1. The Projector - 8mm Direct to 5Dmk2


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    Many thanks to Mitch Aunger (Planet5D) for getting this story rolling and spreading the word. http://home.planet5d.com ---------------------------------------------------------- This is my method for transferring 8mm footage using the Canon 5Dmk2 in real time. The results are very good for such a fast method if you cannot afford the money or time for frame scanning. 00:42 - It very important to use a flat type LED's not the dome shaped ones. The dome shape LED's will give you lots of blooming and the focus will drift at the edges making you suspect the lens. 00:58 - I drilled 3 holes in the body of the projector for the LED flexible light strip, behind where the original bulb used to sit. I mask out light I don't want projected with putty. The position of the lights helps mask out some of the scratches. I need to add another couple of (horizontal) lights either side of the centre light. 01:29 - I modified the original projector lens to try and achieve a flat field image. Made from the rear element from a Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35mm and attached to the original lens tube with a bit a tape no less. You could use standard lens and there are some very nice ones out there. 03:08 - Utilising the body from the old 35mm lens, it proved a good way in shielding the projector from light pollution, I also added a 12mm extension tube. A lens cloth draped over the front further seals the light from entering, of course you could just film in very low light. 00:12 - I put 2 drive belts on the motor, this slowed the motor down just enough to reduce the shutter flicker. The Canon 5Dmk2 was set to 24p and 1/50 for our electrical phase. ISO ranged from base up to 1000, depending on exposure of original film. The footage is fine at ISO 1000 but this could be reduced by using a more powerful flat lens LED. 03:30 - Focus and frame size changed by moving the projector or camera and adjusting the screw type lens. Try and focus on the film grain and not the scratches. 00:37 - I removed the internal mask for 8mm & S8mm aspects at the gate to project an unrestricted image into the camera. You gain areas that are hidden but they have the perfs though them and you see the top and bottom of the next and previous frame, but you can re-mask in post. If it's personal footage you want to see everything on the frame, some times it makes the difference. You can use the crop sensor DSLR's but the lens would need changing or modifying unless you wanted a cropped image. On this lens and projector I can not bring the camera near enough without fouling on the body of the camera or projector body to get a full image captured. I have tried to make this project as accessible as possible and apart from the camera, all the items are fairly cheap to pick up. Projector used: Eumig Mark 501, I also use the Eumig 610D & the Eumig Mark DL Camera: Canon 5Dmk2 Ref LED: http://www.maplin.co.uk/dc-12-v-flexible-led-light-strip-400mm-47376 Here are links to a couple of films transferred using this exact setup: http://www.vimeo.com/20900718 http://www.vimeo.com/20871186 I have other 8mm transfers back from when I started this 2 years ago, but the quality was not as good. They are further down my videos.

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    • 90 Seconds - Shot on Sony NEX FS700


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      Shot on a pre production Sony NEX-FS700 around South Bank, London. Credit: JAMES TONKIN & JAMES MILLER In association with DEN LENNIE Further Pre Production FS700 films: Sony Professional: Introducing the Sony NEX-FS700 http://vimeo.com/39839187 VS - 1080p Film shot on Sony NEX FS700 http://vimeo.com/39405035 Racing with planes by Peter Prevec http://vimeo.com/39997231 Soundtrack: Angelo Milli / Seven Pounds / Seven Days Seven Seconds

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      • Three


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        Super 8mm - Direct transfer to Canon 5DMK2 sensor. Modified projector and lens. Tutorial: http://www.vimeo.com/20950590 Film dated Circa 1976. Me and my Sisters Gate mask removed for full film coverage. Can be masked back in post if necessary. 2 years perfecting a realtime transfer.

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        • Nina Naustdal - Couture / Celebrity Launch Party


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          Nina Naustdal - Couture Knightsbridge, London Celebrity Launch Party - 5th May 2011 Guests included: Sinitta, Hofit Golan, Noelle Reno, Nick Knowles and Jessica Moor, Claire Guerlin and Emma Rigby. Song: Je te laisserai des mots / Patrick Watson

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          • Leuven, Belgium - Oude Markt, Terras


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            Personal edit only, from a long weekend in Leuven, Belgium. Camera used is the 5Dmk2, using the Lens Whacking technique. Mostly shot on a 50mm. Soundtrack: Get Well Soon, Angry Young Men With thanks to: SBS Belgium / VT4 Special thanks to: Director: The excellent, Frank De Wulf Creative Coordinator: The most fantastic, Sofie Potvin

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            • GH4: Cinema 4K - Profile Settings Test


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              @Zachanot I looked around online to find a number of different Profile Settings for the GH4. I tried Natural on another day, but didn't like the results, and plan to stick with Cine D and Cine V. Shots are taken with an 80-200mm FD Lens (Which tends to be a little soft and renders image a little milky), and a 34mm Jackarr Snapshooter Lens (Which has some interesting Bokeh). I was originally going to use Film Convert to do a quick grade, but I had to use the computers at work for a much faster render, so I ended up using Lumetri Looks in Premiere CC (Cinematic 2) as well as an RGB Curve. I like to grade as much as the next guy, but I wanted to see what a single unified look by a professional would look like across the board with an added curve to push the image. When you see Film Convert in the Settings in the Video, it simply means Film Convert's Profile Setting that they have listed. I also added Sharpen to all settings that had it turned down, and all Slow Mo Shots at the end. Settings Explained: All shots are 0-255 converted to 16-235 in post. Shot in Camera C4K 8Bit converted to 1080p. iDynamic/iResolution off for all settings The opening MISC Setting was the Dragon (Later explained) setting without the color shift or Sharpness and Noise Reduction turned down. James Miller: Cine D, everything turned down to -5. Shadows and Highlights +2, -2 respectively. He has some test videos along with some settings made for Philip Bloom and I see great results on his end. James Miller: Cine V, everything everything turned down to -5. Shadows and Highlights +2, -2 respectively, Master Pedestal +15. Again, has videos with great results, but I'm not sure how I feel about turning up the Master Pedestal, but his results are great. Dragon: Cine D, only Sharpness and Noise Reduction Turned down to -3, Shadows and Highlights +1, -4 respectively, and WB Adjustment 2Amber 2Green. Found in a RED Dragon User Forum from someone who tested GH4 and RED Dragon attempting to match. Prioritizing saving highlights, but only barely raising shadows to reduce introducing noise. Driftwood: Cine D, Everything turned down to -2 like a GH2. The Infamous Nick Driftwood has a few videos out, and seemed to like this setting straight out of camera. Film Convert Low Contrast: No Changes except to Shadows and Highlights +5, -5 respectively. Listed on their site as the setting for Low Contrast. Slow Mo: I threw in a few slow mo shots, one at 96 another at 60, both are over crank in camera at 24.00 FHD 100/Mbs. Will do a test with them against each other later. Take Aways: Cine D- Great profile as is. I like how sharp the image is, it grades well, no noise is being introduced. I kind of prefer this setting as is. It just works and can give you a rich look. Cine V- Not my favorite, but both Cine's are better than the other profiles (including natural). Doesn't have the color richness that Cine D does. James Miller D- This might be another go to setting as it gets a flatter image without too much noise. For both James Miller D and V the F8 (blown out) shots I added saturation back, but the F11 (Less blown out) I couldn't get to look right, and only added a deeper RGB Curve. James Miller V- Master Pedestal seems to add a red shift too the footage compared to the other shots. I see great results online, but I don't seem to like it. It is just an odd look. Dragon- The major changes to this setting are really lowering the highlights and barely lifting the shadows, along with the WB Adjustments. I have to say that this setting is giving me a great look that I really like. Probably my main setting from now on. Driftwood- While I didn't dislike this setting, I felt it was just a waste of time looking at it, as it is very similar to plain Cine D and Low Contrast, but in a weird middle purgatory. Film Convert Low Contrast - This profile came out much better than I thought it would. I expected a lot of noise and the image to not hold up in grading, especially since I wasn't using Film Convert, but I must say that I will definitely continue using this setting for a really flat image, it really makes the colors pop out. ----- I know that I added a STEEP RGB curve to the footage which some might say is too digital or unrealistic, or too green etc, but I wanted to push the footage to see what I could get for a range, and I also didn't have much time, and the Cinematic 2 Look from Lumetri in Premiere just wasn't doing enough. I do really love all the color in these images though. At F8 for the 80-200mm the camera was a little blown out on the Histogram, so i restarted at F11 with the histogram only dead center, but in post some became a little blown out when adding a little to the RGB Curve. ------ Same export in 4K on Youtube - http://youtu.be/zs6fSlX_2Ng

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              • The Plea "Feel It Ticking"


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                http://www.facebook.com/thepleaofficial The Plea "Feel It Ticking" (Montage of clips) from the Gideon Music Festival, 2011. Groningen, The Netherlands. The Plea are the brothers Doherty; Denny and Dermot from the small town of Ballyliffen, County Donegal who plied their trade busking on the streets of London, before moving to Boston, where by day they worked on building sites and by night our dynamic duo played the city's bustling, Irish pub circuit. They spent a year in Minnesota after an American major label funded an album recorded in a big budget studio, but it never saw the light of day. So in 2009, back in Ballyliffen, the brothers brought in drummer Gerry Strawbridge and bassist Paul Toland, wrote a batch of new songs and posted them on their MySpace page. Interest from labels was immediate, but one offer in particular intrigued them. The founders of legendary, Belgian, dance label R&S Records were so impressed by the songs and after lengthy discussions on Skype they signed the band and became their first ever rock signing. The band have just finished recording their debut album with Chris Potter (The Verve, The Rolling Stones, U2) which will be released later this year, but in the meantime open your heart up to The Plea. http://www.facebook.com/thepleaofficial Members: Denny Doherty - Vocals, Electric - Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Dermot Doherty - BV's, Electric - Acoustic guitars, Paul Toland - Bass, Gerry Strawbridge - Drums Label: Planet Function (a subdivision of R&S Records)

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                • Reeling Back / Autumn 2011


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                  A very short autumn demo reel. Soundtrack: Flynn Lives from 'TRON Legacy', Daft Punk James Miller / MMFilm / Miller & Miller http://twitter.com/millerandmiller

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                  • Out Like A Light, The Plea


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                    Out Like A Light, The Plea Whelan's Dublin Filmed Live at the Whelan's Dublin, Ireland - Friday August 5th 2011. Track: Out Like A Light, The Plea Follow their official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thepleaofficial Record Label: Planet Function (A subdivision of R&S Records)

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                    • Bloom's Last Visit


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                      Description: On a cold night during a HDSLR MeetUp a man makes sure that Philip Bloom's visit to Amsterdam is the last one. A stranger on the street or a fanatic of Philip's work.. Motivation: I wanted to create something else than just a video with some nice music edited together for the Amsterdam MeetUp. Even thought, those present know nothing happened it wanted to add a more mysterious approach to the event. I remember the end of FilmFellas 6 (http://vimeo.com/12828858) when Steve Weiss walks into the set and "shoots" Jens Bogehegn and Philip Bloom and I felt like doing something similar. Technical: Shot with Canon 5d MarkII. Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8. The only POST on this video is a little bit of Color Correction and some added grain in some shots but apart from that all the effects are on camera-effects inspired by James Miller: (http://vimeo.com/14164194) Sound: All extra sounds were optioned from freesounds.org Music was made by ERH Everything was filmed during the Amsterdam MeetUp... also the last scene while I was going towards my train.

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