1. Projection on the Bridge - Immersive Surfaces - As Above, So Below


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    www.light-harvest.com We set out to create a one of a kind public art experience, a projection mapping installation for multiple surfaces and multiple dimensions. Created by a hand picked team of artists with sponsorship by AT+T, Senovva, Light Harvest, and Leo Kuelbs. Unfolding like an animated modern Botticelli painting, flowing above our heads and spreading outwards in every direction, “As Above, So Below” immersed viewers in the architecture of the Manhattan Bridge. Audiences physically entered the story and explored the shimmering surface as it ignited with messages and symbols. This originally conceived video mapping project was a challenge offered to a group of artists from varying backgrounds. Led by digital arts pioneers Farkas Fulop and Ryan Uzilevsky, with post production support by Sina Taherkhani, the group created a one-of-a-kind experience. Adding to the fun were Artists Simon Anaya, John Parker, Richard Jochum and Johnny Moreno. The final projection utilized over 25,000 square feet of architectural canvas, and ultimately won "Best In Show" at the Dumbo Arts Festival. This production tested every technique in image-making conceivable in the short time frame, including stop motion animation, and the suspension of over twenty performance artists from fly wires at sixteen feet off the ground. Leo Kuelb is responsible for securing the site and bringing the original team together. He also put together a great international video art showcase between screenings of "As Above, So Below." Soundtrack by Daft Punk Production Credits: “As Above, So Below” as part of “Immersive Surfaces” Artists: Farkas Fülöp Ryan Uzilevsky Simon Anaya Sina Taherkhani John Ensor Parker Johnny Moreno Richard Jochum Visual Effects Team: Sina Taherkhani – VFX Creative Direction
 Farkas Fülöp – Visual Effects Supervisor
 Simon Anaya – Video Mapping Specialist
 Ryan Uzilevsky – VFX Producer
 John Ensor Parker – 3D Environment Architect
 James Laudicina Jr – VFX Production Manager Isaiah Palmer – 3D VFX Artist
 Kevin Bleich – 3D Programmer
 Luis Valdes – VFX Artist
 Paul Imperio – VFX Artist
 Cory John Stoffa – VFX Artist
 Filip Radonjic – VFX Artist
 Paul Daniel – VFX Artist Adam VanDine – VFX Artist J.k. Carrington – VFX Artist Aerialists / Movement Performers: Malado Baldwin – Movement Kae Burke – Aerialist Darnell Celius – Movement Sarah Lisette Chiesa – Movement Iara Celest Diaz – Movement Nahdi Gibson-Zelaya – Movement David James – Aerialist Jesse Lenat – Movement Erinina Marie Ness – Aerialist Max Pollak – Movement Anya Sapoznihkova – Aerialist Rachael Shane – Movement Julianna Takacs – Aerialist Tyler Visar Shaqiri – Aerialist Despina Sophia Stamos – Movement Sarah Walko – Movement Crew: Kevin Bleich – 3D Scanning – Web Developer Chris Studley – Lighting Designer / Set Carpenter Buddy Raymond – Rigger / Set Carpenter Anya Sapozhnikova – Stunt Consultant Marion Talan – Costume Designer Dana Fairbairn – Script Supervisor Darnell Celius – Production Assistant Special Thanks: The House of Yes The Juilliard School Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts Columbia University Kevin Carlisle Katy Hamer Amelie Zadeh J. Peter Siriprakorn Andrew Esterly

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    • Aerial Photography New York


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      • A Thousand Eyes


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        "A Thousand Eyes" was created in conjunction with the Abecedarium: NYC project through the New York Public Library. "Abecedarium:NYC is an interactive online exhibition that reflects on the history, geography, and culture - both above and below ground - of New York City through 26 unusual words. Using original video, animation, photography and sound, Abecedarium:NYC constructs visual relationships between these select words and specific locations in the Bronx, Brooklyn , Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island." (Abecedarium: NYC Blog) Of the 26 words I chose BIBLIOMANCY. My initial attraction to the word bibliomancy derives from my fascination with the absurd. I sometimes find that the most complex implications can be gleaned from absurdist expression in any form. Be it through performance, human interaction, film, literature, art, etc... Bibliomancy is the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers using a book, sometimes a bible or other sacred text is used. The book will be opened at a random page and while keeping your eyes closed you will point at a line or passage in the book. My passage was selected from Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Siddhartha is one of my favorite books sitting on the shelf and also one that has had a significant impact on my attitude towards existence. Thus, I deemed it significant enough in my life to warrant such a divination. The inspiration for the film was the following passage: PAGE 64 “Tenderly, he looked into the rushing water, into the transparent green, into the crystal lines of its drawing, so rich in secrets. Bright pearls he saw rising from the deep, quiet bubbles of air floating on the reflecting surface, the blue of the sky being depicted in it. With a thousand eyes, the river looked at him, with green ones, with white ones, with crystal ones, with sky-blue ones. How did he love this water, how did it delight him, how grateful was he to it! In his heart he heard the voice talking, which was newly awaking, and it told him: Love this water! Stay near it! Learn from it! Oh yes, he wanted to learn from it, he wanted to listen to it. He who would understand this water and its secrets, so it seemed to him, would also understand many other things, many secrets, all secrets.” I really wanted to represent my own view of New York through a lens. So I went out to the Brooklyn Bridge with my camera and shot this footage. "A Thousand Eyes" is essentially my own exploration of the possibilities of the apparatus of the cinema. I really wanted to exploit the camera and force it to do the opposite of what is expected. The result: Beauty. It was edited to my own mix of hauntingly beautiful and reminiscent sounds from the Epson Stylus 600 printer, as recorded originally by melack from The Free Sound Project Organization. blah. ©Ryan P. Nethery 2009

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        • Empire State Of Mind


          from Brock Mills / Added

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          A video I created using photographs I have taken in New York City.

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          • NYC Time-lapse


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            A time-lapse video of New York City.

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            • The Bright Motion


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              Michael Mizrahi "The Bright Motion" Music: Mark Dancigers Director/Producer: Troy Herion & Elan Bogarin Director of Photography: Meg Kettell Wardrobe: Emily Miller New Amsterdam Records

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              • Roc Nation / Skullcandy - Aviators ft. Rita Ora


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                • MIDNIGHT HALF


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                  The MIDNIGHT HALF is an unsanctioned half marathon organized by Orchard Street Runners and Trimble Racing. All sounds and pictures courtesy New York City. May 31, 2014. http://orchardstreetrunners.com http://redhookcrit5k.com

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                  • NYC Rush Hour Bike Commute (Fall 2013)


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                    It's Fall in NYC but that hasn't slowed down the pace of the number of people jumping on bikes. During rush hour NYC is starting to become a bit crowded on the bike lanes. And that's a good thing. The last time I commuted home I just couldn't believe the number of riders out there. So I decided to log some footage during two successive PM rush hours and visit some of NYC's most iconic places to bike these days: including the Manhattan Bridge, Second Avenue, and the West Side Greenway. I still can remember in the mid-90s bicycling over the Brooklyn Bridge and seeing hardly anyone walking or bicycling, it's simply amazing to see this many people with what the city has done! A few things I learned from reviewing the footage I shot: - Cyclists are certainly being more obedient in the protected bike lanes and greenway areas. I think this might be because of sheer numbers and the want for self-preservation. Simply put: you gotta start playing more by the rules now that we have reached a critical mass of cyclists. - Bikes are everywhere. On the most popular commute roads during rush hours, you can see cabs, trucks and I can see drivers are being a little more cognizant. Of course when an unbroken string of a dozen or so cyclists pass by your window while waiting to turn, it's hard to ignore! - Helmet use would seem to be on the decline, at the very least down under 50%. I leave it for my viewers to argue that. I do not take sides either way. - Citibikes have enormously boosted bicycling numbers. They are simply providing a lot more traffic. So sit back and enjoy! NYC is changing!

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                    • Artem + Katie


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                      Winner of WEVA 2011 International Award for "Wedding Highlights Production" Produced by Switzerfilm | www.switzerfilm.com © Switzerfilm. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.

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