaje, incluyendo el guión, fue una actividad realizada de forma solitaria y artesanal, con el espíritu de los pioneros del cine. No hay postproducción digital, ni de imagen ni de sonido, más allá de la digitalización para publicarla en Internet. Concebida, filmada, escrita y revelada por Ignacio Benedeti. Todas las opiniones manifestadas en este trabajo son estrictamente personales y en modo alguno representan a Ignacio Benedeti Cinema, mero tenedor de la obra a efectos de copyright. VEA TAMBIÉN: "VIGILIA PASCUAL EN LA CORUÑA" https://vimeo.com/42066089 , cortometraje de diez minutos explicativo de la Vigilia Pascual, filmado en la Iglesia de la Venerable Orden Tercera. La historia y lugares emblemáticos de La Coruña resumidos en 10 minutos, en la última película del mundo filmada en Kodachrome: http://www.vimeo.com/16502962 IMPORTANTE: si no ve el documental con fluidez, pinche por favor el botón HD para desactivarlo. Para apreciar correctamente las imágenes de esta película inversible resulta menester exhibir el film en una pantalla de cine con un proyector cinematográfico equipado con lámpara de xenón, HTI o Marc-300, y presor trasero. Filmada entre el 15 y el 24 de abril de 2011 Películas inversible de Súper-8 en cartuchos de Single-8: Kodak Tri X forzada 1 diafragma, Fuji Astia 100 subrevelada 1 diafragma, Fuji Astia 100 forzada dos diafragmas, Fuji Velvia 50 subexpuesta 1 diafragma. Cámara: Fujica ZC1000 Objetivos primarios: Fujinon EBC 7.5-75 mm, Leitz 10 mm, Pentax 1.0 8-48 mm Objetivos anamórficos: Iscorama 36, 42 y 54 Sonido directo: magnetófono Sony Stereo con sincronismo a cámara FTS Cinta de cassette: Fuji Film Empalmadora de película: Fuji 2-track Cinta de empalmar: Fuji Film Pletina de sincronismo con proyector de cine: Eumig Metropolitan Pistas magnéticas en película: Or-Wo laminada Sonido directo estereofónico sincronizado con proyector Fujicascope SD25 Locución registrada con proyector Fujicascope SD20 https://www.facebook.com/IgnacioBenedetiCinemaIbcinema#!/ignacio.benedeti www.ibcinema.com

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    • Iscorama36 vs FF38


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      http://www.dogschidtoptiks.co.uk Take a FF58 with Quasi 1.5 fixed aperture and test it with the Iscorama 36 (anamorphic lens) and the FF38 (wide angle attachment). It should be noted that the FF38 attachment is an uncoated pre production version so the production model with yield marginally sharper results, as well as slightly more contrast. The video shows the slight differences in sharpness and field of view, but does not factor in 'character' since subject matter doesn't benefit from the lens characteristics. Obviously the FF38 will not deliver oval bokeh or anamorphic streaks, but when paired with a FF58 with oval aperture (see other tests), the horizontal field of view is almost exactly the same as the Iscorama36 and the oval aperture delivers some of the bokeh we all know and love. The main differences are that the iscorama footage uses the full 1920x1080 sensor area even when the footage is squeezed to the 2.66;1 ratio. Whereas, the FF38 needs to have the top and bottom portions of the captured image cropped to give the same aspect ratio. all of the pixels are used in the iscorama shots, but around 1/3rd of the pixels are cropped away when the ff38 is cropped for the same aspect ratio. Shooting with a greater resolution to start with will have less of an impact on end results, however the optical quality of the FF38 makes up for the loss in captured pixels caused by cropping in post. What is very clear is that the FF38 offers a distinct advantage in close focus capability (0.15m). By comparison the Iscorama36 maxes out at a rather limited 3.5ft (due to modification). a standard iscorama is limited to a minimum focus of 6ft making diopters essential. Why the comparison? I guess its because the FF38 is approximately the same size and weight of the iscorama 36. it also allows the user to obtain the same horizontal field of view as if they were using an iscorama on their FF58. Since 58mm is the widest you can use an iscorama 36 on full frame sensors with, the combination of an oval aperture FF58 and a FF38 attachment, as well as good resolving power of the camera itself, the benefits of shooting anamorphic are less of an advantage over simply cropping. I love my iscorama and wont ever get rid of her, but the value of such an item makes using it less enjoyable than a newly designed optic that can be replaced for around 1/6th of the price if it did get damaged in use.

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      • First Friday - Raku Hoolaulea - GH4 + Cinema 4K + Iscorama


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        First test using my Panasonic GH4 with the Cinema 4K option and Iscorama 36. Shot during First Friday, special thanks to Arts at Mark's Garage for letting me film their exhibition "Raku Hoolaulea". Many great works of art, I really enjoyed it!

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        • Anamorphic Zoom, CinemaScope Flares, Follow Focus, Fast Pull Focus, Oval Bokeh, Close Focus, Macro Focus


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          Fooling around with CinemaScope flares on the Rectilux 3FF Anamorphic Zoom, CinemaScope Flares, Follow Focus, Pull Focus, Oval Bokeh Ungraded NEX 5N (-3,1,-3) The vintage look digitally remastered and only 500g in weight. Bookmark my Channel for more parts, when they become available. vimeo.com/channels/rectilux For evaluating sharpness and resolution I recommend my Rectilux Albums on Flickr flickr.com/photos/125986580@N05/sets/72157646313357302/

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          • Rats Island


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            Eddie was unemployed and homeless when he found refuge on a small island in a river estuary. He built a rudimentary shack there, a box-like structure made habitable with some basic furniture and a wood burning stove. This provided some semblance of domesticity for himself and his son, Andrew, who would stay with him from time to time. Their immediate surroundings could be considered pastoral, and their life as one of different freedoms. In fair weather life on the island was hard, but tolerable. But now the two men are individually faced with the prospect of wintering there for the second time, and the drone of the nearby motorway is a reminder of the world they left behind. Rats Island is spare and measured. It offers an observational account of how, in the face of personal and economic adversity, a father has made a home for himself and his son. It documents his efforts to survive in a social and geographic margin, as he tries to hold on to his family. Rats Island is a twelve minute observational documentary, directed by Mike Hannon and produced by Sinéad Ní Bhroin of Still Films.

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            • Christine Sun Kim


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              Christine Sun Kim is an artist based in New York and Berlin. She uses the medium of sound through technology, performance, and drawing to investigate and rationalize her relationship with sound and spoken languages. Shot and Directed by Sirio Magnabosco Interview by Serena Danna Produced for Corriere.it

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              • 2010: LA CORUNNA IN SUPER 8 KODACHROME English Soundtrack Version


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                ENGLISH SOUND TRACK VERSION. A Super-8 tribute to 75 years of Kodachrome, with my city as a backdrop, La Corunna, Galicia, in northwestern Spain. Processed in Dwayne´s, Parsons, Kansas (USA), in september, 2010. Filmed in Iscorama. Please, read about the making in next link: http://www.ibcinema.com/ib2006/super8/corunna_kodach.pdf SONIDO EN ESPAÑOL EN ESTE LINK: http://www.vimeo.com/16502962 Enjoy also with the 3 minutes short movie: KODACHROME: IN MEMORIAM (2005) -without dialogue- in this link: http://www.ibcinema.com/ib2006/video/kodachrome.html Selección Oficial Festival de Milán, 2011 Apertura para el Festival de Cambridge 2011 Apertura para la Mostra de Barcelona 2011 Ignacio Benedeti Cinema, 2010. www.ibcinema.com facebook.com/IgnacioBenedetiCinemaIbcinema

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                • 2010: LA CORUÑA EN SUPER-8 KODACHROME


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                  La historia y paisajes emblemáticos de La Coruña, resumidos en diez minutos. Un homenaje en Súper-8 (Iscorama) a los 75 años del Kodachrome (concebido, escrito y filmado por Ignacio Benedeti), tomando como fondo la ciudad de La Coruña (España), y revelado poco antes del desmantelamiento de la última planta de procesado en Kansas (EEUU). LA ÚLTIMA PELÍCULA DEL MUNDO RODADA EN KODACHROME. WORLD´S LAST MOVIE FILMED IN KODACHROME Concebida, filmada y escrita por Ignacio Benedeti Corzo. Edición: Víctor Galdón English soundtrack version in http://www.vimeo.com/17919411 Artículo publicado por "La voz de Galicia" http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/coruna/2011/01/18/0003_201101H18C9994.htm Artículo publicado por "El mundo": http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2011/02/13/galicia/1297590813.html Palmarés: Cambridge 2011, Selección oficial para la ceremonia de clausura. Selección oficial: Festival de Milán, 2011. Apertura de la Mostra de Barcelona 2012 Artículo en International Movie Making, January 2011: http://www.ibcinema.com/ib2006/super8/corunna_kodach.pdf IMPORTANTE: si no ve el cortometraje con fluidez, pinche el botón HD para desactivarlo. Vea también: VIGILIA PASCUAL EN LA CORUÑA (filmado con Kodak Vision 3): https://vimeo.com/42066089 Vea en Fujichrome inversible: La Coruña en otoño con "Crepúsculos otoñales coruñeses": http://vimeo.com/14762232 Vea en Súper-8 La Coruña en Semana Santa con "Semana Santa Coruñesa": http://vimeo.com/16502048 Vea también el corto de tres minutos KODACHROME: IN MEMORIAM (2005) http://www.ibcinema.com/ib2006/video/kodachrome.html Ignacio Benedeti describe en castellano la historia del Kodachrome: http://www.ibcinema.com/ib2006/flicker/40.pdf "Donde vaga Leslie Howard: San Andrés de Teixido": En el norte de la provincia de La Coruña, frente a la costa donde Leslie Howard fue abatido por los nazis, se alza el Santuario de San Andrés de Teixido (Cedeira), elevándose sobre un paisaje agreste poblado por caballos salvajes que disfrutan su libertad junto a los acantilados más altos de Europa. Este Santuario es un lugar de visita obligada en Galicia pues, como creen los buenos hijos de la región, "a San Andrés de Teixido va de muerto quien no fue de vivo". Vea aquí el corto: https://vimeo.com/38370209 https://www.facebook.com/IgnacioBenedetiCinemaIbcinema#!/ignacio.benedeti www.ibcinema.com

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                  • Ian Carey Let Loose & Get Shaky, Behind The Scenes and In the Studio


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                    A mini documentary that goes behind the scenes and in the studio with Ian Carey, the man behind hits like "Get Shaky", "Keep On Rising" and "Let Loose". An in depth look at how Ian works in the studio as well as a look into the production of his new music video. Produced by Vid-Atlantic Media. http://www.vidatlantic.com The main segments were filmed with a Canon 5D using a Lomo anamorphic lens modified with a Canon 50mm lens. The B&W cuts camera was the Canon t2i 17-50mm f2.8 lens. Let Loose Official music video was filmed with two Canon 5D's using Iscorama 36 as well as Kowa 35 anamorphic lenses. Follow our blog here http://vidatlantic.tumblr.com/ or tweet @vidatlantic

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                    • VIAJE A TIERRA SANTA. Jerusalén (2009) Travel to Holy Land - Summer 2009 - Jerusalem


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                      Spanish sound only. Stock: Fuji Velvia & Fuji Provia 400 Gauge: Single 8 Ratio: Iscorama 2:1 18 f.p.s Camera: Fuji ZC1000 + Leitz Cinegon 10mm Lens+Iscorama 36 Anamorphic Magnetic "Liquid" Sound: Recorded on Fujicascope SD25 Projector Read about the making in http://www.ibcinema.com/ib2006/super8/f_provia.pdf

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