1. 2014 Couture Collection by HO Skis


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    The designers at HO Skis have teamed up with our world renown women's ski team(Couture team) to create a full line of waterskis, boots, vests, and gloves specifically designed for women skiers, the Couture Collection. The Skis: Couture CX, Couture TX, Couture Freeride Legendary designs re-imagined to include a softer layup with a flex pattern to maximize performance for women skiers. Not only are do our skis look great, they ski fantastic! The boots: Couture Basis Boot, Couture Basis ARTP Boots fitted specifically for women that employ the famous linerless, baseless, weightless philosophy. Super lightweight boots for super lightweight skis.

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    • HO Skis 30sec Commercial


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      HO Skis and our Syndicate Program Skiers have put together a short spot that will air on nation television this season featuring world famous slalom skiers Will Asher, Marcus Brown, Karina Nowlan and Jon Travers.

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      • HO Skis 15sec Commercial


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        HO Skis and our Syndicate Program Skiers have put together a short spot that will air on nation television this season featuring world famous slalom skiers Will Asher, Marcus Brown, Karina Nowlan and Jon Travers.

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        • Moomba Masters Women Slalom Final 2011


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          The Moomba Masters International Invitational Championships are conducted each March as part of the Moomba Water Festival on the Yarra River in Melbourne. The championships are conducted by the Victorian Water Ski Assoication The event attracts the world's best skiers in the disciplines of Slalom, Trick, Jump, Wakeboard and Barefoot, who all vie for the coveted honour of winning a Moomba Masters title

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          • HO Skis Couture Collective


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            HO is the first to develop women’s specific skis and our new initiative begins with the Muse and Couture. The Muse shape was created to make deep water starts easy and provide an effortless ride for all ability levels at any boat speed. The Deep-V bottom design provides extra stability and a smooth ride when crossing the wake. Our women’s specific flex pattern and attractive graphic look combine for a ride that will keep you anticipating your next trip to the water. The Couture utilizes our Speed Step Technology which drastically reduces drag and the amount of physical effort required to ski it. The Step Concave introduces a very small amount of turbulence into the concave, which interrupts the boundary layer, freeing the water molecules and thereby allowing the ski to move through the water with a decreased Coefficient of Drag. The result is a more efficient ski shape that minimizes the amount of physical effort required by the skier so she can enjoy longer more efficient ski rides.

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            • HO Skis EXO Binding System


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              Variable Retention System (VRS) Binding: The intelligence behind the system, the world’s first water ski specific binding: The VRS Binding utilizes a combination of Dual Spring and Quick Cam Technology to create controlled retention and consistent release. Dual Spring technology concentrically coils two differently powered springs inside one another. The outer, less powerful spring is compressed to create retention for lighter weight skiers. As skier weight increases, the inner, more tightly coiled spring begins to compress providing the required retention skiers demand. Quick Cam Technology utilizes a caming mechanism to transform the rotary motion of the heel release unit into a linear compression of the dual springs. It acts like a light switch. The system is 100% engaged while in skiing position. When the skier gets out of position, as in an out the front type fall, the resulting torque force flicks the light switch to the off position providing the skier a clean consistent release from the ski. The Quick Cam Technology can be felt and heard in the powerful “whack” of the cam engaging, providing the comfort of knowing your system is secure and ready for skiing. The EXO Frame is an extruded aluminum frame linking the toe and heel assemblies of the VRS binding as well as the connection point of the EXO Shells to the system. The EXO Frame utilizes a Free Float Design to reduce the impact the EXO Shells have on longitudinal ski flex. Consider for a moment a slalom ski sitting on a dock. It is in a completely unloaded state. Now consider the shape a slalom ski takes as you cut back and forth behind the boat. The opposing forces of water pressure and skier load bend your ski into a loaded state. Unlike any other plate design on the market, the EXO Frame achieves its neutral condition while your ski is in its loaded position by implementing an over rocker shape in comparison to your ski unloaded rocker line. Under skiing conditions, the system is complete and all components are working together to create pure ski flex. The VRS Toe Assembly is designed to function much as your favorite pair of rubber boots! For example, you are running late and go for a big onside turn. You can’t manage to pull it out and fall back and to the inside in a routine fall. You would never come out of your favorite pair of Animal boots in this type of fall, and you don’t need to. The EXO System functions the exact same way. By eliminating vertical and horizontal toe release, the EXO System mimics traditional rubber boots and minimizes any chances of prerelease.

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              • HO Skis Attack Boot


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                As water ski boots have transitioned from rubber binders to textile footwear great improvements have been made in ease of entry and overall boot comfort, but has performance been sacrificed? Not any more. Meet the all new 2012 Attack boots! The Attack utilizes a Unibody Construction and a 1Piece 3D molded tongue to deliver unmatched lateral ski edging power. Traditional “Stitch to” boots are made of a liner inside of a synthetic leather shell. Because the liner and textile shell are not connected there is a large amount of sheering between the two and the lateral support of the boot is much lower than desired. Unibody construction mechanically attaches the soft comfortable liner with the powerful textile shell to eliminate shearing and maximize lateral support and edge power. The Attack also utilizes the 1Piece 3D molded tongue to provide positive feedback to forward ankle flexion allowing the skier to let the Attack boot support them shifting their weight forward on the ski for more efficient skiing. Combine this with the industry’s only Baseless Aluminum Frame, ultra lean, water ski specific design, and you have marriage of finesse and power seen in no other hybrid boot on the market.

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                • HO Skis Basis Boot


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                  Just because you don’t ski for a living doesn’t mean you can’t have support from your water ski boot. That was the thinking behind the all new 2012 Basis boot. Built with the same Unibody Construction, 1Piece 3D molded tongue and Baseless Aluminum Frame of the Attack boot in a softer, more comfortable model, the all new Basis boot outperforms its competitor’s high-end boots at a fraction of the cost. Unibody Construction and the 1Piece molded tongue allow the boot to support the skier giving the skier improved balance and increased control. While the plush liner, soft foot bed and floating tongue make comfort, fit, and ease of entry second to none. The Basis combines the support you need to progress your skiing with the comfort to enjoy every moment on the water.

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                  • HO Skis Triumph


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                    If you are one of those skiers trying to maximize performance out of your 10-year old shred stick you owe it to yourself to ride the all new, completely redesigned 2012 Triumph. The new Triumph uses a combination of Step Concave technology, Over-Sized shape and Syndicate thoroughbred linage to create the highest performance shaped ski in its class. As a traditional ski moves through the water it drags with it a thin layer of water molecules that cling to the ski’s bottom contributing significantly to ski drag. The Step Concave design uses a number of micro steps along the bottom concave which disrupt the water molecules, freeing them from the ski’s wetted surface resulting in reduced drag and less physically demanding ski rides. The high performance Syndicate inspired Hybrid Concave design, 50% carbon fiber construction and the peace of mind that each ski is hand built in the USA ensures the all new Triumph has no equal from dawn patrol sets to INT National Championships.

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                    • Syndicate S2


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                      Asher, Travers and Brown ski 36mph. The LaPoint’s, Badal and Nowlan ski 34mph. But they all like winning tournaments. Meet the all-new 2012 Syndicate S2. Designed for the fast, low drag ride that Big Dawgs covet, the S2 has a quicker turn shape than the A2 while still maintaining the stability Syndicate skis are known for. Speed is created by a combination of Step Concave technology and all new Low Taper Shape. Step Concave technology introduces micro steps running down the concave surface on the bottom of the ski. These micro steps free the water molecules that adhere to the wetted surfaces of a traditional ski and give the S2 the low drag, fast ride skiers dream of. The second ingredient is the all new Low Taper shape. Traditional water skis have a large amount of taper from the wide point of the ski towards a narrow tail. The S2 has a Low Taper shape that narrows at a much slower rate thereby increasing the amount of surface area in the back half of the ski. As a result when a skier makes an aggressive turn and a traditional ski stops, looses it forward momentum, and gets stuck ‘in a hole” before accelerating the S2 has the surface area to support aggressive turn and keep driving the ski forward for instant acceleration. Less stop and go skiing, and a more efficient line is achieved on the all new S2.

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