1. Two Impact Lighting Stands Reviewed


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    Sorry for all the reviews lately, I just have one more to do before NAB. http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/impact-lighting-stands/ for the links to the stands. Royalty free music by http://www.premiumbeat.com/

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    • A morning doing lessons


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      Playing with mt Canon T2i (EF 50mm f/1.8 II) while my son was doing his copywork.

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      • Webinar: Discover Your Inner-Filmmaker


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        Targeted at Photographers interested in shooting video with their DSLR camera; Photographers shooting DSLR video on a budget; Photographers looking to offer video services to their clients. Victor Ha shows you how to use basic photography tools to create better video. In this online seminar, we tap into your inner-filmmaker and show you how creating video can be fun, exciting and easy! Victor shows you how to think outside the box and take your existing photographic knowledge to create your first video project. Combining basic concepts with a little creativity, you will quickly see your existing photo gear help you bring your ideas to life. To read more and find out about upcoming webinars check out http://www.cinevate.com/blog/webinar-discover-your-inner-filmmaker-video/

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        • Pain Fairy Commercial - Behind the Scenes


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          BTS shot and cut by Dave Dugdale: www.LearningDSLRVideo.com (Canon T2i, 50mm 1.8, 28-135mm) Sterling-Rice Group (an ad agency in Boulder CO) was kind enough to let me film BTS footage of their upcoming "Pain Fairy" ad spots. It was great to see an entire team working together as I floated around independently trying to be quiet as possible and not getting in their way. These 'guys' put in long hours away from their families, so I wanted to capture those moments doing what they love best - being creative. I thank them for the opportunity, and hope I represented them well. Group creating the commercial: Randy Rogers | Director SRG Wade Paschall | Director SRG Surf Melendez | Art Director SRG Miguel Hernandez | Copywriter SRG Bret Berman | Integrated Producer SRG Jason Tahara | Lighting (gaffer) Keith Dezen | DP (Canon 5D) Carlos Hernandez | Audio Music by: HisBoyElroy - Revolve Creative Commons License http://ccmixter.org/files/hisboyelroy/430

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          • How To Get the Film Look on DSLR Video


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            http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/film-look-dslr-video/ These techniques I am about to explain to you are based on my observations on how my videos require more work to match that of what I see on the big screen in the move theater. 1. Set your camera to 24fps. To be honest this is probably provides the smallest benefit of all the items I am going to tell you about. Most people can not tell the difference from 24 to 30 fps, this happens more on a sub-conscience level. The main reason I shoot at 24fps is not the look, it is because it creates smaller file sizes for me to edit with. 2. Shoot with a shadow depth of field (large sensor) This can be done with DSLR with large sensors like the 5D T2i and the 60D. This I think is the item that provides the most benefit of all the items I have. Not every shoot has to be this way, but just watch and film or good TV show and you will see super shallow depth of field used over and over. 3. aspect ratio, this is the second most important. Normal people notice this right away when their TV is letter boxed once the movie starts. This is a dead giveaway that this is a film. 4. Shoot in 720p or higher, to match film you are going to need all the resolution you can get. However many will not notice that much difference between 720 and 1080. 5. Use a tripod, a monopod, use a rig on your shoulder, most important keep it steady unless shakiness adds to your story. 6. Use a slider or a dolly at least a few times to reveal something 7. use a gib, most films use an establishing opening shot and most on done on some sort of gib where the camera glides up from street level into the trees. 8. Shoot flat and then Color your video in post. The in camera settings while very good can be a bit over saturated or have too much contrast. There are many tutorials on how to color your video to look more like a block buster. 9. Don't zoom while filming, instead shoot far away then close up with a cut between shots. Zooms are super fun on a camcorder but I would bet that most film crews just own prime lens and don't use any zooms unless it is a very special shot. 10. This last one has nothing to do with video, but if you audio sounds like crap because the mic is mounted on the camera, or you are missing background music that completes the scene or missing foley noises of an important event, even if you did everything else right on this list the audio which 50% of your video will not look like film. 11. Tell a good story.

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            • Lighting That Does Not Work Well For HDR Photos


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              http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/poor-hdr-lighting/ Last evening my friend Dave and I went up to NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) in Boulder to do some HDR (high dynamic range) shots about an hour before sunset. I wanted to get there an hour before sunset but since the mountains are so tall we got there right as the sun was going over the mountains - first mistake. My friend Dave had not done any HDR before so I gave him my version of the Trey Ratcliff HDR tutorial. You can watch my HDR tutorial. The problem was we wanted to get some mountain shots but since the sun had already gone behind the mountains the lighting didn't work well for HDR, also it was more humid than normal if that makes a difference. As you can see some of these shots didn't come out well at all and had a weird gray cast to the sky that I couldn't seem to do anything with it to change it. It was hard to make the sky look good both using Photomatix and Lightroom. I want to go back and try in the morning when the sun is just hitting the mountains as it is coming up, perhaps that would make a better HDR shot. But we did get a few neat shots like this one pointing away from the mountains looking down a big hill and this one of a tracker on a pill of dirt, I like how the cloud came out. Anyway I will know for next time that this type of light does not work well for HDR.

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              • Which Wide Angle Lens Works Well for DSLR Video


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                http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/wide-angle-lens-dslr-video/ Read more at LearningDSLRVideo.com: Which Wide Angle Lens Works Well for DSLR Video

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                • Top 20 DSLR Video Websites


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                  • Shooting HDR with the Canon T2i 550D


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                    http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/shoot-high-dynamic-range/ I was up in Breckenridge Colorado over the labor day weekend with the family. When I travel to some place new I like to check out Flickr first to see some of the best shots of the area. Over the past couple of years I kept noticing that BridgePix (Thad) from Denver Colorado consistently was at the top of all the places I looked. I learn a lot by trying to backward engineer stuff so I thought I would try duplicating his two shoots in Breckenridge Colorado. I failed. His HDR shots are so much better than mine. Read more at LearningDSLRVideo.com: Shooting HDR with the Canon T2i 550D

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                    • 6 Things to Check Before Hitting the Movie Record Button On Your DSLR


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                      http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/check-before-record/ Run and Gun Style 1. Resolution and frame rate 2. AWB, if I have a few more seconds to spare I will see what the other WB settings look like on the screen 3. ISO - inside outside? 4. Picture Styles - normally shoot standard especially if I am running fast 5. Shutter Speed - easy to jog it 50th for 1080 and 125th for 720 6. then I check focus and hit record Planned Shoot (Additional Items to Check) 1. Custom white balance 2. I will check the 'blinky's' to see if I am over exposed anywhere (I am not too good at reading histograms yet) 3. Use an 18% gray card to double check the exposure 4. Double check the audio - disable the AGC on my t2i Somethings I never check because I never change them 1. AF mode - quick focus 2. AF during movie - enable 3. Movie exposure - manual 4. Grid Display - grid 1 5. Highlight Tone Priority - disable 6. Always on Quick Focus using the center or top focus point, 7. Auto Lighting Optimizer on standard.

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