1. 99 Jamz Summer Jam 2011 Recap


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    A Recap video of this years 99 Jamz Summer Jam 2011 Car and Bike show. enjoy. -ADBC.tv

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    • Leeside Skateboard Mayhem


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      Leeside Halloween Jam, Vancouver, BC, October 31, 2011 Music: Death Grips, Lord of the Game Ft. Harold Green, Vampires Dream, Banana, Lemmy, She Wolfs, Manwolfs, Ladyman, Scarecrow, Werewolf, Long Underwear Man, Clumsy Lumberjack, Dirty Hippy Directed by http://zengabros.com/ + https://www.facebook.com/zengabros

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      • The Yummy Balmy Dance Music Jam


        from Frank Moore Added 306K 349 31

        Recorded at 848 Community Space, June 24, 2000 to celebrate the opening of Tasmanian photographer Tony Ryan's show. This is when I performed with my CHEROTIC ALL-STAR BAND at the opening of the first U.S. exhibition of the work of the tasmania's erotic photographer Tony Ryan. It broke out in the second half of the performance into a very juicy erotic dance which pulled in several audience members! When I reviewed Tony Ryan's first book of photography, “Beauty/Reality” for the 7th issue of my zine, The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary, we had not met in person. I met Tony on the Internet. I was searching for erotic art that wasn't legs-spread, beer- can- in- the- ass- dildo- in- cunt- sucking- cock parody on sex (such parodies have their place, but ...). And that is where the world also met Tony. On the Internet is where Tony broke out of the isolation that is felt by most artists who do not do fashionable art, who do not fit in, or who run afoul of the local art power structure, and/or live in the boonies ... In Tony's case, Tasmania! As our correspondence continued, I encouraged Tony to live out one of his dreams, to come to the Bay Area and show his photography in the U.S.. He was able to actually come twice, appearing on my live internet show, The Shaman's Den, both times. In 2000, Tony showed his photography at 848 Divisadero, a radical art space in San Francisco, where I had done a series of performances in the late 90s. We did a great music jam to launch the exhibit. He also showed his work at Passion Flower in Oakland, an adult shop where I also performed over the years, doing all-night and other extended time ritual audience-participation performances. Tony was eager to return in 2001, so I set two of my students to work finding spaces that would host Tony's photography in San Francisco and Oakland/Berkeley. This time, Tony was able to show in four different spaces, including a repeat visit to Passion Flower, and an exhibit at Artists Television Access (ATA) in San Francisco, an underground film/video house where I have also shown my films. I was happy that Tony could show his photos here, to expose a live audience to his work. He was also able to do a series of photo shoots in the Bay Area while he was here. Tony shows that by putting your art directly out into the world, you can by-pass all road blocks that the power structures put in your way. The work is humanistic (thus, truly feminist), completely erotic because it is not limited by sex. Tony, as do I, admits to being especially attracted to working with women, to what he calls the special tension. In fact, he subtitled his first book, "Male Eye-Female Mind". By doing so, he called attention to the major and active role of the female models in the creative process. I think Tony's art and my own have evolved from similar beginnings. Some of my earliest performances were what I call “street performances”. I had been painting oils for years, painting with a brush strapped to my forehead, painting nudes from magazine photos. One day, a rich woman asked me to paint a nude of her. My wife set me and my paints up in the fancy living room as the woman undressed. On that day I realized how art can give people permission to do what normally is forbidden. This began my street series. I sat on the center plaza, "selling newspapers". But selling papers was only a context. The context for me was an excuse for watching people, talking to people who had the slowness and the insightful curiosity to stop and talk...a way for me to ask them to model for me. I painted a lot of the special people from the street performances. I noticed the changes in the people when they took off their clothes; how they relaxed, how they started talking on a deeper level about important personal things. In this same way, the nude body in each of Tony's photos is just the starting point to reveal the "subject's" personality/spirit, to explore relationships, and to dive into the magical intimate altered reality of the shooting session, the special intimate reality created when artist and model come together in art.

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        • Mistabishi - Printer Jam


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          Music Video for 'Printer Jam' by Mistabishi on Hospital Records. Video by Tin Spider.

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          • GIF-JAM 2014


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            This collaboration was part of Animation Breakdown's Free For All program at Cinefamily ( http://www.cinefamily.org/films/animation-breakdown-2014/ ). The mighty Paul Fraser ( http://paulfrasermusic.com ) created the amazing music track first, not knowing what imagery was to go with it. Participants turned in GIFs not knowing what would happen. Then I edited the GIFs to the music. So music was done BEFORE the edit, which if you think about it is kind of crazy but it magically came together (I think). List of GIF artists below. Can't thank everyone enough for trusting me with their work and taking part in this fun experiment! Andrew Benson http://wolfandunicorn.tumblr.com Christian Villacañas http://hellomynameis.ch Courtney Garvin http://courtneygarvin.tumblr.com Dale Anderson http://wackom.tumblr.com Dave Smith http://daveofthedead.tumblr.com David Maingault http://david-maingault.tumblr.com Dylan Hayes http://sakesaloon.com Ed Skudder http://edskudder.tumblr.com Felix Colgrave http://aardvarkbutter.com Henrique Jardim http://henryscrapeteria.tumblr.com Jack Cusumano http://jackiecous.tumblr.com Jacky Ke Jiang http://timecard.tumblr.com Jared D. Weiss http://jdweiss.tumblr.com Jaydeep Hasrajani http://jayhasrajani.tumblr.com Jen Lee http://repoghost.com Jeremy Sengly http://jeremysengly.tumblr.com Jeremy Couillard http://www.jeremycouillard.com Jesse Jacobs http://onemillionmouths.tumblr.com John Lisle http://johnelisle.com Johnny Woods http://www.johnnywoods.com Jonathan Rawlings http://jonvier89.tumblr.com Justin Hilden http://www.justinhilden.com Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera http://www.coroflot.com/smalllindsay http://www.coroflot.com/alexbutera Lilli Carré http://lillicarre.com Matt Furie http://mattfurie.tumblr.com Matthias Hoegg http://www.matthiashoegg.co.uk Max Litvinov http://kclogg.tumblr.com Max Wittert http://home.maxwittert.com Nath Milburn http://www.heynath.com Neil Sanders http://neilsanders.tumblr.com Nick Arciaga http://nickarciaga.com Paul Robertson http://probertson.tumblr.com Peter Burr http://www.peterburr.org Sarah Schmidt http://sarahmaeschmidt.com Scott Gelber http://time-cop.tumblr.com Tim Beckhardt http://timbeckhardt.tumblr.com Tim Rauch http://rauchbros.tumblr.com Tom Hunter http://mrbuffalo.tumblr.com

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            • A Midsummers Night Freakout


              from Frank Moore Added 111K 98 24

              Recorded at The Space, Sacramento, California, July 15, 2006. SPACE is a great little theater with bleacher seating. Lob put the show, A MIDSUMMERS NIGHT FREAK OUT, together. Lob and I have been doing things together for over 8 years. The night started rather peacefully, rather calmly, with Instagon playing jazzy trances. Like my band, Instagon is never the same line-up and never rehearsed together. This time Instagon was Lob on bass, Steve on guitar, Jim of The Shenanigoats on drums, Danny on trumpet, and another guy on the didgeridoo. Except for the didgeridoo-er, the rest would join my band for the night. When all was peaceful, BOTCHII messed it all up, blasting ultra-high energy punky noise assault. They are a trio of guitarist Tom Skowronskif and drummer Matthew “Lobster” Graybiel and Kevin Meecrob on pedals. They were simply mind-blowing great! Lobster would join The Cherotic All-Stars later, trading his drums for a mean guitar. Then after Botchii, a scary bunch of weirdos started setting up huge steel drums, power saws, giant puppets, etc. I smelled fresh danger of destruction. So I asked a member of UBERKUNST if we were safe sitting in the front row. We moved to the side! And Erika still got wounded in the chest by a flying shard of vinyl from Mary Martin’s South Pacific! UBERKUNST bills itself as “offensive fun, experimental music, noise ?music?, huge clumsy amateur theatrics and the scariest 13 person band on the planet.” Basically they presented your post-apocalyptic world where evil robots butt-rape and then disembowel humans (the disemboweling was rather whimpy!) … leading to a total chaotic destruction with a lot of banging, bashing, power saws grinding on metal drums, creating red hot showers of sparks. At the end everything was in ruin! Wendy O Williams would have been proud! From UBERKUNST, the “filthy bass” of Dire Deparra would join The Cherotic All-Stars’ jam! So I had my work cut out for me! By Lob creating a brilliant line-up, he was forcing us to stretch, expand … take the night into soft, intimate, erotic trances … which is the opposite of UBERKUNST … but building on what had been created through out the night. To start I sat nude under strobes and slides, doing an emotional vocal solo for several minutes, moving, dancing, rocking back and forth. Then Linda and Erika naked except for pearls joined me in the moaning chant. They danced together, moving, pleasure rubbing deep into each other within infusion, soon enveloping me into the intimate body. Soon the rest of the band appeared, forming a semi-circle … Danny on Trumpet, Lob running around the stage banging on the tambourine, Steve Davis plucking his bass, Dr. Gruve blowing his harmonica, Dire pounding the bass, Lobster pushing his guitar, Tomek squeezing his accordion and playing other instruments, Jim beating the drums. At a certain point, Linda and Erika left me to cuddle with each band member, and then they went into the audience to cuddle with people as I wailed with the band. People are hungry for that deep human touch! When Linda and Erika got back to the stage, Erika tried to play clarinet…but quickly started moving with Linda again! The jam lasted over an hour. More: http://www.eroplay.com/Cave/freakout/index.html

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              • The Night Of Taboo Benders! [Audience Camera]


                from Frank Moore Added 101K 118 2

                Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band A benefit for http://www.luver.com Slaughterhouse, Oakland June 26, 2004 We closed an extremely long night of extreme hard core punk bands, including The legendary FEEDERZ [who were my backup band in the eighties] and FLUFF GRRL at THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE, the underground illegal hard-core punk venue in Oakland. My band included representatives of the five other bands that night! This is how I celebrate my birthdays! More: http://www.eroplay.com/Cave/taboobenders/index.html

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                • The Night Of Taboo Benders! [On-Stage Camera]


                  from Frank Moore Added 96.7K 142 1

                  Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band A benefit for luver.com Slaughterhouse, Oakland June 26, 2004 This is a more intimate and cozy and close-up view of the same jam. Btw, luver.com is a 24/7 internet station I started over twelve years ago that ran for almost 14 years. More: eroplay.com/​Cave/​taboobenders/​index.html

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                  • The Union Of Erotic Passions


                    from Frank Moore Added 88.8K 63 11

                    Cherry Lounge, San Francisco, California, September 5, 2004 Well, this gig got us blacklisted from the San Francisco punk scene. It was apparently that hot! See for yourself! Below is what I wrote at the time: Apparently there was a controversy around our appearance. On RAMPAGE RADIO (the hard core all-night show hosted by Dirty Dave, Boom, and Bob) on KUSF early Sunday morning a "management" guy from CHERRY said "Frank Moore will not be nude at THE CHERRY" ... or some such nonsense. The fates prevented me from knowing about this until we got there ... LUVeR couldn't carry the show because their stream was down ... then Bob couldn't reach us to warn us because our phone was out. So I enter the club not loaded for bear. Hey, when Boom booked us, he told the lesbian owner what we do, and she said it was all cool. So I'm not clear about the power dynamics. But, although everyone was nice, there was a definite vibe that the whole hard core scene (not just us) were freaks from the wrong side of the tracks. Hey, we "queered the place," to use a term that our lesbian neighbor is fond of ... it was a night of TRANSFORMATIVE TRANGRESSION! All through the night Bob kept muttering about what happened on RAMPAGE...but he always mutters like Popeye. So it wasn't until in the set of FLUFF GRRL(YMAN) ... which was their most powerful set I have seen ... that Bob in/as a song outlined what happened ... and that he bets that they wouldn't be able to stop Frank Moore! So what choice did I have? When I had my clothes off, Boom gave us the official NO-NUDITY word ... that absurd duty over with, Boom half-jokingly (or was it quarter-jokingly?) said "well, no penetration then!" To that, Anne Madigan asked if that meant that she couldn't stick her finger in my ear. And I don't know if Bob's sucking / blowing my cock as a flute violated this no-penetration rule. Bob didn't do much of that Sunday night. He said that was because my balls were sweaty. That has never stopped him before! It was the first FLUFF GRRL gig I've seen that Bob didn't drop his pants and set fire to his pubes. Was it because of the threatened limiting vibes? I don't know. Did the nude explicit sweaty orgasmic rubbing rocking erotic dance Linda and I did together violate the no-penetration rule? I won't tell! That's what the slow motion and zoom buttons on your player are for! But a lot of what we do in bars is breaking actual laws covering venues serving liquor.and not just penetration. Of course in the 30+ years that we have been "transgressing" in clubs, there has not been a single raid, etc. (DARN!) But the club should be committed to the risky art presented. I talked to Boom tonight.and he assured me that CHERRY wants the scene there and has no problem with what we did. Notwithstanding what I wrote above. I hope he's right! I started the set singing alone on the floor I AM WOMAN. Hey, CHERRY was supposed to be a lesbian bar. Then Bob did the skin flute on me as the rest of the band took their positions. I heard a real flute. It wasn't Bob, but Erika in an open robe. She was prevented from erotic dancing by an evil case of poison oak. Only half of the band, numbering 15 members, could fit on the stage. So the other half spilled on to the floor on either side of me. After Bob had his way with me, I turned around to face toward the band, creating a communal ritual circle. Musically and erotically it got sweaty fast, people playing off, feeding off, of one another, changing instruments, doing vocals, becoming a molten musical mass. We had all of FLUFF GRRL plus Anne, the bass player and the lead singer of Violent Discharge (the second band of the night) who poured blood on me! Andy brought his Sousaphone and his guitarist friend Joel to be in the stew. Topless Dr. Gruve blew himself and his harp into one giant sweat bead trance of bliss, followed close behind by the madman Michael Peppe. Things kept being melting down to bluesy intimate touch moan exchange for about an hour. It was the deepest into the musical unknown we have ventured into in our jamming. More: http://www.eroplay.com/Cave/unionoferoticpassions/index.html

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                    • The Nude Green Orgy of Lying Leprechauns


                      from Frank Moore Added 87.4K 70 1

                      Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band at Kimo's, San Francisco, St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2004 I started this with a mean version of DANNY BOY! But the show quickly got erotic, surreal, extremely explicit. The band was packed full with punk mutants! More: http://www.eroplay.com/Cave/NudeGreenOrgy/index.html

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