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    Altiplano as well as the Atacama Desert, the Namib Desert or the Kalahari Desert among many other fascinating landscapes in the world, are located at or near the Tropic of Capricorn. However, there is no single photo book portraying (only) these beautiful places. Moreover, there is no single photo book with additional time-lapse video footages available on Blu-ray or available to download. I want to close this gap by showing these beautiful landscapes to a worldwide audience with my debut time-lapse short film and photo book project THE TROPIC OF CAPRICORN. http://astrumpeople.com/greg-kiss-photography-the-tropic-of-capricorn-a-time-lapse-journey/ Here is the link to the iBook for purchase & download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-tropic-of-capricorn/id583219683?mt=11 And this is the German version: https://itunes.apple.com/de/book/the-tropic-of-capricorn/id583026753?mt=11 Music composed by Philip Curran. You can download Phil's music here: http://itunes.apple.com/de/artist/philip-curran/id556890892 © Greg Kiss (facebook.com/gregkissphoto)

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      This is the second trailer of my self-financed film & photo-book project „The Tropic of Capricorn – A Time-Lapse Journey“. For eight month, I have extensively traveled 10 countries located at or near the Tropic of Capricorn (at 23°26'16" South) to photograph some of the most beautiful landscapes of our planet: from Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar, across Australia to Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. http://astrumpeople.com/greg-kiss-photography-the-tropic-of-capricorn-a-time-lapse-journey/ I covered a distance of more than 24,800 miles in a rented 4x4, spent more than 100 nights outdoors in a tent and took photos underwater, as well as at altitudes of 16,000 ft, and at temperatures between -13°F and +113°F. The result is the world's first iBook combining award-winning photographs and a time-lapse film. The Scottish composer Philip Curran wrote the music to my pictures – vocals by Anna Wedderburn and Viara Ivanova, violin by Ian Peaston. Here is the link to the iBook for purchase & download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-tropic-of-capricorn/id583219683?mt=11 And this is the German version: https://itunes.apple.com/de/book/the-tropic-of-capricorn/id583026753?mt=11 And you can find the beautiful music of Philip Curran here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/philip-curran/id556890892?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 © Greg Kiss (facebook.com/gregkissphoto)

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      • Deadvlei's Winter Dream


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        Pictures: Ivan Vania (Italy) www.facebook.com/ivan.vania1 A creative collaboration born on VIMEO Filmed in Namibia & South Africa editing,sound design, music made in Italy & Colombia. Sound Design, Music and Soundscapes by Amniótica (Colombia) Alejandro Jaramillo & Robert Perez Executive Producer: Manuela Restrepo Year: 2011 www.amniotica.tv contacto@amniotica.tv Shot on Canon 5D Mark II, zeiss lenses edited with FCP graded in Color by IvanVania & Roberto Brudaglio www.robertobrudaglio.com Thanks to Alessandro Briscoli for the support in Namibia. www.gardareisen.it

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        • LIVING ON


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          Remember to turn on "HD" in the bottom of the navigation bar, opposite the "Play" button. AND if you enjoyed this PLEASE feel free to share this or add it to your site. Venturing on a short TimeLapse journey to the Kalahari - South Africa, I was on a mission to put the Shukuma dolly to the test. This was the first time that I would actually do a full-on shoot with the Shukuma dolly, testing out all the features and functions. I would also get to shoot on the joined 3m rail. On top of this, I had the opportunity to use the Merlin Telescope Head for the first time and I was really excited about the shots I wanted to get. After arriving fairly late in the afternoon with only two and a half days of shooting, no time was wasted to start setting up for the first shot. Generally TimeLapsing means no sleep but with this trip it was even worse since I used a paraffin lantern to light some of my night shots with. The surrounding grass was waist-high and a runaway veld-fire could start in seconds if I wasn’t careful or if a strong wind starts to blow. My second shot was set up for some nighttime shooting, focusing on the Milky Way. When I was going to have a peak again towards the end of the shot I noticed the cart was already at the end of the rail so it must have just finished. When I previewed the last shot that was taken I was astonished with the results. My first proper Milky Way shot! As time went by there was no time to rest - not for me, nor for the Shukuma dolly. As soon as the one shot was complete it was setting up for the next. Shot after shot the Shukuma dolly was always busy. I tested the rail in all angles you can think of, at various intervals and shooting at various speeds on the motor. My findings while shooting with the Shukuma dolly was impressive. The rails joined together perfectly providing super smooth and consistent movement throughout the 3m length. It’s so easy to set-up the dolly, even when out in the bush, particularly with ease of movement of the tripods along the rail. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with the Merlin Head and got some great results with it. Being in a rural location with no electricity, batteries could only be charged from a generator or the inverter in the vehicle. Understandably with TimeLapse photography, there is always a battery to be charged. When one is flat or not in use, it is always on charge. I didn’t want to have any let downs of missing a shot due to batteries not being fully charged. In the end the Land Rover battery didn’t last! Just before departing the last morning I found that the battery has died. Thankfully there is a generator on the farm so I was able to charge the battery from there. I took a total of 8990 images, taking up 63GB of hard drive space. In the end, a total of 2500 images was used to produce this reel. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jonelle Louw: My wife, my assistant and my own personal DOP. Nathan Pilcher: For letting me shoot with his Merlin Head. Awesome! Herman van Deventer: For final edit proofing and advice. You rock! Music: “Living is giving” by Mark Petrie - Vimeo Music Store right here on this site :-) https://vimeo.com/musicstore Equipment: Shukuma DOLLY in full force. Impressive! - www.timelapsesa.co.za Nikon D700 / 20mm f2.8 Nikor Lens (manual focus) Merlin head Dynamic Perception's MX2 Controller (Thank you very much Chris for allowing me to use and slightly modify this controller for my Shukuma DOLLY) TimeLapse knowledge: The one and only Tom Louw's site: www.timescapes.org Our good friend: Google Software: Adobe After Effects Apple Final Cut Pro Adobe Lightroom LR TimeLapse - www.lrtimelapse.com (Thank you Gunther for making this software FREE and also doing this, I have been asking Adobe to build this into LightRoom for a long time now) God: For blessing me with some clouds in the day and clear skies at night! For creating a majestical universe and breathtaking landscapes! And of course for my talents to produce all of this.

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          • The Last of the San People


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            After months of craziness on the #standwithme ride, we recently found ourselves in the middle of the Kalahari desert with the San people. The experience was life-changing, and although we didn't go there intending to tell their story... we couldn't help ourselves. Some stories you can't not tell. Read about it (and join our webcast) on the blog: http://stillmotionblog.com/2013/10/24/bushmen-of-namibia View more of Lisa Kristine's work at http://www.lisakristine.com For licensing inquiries, please contact discovery@storyandheart.com

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            • Kalahari - African Safari #2


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              My second edit from a 8 days safari in the Kalahari. I spent days and nights in the bush, surrounded by a group of 3 lions and a lions, as well as brown hyenas and other wild animals. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy it, and if you do so, you can share this video.

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              • A Close Encounter with a 3500 pound Giraffe


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                This has got to be as lucky as you can get when it comes to wildlife footage! Not only did I get the footage, my camera also survived. To license this video contact info@viralvideouk.com

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                • Nature and Wildlife Showreel


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                  This is a showreel I put together from footage I shot back in 2009. I was working on a nature series, called "Groen" (means 'Green' in English), for a local television channel, as well as a doccie on chameleons. Within 9 months I travelled across South Africa, visiting areas largely untouched by humans, and also travelled outside our borders to Namibia, Tanzania, Madagascar and Spain. These were the most incredible months of my life, and I yearn to work on similar projects in the future. Filmed on: Sony F900 and Sony PDW-700 Music: "Polar Bear" by Puscifer PLEASE NOTE: This is a showreel and not meant for commercial purposes. I do not own the rights to the music or the footage.

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                  • Kalahari - African Safari #1


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                    A (too short) edit from a (too short) 5 days safari in Kalahari Transfrontier Park and Mabuasehube area, between South Africa and Botswana. 6 wonderful starry (and a bit scary) nights spent in the bush, living with lions, hyenas and other wild animals. I also loved driving in the red desert sand in very remote places. It's been amazing ! Even if i kept the best scenes for photo shooting, doing this 1st video just increased my motivation to shoot more moving images during the next trip. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy it. Music : John Powell / Forbidden Friendship

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                      An african story about the last bushmen in Namibia The 50 min. documentary is produced in HD 1080 See more about the film at: www.rtv-studio.de and about the San-Bushmen: http://www.lcfn.info

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