1. LPGpatch


    from Ernst Added 17 0 0

    Doepfer LPG patch. Echophon and A127 triple resonance filter feature prominently too... Video quality is phone quality (shitty!), audio was recorded straight from the modular to 24bits audio via an audiointerface. Synced in iMovie..

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    • Practicing some West Coast techniques


      from Icaro Ferre Added 194 2 0

      Since I can't yet afford a real Buchla or Wiard system, I'm trying to apply some techniques and ideas from west-coast synthesis to my Eurorack setup. My goal was to build a patch based on 3 principals: FM, LPG and a modulatable delay. In this patch, I'm also using the VBrazil MultiLFO to create random voltages and a complex LFO by cross modulating LFO 2 and 3.

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      • Testing our new Low Pass Gate


        from Tiptop Audio Added 1,306 9 0

        Testing our LPG circuit, sounds sweet and snappy. Circadian Rhythms on the left, all sounds, sequences and effects are Tiptop modules. Enjoy (:

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        • Control Voltage Systems: basicvoice 2


          from controlvoltage Added 656 2 0

          Suggested starter systems for Eurorack modular! BASICVOICE 2 - This case leans just a little bit more towards the experimental side of things. The Make Noise STO has three waveshape outputs, but with a couple interesting twists - it's got a very pure sinewave, a sub squarewave oscillator (1 octave below, which can be outputted on-demand via S-Gate) and a variable waveshape output with CV in to add harmonics. The uVCF filter from Intellijel can even double as another sound source, and Optomix has and auxillary in for more mixing. Lots of modulation possibilities here too with the QPLFO. This is a wicked, compact, system - for sure! controlvoltage.net/systems

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          • Resonator, Quantimator, LPG


            from AnalogLSD Added 139 2 0

            Quantimator Arpeggio Function in Chord Mode Patch: -no input to IN jack -Maths Channel 2 output to HOLD -Pamela's Workout to TRIG -Turing Machine to CHORD/SCALE IN with attenuator turned up slightly, so the chord just varies from 'sus4' to 'sus4 inv' -1, 2, and 3 CV outs from Quantimator to the three CV inputs on MFB OSC2 Other: MFB OSC2 >HexVCA>PS-3100 Resonator Pamela's Workout>PEG>HexVCA Pamela's Workout>Turing Machine>uScale>Dixie>A-101-2BD808 Delay and Reverb courtesy of Strymon El Capistan and Big Sky The A-101-2 is in VCA mode more on this video, with the resonance set high, hence the squelching.

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            • MMg0


              from Joseph Fraioli Added 2,086 41 8

              A patch that started as an experiment inspired by Peter Speers demonstration of LPG emulation using the Make Noise MMG (DPO>MMG> / Wogglebug> Pressure Points). After wiggling around a bit I multed the output of the MMG into the Mungo g0 in live / record pause mode to create a pitched granular delay as well as added some additional elements. The basic patch description is the g0 is being modulated by the Synthesis Technology e355 LFO 1 as well as by hand. Also happening is a modulated, cycling Make Noise Function envelope on an FMed Dixie sine wave mixed in and out by way of the Intellijel Planar which is also sending x and y CV to the Grendel Formant filter. Drones by way of e350 and MMF1 with a slow sine from the a147 LFO into an attenuator then 1v/oct input on e350 and e355 LFO 2 on Z morph :) Grainy video courtesy of the wrong ISO settings and whatnot.

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              • 6 VCO's. Make Noise Rene & Pressure Points.


                from joseph raglani Added 491 3 0

                Just installed my new Dixie, making it the 6th VCO in this setup. Sequence kinda going crazy slamming those vactrols. Also used RS95e x2 Anti-Oscillator x2 Malekko Oscillator Make Noise- Optomix, Maths, Moddemix Plan B model 13 Harvestman Zorlan Canon (clock) Doepfer 149-1, 121

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                • Jnana LPG Mudra


                  from VoltageCtrlR Added 241 5 1

                  Jnana Mudra is the gesture of teaching... In this gesture the tips of the index finger and thumb control the Low Pass Gate. The poly rhythms induce a hypnotic state to help you on your inner journey to a world called S.E.L.F. LPG's used in this piece: Doepher A-101-2 Wiard Borg 1. (((AUM))) Shiro VoltageCtrlR FCL MMX

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                  • QMMG vs OPToMIX


                    from brownshoesonly Added 2,038 7 0

                    of course vactrols vary. and the difference between various QMMGs or Optimixs could possibly throw this experiment to show different results. This was a quick video thrown together after more than enough alcohol. enjoy

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                    • Hinton SwitchMix as sequencing utility


                      from Lu Katavist Added 612 4 4

                      Nice 8x8 matrix mixer/multiple for all kinds of duties: Mixing of course, it's also great for gradual building up drones through muting/unmuting etc... Very versatile and sturdily built. If you use something like the Doepfer A-160/161 Clock Sequencer for the 8 inputs, you get a nice little step sequencer with 8 steps and 8 mutable tracks. Musically these sketches are embarrassingly outdated and 20 years too late, I know, but otoh, who cares. Take it as a bit of nostalgia :) This channel is not for my musical output anyway, Katavist's videos should serve (ideally) only as a source of inspiration for *your* creativity with all this new modular stuff. Thank you for watching!

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