1. Kira Got Played


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    Uploaded her cause the quality won't get destroyed as much as it did on yt. Song: MSI - Played ♥ Anime: Death Note (I only used the last episode btw) Disclaimer: i don't own the song or footage used. I just edited the video.

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    • GREENHOUSE EFFECT SONGS / 'It Ain't Easy' 2010 - Rock City Promotions Boston Massachusetts - BMI Music Nashville.


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      768,302 Views - "We're always focused to Rock the world everyday" Says Clark-Haggans in December 2010; "We know that we get the best and biggest Airplay around the world - And we're here to help other bands too,....Fuck the entertainment industry ,..they're a buncha crooks that wanna steal yer money.....I tell bands to just come to me,..come to us,..and G.e. will help them !!" Haggans says that he vehemently despises Hip Hop, Rihanna, and Mtv; "I fucking hate rap music and Rihanna is boring and I fucking hate MTV,....the music is so boring and so lame - and it all just sounds the same now,.....G.e. was literally a thing that was forced into existence ,...We 'had to' be,.....We have come to Rock this Earth ,..and alot of it is because Music is so fucking Lame now !!" Greenhouse Effect just about 'always' now dominate Top Tens of Videos where ever their clips go on the Web; "People watch us because we're exciting,..We sound new and we have our own unique sound,....We're a whole new revolution ,....Since 2004, it has been all about G.e. on the Web !!" // 226,035 Views - "I had a big Ego back in 2004 and 2005" Says Guitarist Clark Haggans; "Those were the years that G.e. really began to hit the internet HARD !!" - And for the "Fabulous" Greenhouse Effect, One of the internet's biggest and most prime Attractions, "Personality" and the ability to entertain is the name of the game as G.e. constantly seeks to keep their strong throngs of fans hungry with their some 93 Songs and Videos; "We always have to reinvent ourselves....We're always striving to be the biggest and the best in the Music business" Says Haggans. "We're the Greatest band on the web - Fuck Bieber and Fuck all that 90's crap,...And Fuck Nirvana and Seattle....Those bands don't know how to play their fucking instruments - they fucking suck." And true it is indeed, Greenhouse Effect Music literally steals web traffic from the real entertainment industry of Hollywood Ca. and Sunset Boulevard as Haggans and his wild antics can keep watchers thrilled for hours and hours; "We have no tattoos and we're not cool.......I think what makes us so rad is that we suck.......I think people who like our music and buy our albums are stupid - but thats kinda cool" Says a terse Haggans. The three piece goofy band is Redondo Beach California's Finest hour - and Proudest sons and Haggans minces few words as he describes his own love for the Mighty G.e. "I think we're just really funny humorous and loving guys that have soul and can make people both laugh and cry,.....we're witty and intelligent....its lacking in today's rock music." Greenhouse Effect can ham it up for the camera like no other band can and the "Kings of Google" can always stop and remember what its really all about; "We make people smile,....We make people laugh,.....We make people want to love us and hate us" Says Haggans for Rock City Boston; "We're the grooviest band in the world...atleast on the web,....We get alotta video plays and interest.....we make people wanna form a band,....we make folks wanna rock." - What really makes G.e. Great is just how "Revolutionary" that they are. G.e. are Dorks who don't try to look cool or take themselves all that serious at all; "We are fun loving guys and we're nice people,....We are polite to people.....but if you piss us off,....We may use Voodoo on you (Laughs)" Says Haggins_Arizona. "And You don't want that." The vintage footage of G.e. at the Historic Hermosa Saloon is Proof enough for Hagins that it was not Nirvana but rather G.e. that started emo grunge rock and got things rolling back in the Late 1980's; "Everybody around the South Bay knows damn well that the Music industry used all my ideas to sell 90's shit,....they ripped off stuff from me and G.e. - We don't have to fake it,....We're a really good tight and talented band.....we don't need tricks,...Fuck Geffen Records,..They can suck My dick" Says Haggans. As G.e. rip it up online and with funny Looking red haired bassist Rick Carmody and Haggans leading the charge, One has to wonder if the band can ever make it on to Fm Radio In America with some of their striking internet classics such as 1991's epic "Brandy" ; "Greenhouse Effect is America's band......People coast to coast Love us and they worship our music.....We give the little guy a chance and we make people believe that they too can and will rock too" Says Haggans. Rock City Productions Worchester Massachusetts. 2007. Greenhouse Effect can take their World Audience Higher and higher.....turn up the songs Loud and you will achieve a type of Rock Nirvana that is even higher than the Who 'Live at Leeds" or Zeppelin 1 !!! - Redondo Beach California !! "The Magic Man" is tight rock as Guitarist Phillip Keegan Leads the way; "On that track.....which has become so huge on the web now,...We became in my estimation - the Greatest Band On the internet way back in the day" Says Keegan in 2009; "We were born to rock the web,....I am convinced...We were born to dominate cyberspace,...We are 'that' Good !!" Greenhouse Effect Turn Up the heat with their 1989 "Live" footage as an early Phil Keegan attacks the action with indie Rock's Greatest guitar; "Clark Haggans is into Greg Ginn but I'm into Robyn Trower,.....it's just a different picture,..but it all works" Adds Keegan in 2008. ------------------------- Greenhouse Effect Songs Redondo Beach-Music "Magic Man" 1987 // Phil Keegan Fender Music 2010 Bmi Recordings Jango Airplay 2010.

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      • Kira


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        onze nieuwe puppy Kira :D

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        • Untitled


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          • Kira eating Sweet Potatoes, 11-26-10


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            5½ month old twin, Kira, Enjoying some Sweet Potatoes while being distracted by her big brother and sister, Eldred and Ava. Her Twin brother asleep on the couch.

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            • Kitten Kira playing


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              Another video of Kira playing. She always finds something to play with, and she finds everything interesting.

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              • Kira playing with her toy mouse


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                My kitten Kira is very curious and playful. I got her from the "Katzenschutzbund Köln" to give Franzi company while Andreas and me are at work.

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                • Allison Scagliotti 4 Cassie Hack - 3


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                  Allison Scagliotti 4 Cassie Hack - 3 Upload by kambiance9

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                  • Allison Scagliotti 4 Cassie Hack - 2


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                    Allison Scagliotti 4 Cassie Hack - 2 Upload by kambiance9

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                    • Allison Scagliotti 4 Cassie Hack - 1


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                      Allison Scagliotti 4 Cassie Hack - 1 Upload by kambiance9

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