1. Rock Opera - Greenhouse Songs 'Shes A Bitch' Lyrics - Misogynistia - Bmi Music 2008. Rock City.


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    223,224 Views - Youtube Videos - The Rock Opera "White Suburban Liars" is the Masterpiece from Los Angeles internet Rockers Greenhouse Effect that is so much more than just a Great Rock n Roll Album. Guitarist Clark Haggins says that the Recording is essentially "His Very Life" but 'put to music'. "The Music is basically "Me" and it goes on forever......When you watch G.e. on the web, You are literally Living my life,...it is right where reality crashes into internet insanity into fantasy and back into rock n roll tragedy !!" Haggins says that his 1992 Rock Opera idea was heavily influenced by The Kinks 1975 album "Soap Opera" where Ray Davies' character "Starmaker" changes places with an "Ordinary Man" named Norman and takes on his life only to discover that he ends up "really living it" and believing it; "I truly believe that I was meant to be a PopStar,.... my whole weird life way back in the day was too hilariously ironic just to end up a mundane and ordinary Swimming Pool Cleaner,...I feel that my life today - where I am nearly 46 years old now - is really sad and pathetic and a pure waste of talent ,....So a few years ago, My wife says that I just suddenly started 're-inventing' myself - but on the web - as a Popstar,.... I got some mild success on the internet from 2001 through 2004,...then I saw Tila Tequila taking off and going huge using for the most part a lot of help and fake tactics from Myspace,.... I saw people Like Perez Hilton getting famous and big on the web ,...well, its one thang to see these typical Liberal Douchebags get trendy and big ,...but I am a challenge,...People say that I have always been difficult to get along with and a tough egg to be around,...and what it is - is I am one of those "Conservative" types of white dudes,.... I listen to talk radio ,...People Like Michael Savage and Mark Levin,... but I am unusually artistic for one of those,...I am also a pure entertainer - I am a Popstar !! And I can make "You" a star too !! The key is just to be yourself - be who you are,..if you really are a Republican ,..then be one !! Don't sell out to make money by pretending you're a Liberal when ,..You're Not !!" Haggins Wife says that around 2006, he began to have this fantasy that he 'was a Popstar" as he began to grow on the web; "This is sorta the 'story' of the Rock opera" Says Haggins "It is still going on now today,....even when I clean swimming pools,..no matter what I do !!,...it is "Interesting" and it is "Pop",..I make people Laugh,..I make People confused,...I am interesting ,...and I am entertaining ,..its what Great Pop art is always about and has always been about !! I am pure self-destruction !! People Love it !! I 'am" walking breathing "Pop Art" !!! ...I 'really' know how to write songs about the "Ordinary people" because I am "One of them" ,..I have lived 'that' Life !!...My Life is pure boring art,...I go to the same Taco bell everyday,....I clean the same Pools,..its the same old fucking shit over and over - it could be Heaven but,..its probably hell....its Pure Pop Art " - "Shes A Bitch....And then You Live" is a song that Haggins says is 'critical' to the framework in the Rock Opera where Haggins exclaims "I'll be good to you......You just be good to Me !!" - "When I was growing up back in the South Bay in Redondo Beach,..it was tough,..I was a real skinny little dude,.I am a fat old thing now (Laughs) " says Haggins "I was always surrounded by drama and a lot of arguing around me all the time I got little attention and what little I got was abuse or disrespect !,...it was pure stress and chaos for me growing up ,...I was Pop art then ,..and I was "entertaining" and I still am now,...I was always like the mediator in-between arguing maniacs,...and sometime I got pulled into all the drama ,..it was much like a Ray Davies Kinks Song,...that was my life then ,...that "Is" my Life now,..well sort-of,...its less dramatic now,..just my wife bickers at me,....but I put it all in the Opera still ,....mostly it is all fantasy now,...I can't take the drama anymore with my aging heart now and all,..but sometimes I dream I could be "In the middle of a drama" ,..well "thats" what G.e. "is" on the Net now !! We are pure Pop Art,....I think thats why we're one of the most watched things on the net !!" - The Rock Opera tells the story of a young Pop Star who is born with a disease that paralyzes one half of his body; Belles Palsy. Although he is weakened by this (And other Problems too) , it also helps to enhance him and "Make him stronger somehow" - He grows through life, more gifted and artisitic than the other kids around him, He is hated and ostricized along the way and by virtually everybody. By the time he is 23, he has formed his band - of course a three piece band - so that the spotlight can be focused 'firmly on him" and he tells people; "It has to be a three piece ,..just like Cream , Rush, and the Who - because three piece bands are easiest for ' an audience' to absorb and digest and 'to praise' - most important of all" - When he is reminded that the Who is actually a four piece, he scoffs; "I don't care !! the singer is a bloody Poofter !! 'who needs 'ihm anyway !! After all of his ideas are stolen,..he realizes he must 'settle in' to ordinary life and that all of his Pop Star Dreams are crushed and that he is simply just another boring couch intellectual in white suburbia going 'nowhere" yet he continues to live by his right-wing "conservative" Principals and he remembers that; "I'll be good to you,.... You just be good to me ,....its so damn easy - Lets just get along" He watched helplessly as other lesser talented bands and solo artists gobble up the fame that could have been his and un-knowlingly "steal" his notoriety and the worst part is they are just about always typical boring and mundane outspoken "Liberal" drones who "Do as they're told" who he despises. To him, they are people who "should never have even gotten a record deal" ,..pointless to the core and insipid !! "Everyone has potential to be a star" says Hagins "I can take any boring and mundane person and turn them into a pop star !,...because i know how - I am the' creator and I AM Pop !! Even if you're from the most trivial little insignifacant existence - I know ,... because I am from it and I live in it !! Yet i am also Pop !! I am the ultimate Pop !! I'm the most watched thing on the internet,...yet 99 % of people don't even know who i am when they see me,.. they just see a fat old 46 year old boring swimming pool cleaner who is boring, routine, and mundane .... yet its ironic that i am the most exciting and most watched thing in the world ,... there is nothing more pop than me" exclaims Hagins basically in his 16 Song Opus that contains classic like "Big Teen Dollar$" where he attacks Kurt Cobain and other forms of "obviousness",...Hagins grows to call his internet Pop "More interesting" than the rest; Smosh or Lisa Nova et all... "Not even Tila Tequila - shes' a has-been !! ,..and where the hell is she now anyway ??" Hagins explains that his "whole life' is, was, and has been constant "Pop art" ,..."when people see me ,..or when i see people ,..everything to me is funny, interesting, and amusing,..even death - and I love Observing other people too - but the focus 'has' to always be on 'me' ,...i just think that our whole entire world here in this thing - what-ever it is,..is just so ridiculous and absurdly unreal real Matrix ,... i mean this is the real word! ,..there are wars, unrest, riots, demonstrations,...it all seems so silly typical , ironic, funny, and little - like me !! i still have a strong belief in a "God" though,.. somehow ." says Hagins - Rock City Productions Boston Massachusetts. 2009.

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    • Adwords Greenhouse Effect Songs "Star" The Classics ! Most Watched Videos - BMI Music 2009.


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      466,946 Views - Youtube Video For One Of the Earth's Most Watched (And Downloaded) Rock Bands! GREENHOUSE EFFECT Hit the Web Hard with a Ton of Great Songs and None of them Can Rock YOU much better than "Star", THE Long and drawn out Classic thriller !! Cyberspace's Most Watched Group gets by Online with a lethal combination of great hooks and Google Adwords and 'THAT' Totally unique Catchy Sound that Leaves G.E. Sounding like No other band at all INDEED !! "When You hear a Greenhouse Effect Song,....You know almost istantly that there is only ONE BAND that Sounds like that" Says Clark Higgins in March of 2008; "We build emotional and intelligent songs from the ground up using old Harry Nilsson and Beatles types of melodic Song craft." GREENHOUSE EFFECT has one of the Net's Most devoted "Cult" following fan bases and constant Jango Radio Airplay of their classic "Brandy" never hurts one bit; "People get into our songs and they get into our band,...they will watch us for hours and our pictures, memories, and humor works well beyond other bands,....for us, being from the "South Bay" area of Redondo beach and Hermosa beach California,..it is very sentimental for anybody in the World who has ever lived there in those communities,...and so many people remember that they've been to a G.e. show and they've seen me play guitar live and drum and sing,...., just like Harry Nilsson would say; They 'remember" Says Higgins for Rock City Boston. "Star" and "Brandy" work as Powerful G.e. Songs of the web and Hagins says that cranking G.e. up loud to FULL VOLUME is always mandatory; "Because we are such a melodic band where Songwriting is everything,....we demand LOUD High Volume from our listeners AND THEY GIVE IT TO US !!,....and if they wanna get up and dance - or in some cases, start a one person Mosh pit,..thats OK too" Says Hagins. Greenhouse Effect Songs are often BIZARRELY tender and carefully written and placed and Haggins says that the band isn't just another run-of-the-mill nonsense crappy band like Foo Fighters, Pearl jam, or Hip Hop; "Theres real soul in G.e.,...theres real feel and real South bay blues,...We're the real deal and people know it,....for me, ...Something like Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl just sounds Robotic and mechanical,...it's 'forced soul' from some feelingless Liberal empty guy who records all his shit on Pro Tools - he records everything digitally and it sounds Like it !,.....and its very extremely unintelligent,....G.e. is passionate and very melodic,...We're into Paul McCartney and Carly Simon and John Denver,...and everybody can tell,...we strive for extreme melody always !!,...even our B-Sides rock good" - "Star" rocks well for the Mighty G.e. and Haggins credits it as one of the band's best all time Hits; "That shit fucking rocks !!" Says Higgins.

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      • Lisa Nova Battles The Pink Spam Bots!


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        • Nova Episode 2


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          The second episode of the exciting series has finally arrived! 33,000 lines of awesome and a neat little story to go with it. Links: Easter egg hunt: http://www.sparkworkz.com/forums/view... Line Rider Racing: http://www.sparkworkz.com/lrracing The Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaptnSparkworkz

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          • What do you really want to do?


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            Contact us at: ActingExpozed[at]gmail[dot]com Become a fan on Facebook! Follow us: http://twitter.com/ActingExpozed What happens when we, the artists, take our careers into our own hands and start exposing ourselves, making our own meaningful work with the hope of getting noticed for whats important: our talent? Acting Expozed reveals exactly what happens, every day, to real actors working for themselves. Part blog, part video journal, Acting Expozed is a new online resource, for early career artists who refuse to wait to be discovered. Follow the sites members and contributors, as they demystify the production process and address the specific challenges of being a working actor/writer/dancer/director/etc: filming original scenes, attending auditions in and around New York City, going to agent interviews and answering your questions on how you can become a working artist as well. Post your own artistic work and experiences at actingexpozed.ning.com, so that we may follow your path to getting expozed. Start Acting Expozed now, get exposed later!

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            • Yellow Carnation- First Read


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              The first read of a scene from an original work written for these actors. In this video, watch the actors go through these moments for the first time and truly navigate through a play that they have only read on their own. This is the first time they are hearing the voices of the other characters, talking about what that means for their character and then reading it again with a few choices infused into their read. Check out actingexpozed.com for more scenes and the next rehearsal of this scene. Please keep in mind that this scene is copyrighted by the author and you will need their permission to perform it. To obtain permission, email actingexpozed[at]gmail[dot]com.

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              • YouTube Girls


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                YouTube is so shitty, I had to come here to post this video I originally uploaded on Youtube on 11-8-08. All of a sudden it stopped working on that site -- which is sad... since this video is all about YouTube. So here it is. I get jealous of the girls my ex looks at. Tip Jar: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=11063498

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                • Full Nelson - The Series / Episode Three


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                  Dylan Cole wants to wrestle Erik the Viking. Jake pairs Chachin (Carlos Bernard) with Nikki the New York Knockout.

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                  • Full Nelson - The Series / Episode Two


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                    Jake's daughter gives him business advice. Ric Pearl is a rival promoter to be feared.

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                    • Full Nelson - The Series / Episode One


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                      Disaster strikes the Nelson Alliance of Wrestling as Jake puts on a confident business face

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