1. The NTA platform for immersive telepresence


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    The New Terrain of Apparition (NTA) project is an immersive telepresence platform for socialization and collaboration in virtual worlds. By using multi-camera recording techniques to capture participants in 360° video and single channel immersive projection to render terrains, it invites participants inside shared virtual landscapes where they see each others in 360° video. The NTA platform is thus able to restore non-verbal communication and the laws of proxemics (Hall, 1966) to greatly enrich the social experience in virtual reality. The NTA Network is an internet based open server-client architecture connecting a number of Posture Bases (displays capable of immersive projection and 360° video capture) from which participants, equipped with the iPhone 3GS running the application Posture Pad, can explore virtual worlds and engage with one another as if they were in the same physical space. The server constantly updates all connected bases (clients) with the position and 360° video appearance of every participant. This allows for participants to see each other in their relative position and orientation in real-time and to make use of the conventions of body positioning in space and of finer body language as communication tools. The Posture Base is developed form the Panoscope 360°, a single channel hemispheric projection system, to which has been added an array of video cameras positioned horizontally around the participant; video streams from these cameras are multicasted in real-time to all other bases and used to compose the photographic likeness of each one in their relative position. This allows participant in virtual proximity to converse as if they were standing next to one another. Speakers are used to render the soundscape within the projection space; headphones with microphones are used for verbal communication. The application PosturePad available from Apple’s AppStore turns an iPhone 3GS into an omnidirectional controller for use in a Posture Base of the NTA Network. After enabling the Wi-Fi connection, Posture Pad automatically connects to a nearby Posture Base when launched. It can then be used from within to freely explore the virtual space and to engage naturally with other participants using conversation and body language. A number of worlds are being developed for the NTA platform. If some may be designed for work or for play, they always make good use of the socialization capabilities of the Posture Platform. As of 01/2010, the NTA Network has six bases. Three are fixed (two in Montreal’s SAT and one in Québec City’s Laval University) and three are mobile. The next venue to temporarily host a base is The Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver BC in February 2010 for the Winter Olympic Games.

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    • Téléprésence / téléaction ou l'ubiquité artistique


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      • PocketWorlds


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        There are Worlds all around and Pocket Worlds lets you get immersed in them. You have to physically turn all around and move the device up and down to get the whole view. A first series of twenty images from the Panoscopic Journal by Luc Courchesne (1) can be viewed as it you were still physically standing where they were recorded. This application uses the compass on the 3GS to pan left and right as you turn around, and the accelorometer to move up and down. On iPhone 3G and 2G, and on the iPod Touch (models without compass), you can swipe your finger left and right to pan.

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        • SHOW OFF | QUÉBEC À L'HONNEUR | Espace Pierre Cardin | Paris


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          Du 21 au 23 octobre 2013, PERTE DE SIGNAL a présenté, en collaboration avec Elektra, un volet d’art numérique québécois à la 8e édition de Show Off, la foire d'arts numériques de Paris. Dans le cadre de ce Québec à l’honneur, dix artistes internationalement reconnus ont été exposés à l’Espace Pierre Cardin. Ce projet se veut une vitrine de la création québécoise en art numérique sur le marché international de l’art contemporain. Il s’agit d’un temps fort offrant une grande visibilité aux artistes québécois auprès des galeristes, collectionneurs et conservateurs de musée. Avec les artistes, oeuvres et galeries: BIEDERMAN Matthew, R+G+B, 2009 ART45, Montréal CASTONGUAY Alexandre, Agit Pov, installation cinétique, 2013 PFOAC, Montréal COURCHESNE Luc, 2008/06 – Kujukurihama, Chiba Peninsula (Japan). 2009/08 – Kemio Island (Finland). 2010/03 – Hendry’s Beach, Santa Barbara CA (USA), de Rivages, série de panorama vidéos anamorphiques, 2008 – 2010 PFOAC, Montréal DUBOIS Jean, Tact, installation vidéo interactive, 2000 DUPUIS Robin, Lixiviat, vidéo, 2013 Perte de Signal, Montréal MELANÇON Katherine, The Seven Sisters National Park Series, photographies, 2012 – 2013 MOODY Robyn, Butterflies, Species at Risk at the Edge of Reason. Installation robotique, 2011 – 2013 QUÉVILLON François, Defrost, installation vidéo, 2001 Perte de Signal, Montréal ST-AUBIN Samuel, Oeuf, installation cinétique, 2013 Perte de Signal, Montréal VILLENEUVE Jonathan, Sérénade: la dernière marche du roi qui refuse de mourir, installation cinétique et sonore + vidéo (vidéo co-réalisée avec Thierry Marceau), 2012-2013 Perte de Signal, Montréal Directeur artistique: Dominique Moulon Commissaire invitée: Aurélie Besson Directeur technique: Danny Perreault Perte de Signal remercie les artistes, Elektra, Dominique Moulon, Vanessa Quang, Émilie Boudrias, Alain Thibault, Pierre-François Ouellet, Show Off, la délégation générale du Québec à Paris. Le projet a été réalisé avec l'appui du Conseil des arts du Canada et du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

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          • 120 seconds with Luc Courchesne


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            Artist: Luc Courchesne Gallery: Centre Space Exhibit Name: Framed Immersions Dates: March 2-April 13, 2013 Interviewed by: Tali Dudin

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            • The Drawing Space - Interactive Audio Demo


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              This is a short demonstration of interactive audio as implemented in The Drawing Space using PureData. For more information on the project, see http://sat.qc.ca/fr/evenements/lespace-dessiner-drawing-space __ Credit titles for The Drawing Space: Initial concept: Nicolas Bouillot, Luc Courchesne, Emmanuel Durand, Alastaire Ilbeck, Chris Nolan, Alexandre Quessy, Michal Seta. Concept development and coordination: Luc Courchesne, Emmanuel Durand Interaction design and implementation: Emmanuel Durand, Pierre-Antoine Chesnel Integration: Emmanuel Durand, Michal Seta, Nicolas Bouillot Soundscape design and implementation: Matthieu Bonneau Liverpool base team: David Ogle, Ana Botella, Lesley Taker, Mark Murphy, Adrian McEwen Credit titles for the Posture Platform: Concept, design, development, coordination: Luc Courchesne Installation design and implementation: Luc Courchesne Point cloud capture: Bruno Roy, Emmanuel Durand Spatial editor (SPIN): Mike Wozniewski, Louis Bouchard Data streaming software (Scenic): Nicolas Bouillot

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              • Corps Célestes


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                Oeuvre immersive par Marie Chouinard et Luc Courchesne spécialement conçue pour la Satosphère, Corps Célestes vous plongera au sein d’une composition chorégraphique inédite et étonnante... Infos & Billets : http://sat.qc.ca/corpscelestes Satosphère - 1201, Boul. St-Laurent, Mtl ------ Caméra & Montage : Patrice Martin-Plante

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