1. Back Off!


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    The Republican-led House of Representatives has put forth a bill, H.R.1, a continuing budget resolution to keep the government functioning through September 30th. The bill, if passed as is, could mean the beginning of the end of endangered runs of wild salmon. It could also be seen as the beginnings to undo the Endangered Species Act passed in 1973. In essence, riders attached to this appropriation bill would end funding for protection of salmon. Specifically it says: “None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to implement…Reasonable and Prudent Action …described in the biological opinion for the operations of the Central Valley Project and the California State Water Project issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service and dated June 4, 2009.” It also calls for the end of funding water flows that are part of the San Joaquin river restoration project. Those flows started in late 2009 after a twenty-year court battle to restore the salmon runs wiped out by the building of Friant dam. The riders placed on this bill are there under the guise of saving taxpayer dollars in order to address the country’s economic crisis. But in reality, it is designed to benefit the wealthiest and biggest industrial agriculture concerns in the Westlands Water District and beyond. They are called “riders” but one could also characterize it as “earmark” worth millions of dollars. The language does little to solve the federal deficit while providing a way around the law to a few federal contractors. It undermines trust and agreements made to resolve water supply issues that have been at the heart of California’s difficult and often nasty water policy debates. If passed, State and federal contractors subject to state laws will need to follow the law. It will further damage the economic well being of the state and the Delta while providing benefits to just a few who already receive enormous federal payments and subsidies. And for the efforts to pull salmon from the edge of extinction, it would prove to be a setback from which recovery would be in doubt. Salmon Water Now, and others involved in the struggle to turn around the collapse of salmon, is saying to those in Congress who want those riders passed to back off. “Back Off!” is Salmon Water Now’s response to any attempt to diminish or undo the Endangered Species Act. We strongly urge viewers to share the video with family, friends, and co-workers and tell their elected members of Congress and President Obama that these riders need to be removed from H.R.1.

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    • Salmon Speak to Governor Brown: The Full Series


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      If Salmon Could Speak to Governor Brown: The Full Series (32:49) hat if salmon could speak? We imagine that they would have a lot to say about how difficult their lives have been because of the way humans have treated their environment. The past decade has not been kind to salmon but it is not too late to fix the problems that have pushed wild California salmon to the edge of extinction. The person who can have the greatest impact on reversing salmon’s march to oblivion is California’s past and current governor, Jerry Brown. The people he hires or appoints to manage and repair California’s water system can make a difference. But they need to follow sound science and reject the hysterical political grandstanding of those who only care about their own greedy ambitions. Fix the Delta This is the starting point. Getting the Delta back to health will require stronger flows and much less water diversions. But if sound, peer-reviewed science is followed, then we believe that salmon can come back to health, too. Habitat Restoration Restoring habitat is critical to returning salmon runs back to healthy numbers. There is much work to be done in rivers and streams and the Delta. But science knows what needs to happen and if there is a will to fix salmon’s trashed habitat, they will bounce back. Building Things Dams, tunnels, and canals are not the answer to salmon’s problems. There are other solutions that make much more sense. Besides, given California’s fiscal health, expensive construction projects should be out of the question. The aborted water bond that was removed from the 2010 ballot and moved to 2012 is still a disaster, calling for more dams and more construction. Building things is still a part of the conversation but it is time to reject that approach, once and for all. Water Conservation Agriculture uses 80% of the developed water in California. Urban users account for 11%. Both agriculture and urban water users need to conserve. Price elasticity is the key to encouraging changed behaviors from all users. The Best Science Of all the points made in this video series this is THE most important. The best science available must be followed if we are to reverse salmon’s decline and restore them back to health. For too long, sound science has been dismissed or ridiculed by politicians and water managers unwilling to accept any solution that would result in reduced water deliveries. But it is clear that if the Delta is to be restored and salmon habitats renewed, then strong, peer-reviewed science must lead the way. Governor Brown, the once bountiful runs of wild California salmon are depending on you and those who work for you, to be heroes. To do the right things that will reverse salmon’s sad decline and begin a recovery program that will restore them back to health. After all, salmon are California’s most senior water rights holder and we have a responsibility to fix what has been so wrong, once and for all. The Human Costs When salmon are in trouble, people are hurt. Fishing families that have depended on healthy runs of salmon are themselves becoming extinct. Families are hurting. Coastal communities are in trouble. The infrastructure that supports both commercial and recreational fishing is under severe stress and close to collapsing. This video, the last of our six-part series speaks to these issues.

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      • District Says State Funding is Unreliable


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        Even though California Governor, Jerry Brown, spared K-12 Schools in his budget announcement, a local school district says it is still preparing for the worst, and relying on the community for help.

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        • Political Canidate Attack Ad - Spending


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          Client: California Working Families - Gov. Jerry Brown Production Co.: AKPD Message And Media Campaign attack ad: 2010 CA gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's spending record.

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          • Republican's Won Almost 700 Legislature Seats


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            Michael Medved goes over just how HUGE this victory was for the Republicans on Nov 2, 2010. For more clear thinking like this from Michael Medved... I invite you to become a Medhead: https://www.medvedmedhead.com/

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            • PCFFA: For Now & the Future


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              To donate: Contact Harriet Lew at hlew@ifrfish.org or call (415) 561 – 3474 ext. 221. The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations (PCFFA) is the most politically active trade association of commercial fishermen on the west coast. For nearly 30 years, we have lead the industry in protecting and assuring the rights of individual fishermen - fighting for the long-term survival of commercial fishing as a productive livelihood and way of life. PCFFA is a federation of many different port and fishermen's marketing associations. Our members span the US west coast from San Diego to Alaska. As a "bottom-up" organization, it begins with the individual fishing man or woman who belong to their local association. PCFFA’s working family fishermen and women operate their vessels to bring to America and the world the ocean's rich bounty of seafood. Our members catch fresh wild salmon, Dungeness and rock crab, squid, herring, swordfish, shark, black cod, rockfish, albacore, sea cucumber, California halibut and flounder, urchin and abalone. We are small and medium sized family businesses. Our members fish the waters both great distances from their home and near shore coastal waters. We are professionals who derive our incomes largely from harvesting the sea. Large or small vessel operator, full-time or part-time, we all share a common passion for this way of life, a dedication to its future, and a commitment to a sustainable resource. PCFFA fights for fishing interests in the halls of Congress, implementing new Coast Guard safety regulations, promoting high quality seafood, implementing the Central Valley Project Improvement Act to double salmon populations, bringing suit against the government over salmon-killing dam operations in the Columbia River, and working to end the discharge of pollutants into our rivers and estuaries. PCFFA will be there as long as individual fishermen and others concerned for the long-term health of the fisheries are there to support it. Please, donate to PCFFA to make sure that our fisheries and the men and women who are the first to defend them, have a sustainable future. To make a contribution to PCFFA, contact Harriet Lew at hlew@ifrfish.org or call (415) 561 – 3474 ext. 221

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              • Barbara Lee and Jerry Brown rally volunteers at #JerryBrown HQ in Oakland


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                Saturday morning before the 2010 election.

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                • Meg Whitman "SKELETONS" Music Video


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                  SKELETONS are popping out of California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's closet in this HILARIOUSLY-HAUNTED LATIN-STYLE MUSIC VIDEO written and directed by Oakland recording artist/activist Colette Washington as a special presentation for the California Nurses Association. The October 2010 video debut celebrates Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween themes, projecting a "GHOSTED" Whitman as "Queen Meg" being chased away by nurses, teachers, and her own "SKELETONS" i.e. her exploited former employees, atrocious voting record, and HORRIFYING amounts of money being thrown at her campaign. News clips of Whitman saying "It Doesn't Matter" emphasize the hypocrisy of her now $140+ MILLION dollar spending spree to buy California—after not voting herself for 28 years—and claiming to be "Tough as Nails on Immigration," after employing an undocumented nanny (Nicky Diaz) for nine years. Watch Whitman's alter ego, "QUEEN MEG," wrestle those annoying skeletons back into Whitman's closet, only to be DE-CROWNED in the end by her own "SKELETONS."

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                  • CA Gubernatorial Debate Protest Ends in Arrest of Green Party Candidate


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                    Amidst the cacophony of insulting chants from both Democrats and Republicans, the party that wants to be heard most at the so-called "green" debate was the California Green Party, whose candidate Laura Wells, had been invited then effectively barred from participating. Wells and other third party candidates had been invited to attend if they received 10 per cent in a voting poll; only problem was, the poll only included two names, that of Whitman and Brown. At the protest, Wells received a valid ticket to the private debate event. Tickets had been allotted by lottery, according to the debate website. Yet, after Laura entered the lobby and was approached by journalists, she was quickly ushered out by private security and then arrested for "trespassing." Wells has accepted the charges and is scheduled for arraignment on Nov. 2, election day. Whitman is understood to be pro-deregulation and anti-immigration reform whereas, Brown has labor behind him and has privately committed to prioritizing environmental issues, However, neither of the mainstream candidates are willing to address Prop 13, largely seen by Progressives as the elephant in the room of the California budget chaos. Greens support IRV and proportional representation, an electoral system which improves political discourse and eliminates the stigma of a spoiler vote. "Seriously Green" is a documentary aimed to be released in 2011 that tells the story of electoral activists representing an environmental platform and the barriers they must overcome.

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                    • Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman, Whitman or Brown?- MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon


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                      On MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, Don is embarrassed by the lack of real news coverage in the California gubernatorial race.

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