1. Martial Arts training with my FIGHT coach NIKO SKULJAN


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    3 sometimes 4 times a week I train in Martial Arts, some days traditional BOXING, working my jab, cross and uppercut punches, other days we focus on Muay Thai boxing (which is Thai kickboxing) also Wing Chun and a little Jeet Kune Do (or JKD) which was Bruce Lee's form of Martial Arts.

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      jab (jăb) v. jabbed, jab·bing, jabs 1. to poke, or thrust abruptly or sharply, as with the end or point of a stick. 2. to punch, especially with a short, quick blow. noun 3. a poke with the end or point of something; a sharp, quick thrust. 4. A small stretch of moderately urbanized peninsula hidden amongst the West Coast of Canada that harbours a fraction of BCs many up and coming BMX riders as well as some of its worst spots. 5. a short, quick punch. The Jabtape is a collection of skatepark scraps, street jibs, and some bangers curated throughout 2014 in Vancouver, Burnaby, Sunshine Coast, Kelowna, Portland, and California. Featuring Nik Muryn, Joel Dykstra, Kyle White, Tristan Sweet. FILM: everyone EDIT: Tristan Sweet JAB

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        DJ DA QUEEN débarque de Kiev pour une pure soirée clubbing @ DEJAVU!!

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          La tournée M6 MUSIQUE CLUB by DJ KAIO fait un petit stop @ DEJAVU BIARRITZ pour une soirée de dingue!!

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          • ORISKA @ DEJAVU AOUT 2014


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            ORISKA @ DEJAVU BIARRITZ pour cloturer l'été 2014, soirée de malade validée!!

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              Grosse soirée MADE IN DEJAVU pour clôturer la saison estivale! CYRIL WISE nous fait l'honneur de revenir le temps d'une soirée, retourner le DEJAVU comme à l'époque!

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              • Quickboxing - Part 2


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                Book your trial sessions with money back guarantee: protomfitness.leadpages.net/quickboxing-trial/ Link to Part 1 if you missed it: vimeo.com/104178071 Combination jab, cross hook uppercut. The punches can be executed with more stable stance. As you can see on the video in the uppercut the body is slightly leaning away from the direction of the punch. This is acceptable, however it is really crucial to know what is your sport. In boxing we look for full stability so practicing the uppercuts or hooks you need to keep your centre of gravity or centre of mass very close to the floor keeping your bum behind and using your body weight. If we look at kickboxing, low kickboxing or Thai boxing you could have the benefit of this leaning away if you are already integrating your kick in the combination. I always suggest to practice both ways to provide maximum flexibility to react to kicks or punches. I also demonstrate how to work with a partner, you do not necessary need to have pads to work with another person. The second combination is jab, cross, roll, cross hook. You cannot see the footwork on this video but we will post it in the future. Make sure you rotate your hips and that is how you set up the punch on the opposite side! You do not need to rotate too much I always suggest to make it 15 or 20 degrees away from your sagittal plane. Combination: uppercut, hook, cross: you can practice stationary, moving back from your partner when your partner moves forward or moving forward when he or she moving backwards. When you are moving back you need to move your rear leg first, and before the impact you need to keep your ball of the foot on the floor. If you move forward you step with your leading leg and follow with your second, same rule applies, anchor the ball of the foot to the floor, If you have any questions just send us a message, for more info visit our website or our blog http://www.quickboxing.co.uk

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                • Quickboxing - Part 1


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                  Book your trial sessions with money back guarantee: protomfitness.leadpages.net/quickboxing-trial/ This video is made mainly for our clients but there are no secrets to what we do so anyone can have a look. The most important thing to say is we do everything properly. Quickboxing is a fitness class but we do not neglect technique! Please note, there are certain boxing techniques which are different from what was promoted in this video, we will upload a link here soon to enhance this video.

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                  • DJ SEHEREZADE @ DEJAVU BIARRITZ AOUT 2014


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                    DJ SEHEREZADE @ DEJAVU BIARRITZ AOUT 2014

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