1. 404 a divided kingdom


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    1Ki 11:30 Achiyah took hold of his new cloak that he was wearing and tore it into twelve pieces. Two incredibly large storms, earthquakes, and a greatly divided nation for the presidency. Is our God trying to tell us something? So many homes lost. So many people without power. So many people without heat. So many people without water. So many people without gas. So many people stealing from others. Coming in by boat in the dark to steal from people’s homes. Will what’s coming be for America only, or is it going to be worldwide? What happens when a kingdom is divided? How many nations in the world were ever dedicated to God? The answer is two. Can you name them? The answer is Israel and America. America is a country that is truly divided spiritually. There are those that hold the truth and try their best to follow the bible. And there are a growing number of people who think that homosexuality is ok and that marijuana is ok for recreational use. Both of these later things that are contradictory to the word of God. In this message divided Kingdom we will look at the thigh covenant from Avraham and his servant. With that understanding we will now understand why Yeshua had written on His thigh King of King in Revelation. With that covenant understanding we will then look at how the Kingdom of Israel got divided specifically why it became divided. We will then get a fuller understanding of how the New Covenant gets torn into 12 pieces. Could it be the God of Avraham , Yitzchak , and Yaakov, is allowing division, because of this ancient covenant that we have allowed to slip through our fingers? Why is this happening now? As we can see today there is a great division among the people. In this 5 part teaching, learn how this all ties together, and learn how this works with the kingdom of heaven of the king of kings and Lord of Lords. Learn more about ‘The Divided Kingdom’ at www.bethgoyim.org, and listen to future messages live on Saturday, Shabbat, at 11 o’clock EST.

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    • Jew Behind The Scenes


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      Here is a behind the scenes look at Berger Bros' short film titled, Jew. http://www.jewfilm.net

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      • Story Of Man's 38 Year Struggle For Change. Underdog Cripple & Yeshua's No Duh Question.


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        http://www.crownofmessiah.com The gripping story of one man's thirty eight year struggle for change and the day it finally happened. Straight out of the Gospel of John, chapter 5.

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        • Story - Tenderhearted Criminal On Death Row & Young Rabbi In Agony - Luke 23


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          http://www.crownofmessiah.com Story of the tenderhearted criminal on death row and his last day on earth. Also the angry criminal who lashed out with cutting words. And the suffering young Rabbi. Based on the Gospel of Luke 23-24

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          • Story Of Blinged Up Dudes &Threadbare Widow. Luke 21.


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            http://www.crownofmessiah.com True story about some blinged up rich dudes and a poverty stricken threadbare widow, both giving money for a good cause. Teaching from Luke 21-22 and Leviticus 21-24, parashat Emor. What Yeshua thought. Yeshua is a people watcher. Some are haves, some havenots. Some are cheap, some are generous. You have to look deeper then dollar figures and clothing styles. Yeshua is a social commentator and he'll talk to you if you hang out with him. Sacrificial giving gets his attention. Yeshua sacrificially gave everything including comfort in paradise with his Father, his mom and brothers, his hometown, his reputation, his privacy to the ancient version of paparazzi, his time and emotional energy, and his life, and his Holy Spirit. Our response. Yeshua wants all your stuff. Overview of readings. Luke, Yeshua the prophet and the destruction of Jerusalem. Watching mouse traps on YouTube. Praying for strength to stand. Fruit of the vine, pri ha gafen. But a sword, the theological basis for gun ownership haha. Standing by the Master in his trials. Bad friends betraying and disowning you. Kangaroo court. Instructions for cohanim. Understanding holiness, kedushah, being kadosh. Pictured by engagement, being dedicated. Converse of holiness pictured by sand, flutes, tunnels, and corpses, all related in Hebrew. Good news that God makes us holy. How to have the bottle of extra virgin olive oil dumped on you. Moadim as dates, rendezvouses. Law forever. Take time off work. Oil for the lamp, dozen huge chalot, and story about a guy with an Egyptian dad and an Israeli mom who took God's name and was executed for it.

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            • Story Of Strict Religious Snob & Sorry Crooked Taxman. Who Says You're Good With God? Luke 18


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              http://www.crownofmessiah.com Yeshua's story about the strict religious snob and the sorry crooked taxman. God pays attention to prayer, accepts dirty hurting messed-up broken people when they apologize and ask for help. Poetry from a prophet about God being way up there and way down there with the guy in the gutter. God does takedowns on proud people. God offers a helping hand to the low. What we do in Yeshua's countercultural kingdom. Overview of Leviticus 16-20 and Luke 18-20. Lessons from Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. How is this faith different than all other faiths? Deep need in human psyche to be covered and cleansed. Paul and his apostolic team observed the Day of Atonement. How our culture worships. Banned sexual practices including incest, bestiality, and homosexuality. The practice of, the principle under, and the person behind the mitzvot. What, why, and who of Bible commands. Death penalties of the theocracy and the only good man who took your place. Go to http://www.crownofmessiah.com to connect with us, get this message in mp3, and support our work making disciples for Yeshua and teaching God's word, the Bible.

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              • Outdoors Encounters | Adam & Eve, Moses & Israel, Yochanan & Yeshua, George Fox, John Wesley, George Whitfield


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                http://www.crownofmessiah.com Crown of Messiah is gathering at the Kinette Amphitheatre at Kinsmen Park in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on Saturday afternoons this summer. Overview of times in Scripture and history where God's people encountered him and men of God preached outdoors. Adam and Eve running naked in the park. Israel in the wilderness for forty years and Moses' outdoor sermons. Yochanan the Immerser's shouting campaign in the desert. Yeshua's teachings, Matthew 5-7 outdoors on a hill, Matthew 13 outdoors on a boat by the lakeshore, Matthew 24-25 on another hill. Early Quaker movement in England, George Fox preaching outdoors and people gathering in houses, barns, and outdoors on hilltops. John Wesley who said he lit himself on fire, and people came to watch him burn, preaching outdoors much of the time. George Whitefield also preached outdoors. Go to http://www.crownofmessiah.com to connect with us, get this message in mp3, and support our work making disciples for Yeshua and teaching God's word, the Bible.

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                • Story - The Guy Who Threw A Party And No One Came - Luke 14-17


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                  http://www.crownofmessiah.com Story about a guy who threw a party and no one came. Context, Saturday lunch at elite religious leader's home, being told between bites. Retelling, Lyndee and Kyla's big party. People declining on Facebook event and texting excuses. Just married, yippee!!! Inviting the soup kitchen lineup and the people at the hospital and old folks home. Packing out the mansion and swimming pool. It was the best party ever. Who is Yeshua? Not like Edward Mike Davis, owner and CEO of Tiger Oil Company. Hilarious grumpy memos. What does this story tell us about the good news of Yeshua? The greatest party ever. Contrast with sour grumpy faced religious people. Yeshua loves people and wants a full house! It's possible to reject the invitation and miss the party. The challenge of being Yeshua's disciple. Safety versus risk. Story about Yeshua scolding the rich man who invited him to his party. Story about the shepherd leaving the ninety nine other sheep to look for the one lost sheep. Challenge to break out of the box and reach out to people not like you, jailbreak the religious ghetto. Go to http://www.crownofmessiah.com to connect with us, get this message in mp3, and support our work making disciples for Yeshua and teaching God's word, the Bible.

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                  • Izzy's New Style - Telling Stories & Asking Four Questions About Yeshua, Kingdom, Gospel, Following


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                    http://www.crownofmessiah.com Heads up on Izzy's new teaching style. Understanding the holy book as a long string of holy stories about real life messed up people and dysfunctional families, sometimes even sorded and R-rated. Yeshua always spoke to crowds with stories. We related to stories and remember them. Our culture is increasingly nonliterate and prefers to learn through visual and alternative means. The four questions Izzy will be asking and answering in his talks. What does this story tell us about Yeshua of Nazareth? What does this story tell us about his Kingdom and its culture? What does this story tell us about the Gospel, the good news about him? What does this story tell us about how we can follow Yeshua as disciples?

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                    • TESTIFY! 5.0 Hardcore Martyrs Of The Yeshua Movement - Yochanan, Stephen, Antipas, Polycarp, Justin


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                      http://www.crownofmessiah.com Heroes of the early Yeshua movement. Usage of the term Jesus movement or Yeshua movement versus early church, primitive church, etc. How the Yeshua movement was like Al Quaeda with underground cells and a revolutionary ideology. Profiles of Yochanan the rugged survivalist black sheep from an elite priestly family who was martyred after a dirty dancing episode, Stephen the unbeatable administrator, Antipas in Satan's city, Polycarp the regional leader of Smyrna, and Justin Martyr and associates. How living for Yeshua and dying a bloody violent premature death for Yeshua's cause glorifies God. Proof that the early Christians celebrated the seventh day Sabbath and called Friday the 'preparation day'. Foxe's book of Martyrs. Go to http://www.crownofmessiah.com to connect with us, get this message in mp3, and support our work making disciples for Yeshua and teaching God's word, the Bible.

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