1. Edge On The End - Original Version


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    This was a second short film I shot and cut in 2007 for a filmmaking competition show called "On The Lot" on my VX-2000 miniDV cam with scanned 35mm photos. The track is "Can't Be Saved" by the great Senses Fail. I had to switch it last minute for another great tune from a friend due to missed communication issues with the shows producers. It's a scattered visual story about a young dude dealing with his darker state of mind with thoughts of not having a place in this world. After a long day of mind liquifying he ends up near the edge of a cliff contemplating his own mortality, but the subconscious of his father who has just past away, remains within to share the importance of living. It's a metaphorical piece about the ups and downs of life. It stars Harry "Dirty" Callahan and my pop, two dudes that passed away and are now both chillin on the other side. Thank you for your time. -K

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    • SkateFest 2011 Episode #5


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      On this 5th and final episode of SkateFest, we all cruised to Biebel's World to skate with Mr. Brandon Biebel. He's a cool energized dude who was gracious with his park, much respect. After hitting up all these smooth skateparks the kids got to shred the Girl facility. When we got there, Mike Carroll was already landing everything first try. Craziness. Then we met up with Pat Duffy at the Bishop Park. He was shredding like a madman with a good positive attitude. He did at least 4 tailgrabs. Neil Mims is a cool homey, he effing rips if you haven't already noticed. SkateFest is the coolest summer camp there is for kids, they won't forget it. Oh, if your not getting candy and popcorn during the intermission of the feature, then you will be enjoying Cory Juneau and friends annihilating the Sector 9 Bread Bowl. Thank you for your time folks and enjoy. -K All content Captured & Spliced by Kenny Luby. Check out: www.Skateboard.TV & www.KLSometimesFilms.Tumblr.com Tunes by Will Crum. He killed it at Crossroads. Check him out at www.WillCrum.com

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      • SkateFest 2011 Episode #4


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        On this 4th episode of SkateFest, we all went to a wide array of skateparks, facilities and streetspots. Ryan Gallant landed all his tricks 1st try, and Matt Miller did everything pretty much with his eyes closed. It was so early in the morning, I think he was still sleeping. We ran into Chad Knight on our way out of the Quiksilver Park. He's cool and a legend so I had to give him a cameo. This has been an interesting project for me, my goal was to make a little inexperienced kid sk8ter doing a kickturn look appealing on video, I'd like to think I've achieved that. It's all about the basics and it starts with balance, kickturns, ollies, kickflips then steez. -K All content Captured & Spliced by Kenny Luby. Check out: www.Skateboard.TV & www.KLSometimesFilms.Tumblr.com Tunes by Amon Tobin.

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        • SkateFest 2011 Episode #3


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          On this episode of SkateFest, it was a busy day. We drove up to San Clemente to sk8te the public park along with stopping by Ryan Sheckler's skate facility. His cement vert wall is insane. It's pretty cool he let's kids sk8te there and I get to film. I respect Ryan Sheckler for that and his abilities. Then we hit up these parks down South. Cali has so many good cement parks in a fairly close vicinity. Neil Mims is a radical sk8teboarder, he did about 8 long tailsides at Sheckler's until he was completely satisfied and he boardslid the RP rail 1st try. Epic. Also enjoy the game of sk8te at the end with Zach and Matt Miller. It was a long battle. I don't skate as much as I used too, I surf alot, but after going on these day trips with stoked kids and sk8ting all these rad places with Neil and Dana, the fire is beginning to return I think. Riding a board is fun on all surfaces. Thank you for your time and enjoy. -K All content Filmed & Edited by Kenny Luby. Check out: www.Skateboard.TV & www.KLSometimesFilms.Tumblr.com Tunes by The Needles.

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          • SkateFest 2011 Episode #2


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            On this day we cruised to a buttery plaza in North Hollywood, as well as a super fun sesh at Biebel's World. Little Cruz and the other kids were throwing it down. These kids are all over the place when there sk8ting, and then we're off to the next spot in a blink of an eye, so I got to be on point for the capturing. The fisheye is my only option, no time really for any kind of composited setups. Thank you for watching and enjoy. -K All content Filmed & Edited by Kenny Luby. Check out: www.Skateboard.TV & www.KLSometimesFilms.Tumblr.com Tunes by the Beastie Boys.

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            • SkateFest 2011 Episode #1


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              My homies and ill shredders Neil Mims & Dana Saraceno run a mobile sk8 camp for little kids called SkateFest. These kids get to sk8 private TF's, legendary spots and great skateparks thanks to Neil & Dana's good relationships within the industry. This is the 1st day that I tagged along and the 1st of a series for Jamie Mosberg and www.Skateboard.TV. These kids are just cool, energized and they shred. Enjoy the show. -K All content Captured & Spliced by Kenny Luby. Check out: www.Skateboard.TV & www.KLSometimesFilms.Tumblr.com

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              • Lundberg Loses It


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                www.SanDiegoFromTheEast.com 4 Panoramic Inked Prints Of The East Side Of San Diego. Hello. The idea behind this shortflick was to give the viewer a surreal insight into the mind of professional downhill sk8ter Erik Lundberg. He starts his day by waking up in Encinitas California. After a nutritious breakfast he begins a journey on his bike in search of a sick hill where he can be free and lose himself by sk8ting it before the sun sets. While biking to this hill he daydreams about the time he lost his balance at 70mph from a crack in the road in Brazil, along with losing the final race to Mischo Erban in the US Nationals. Shot in monochrome and with appearances by Jeff Budro, Evren Ozan, Mischo Erban & various IGSA riders, "Lundberg Loses It" is a story about a skater with a goal. His goal is to utilize the multiple ways he's lost it and apply those lessons to skating this hill the best that he can. But can he lose himself before the sun sets? This shortflick is dedicated to all the shredders of the past, present, and future. Enjoy the show. Conga beats by Madou Djembe. www.KLSometimesFilms.Tumblr.com www.SlowdownVisuals.Wordpress.com www.Sector9.com

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