1. Cool As Ice 2 (Trailer)


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    We made another short and it is playing on December 20th at our film festival in Miami. You can buy tickets here: http://www.borscht9.com/ "Cool as Ice 2" is the sequel to the 1991 film starring Vanilla Ice. Our film does not star Vanilla Ice. After the festival we will write something about how we pirated him for our movie, and how you can pirate just about any human or celebrity for your projects. Our pirated characters are intentionally surreal, but using a combination of (mostly free) 3D-scanning programs, a hacked Kinect, basic motion capture software, 3D printing, and projection mapping apps you can make more realistic ones for just a few hundred dollars. Our Ice was mostly created by the Morfo app, available for free in the app store (there is a deluxe version for $2.99).

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    • #PostModem


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      #PostModem by Mayer\Leyva: "A comedic satirical sci-fi pop-musical based on the theories of Ray Kurzweil and other futurists. It’s the story of two Miami girls and how they deal with the technological singularity, as told through as series of cinematic tweets." Premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2013 and went on to play SXSW, NYFF, Rotterdam, New Zealand, Winterthur, AFI, and the Filmmaker Magazine Retrospective at MoMA. Enjoy! more info: http://borschtcorp.com/ http://mayerleyva.com/

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      • Reinaldo Arenas


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        REINALDO ARENAS (2011) Dir: Lucas Leyva Anyone who grew up near a coast has watched a fish die. Suffocation, brute force, by the knife – these are all roads to extinguishment upon this portion of the interspecies trough, whether for feeding or not. You saw it on the swirling reddish fiberglass deck of a wet boat, the fresh catch’s blood mixing with salt and water while leaking to holes in the stern near the looming presence of the outboard. Or perhaps it was cudgeled to death on a nameless brown dock with its guts dripping the sea worn planks down into the bay. Maybe you watched it die in a bucket or a cooler, breathing and pulsating desperately on its side, confined briefly (yet for that fish forever), to a terror ridden and ominous immovability. In all of these situations, the poor beast’s only defense is a flop, and only a small percentage of the time the impotent fish flop returns the creature to safety under the cresting waves. Typically, it does not. If we anthropomorphize this, we get the oft-utilized analogy of a “fish out of water”. The most obvious usage being when it’s yelled at particularly elusive prey in the friendly poolside game of Marco Polo. Not surprisingly, there is never the word “CARTILAGINOUS” in front of the accusatory phrase “FISH OUT OF WATER.” A cartilaginous fish out of water is intensely unwieldy, and even dangerous. Cartilaginous fish typically refers to sharks, though rays and skates apply too. These are often seriously aggressive and dangerous animals to touch. A cartilaginous fish flop can have unpleasant consequences. They all fall within the scientific classification of chondrichthyes, which are distinctive for having a jaw, chambered hearts, paired fins, and most importantly skeletons made of cartilage. One of greatest adaptations to life in the sea that chondrichthyes made is flexibility, which has helped them glide quietly through the depths for hundreds of millions of years. We always learned, quite awesomely, that the age of dinosaurs also knew the resiliency of sharks, giving us a link to a past long ago. More recently, in the summer of 2009, one particular cartilaginous fish met it’s untimely demise, somewhere, and somehow, in downtown Miami. Two men, called “vagrants” in the news, dragged a five foot long nurse shark ostensibly out of Biscayne Bay, on to the MetroMover railway, and then around downtown Miami a bit before giving up on their quest. This moment was painted as cruel by the media and it was. There was evidence of torture; the majesty of a creature whose forebears once swam with plesiosaurs erased as it sat festering one night summer night on a Miami street, covered in bugs feeding on its fetid carcass. So we come to the short and touchingly dark Reinaldo Arenas, a filmic retelling of that infamous moment in Miami’s intricate and habitually strange narrative. The film, produced by in 2010 for the Borscht Film Festival is named after a Cuban exile poet and depicts an old Cuban man, musing on his path as an ex-patriot. The subject matter is dark. It is a man expressing himself empty of meaning and confused by his place. He is first on an unnamed wharf, staring at the sea, lamenting his life and landscape. The poet, whose words the script are based on, first came to Miami, a place which was not fond of and often spoke harshly about. The physical actor depicted in the short is actually filmmaker Lucas Leyva’s father, and the voice of the shark is Alberto Ibargüen, President anChief Executive Officer of the Knight Foundation, an organization that is the single largest funding arm of the Borscht Corporation and all of it’s own tentacles. The filmmaker’s father and the film festival’s symbolic father are the two main characters. It’s homage to Leyva’s childhood, and lifetime, those who brought him into this world and fostered his body and identity. Both men are Cuban. Then, the Kraken comes out of the water. We see the old man on the train holding the shark, as if a bag of groceries, something that is feeding him yet we know it is the opposite. We find ourselves witnessing a completely ridiculous moment that once actually happened, but is now repurposed as a symbol of Cuban exile and a heavy weight to carry. A landscape such as Miami requires a certain Camusian acceptance of the absurd. How can you live here when people treat life and nature sometimes with such flippancy and disrespect other than to shrug emptily and stare at... continue reading this foreword by Nathaniel Sandler here: http://borschtcorp.tumblr.com/post/54481002488/reinaldo-arenas-2011-dir-lucas-leyva-reinaldo

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        • Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke


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          Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke by Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva Buy Pieces of the Set: http://borschtcorp.bigcartel.com/product/life-and-freaky-times-of-uncle-luke-deluxe-box-set Soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/borschtcorp/sets/life-and-freaky-times-of-uncle-luke Read more about the film here: http://borschtcorp.tumblr.com/post/51605535546/life-and-freaky-times-of-uncle-luke-2011-dir http://mayerleyva.com http://borschtcorp.com This film is part of the permanent collection at the Miami Art Museum. After premiering at Sundance in 2012, it went on to play several dozen other international festivals, including SXSW, BAMcinemafest, Los Angeles, Milan, AFI, and Maryland. Now it is yours to share! “Uncle Luke is an incredibly original film, both in terms of its tone and the technique of its storytelling… Uncle Luke really taps into the popular culture of a specific generation, and it has a very healthy disrespect for convention and authority.” - Sundance Programmer “Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke is undeniably entertaining, whether you get the cultural references or not. It is a smart and intricately self-reflexive example of what cultural theorist Jim Collins has called ‘the perpetual circulation and recirculation of signs that form the fabric of postmodern cultural life.’ Mayer and her collaborator are quintessential bricoleurs. In Uncle Luke, street-credible slang and classic booty beats reconstruct a landmark of film history. High and low, art and entertainment, fiction and reality become multiple facets of an intellectually-integrated work that specifically depends on cultural quotation. The parallels are both narrative and structural. Whereas La Jetee is constructed from stills, referencing the psychological relationship between photography and memory, Uncle Luke draws from the nostalgia power of Mayer’s two dimensional boards.” - Art Papers review Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke (Inspired by 'La Jetee' by Chris Marker) Borscht Corp. and Rakontur Present a film by Mayer\Leyva Director/ Designer/ Producer: Jillian Mayer Screenplay/ Co-Director/ Editor/ Producer: Lucas Leyva Executive Producer: Evan Rosenfeld Co-Executive Producer: Andrew Hevia, Dennis Scholl Co-Producer: Nick Orsini Associate Producer: Fro Rojas, Evrim Oralkan Starring Luther Campbell as Uncle Luke Scientists: Carlos Rigau, Eric Cade Shoenborn Eliza: Elizabeth Sky Mutants: Sterling Rook, Rob Maya, Shira Abergel, Nick Ducassi, Sasha Buttboy, Orlando Estrada, Maurice Pierre Girls in White: Mabel Gonzalez, Lana Melisso, Shira Abergel, Taryn Lombardi Clown: Ana Trevino Judge: Richard Freedberg Reporter: Jennifer Lopez Bus Driver: Jillian Mayer Bus Rider: Shira Abergel Album Buttocks: Candy Molina, Ella Pia, Meho Latrina, Nancy Trevino 2 Live Crew: Julian Yuri Rodriguez, Lucas Leyva, Sylvester the Kat Man, Ella Pia Stank Lady: Judy Freedberg Stank People: Nick Ducassi, Julian Yuri Rodriguez, Jessica Gross Stunt Doubles: Maurice Pierre, Sterling Rook Director of Photography: Jonthan David Kane Assistant Camera: Juan Camilo Barriga Gaffer: Roberto Gonzalez Boom Operator: Tim Roach Post Audio: Cory Czjakowski, Diego Meza Valdes Colorist: Oscar Martinez Art Coordinator: Orlando Estrada Project Coordinator: Ana Trevino Art Department: Kayla de la Cerda, Taryn Devereux, Jack Elder, Julian Yuri Rodriguez, Sterling Rook, Madee Kuhn, Gabriel Rhenals, Oly Vargas, Inez Suen, Layla Bessiso, Rob Maya, Destin Jones, Zach Bagnell Carpenter: Bill Landis Make-Up: Giselle Mendez Special Thanks: Billy Corben, Alfred Spellman, Borscht Film Festival, New Art Miami, Nadia Bowen, Shivers, Canvas Lifestyle, HBKZ/Sesion31, Karelle Levy, Booty Bass, The Internet, David Castillo Gallery, Luther Campbell for Miami-Dade Mayor Campaign Made possible by a Knight Arts Challenge Grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Commissioned by Borscht Corp. Miami, FL, USA 2011 Stay Freaky Ya'll (c) Mayer\Leyva

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          • Variations on a Text by Justice by Vallejo


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            O, Miami presents in association with Borscht Corp Variations on a Text by Vallejo by Justice by Mayer\Leyva In order of appearance: Augustina Woodgate (never) Judy and Richard Freedberg (2033) Debra Scholl (2026) Adler Guerier (2113) Julian Yuri Rodriguez (2013) Campbell McGrath (2029) Liz Ferrer (2050) P. Scott Cunningham (2059) Tom Healy (2041) Jessica Gross (2083) Colin Foord (forever in the Internet) Based on the combination of Donald Justice's "Variations on a Text by Vallejo" and Cesar Vallejo's "Piedra Negra Sobre Una Piedra Blanca." Commissioned by O, Miami with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Miami, FL, USA 2013

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            • Hundred Waters "Boreal"


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              Pitchfork premiere. Hundred Waters "Boreal" Hundred Waters OWSLA A Borscht Corp. Production Video by Mayer\Leyva (Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva) Producer: Jonathan David Kane Associate Producer: Robert Kowalski Director of Photography: Juan Camilo Barriga Editor: Diego Meza-Valdes Assistant Editor: Andres Meza-Valdes VFX: Dan Frantz Gaffer: Brentlie Samuels Art Department: Esperanza Rodriguez, Pip Brant, Duane Brant Performers: Esperanza Rodriguez Shira Abergel Oliver Woodward Johnny Laderer The Weeki Wachee Mermaids Special Thanks: Hundred Waters, Weeki Wachee Springs, Cory Czajkowski, Mike Feinberg, Pro 8mm, Dean Marcial, Arly Montes, Lisa Woodward, Art by God, hundredwaters.com mayerleyva.com borschtcorp.com

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              • #PostModem (Trailer)


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                Official Selection 2013 Sundance Film Festival #PostModem is a comedic, satirical sci-fi musical based on the theories of Ray Kurzweil and other futurists. It's the story of two Miami girls and how they deal with the technological singularity, as told through a series of cinematic tweets. Borscht Corp Presents #PostModem a film by Mayer\Leyva writer/director/designer: Jillian Mayer writer/director/editor: Lucas Leyva director of photography: Daniel Fernandez producer: Jonathan David Kane, Arly Montes associate producer: Nick Ducassi cast: Jillian Mayer, Kayla de la Cerda, Sidney Greenberg, Amy Seimetz, Arly Montes, Jesse Miller, Shivers TheDog kids: Emerson Old, Mason Galinis, Ezekiel Paul, Mikael Paul, Lindsey Santamaria, Isabella Horvath, Connor Keenan avatars: Brandon Smith special effects: Dan Frantz wardrobe: Wildchild World makeup: Jasmin Morris audio: Mike Harvey gaffer: Jose Fernandez camera assistant: Carlos Gonzalez sound design: Seripidesound, Diego Meza-Valdes, Cory Czajkowski music: Jillian Mayer, Michael-John Hancock, Jonathan Snipes production support: Brentlie Samuels, Rocio Guevara, Alan Grover special thanks: Alberto Ibarguen, Dennis Scholl, Midtown Video, Mar Media, Film Trade, Young at Art Museum, Andres Meza-Valdes, Pedro Urbina, Mindy M. Shrago, Zach Spechler, Honor Roll Records, Nick Scapa, David Castillo Gallery, Francesca Leyva commissioned by Borscht Corp. Miami, FL, USA Made possible by the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

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                • Piratas


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                  A true account of an incident involving the notorious canal bandits of West Miami. Watch your boat.

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                  • Otto and the Electric Eel


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                    A modern adaptation of an Afro-Cuban Yoruba Religion (Santeria) myth, Miami bass legend Otto Von Schirach (playing the role of Chango, god of thunder) battles to keep an inter-dimensional creature (serpent god Damballah) from ruining his dinner date. Duncan Skiles of Waverly Films and Andrew Zuchero of Greencard Pictures came down to Miami to collaborate with Otto von Schirach on this short as part of our filmmaker + musician series. *Cinequest Film Festival *Brooklyn Film Festival *New Orleans Film Festival *Incubate Netherlands Film Festival *HBO Latino Film Festival

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                    • Knight Arts Challenge Miami 2012


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                      The Knight Arts Challenge, a community-wide contest funding the best ideas for the South Florida arts, is accepting applications. Anyone can enter – nonprofits, businesses and even individual artists. There are only three rules: the idea must be about the arts; the project must take place in or benefit South Florida and the winners must find funds to match Knight’s commitment. Ask questions during an online chat at 1 p.m. March 7 at KnightArts.org or in-person at a Town Hall meeting at 6 p.m. March 14 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, 212 NE 59th Terr. Learn more and apply at KnightArts.org. Video by Borscht Corp. Song by Jillian Mayer and Michael-John Hancock Featuring previous Knight Art Grantees: Borscht Film Festival, Coral Morphologic, University of Wynwood, ArtLegal, Sweat Records, Roofless Records Special Thanks: Court 13 You love the arts but you don't have money (oh oh) Thinking of ways to keep South Florida sunny (oh oh) Got an idea and you know it's gonna be great Knight Arts Challenge, get out your talents It's the Knight Arts Challenge, take out your talent It's the K - Knowledge! N - New ideas! I - Innovation! G - Grant funding! H - Helps the community! T - Totally awesome! South Florida! Knight's Art Challenge, get out your talent It's the Knight Arts Challenge, take out your talents J: Hey MJ! MJ: Uh huh? J Are you going to apply to the Knight Arts Challenge? It opens February 21st. MJ: You bet JM. Being as that the deadline is March 19 it's easy and quick to apply. J: Great! Good luck! Match it like a grant, match it like a grant (X4)

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