1. The Truth About Vitamin D


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    Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, is not strictly a vitamin. It is actually a hormone that affects thousands of our genes, including genes linked to conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Over the last few years sales of vitamin D supplements have skyrocketed, and are now second only to multi-vitamins. But are these supplements really beneficial or do they pose a health risk? And what exactly should we do to avoid vitamin d deficiency during the long cold winters? This lecture tackles these questions, offers you a better alternative to supplements, and shows you how to properly boost your immune system via the vitamin D pathway.

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    • AYO Video for Startup Spain Pitch Competition


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      Improve sleep, boost energy, minimize jet lag. Ayo lets you wear the Sun! Waking up early in the morning should happen naturally and travel should be enjoyable, not exhausting. AYO wearable combines state-of-the-art technology, innovative thinking and scientifically proven methods to balance the user’s master biological clock for a healthier, happier and more active life. AYO website: http://goayo.com

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      • Rejuva-Lite - Light Therapy Machine


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        The Rejuva-Lite relieves and aides table: Below is just a few benefits of what the new Rejuva-Lite system can help with. Abnormal nerve function Eczema Sports injuries Arthritis Diabetes Rheumatism Stretch marks Healing wounds Skin complaints Back, neck and joint problems High cholesterol levels Respiratory ailments Chronic fatigue Insomnia Stress Cellulite Muscle injury Thread veins Depression Pain relief Wrinkles Digestive disorders Poor circulation Weight loss You will be well on the road to banishing those fine lines and wrinkles, The Rejuva-Lite also treats acne, spots, blemishes, thread veins, eczema, and skin complaints and speeds up the healing of cuts and wounds. It’s beneficial after surgery and for sports injuries, as well as bringing the benefits of weight loss and the reduction of cellulite. With the latest cutting edge technology using 4 different coloured photon lights, (Infra-Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) the Rejuva-Lite provides a multitude of benefits for the mind and body, specifically designed for people with hectic and stressful lifestyles. 'The Rejuva-lite offers the latest innovative technology that could change your life. Try it and see.' There are so many benefits we can’t include them all in this short introduction to The Rejuva-Lite, but read on... Don’t delay! Get on the road to having that refreshed and refined mind and body that you deserve. The Science behind Rejuva-Lite The Rejuva-Lite incorporates infra-red technology, whose operating frequency of 5.6 – 15 microns, closely relates to the resonant frequency of the cells of the human body. This invigorates the cells, which in turn stimulates the body’s metabolism and can result in significant weight loss. The light also helps with the production of collagen which is known to firm the skin. Another benefit associated with infra-red is the speeding up of the body’s healing processes for cuts and wounds, particularly after surgery. NASA, and several Japanese science labs, have reported positive benefits after research in this area. Additionally, the Rejuva-Lite speeds up the body’s blood circulation and metabolism which helps with skin rejuvenation. 'You could see the results for yourself after you have tried our product, we're confident you may want to make the Rejuva-lite part of your wellbeing for life; this could help change your mind and body outlook.' Click here www.rejuva-lite.co.uk to find out more about the Rejuva-Lite Product

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        • SAD Symptoms & Treatment Options


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          A deeper look at the SAD is, how it affects people and how many others have learned to manage this type of depression. http://www.sadlamps.org

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          • Visual Spectrum - Fractal Lamp


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            http://www.visualsound.pro/#!fractal-lamp/c6v4 Visual Spectrum Fractal Lamp In Action! Exclusive technology by VisualSound Studio (visualsound.pro) - "spectral animation" makes a static fractal image "alive" and fractal begins to spin! You can control the rhythm and intensity of the color with the remote control. Fractal dynamic movement has a positive effect on the human mental condition, and various modes of operation allow you to create the necessary mood. Новый уникальный продукт: динамический фрактальный светильник - Visual Spectrum! Благодаря эксклюзивной технологии VisualSound Studio - "спектральной анимации", статичное изображение фрактала "оживает" и начинает вращаться! Вы можете управлять ритмом и интенсивностью цвета при помощи пульта управления. Динамичное движение фрактала благоприятно воздействует на состояние человека, а различные режимы работы позволяют создать необходимое настроение.

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            • sunflowers #4 full


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              60 x 84 x 3 inch wood sculpture (carved wood painted white) video projection 2014 Lattanzio

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              • ClockWise Concept Video


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                Video demonstrates the use and benefits of ClockWise; a concept designed by Ross Ambrose which facilitates a user's understanding of their body clock and provides them with opportunities to change it. D.O.P and Editing: Sunny Das Acting: Greg Ambrose Direction and Idea: Ross Ambrose

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                • Leanne Venier, Artist, Engineer & Color & Light Expert discusses the Healing Effects of Color & Art on NBC-TV San Antonio Living


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                  Leanne Venier, International Award Winning Artist, Engineer and Expert in the Science of Using Color and Light for Flow and Health, is interviewed on NBC-TV WOAI about the Healing Effects of Color, Light and Art. For more in-depth videos by Leanne on this topic and much more of the scientific research behind it, please visit: http://www.leannevenier.com/links.php?350399 and http://www.leannevenier.com BIOGRAPHY: Leanne Venier is an international award-winning artist, engineer, scientist, and science of color and light therapy expert who regularly lectures about the healing and consciousness-raising effects of color, light frequencies, and art at major medical centers, MENSA, consciousness organizations, and elsewhere. Venier, originally from Ontario Canada, was a mechanical engineer designing submarines for Lockheed in California, until a lifelong passion for healing and knowledge about consciousness drew her to the healing arts. This journey took her to Florence, Italy for seven years where she studied holistic healing methods and Jungian psychology and then back to the United States and British Columbia for advanced training as an acupuncturist and Zen Shiatsu practitioner. In 2007, Venier started painting and left her healing practice to begin working as a professional artist. It is from this diverse background that Venier now educates medical practitioners, scientists, and lay people about the most up-to-date scientific research in the fields of phototherapy, light and color therapy, art therapy, and biophotonics. Venier’s abstract oil paintings have won numerous awards including “Grand Prize of the Jury for Outstanding Artwork” in Vico del Gargano, Italy, “Best of Texas” in Dallas, TX and Finalist in the prestigious Hunting Art Prize in Houston, TX. Her work has been featured in many national and international magazines, and been sought out for private and corporate collections around the world. Her evocative paintings move the soul, utilizing color to create calm, clear minds and physically healing serenity. Many people have responded to Venier’s artwork, commenting on the spiritual nature they feel from the soothing compositions, intense colors, and numerous thin layers of paint (which take several months to apply) all of which create a sense of depth and invite the viewer inwards. Viewers comment that they are drawn to her work because of the effect it has on allowing them to enter a deep meditative state, thereby enabling them to attain elevated states of consciousness including Flow state. Venier has been interviewed numerous times on national radio and television in regard to her artwork and its role in using color to heal. She has also served as a color healing consultant for the Austin State Hospital and conducted workshops on the healing effects of color for UT Health Science Center's Cancer Therapy & Research Center in San Antonio. Venier has been actively interested in the exploration of consciousness and uses her art and other methods to tap into these expanded states of consciousness and Flow states. She has been involved with the Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies (INACS) since 2003 and is currently a Trustee and their Director of Outreach. She has twice been the featured speaker for the INACS Consciousness Connections lecture series. Her 2013 INACS talk, “Color, Consciousness & Healing: The Healing Effects of Color, Light Frequencies and Art”, is viewable on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/leannevenier. In 2014, she again lectured for INACS about her experiences in Peru using Ayahuasca as a healing plant medicine and for enhancing consciousness states. Her healing artwork can be viewed in her Online Artwork Galleries at www.LeanneVenier.com. The full therapeutic effects of the work may be experienced in person in her LEANNE VENIER GALLERY located in Austin, TX. Venier also teaches Healing Colors Creativity & Flow workshops (both in the US and internationally) which teach people to use color and simple exercises to quickly and reliably attain Flow state. By achieving Flow, people can tap into their unlimited creativity, innate healing abilities, Peak Performance and Ultimate Happiness. See the Creativity & Flow Healing Colors Workshops page at http://www.leannevenier.com/links.php?338461 for more information. ______________________________________ Bragging rights: International Award Winning Artist, Finalist in the Hunting Art Prize & Best of Texas Artist

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                  • Jacqueline Pilant's Story


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                    Peripheral Neuropathy is common, an epidemic in this country. It is estimated that upwards of 20 million Americans suffer from this illness. A true tragedy if you ask us. Jacqueline Pilant shares her story... In hopes to reach out to others who have lost all hope in living a life with less pain, a life of balanced wellness, full of energy, vitality and happiness. Could infrared light therapy help you or a loved one...?!

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