1. About me - Rodrigue Timellini


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    some videos of me riding biketrial, bmx and skateboard

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    • A Stab Too Far


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      Portobello High School group project made in 2009. A documentary on the issue of knife crime in Scotland that illuminates the reality behind the problem. The following contains interviews with victims of knife crime, members of the general public and MSP Kenny MacAskill.

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      • Barrow Rough Edit- Scott Wilson


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        Uploaded to Vimeo for the Inpulse bikes video contest - Like my video to help me in the comp :) Thanks! Quick video I made after a day riding at Barrow Farm. Clips aren't too great, not worth really saving, but wanted to use them for something as It was a good days riding, also wanted to see how my new camera bits worked. Rough riding+new camera bits+ deciding to make a video at midnight =THIS Music: DJ Egadz- Have some guts kid

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        • Bicycle in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


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          This is a vehicle I scripted for ET:QW. It was a lot more difficult to create than it seems, since there was no real reference for a two-wheeled vehicle in the game. object vehicle_bicycle : vehicle_base { void preinit(); void init(); vector input; // stores player input void OnCollision( object traceObject, float velocity, vector mins, vector maxs ); float frameTime; // used to incriment values per frame float vGetSteerScale(); entity driver; // stores who the driver is for user input information void OnPlayerEntered( entity p, float position ); void OnPlayerExited( entity p, float position ); void OnWeaponSelected( entity p, float index ); float tiltThread; float jumpThread; void tilt(); void vSetDeployableOwner( entity p ); void vRemoveObject(); float steeringAngle; void jump(vector ang); float turnSpeed; float maxTurnSpeed; float jumpHeight; float maxJumpHeight; float turnRampUpTime; float turnRampDownTime; float turnRampAccel; float turnRampDecel; float jumpRampUpTime; float jumpRampDownTime; float jumpRampAccel; float jumpRampDecel; vector forward; vector up; vector jumpUp; entity bounds; } void vehicle_bicycle::preinit() { tiltThread = -1; steeringAngle = getFloatKeyWithDefault( "steering_angle", 45 ); //ramps for gradual variable modification maxTurnSpeed = 10; turnSpeed = 0; maxJumpHeight = 450; jumpHeight = 0; turnRampUpTime = 1; turnRampDownTime = .001f; turnRampAccel = maxTurnSpeed / turnRampUpTime; turnRampDecel = maxTurnSpeed / turnRampDownTime; jumpRampUpTime = 3; jumpRampDownTime = 1; jumpRampAccel = maxJumpHeight / jumpRampUpTime; jumpRampDecel = maxJumpHeight / jumpRampDownTime; } void vehicle_bicycle::init() { // was testing attaching things to the bicycle. This works, but there's no real application yet // bounds = sys.spawn("collision_controls"); // float bindJoint = getJointHandle("bars_rotation"); // vector bindPos = getJointPos(bindJoint); // bounds.setOrigin(bindPos); // bounds.bind(self); } void vehicle_bicycle::jump(vector ang) { //you can turn in air by leaning and using mouse imput. Air turning is faster vector tempVel = getLinearVelocity(); //used add the jump direction to the current movement direction, rather than stopping and jumping vector jump; while (true) { jumpUp = sys.angToUp( ang ); jumpHeight = jumpHeight + jumpRampAccel * frameTime; //increase the height every frame if ( jumpHeight > maxJumpHeight ) { //caps jumpheight so you can't hold it down forever jumpHeight = maxJumpHeight; } jump_z = jumpHeight; if (up_z > .4) { jump = ((jumpUp * jump_z) * up_z); } else { jump = ((jumpUp * jump_z) * (up_z * 1.25)); } if (hasGroundContacts()) { if (input_z == 0){ setLinearVelocity(jump + tempVel); } } if (input_z != 1) { break; } sys.waitFrame(); } } void vehicle_bicycle::tilt() { entity driver = getDriver(); // needs to be here for oldAngles to read it //vectors for doing stuff /IN 3D/ vector oldAngles = driver.getUserCmdAngles(); vector newAngles; vector angleDiff; vector temp; vector mouseRollAngles; vector angles; vector keyTurnVel; vector m_turnRoll; vector leftAndRight; float leanTurnMult; float upMultiplier; while ( true ) { driver = getDriver(); // needs to be here also or else you would be able to tilt bike without being on it newAngles = oldAngles; if ( driver == $null_entity ) { input = '0 0 0'; break; } else { input = driver.getMove(); newAngles = driver.getUserCmdAngles(); } frameTime = sys.getFrameTime(); //used as a frame of reference for time vector currentLinVel = getLinearVelocity(); //stores current linearvelocity for the frame for future tomfoolery angles = getAngles(); //inputs angles from entity forward = sys.angToForward( angles ); //transforms the angles vector to forward up = sys.angToUp( angles ); //needed for doing things involving pointing up upMultiplier = ((1 - sys.fabs(up_z)) * up_z); // makes bicycle turn better the closer it is to 45 degrees. Below this, it will suck, above this it will suck. leftAndRight = sys.rotateVec(up, forward, 90); // Used to divide the vehicle's positioning into quadrants by rotating first direction around seciond axis. Used to separate left from right. if (hasGroundContacts()){ //if it is touching the ground leanTurnMult = 30 * upMultiplier; // multiplies the up direction by upMultiplier, which sharpens turns depending on the angle if(up_z

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          • BIKE TRIALS! Mike Caley 5th Metacarpal hull trials


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            Trial video filmed and edited in summer 2010, ended when I broke my 5th metacarpal hence the name!

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            • Bobbejaanland 2014 by get insane


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              Smal edit of the get insane crew @ bobbejaanland. 65 days 2 shows a day !! big thanks to the sponsors: mp3 drinks: to keep us going waxx: best underwear no drugs: perfect bike gear haro: best bmx bikes and all Iciar his personal sponsors: Nissan leo peeters, flora world, am electronics, firstclass nutrition.

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              • By Any Means


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                What started as a concept for a video ended up becoming much, much more. Through the course of filming, I cracked a frame, had my car impounded after someone called the police regarding the "theft" in my intro, broke a bone in my elbow, and lost my job. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen by any means.

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                • Clips Primitivos


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                  • Colorance Day - Eventfilm


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                    „Colorance Day" ist ein Mix aus Sport-und Musikveranstaltung, maßgeschneidert für Schulen. Colorance Day bringt die Extremsport-Stars von YouTube hautnah zusammen mit angesagten Acts aus der Musikszene. Die Acts des „Colorance Day" haben eines gemeinsam: Eine nachvollziehbare authentische Erfolgsstory. Eigenverantwortung, Selbstdisziplin, Kontinuität, zielgerichtetes Handeln, zukunftsorientiertes Denken, Respekt und Toleranz. Das alles verkörpert „Colorance Day"! Kamera: Simon Thussbas Benjamin Makatowski Simone Aicher Postproduktion: Simon Thussbas Musik: Song 1: Moby - Stay Down (cc) Song 2: Colorance Day Liveband Kontakt: Video: simon@mischfabrikmovies.com Event: gregor.fabry77@gmail.com

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                    • Couple Fails!


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                      Rails can be annoying

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