1. Where Everyone Thinks the Same, No-one Thinks at All, by Ajahn Brahmavamso


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    Where Everyone Thinks the Same, No-one Thinks at All, by Ajahn Brahmavamso Ajahn Brahmavamso 2013 Hong Kong Tour Liberation through Wisdom   Public Talk Topic: Where Everyone Thinks the Same, No-one Thinks at All  

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      Heather Tucci-Jarraf talks to The Collective Imagination - 19/20 Feb 2013 Here is a discussion of a very important piece of the OPPT documentation. *In order to understand the multi dimensional nature of the UCC filings, one must understand what a strawman is and how we have been unknowingly harvested, or what has been a grand embezzlement of Energy. *"Eternal hearts” – are us. *CVACs job is to first put the Absolute Data (within each of us) out on the table for everyone to choose. And why absolute transparency is critical now . . . WE are each our own CVACs. - Everyone is now a public servant . . . to themselves.

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      • Eckhart Tolle magyar - Findhorn Lelkigyakorlat CD2 (Hungarian subtitle)


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        Eckhart Tolle magyar feliratos előadása. Add tovább és vedd meg az eredetit.

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        • Eckhart Tolle - Findhorn Retreat CD 2 - Stillness Amidst the World


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          Eckhart Tolle Findhorn Retreat - Stillness Amidst the World

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          • Adyashanti - Pearls on a Pig full movie


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            Adyashanti - Pearls on a Pig

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            • Every Step For My Mother and Father


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              This is the first talk of Thay of the Spring Retreat, after returning from the EIAB in Germany, offered in the New Hamlet of Plum Village on the 12th of June 2011. Thay in Vietnamese is on the left channel (missing the first few minutes due to a technical glitch), and the English translation is on the right stereo channel.

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              • Interview with Douglas Harding Parts 3 & 4 VOD


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                An in-depth interview with Douglas Harding about his life and work, recorded in 2001.

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                • Thich Nhat Hanh - Que je sois en paix


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                  Enseignement offert par Thay le 2 Mars 2011 dans le Hameau du Bas, Village des Pruniers, pendant la Retraite Francophone 2011. Thay parle de la meditation assise, la meditation de les cailloux, les Quatre Incommensurables, et la pratique de la regarde profonde. Ecoutez Thay s'exprimer en francais sur le canal stereo gauche. **** Teaching offered by Thay March 2, 2011 in the Lower Hamlet, Plum Village, during the Francophone Retreat 2011. Thay speaks of sitting meditation, pebble meditation, the Four Immeasurable Minds, and the practice of looking deeply. Listen to the translation of Thay in English by Sister Pine on the right stereo channel.

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                  • OSHO: You Are In Prison and You Think You Are Free VOD


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                    OSHO: You Are In Prison and You Think You Are Free To understand more about OSHO Talks, their context and purpose, see: http://oshotalks.com/AboutOshoTalks.aspx In this talk Osho responds to the question: George Gurdjieff has said: "You are in prison. If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can't escape." What are the prisons that I call "Home"? "George Gurdjieff is one of the most significant masters of this age. He is unique in many ways -- nobody has said things in the contemporary world the way Gurdjieff has said them. He is almost like another Bodhidharma or Chuang Tzu, apparently absurd but in reality giving great indications towards the liberation of human consciousness. You are asking about one of his significant statements. He often used to say, "You are in prison." Sometimes he was even deeper into the reality, and instead of saying, "You are in prison," he would say, "You are the prison." That is more true. If you wish to get out of prison -- or better to say, if you don't want to be a prison -- the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison, or you are the prison. This is something to be always remembered as one of the first principles for any seeker of truth. The tendency of the human mind is to deny those things which are ugly, to hide those things which he does not want others to know -- to hide in such a way, in such depths of the unconscious that even he himself becomes unaware of them. This way he maintains his superficial personality. This video is available for translation as part of the 'OSHO TALKS Video Translation Project'. Join the project as a translator at: http://www.oshotalks.info : OSHO International Foundation: http://www.osho.com

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                    • Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj, August 1, 1996. Punjabi, English, Italian.


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                      Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj conducts Satsang, Punjabi, English, Italian. From this Satsang: "In the same way, Master Kirpal Singh Ji used to say, "Rome was not built in a day." It took many years, a long time, to build the city of Rome. If you want to pass the M.A., if you want a masters degree, then you have to spend sixteen years studying. It is not that the child goes and in just one day he gets the degree of M. A. Dear Ones, one cannot open his inner veil while sleeping. If he thinks that he has opened his inner veil while sleeping and enjoying the world, he is deceiving himself and he is also deceiving everyone else in the world. But God Almighty Who is residing wlthin him cannot be deceived. You should read that part of the book of Mr. Oberoi in which he tells the story of Bhai Sundar Das, an initiate of Master Sawan Singh. And there you will see what is the condition of the false masters and how they are getting punished in the within, and what happens to those who follow the false masters." Trascription of this Satsang given August 1, 1996 in Terni, Italy: "Salutations unto the feet of Supreeme Fathers, Lord Almighty Sawan and Kirpal, Who, having mercy on the poor souls, have given us the opportunity to sing Their glory. We all know that we cannot meet with God Almighty unless we do His devotion, and we cannot become free from the pains and sufferings of birth and death until we meet with Him. Usually we do the devotion of God Almighty following our mind. God Almighty is within our body, but our mind always keeps us outside and he never allows us to enter our body. Day and night we visit the temples, the mosques, the churches, in search of God. The Masters, in Whose name we have formed the religions and have made these holy places of worship, have also written about Their teachings; They have also recorded all Their experiences which They have encountered in Their life. But nowhere in Their writing do we find that the Masters have said that you will realize God by going to these places. All the Masters have written that whenever you will realize God Almighty, it will always be by going wlthin. Up until now, no one has found God Almighty by going to the outer places, and in the future also, no one will do so. Anyone who has realized Him has done so only by going within. Usually we collect the stones and bricks and the other materials and we create a religious place. We maintain that religious place with much sanctity; we do not do any bad deed over there. We never enter that place carrying any bad thing with us. We understand that this is the place for God Almighty to reside, and we always keep a lot of respect for that place in our heart. God Himself has made the true temple in which He Himself resides, and that is the human body. The Hindu Mahatmas call the human body as that abode in which God Almighty Himself resides. They say that we can get the honor of meeting God Almighty by entering our within. Guru Amar Dev Ji Maharaj says that this body is the true temple of God and in its within we get the jewel of knowledge. We keep the places which we make with our own hands and feet very pure and clean; we do not take any bad thing there. But the temple which God Almighty Himself has created and in which He Himself is residing, what do we do with that? Sometimes we put meat in it, sometimes we put wine and other bad things in it. Sometimes we create very bad thoughts from within this temple of God. Residing in this temple of God, sometimes we create bad thoughts, bad feelings for others. Sometimes we make plans and schemes for killing others, and in this way we are creating the rage, we are creating the fire of hatred and jealousy toward others. The Mahatmas Who have had the personal experiences of God Almighty tell us very lovingly that it is a foolish thing to expect a king to come to a place which is not clean, which is very dirty. Not even a dog likes to sit in a dirty place; even he cleans that place with his tail before he sits there. So unless we make our heart clean, how can we expect God Almighty Who is the resident of a very pure and holy place to come and reside within our hearts? We think that God Almighty resides somewhere in the sky, in the heavens, or He is residing in some golden temple, or He is on the peak of some mountain. We beat the drums and we play the other musical instruments and in that way we shout aloud, thinking that maybe God is deaf and He is not able to hear us. That is why we create such a big noise and such a big kind of music. And we think that by doing that, by shouting aloud, He will answer us and He will listen to us. Kabir Sahib addresses a malvi who was shouting aloud, trying to arouse people in the name of God. Kabir Sahib said, "0 Dear One, you have collected the stones, bricks and pebbles, and you have created this mosque, and getting on top of that mosque you are shouting aloud, you are calling God Almighty. Do you think that He is deaf? 0 Mullah, why do you climb the minarets, and why do you shout so loud? The reason for which you are calling God Almighty, He knows about it, since He is within you." History tells us how in the name of religion we have spread so much hatred; how the people believing in one religion are willing [to kill] and they are always thinking of killing the people of the other religion; how the people believing in one religion are always ready and always willing to demolish the holy places, the religious places of the other religion. Kabir Sahib says, "The Hindus say that Rama belongs to them and the Muslims say that Rahim belongs to them, but they both are fighting with each other and they have not known the truth." The Mahatmas whose inner eye got opened, those Who went within and saw that all-pervading Power, They called that Power as Ram. Those who went inside and saw that Power as all-merciful, They called that Power as Rahim. Master Sawan Singh Ji used to explain this, giving the example of a Punjabi person and a person from Afghanistan. They became partners in doing the farming. But when the time came to start sowing the field, they started fighting with each other, because the Punjabi person said that he wanted to sow wheat - he used the Punjabi word for wheat - and the Afghani person said he wanted to sow gandham, which is the word for wheat in the Afghani language. Since they did not know each other's language, they did not know that they both wanted to sow the same thing, but they each insisted on sowing their own seed. Some wise person was passing by and he heard them quarreling. He asked them, "Why are you fighting?" They told him what the reason was, and since he knew the language of both the Punjabi and the Afghan person, he said, "Okay, bring me your seeds and I will solve this for you." When they brought their seeds, the seeds were the same, so he lovingly told them, "You both want to do the same thing. You both want to sow the same seeds, but because of the different languages you are fighting with each other." In the same way, Masters lovingly explain to us that we all want to do the devotion of God Almighty, but because of the different languages, some people say that they are the devotees of Rama, and some people say that they are the devotees of Rahim. And in that way they fight with each other without knowing that they both want to devote themselves to the same Power. So that is why the Masters lovingly tell us that we should rise above the differences of the languages. We should go within and meet with that Power to which we want to devote ourselves. The Mahatmas Who have had this experience lovingly tell us how we have to enter this living temple of God. There are two parts of our journey: one is up to the Eye Center and one is beyond the Eye Center. Our journey begins from the bottom of our feet and it ends on the top of our head. There is a tradition in the Muslim religion that at least once in their lifetime every Muslim should make a pilgrimage to Mecca. the holy place. And they say that their devotion is completed only if one goes to Mecca to do the pilgrimage. So when Sheik Takhi went to Mecca, after doing his pilgrimage he was very fortunate that he went to Hathras, the place where Tulsi Sahib used to live. And it was a matter of good fortune for him that he pitched his tent right in front of the ashram of Tulsi Sahib. So Tulsi Sahib lovingly explained to Sheik Takhi; He said, "It is good that you have done this pilgrimage, but the true journey to God Almighty, the true pilgrimage, is something which we have to do within our body. And it starts from the bottom of our feet and it finishes when we reach the top of our head. And the Eye Center is the place where we have to concentrate; it is the place which has a deep connection with the faculty of thinking and concentrating. So this is where we have to concentrate and this is the very place which we have to keep very clean and holy." So Tulsi Sahib lovingly explained to Sheik Takhi, "You have to clean the chamber of your heart so that the Beloved may come and reside within. You have to give up thinking about other people so that you may concentrate only upon your Beloved." Tulsi Sahib says, "It is a pity that you go in the outer temples and mosques to search for the Beloved, and in this way you give a lot of suffering to that living temple of God in which He Himself resides. You have one heart, but you have hundreds of thousands of desires. And on top of that, you have even more yearning and other desires. Tell me, where is the place where you can have your Beloved come and sit? "Listen in the arch of the living temple of God. That Sound is corning towards you to call you back Home." So lovingly He tells that dear one, "First of all, go and find the Masters; go to Those Who have done this Themselves, Those Who have had Their own experience. They will give you the secret of the Naam Initiation. And once you get the Naam Initiation from Them, sit quietly and listen to that Sound which is coming in your head at the Eye Center from Sach Khand." When we get ourselves connected with that Light and Sound, the mind, which is very swift like a deer and which makes us wander here and there like a deer, he also stops running here and there; he gets the peace. Master Sawan Singh Ji used to emphasize a lot on doing dhyan, or contemplation on the Form of the Master, but Master Kirpal Singh Ji did not emphasize contemplation as much. But that does not mean that Their teachings were different; every Master has His own way of explaining things. Master Kirpal Singh Ji very lovingly used to say that when you remember your children, their form appears in front of you. If you remember your office, your work, your job, then all the files and all the things which you need to do - all that comes in front of you. If you remember your house, then your house will start appearing in front of you - you will have the dhyan, or you will have the contemplation, of your house. In the same way, if you will do the Simran which is given to you by the perfect Master, if you will do that lovingly, then the dhyan or the contemplation [will start to happen because] the Form of that Master will come in front of you by Himself. We have two powers or two faculties in our within. One is to hear the Sound, the other is to see the Light. The power through which we hear is called surat, and the power through which we see is called nirat. So this is what Tulsi Sahib said, "When you concentrate your surat, your attention, at the Eye Center, then you should listen to the Sound which is coming from Sach Khand with much attention." With the nirat we see the things, and with the surat we listen to the Sound Current. And catching hold of that Sound Current, we go to the place from which it is coming. Guru Nanak Sahib has also said, "You have Light within you, and from within that Light the Sound is corning." He said, "In your within there is Light and the constant Sound is coming within you, and by listening to that constant Sound and by seeing that Light, you align yourself with the True Lord." Mahatmas Who have had this experience Themselves lovingly tell us that until we withdraw our attention, our surat, from all the different parts of our body and bring it to the Eye Center, until we rise above the physical, astral and causal planes, and until we go beyond the rajogun. tainogun and satogun, neither our surat, the power of hearing, is awakened, nor our nirat, the power of seeing, is manifested. We may hear the Sound Current even now; we may see the Light even now. But the Sound does not pull our soul up, and we cannot keep that Light there, even though we see it. We cannot concentrate on that Light for a long time. This is my personal experience: even if we were to meditate for seven or eight hours a day, still in comparison to how much time we spend in the world, we are meditating very little, and the time we devote to the world is much more than the meditation. What is the reason for that? The reason for that is that we do not understand the importance of doing the Simran and we do not emphasize doing the Simran. We can do the Simran very easily all throughout the day. Even when we are flying in an airplane or doing anything of this world. stdl we can easily do the Simran. When we do so much Simran and when we develop the will power to do the Simran, then whenever we sit for meditation, it doesn't take us hours or even minutes to concentrate. As soon as we sit and close our eyes, we go up, and whenever we open our eyes, we come back. We don't know the importance of doing the meditation. No Master is ever happy - and He is not willing - to always keep His disciples in the meditation. He says, "You come, you see, and you do!" But we are not ready to go along with Him. When we do not do the meditation according to the encouragement and inspiration given to us by the perfect Masters, then the Masters tell us the worldly stories, They give us worldly examples and parables, expecting us to understand and come around by one or another example. 0 Lord, give me the Truth, Contentment, Love, Devotion, and Faith. Give me the True Patience and Satisfaction, asks servant Dadu. This is the bani of Dadu Dayal. Dadu Dayal was a great meditator Mahatma, and He was an abode of humility. Earlier also I have told you the story of Dadu Dayal, of how much humility He had. Once there were two pundits who wanted to come to have the darshan of Dadu Dayal. Normally Dadu Dayal used to keep His head clean-shaven. So when those pundits came and when they were looking for the dera of Dadu Dayal, they saw one person - it was in fact Dadu Dayal - coming from that direction and He was clean-shaven. Now according to the Hindus, in those days it was considered a bad omen to meet someone with a shaved head. So in order to avoid the effect of that bad omen, what they did was that they hit that person's head. So both those pundits hit the head of Dadu Dayal and they asked Him, "Where is the dera of Dadu Dayal?" Dadu Dayal was so humble and so loving that He did not mind them hitting His head and He said, "It is over there." Those pundits went and they sat with the other people in the sangat who were also waiting for Dadu Dayal to come there. Finally, when Dadu Dayal came, those two pundits became very embarrassed because He was the same person whom they had hit on the head. Dadu Dayal was so humble that He said in the satsang, "You know that when you go to buy a pot, you even hit that pot, which is worth nothing. So when you have come to look for a Master, there is nothing wrong in you hitting me on the head, because always before you go to a Master, you should first make sure that He is the Real One." Master Sawan Singh used to laugh a lot after telling this story. He used to say, "This does not mean that you have to go and hit the head of the Master to see if He is the Real One. This means that you have to go through His life. You have to find out whether He has done any sacrifice in His life or not, whether He has done any search for God Almighty or not, whether He has spent ten or twenty years staying awake in the night doing the meditation or not." You may read the history of the perfect Saints and you will find that some did ten years of meditation, some meditated for fifteen years or twenty years. They stayed awake in the night, They suffered hunger and thirst, and in that way They did a lot of meditation. This is my personal experience, that the inner veil does not get open while enjoying the pleasures of this world. One has to meditate for it. Dear Ones, we cannot dig out the water without working hard for it. If we want to get a pearl from the ocean, we will have to dive deep into the ocean. In the same way, Master Kirpal Singh Ji used to say, "Rome was not built in a day." It took many years, a long time, to build the city of Rome. If you want to pass the M.A., if you want a masters degree, then you have to spend sixteen years studying. It is not that the child goes and in just one day he gets the degree of M. A. Dear Ones, one cannot open his inner veil while sleeping. If he thinks that he has opened his inner veil while sleeping and enjoying the world, he is deceiving himself and he is also deceiving everyone else in the world. But God Almighty Who is residing wlthin him cannot be deceived. You should read that part of the book of Mr. Oberoi in which he tells the story of Bhai Sundar Das, an initiate of Master Sawan Singh. And there you will see what is the condition of the false masters and how they are getting punished in the within, and what happens to those who follow the false masters. So Dadu Sahib lovingly makes this request to God Almighty. He says, "0 Lord, give me the contentment. Give me the true contentment. I am asking this from You, so kindly give me the contentment." Guru Nanak Sahib says that no one becomes satisfied without the belt of contentment. No matter if we get the riches and wealth of the whole world, still we cannot be content, we cannot be satisfied, unless we have the wealth of contentment with us. Make your lfe (existence or being) as sand in pant of the Lord. Dadu, die before the physical death as everyone dies after the physical death. Dadu Sahib says that where there is "I", where there is egoism, God Almighty does not manifest there. When you go to the Master you should feel yourself as nothing but dirt, because He is the all-conscious One; He knows everything. Don't boast of anything in front of the Master, because He is the Knower of everything. He knows everything about you. Regarding the all-consciousness of beloved Lord Kirpal, 1 have often told you this story, how before I met with Him, I had not met with anyone - neither had I met with any of His critics, nor had I met with anyone who would praise Him. I had not even known that there was a Master called Sant Kirpal. Of course, from the very beginning of my life I had always been yearning for that Power about Whom I had learned and read. Even when Baba Bishan Das gave me the knowledge of the first Two Words, I was meditating, and I was always waiting for that Power to come and reveal Himself to me. It was not only because of the prayers to God Almighty which I had right from my early days - that He should come and meet me - but also because of the hard work which Baba Bishan Das made me do - both of those things. I don't know who told beloved Lord Kirpal about me, but He Himself chose to come to me. He traveled for five hundred kilometers Himself, and He came to see me. So it was the answer to my yearning; it was the answer to my prayers which I was making in front of God Almighty, that Master Kirpal Himself came to see me. When He came I did not know whether He was married or not, whether He was learned or not, And also, when He came I told Him, "0 Lord, I don't know what to ask from You. I don't have any question. My within, my mind, my brain, everything is empty." So He lovingly said, "Yes, I have come here only because I have seen this empty place. Otherwise, there are so many people around me who are mental wrestlers, those who are learned, but I saw that empty within only here and that is why I have come here." So Dadu Dayal says, "Become like sand in front of the Master. Die before dying, because one day you will have to die." Mahatma Chattardas also says, "One day He will take you away from here. You will have to leave this world." 0 Dadu, give up all the claims; pass your days without any claim. Many have made the claims at this shop (of life) and have left (without getting anything). Dadu Dayal says, "Look here - God Almighty is the grocer and all the souls are like His groceries. Many people have come into this world - many kings, emperors, dictators -they all came in this world and they wanted to make this world as their very own, but they did not become successful.~7 So Dadu Sahib says, "0 Dadu, do not claim that this is your religion, this is your community, this is your wealth, this is your family, July /August 1998 and like that. If you claim that all those things belong to you, tell me, when you leave this world, who will go with you?" When we get the things according to our karmas, we do not become grateful to the One Who is giving us those things. God Almighty is the One Who gives us the things according to our karmas, and we don't become grateful to Him. Instead we say that these things belong to us, or we are the owners of these things. But when death comes, what will go with us? 0 Dadu, make the claim with the Primeval Being (the One Who was in the beginning). How can one be without any claim? Remove the cunningness of the mind; make such a claim. Now He says, if you want to claim anything, if you want to boast of anything, you should claim to be the one who realizes God. You make a request, you pray to Him, "0 Lord, You come and meet me." Rise above the claims of this world. Rise above the egoism and meet Him. He says, "Remove this duality from your within - that he is an Italian, or he is a Colombian, or he is an American, or he is an Indian, or he is a German. When God Almighty is One and when the Path to go back to Him is also One, then why all these differences?" Everything came into being from Nothing. And again Nothing shall happen. 0 Dadu, become Nothing, being attuned with the Lord. No one has brought anything into this world and no one will take anything from this world. He says that you have come into this world in the Will of God, so make God Almighty as your very own, because you will have to leave this world only in the Will of God. Kabir Sahib says, "When you were born, what did you bring along with you, and what will you carry with you when you die? You came into this world with your hands closed, and when you go back, you will go empty-handed with your hands stretched out. "This body is a piece of paper and when the water drops on it, it will dissolve. Says Kabir, Listen. 0 Sadhu, without the Naam you will repent." Creation, Destruction and the three Gunas (Qualities) are the forms of Maya. Dadu says, It is not stable: in one moment it is sunshine, in the next moment it is darkness. Dadu Dayal gives a very good example and He explains to us that this world is of birth and death. It doesn't matter if one is a learned person or if one is clever and wise. No matter how learned one is, no matter how wise and clever one is, or even if one is an illiterate, an ignorant one, but still everyone who has come into this world has to leave it some day. He says that nothing is stable, nothing is permanent in this world. It is like the shadow of a tree: in the morning it is on this side and in the afternoon it is on the other. It is better to be in the company of the Master, even if one has to face difficulties, challenges andproblems. 0 Dadu, what is the use of having wealth and comfort ifyou don't have Naam? Dadu Sahib very lovingly says, "Dear Ones, the Master has given you the Naam. He has given you the passport and He has finished your pain of birth and death. Now if you get any pains or any sufferings in the company of the Master, still you should understand them as much better than all the pleasures one gets in the heavens." When Guru Teg Bahadur was killed by the strict orthodox religious people in Delhi, five of His disciples were tempted by the orthodox people to give up the company of Guru Teg Bahadur. They were told, "If He is the True Master and if He has such powers, why doesn't He save you? Why doesn't He save Himself?" They tempted them with so many things: "You should give up the company of your Master and we will give you this and that." But those disciples of Guru Teg Bahadur did not fall to the temptations. Then they were tortured. They were tortured so much that Bhai Mati Das was killed with a saw, and they cut off his head, using [a sword]. And Bhai Mani Singh's every joint was cut; his body was cut into pieces. Bhai Mati Das said, "If you want to have any mercy on us, keep my face towards the cage of my beloved Master, so that while you are killing me, I may have His darshan." He said, "We know what power He possesses. We know what He has done for us." So they did not agree to what the authorities were telling them. They chose death rather than to give up the company of the Master. On one side, there was the suffering of the body, because their bodies were cut into pieces, but on the other side, they could not forget the goodness which the Master had done to their souls. Araungzeb had the power. Guru Teg Bahadur had the patience, the contentment. The disciples had the patience and the contentment. In the city of Araungabad is the tomb of Araungzeb, where the pigeons make that place dirty and the monkeys and the other animals go and make that place dirty, and nobody is there to take care of it. But those who did the meditation of Naam, those who knew the glory of Naam, at that place, in their name the religious place was made and many people go there. They wash their feet before they enter that holy place and all day long they go to that place, and they remain in the remembrance of the Masters and they do Their devotion. No one can decrease the glory of Naam in this world. And in the beyond also, the wealth of Naam cannot be robbed by any robber. No deceiver, no thug, can deceive anyone of the wealth of Naam. No fire can burn the glory of Naam and no water can drown the Naam. Mahatma Charan Das Ji says, "Even if one has many elephants, many horses, and many other worldly riches, and even if he has the most beautiful women by his side, but without the Naam one gets a lot of suffering in the court of the Lord." With which face can we laugh and talk? Alas! Dadu weeps. This birth was very precious, which we have lost uselessly. Dadu Sahib has mercy upon us. He lovingly says, "How can I smile, how can I laugh, in this world? God Almighty has given us this precious human birth for doing His devotion, but what are we doing? We are wasting it, we are losing it by indulging in worldly things and worldly pleasures." Dadu Dayal Ji says, "Looking at the condition of the world, I am weeping. They are intoxicated, looking at the small happinesses of this world. They don't even know that these happinesses will turn into pain. They don't go within; they don't do the devotion of God. They are outside and they are always involved in the outer things." [There were tears in Sant Ji's eyes at this point and He sighed deeply.] Guru Amar Dev Ji Maharaj says, "If you forget the Path of the Naam and go to other paths, in the end without the Naam you will repent." In a few words Dadu Sahib lovingly explained to us that those who have done the meditation of Naam are the most fortunate ones, because except for the wealth of Naam, nothing of this world goes with us. No matter if you collect all the riches and wealth of this world. but still we cannot get the contentment unless we have the wealth of Naam within us. Swami Ji Maharaj says. "Doing the devotion is not like we are doing a favor to anyone. It is, in fact, having mercy on our own self." He says, "Have mercy on your own self and save yourself from the cycle of eighty-four lakhs births and deaths." Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj also says, "To have mercy on one's soul is much more valuable than going to the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage." Because God Almighty will shower grace only upon him who has mercy on his own self. He who does not have any mercy on his own self, how can God shower any grace upon him? Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj says, "If you do not have mercy on your own self, in your within the Light will not be manifested." It is only because the Masters want us to have mercy on the souls that before They give us the Initiation. They impose this ban on us and They tell us about the drugs. They tell us how the drugs and intoxicants affect our brain. our power of thinking, and They tell us that we should abstain from intoxicants and drugs. God Almighty resides in everyone. He resides in the sheep, He resides in the goat, He resides in the cow, He resides everywhere. And since He lives everywhere, that is why we should have mercy on everyone's soul. We should not kill them for our food. God will not manifest His Light within us if we do not have mercy on the souls. So that is why the Masters always tell us, before They give us the Initiation, that we should give up eating all these things, and we should have mercy on all the souls." Both Masters Ajaib and Kirpal made a clear point of not copyrighting or reserving rights for any of their works/Satsangs in any format. Recordings were made over many decades by a wide variety of disciples, always with the understanding by all involved that the purpose was for universal dissemination of the Masters' teachings without profit or restriction. Reference: "Mahatmas (Great Souls) come for all the world and their teaching is for all the world. As long as they are living in the body, in this world, their teachings are well understood and are propagated in their real meaning; everybody gets benefit from that; but when they leave the body, the disciplies limit and confine their teachings only to a certain time, religion or sect, and I understand that this is the greatest injustice to the Mahatmas." Sant Ajaib Singh, Sant Bani Magazine, July/August 1977, page 30 "I have written books without any copyright- no rights reserved- because it is a Gift of God, given by God, as much as sunlight; other gifts of God are also free." -from a talk by Sant Kirpal Singh at Santa Clara University, San Jose, California on November 16, 1972.

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