1. Kautokeino 2014


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    At the rehearsal and preparations for CREATIVE ENCOUNTERS - Evening with Meri & Friends at Mara's Pub, Kautokeino, no, Nov 15th, 2014, w Johannes Bergmark, Yolanda Gutiérrez, Asher Lev, Irina Lavrinovic, Meri Nikula, supported by Konstnärsnämnden - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee http://bergmark.org/platforms.html https://www.facebook.com/events/737971162887182/ http://www.yolandagutierrez.de/ https://www.youtube.com/user/asherlov/videos http://www.merinikula.com http://www.konstnarsnamnden.se THE PROGRAM: 20:00 MEXICAN SPIRIT Vol.2 '' People will enter in a Mexican space through short videos and food. In these short videos you will see childhood memories from old B-movies and the elaboration of some Mexican meals like pozole (corn soup). Looking after how identity can be defined, Yolanda Gutiérrez takes us in a short trip how this Mexican part of her can be interpreted, questioning what exotic is and how media contributes to support this stereotype. She will invite the guests to take a shot of her own secret recipe from her hot Mexican chocolate with aphrodisiacs ingredients. After this point everything can happen.'' 20:30 'SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST' (Solo Performance by Meri Nikula) is questioning the this Darwinian theory that has shaped our modern world: that the strongest has the right to dominate or destroy the weaker ones. Competition is encouraged and winners praised, anywhere from talent shows to the utopian concept of 'continuous growth' most countries still base their wellbeing on. How far do we want to push ourselves? In 'Survival Of The Fittest' one woman balances between the images of what it means to be 'fit', superior and in control - as well as falling out of the grace into the animalistic and the vulnerable. 21:00 CREATIVE ENCOUNTERS Johannes Bergmark and Meri Nikula have been working on a new collaboration for a few days in Kautokeino, supported by the Konstnärsnämnden - the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Improvised music: instant compositions, instant poetry. No preparation, different every time. Entering the unlimited world of noises, voices, scratches and squeaks, in streams of sound, letting the subconscious guide us. Empty your mind and the let the sounds flow through. 21:30 THE NIGHT OF THE UNEXPECTED Group improvisation - no borders, no genre, no script. All improvised, living in the moment, following the individual impulses as well as interactions between the performers, the space and the audience. Everything is allowed, everything is possible. Freedom of expression through body, mind and spirit in a free flow of imagination. WELCOME!! VELKOMMEN!! BURES BOAHTIN!! WHAT MOVES AND MOTIVATES US? Johannes Bergmark, Sound Artist (Stockholm) '' I am interested in the poetic charm and the feel of things that I find on streets and flea-markets, like toys, kitchen tools, small decorative kitsch, thrown-away junk or materials from nature. My music is made on such objects, and also on unusual instruments that I've been fascinated by or constructed myself.'' http://bergmark.org Yolanda Gutiérrez, Choreographer, Performer & Video Artist (Mexico/Hamburg) '' I’m searching for a concept of what the body is looking for on stage in a social and political context and not only in an artistic way. Improvisation for me in dance and theatre is like life itself: taking risks, decisions, being passionate, calm, aware, interested, observing and getting always farther and farther every time - without looking back.'' www.yolandagutierrez.de Asher Lev, Dancer (Jerusalem) '' The body is the usual focal point of my performances. I enjoy apposing fascism. I try to disturbed the order and confuse as much as possible.'' Irina Lavrinovic, Actress (Lithuania/Brussels) '' Physical expression of the body, repetition, action, situation, art interaction in life - this are the things which interest me and the concepts I play with as an artist.'' Meri Nikula, Vocalist & Performer (Finland/Kautokeino) '' I am interested in the very basics of being human: why are we here, what is YOUR experience of life? I question the concept of one shared reality and the ready-made frames of living and thinking. My voice and my body, the most basic and most personal tools are my main instruments for artistic expression.'' www.merinikula.com

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    • Joiking at Jergul Astu


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      During my staying at Jergul Astu I had the chance to film the famous Saami singer Berit Alette Mienna that liked to interwove with some joiks the long interview...here's an extract...enjoy it

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      • Thon Hotel - Kautokeino


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        In my opinion, the Thon Hotel - Kautokeino is the best accommodation in town. They not only provide high quality hotel service but also have a very chosen restaurant and according to the season they offer a serial of excursions to discover magic Sapmi area.

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        • Nordkapp


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          Tromsø > Alta > Honningsvåg > Nordkapp > Karasjok > Kautokeino > Enontekiö > Karesuvanto > Kiruna > Myklebostad > Narvik > Finnsnes > Tromsø Music: Ben Frost — They Will Keep Coming (album The Invisibles)

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          • Rodtrip Fly Fishing Lapland - Part 3 - Grandslam River


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            Here is the last episode of our rodtrip in northern Lapland, Norway. This trip was an incredible adventure shared by three buddies, Jeff, Jérem and Math. As it was impossible to tell you the story of this travel in a single time, we decided to split it into three ! You can read the full report of this trip on our website : http://www.rodtrip.com/rodtrips/grandslam-river/#.U35lei-Qu20 Thanks for watching ! http://www.rodtrip.com

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            • Rodtrip Fly Fishing Lapland - Part 2


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              !!! Don't forget to activate the english subtitles if needed (CC button) !!! Here is the second episode of our rodtrip in northern Lapland, Norway. This trip was an incredible adventure shared by three buddies, Jeff, Jérem and Math. As it was impossible to tell you the story of this travel in a single time, we decided to split it into three ! This episode recaps the second part of this unforgetable experience. We have tried to catch sea trouts in the fjord, without success... but don't worry the adventure doesn't stop there and continues in an incredible nature ! You can read the full report of this first part on our website : http://www.rodtrip.com/rodtrips/lapland-into-the-wild/#.UwZxa0J5Om4 Thanks for watching ! http://www.rodtrip.com

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              • Into the Land of Ice and Fire (trailer)


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                After fifteen years of visiting and photographing the European arctic and its indigenous inhabitants, the Sámi people, the Greek filmmaker Dimitra Zirou decides to make a documentary film inspired by this distant land and its people.
 Two parallel stories are taking place, involving the every day lives of two very different persons, that of Sara, a 76 year-old handcraft maker and story teller, and that of Jone, a 4 year-old boy, as they unfold through the drastic change of the arctic seasons during an one year's time period. The documentary has been developed during StoryDoc seminars, 2012 and supported by the Norwegian and the Finnish Embassies in Athens.
** The following trailer is not representing a finished film but a documentary that is at the initial stage of filming!

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                • SÁMI FOLK MUSIC | «Mun dárbbašan du»


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                  [Music video] Sámi artist Annbjørg Hætta singing/yoiking. English: «I Need You». Filmed on location in Kautokeino, Tromsø and Karasjok, Sápmi/Norway. Supported by Musikk i Finnmark and Mikkel Isak Eira. Nature & aerial cinematography: Jan Helmer Olsen / www.golleaja.no Director: Kenneth Hætta / www.kennethhaetta.com Composed by Bernt Mikkel Haglund. Lyrics by Kirsten Marit Olsen. 2004/2014 © All rights reserved.

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                  • Komsekula


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                    Komsekula er i dag et kjært smykke og forbundet med samisk kultur og tradisjon. Opprinnelig fikk samene og ellers folk norpå denne gjennom handel sørfra. I middelaldreren ble den brukt som bekyttelse-Amulett mot sykdommer. Den var speseillt mye i bruk da svartedauen/pesten herjet i sør Skandinavia. De fantes i utallige variasjoner-også gjennomhullet og slik at man kunne åpne de. Man kunne da legge urter i eller gjerne muggent brød som skulle virke helende mot sykdommen. Da det senere kom nordover fikk komsekulen en ny betydning. Her anså man de underjordiske som en stor trussel. Å henge denne i komsa til et sårbart nyfødt barn ble viktig for at barnet ikke skulle bli byttet bort. Derav navnet Komsekule. Frank og Regine Juhls var de første sølvsmedene i Finnmark (på 50-tallet) som tok tak i disse gamle tradisjonssmykken og ga de nytt liv der hvor de ble brukt. i dag lager vi komsekulene i mange varianter. Fremdeles selges disse som gave til et nyfødt barn men de større brukes gjerne som lange smykker til voksne kvinner. Til kofta er det my brukt som endesmykket på beltet.Philipp Spillmann er en av 9 gullsmeder ansatt på verlstedet i Kautokeino. For at man skal få et inblikk hva vi gjør på vårt verksted, hva håndtverk er i vår moderne verden får man her se hvordan han lager nettopp en komsekule. Filmen er laget av Kautokeino film as ved Andreas Ausland

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                    • Rodtrip Fly Fishing Lapland - Part 1


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                      Here is the first episode of our rodtrip in northern Lapland, Norway. This trip was an incredible adventure shared by three buddies, Jeff, Jérem and Math. As it was impossible to tell you the story of this travel in a single time, we decided to split it into three ! This episode recaps the begining of this unforgetable experience. Not so much of fishporn, but simply true friendship and a lot of fun, beautiful nature and life... You can read the full report of this first part on our website : http://www.rodtrip.com/rodtrips/finnmark-frenzy-kautokeino-area/ Thanks for watching ! www.rodtrip.com

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