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    HANDCRAFTED // Everyone has his own style, every track is different and every Snowboard is unique. But the passion and the fun for it brings it all together. We got the chance to build our own Snowboards at SPURart. It´s a small factory for Custom-made Skies and Snowboards at Innsbruck/Austria. We took the painted map of Europe from our Introshooting as the Topsheet of our boards and decided to make three total different shapes. It´s totally awesome to either bend your own edges or shape your wooden core. The moment when you put the boards out of the oven (vacuum chamber) - what a great feeling. But the best moment by far - when you test them the first time in backcountry. We went for two days in a small resort called Ratschings-Jaufen with tons of powder. A glorious time! Design your line… Morocco we´ll come! Benno, Matze & Maximilian Music: Evenings - Friend (Lover) Adam Santoya - Up www.3fwb.com https://www.facebook.com/3friendsweeksboards http://instagram.com/3fwb

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    • 3FWB - Corsica & Sardinia


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      Third year - third trip. This year we explored the islands Corsica and Sardinia again with our mate "HORST". Got to know some fascinating landscape and great possibilites for surfing and snowboarding. Benno, Matthias & Maximilian www.3fwb.com www.facebook.com/3friendsweeksboards www.instagram.com/3fwb Produced by Maximilian Meisberger, Benno Postert, Matthias Reif Filmed/Edited by Markus Klaes Photographs by www.carlosblanchard.com Riders Matthias Reif, Benno Postert, Maximilian Meisberger, Alexander Bergmann, Giovanni Cossu Thanks All people who helped to realize that project Christian Kramer, Lars Österle, Tobias Winkel, Bernhard Altmanniger, Gerd Weisner, Delko Canda, Petra Reindl, Jochen Bauer, Elisabeth Obermoser, Christian Wander, Carlos Blanchard, Alex Bergmann, Michi Baumgartner, Andrea Bianchi, Maxime Bartoli, Lucien Bartoli, Giovanni Cossu, Manlio Longinotti, Stefano Mainiero, Nils Karrer, Ivan Ebner, Peter Oberberger, Pascal Casabianca Sponsors www.blue-tomato.com // www.sanesnow.com // www.oneill.com // www.lightboardcorp.com // www.gopro.com // www.frsaudioproductions.com

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      • 3FWB - Morocco


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        In Winter 2014 Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger traveled on a roadtrip from Innsbruck to Morocco. On the way they went snowboarding in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada before they traveled on over the sea gate of Gibraltar to Morocco. This country offers cultural and natural diversity, unique surf spots along the coastline, many possibilities for snowboarding in the Atlas Mountains and for skating. A dream came true. Benno, Matze & Maximilian www.3fwb.com www.facebook.com/3friendsweeksboards www.instagram.com/3fwb PRODUCER Maximilian Meisberger, Benno Postert, Matthias Reif FILM/EDIT Markus Klaes FOTOS Michi Berger, Markus Klaes RIDERS Matthias Reif, Benno Postert, Maximilian Meisberger, Pablo Aristeguieta LOCATIONS Beret-Baqueira (ESP) // Sierra Nevada (ESP) // Almeria(ESP) // Immesouane(MOR) // Taghazoute (MOR) // Oukaimeden(MOR) MUSIC Odesza - How did I get here // Balmorhea - Bowspirit // Beuzz - Sunshine Funshine // Robot Orchestra - BoomBlap // Junip - Without You // L'oud Marocain // Casa del Mirto - Acafulcro // Pretty Lights - Lost and Found (Odesza Remix) // L'oud Marocain // The Human Beinz - Nobody but me // Körfetz - Christof ‘Scab’ Lange & Matthias Witzleb THANKS TO All people who helped to realize that project Michi Freymann, Paul Bartholomew, Gerrit Gericke, Anna Fridheim, Gerd Weisner, Delko Canda, Petra Reindl, Caterina Wamos, Christian Kramer, Lars Österle, Tobias Winkel, Abraham Paskowitz, Jochen Bauer, Elisabeth Obermoser, Christian Wander, Carla Twelkemeier, Jo Deferm, Oussous Said, Mercedes Delgado, Pablo Aristeguieta, Ninja Stefflbauer, Johannes Muensch, Dominik Gruener, Frederick Thelen, Jochen Bauer, Aron Holterman, Yannie van Leek, Alex Bergmann, Stefan Eigner, Annika Matthew, Dominic Tritscher, Jakob Haueisen, Abdel Rakem, Ole Wolsbeck, Michi Berger, Christof ‘Scab’ Lange und Matthias Witzleb von Audent SPONSORS/MEDIAPARTNERS www.sony.com // www.blue-tomato.com // www.oneill.com // www.adidas.com/eyewear // www.spurart.at // www.lightboardcorp.com // www.boardxhouse.com // www.sanesnow.com // www.carverskateboards.com // www.sierranevada.es // www.playboard.de // www.innsider.at // www.frsaudioproductions.com

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        • 3FWB


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          3 Friends, Weeks, Boards Three guys, Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger, travel 3 weeks trough europe with 3 boards in their luggage. Our start is at Arlberg, a perfect place for backcountry snowboarding. We stayed there for one week before we traveled on to the northcostline of spain. We had a lot of powder, sun and rain, perfect waves and kilometers on the road, met a lot of friendly people and had a hell of a good time. Europe offers so many possibilities that you don’t need to travel all around the globe. PRODUCED BY Maximilian Meisberger, Benno Postert, Matze Reif FILMED/EDITED BY Markus Klaes MUSIC Dead Horse Beats - You´re No Good / Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo / Funky Bijou Breaks - Fio Maravilha / Lemaitre - Cut to Black / Vance Joy - Riptide / Hannibal King - The King / Long Walks On The Beach - metaPhysical / Andrew Crowe - Swell / Gramatik - A Bright Day / Chrome Sparks - Marijuana / Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Vijay&Sofia Edit) / Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo THANKS TO Johannes Muensch, Alex Schuirer, Alvaro Vogel, Bene Schnecker, Reinhard Gruber, Die Baeckerei, Dominik Gruener, Frederick Thelen, Helge Zirkl, Carlos Blanchard, Finn Tuechsen, Andi Ehrnthaller, Aron Holterman, Mathias Koegel,Paul Grey, Yannie van Leek, Thamara Gayol, Alex Bergmann, Stefan Eigner, Fizza, Jochen Bauer, Innsider.at, Matze Vogt, Elisabeth Obermoser, Christian Wander, Carla Twelkemeier, Ninja Stefflbauer, Annika Matthew, Dominic Tritscher, Jakob Haueisen, Mareen Lissner, Miguel Rodriguez, Abdel Rakem, Nicholas Wolken, Marian Mike Manta, Stephan Günther, Xaver Pfriender, Constantin Gross, Severin Wegener, Ole Wolsbeck, Eva Kreyer, Sascha Laue, Michi Berger, Wilma Himmelfreundpointer, Delko Canda, Bernhard Stubenboeck SPONSORS and MEDIAPARTNERS www.ONEILL.COM / www.BLUE-TOMATO.com / www.ADIDAS.COM/EYEWEAR / www.SONY.COM / www.STANTONAMARLBERG.COM / www.DCSHOES.COM / www.LIGHTBOARDCORP.COM / www.DECATHLON.DE / www.PLAYBOARD.DE / www.MPORA.COM / www.MASSIVEMOVES.COM / www.FACEBOOK.COM/SNOWBOARDERMAGAZINE.ITALY

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          • sane city FULL MOVIE


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            Oh my god - 2013 is here. If anniversaries are kind of your thing, you should better prepare some booze: Sane! presents the (probably) first snowboard full movie of 2013 and the 4th Sane movie so far! As you know the world needs more online snowboard movies so here we go: ease your expectations, take a deep toke, and get fly on “Sane City”! Coming in full effect with all your favorite riders and riderettes from Tyrol! Griaß di! Featuring: Klaus Lotto, Michi Schatz, Julia Baumgartner, Philipp Schorp, Thomas Hörhager, Aron Holterman, Simon Pircher, Max Glatzl, Stephan Wimmer, Florian Trattner, Frederic Girman, Wolle Beer, Steve Küberl, Michi Stanschitz, Florian Heim, Matze Reif, Benno Postert, Dominik Brunner and Steve Grumser! http://www.sanesnow.com/

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            • 3FWB WEBisode I/2 - AUTUMN


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              Autumn awesomeness with 3FWB. // Im Winter 2014 begeben sich Benno Postert, Matze Reif und Maximilian Meisberger von Innsbruck aus auf einen mehrwöchigen Road Trip nach Marokko. Auf dem Weg dorthin werden sie in der Sierra Nevada Snowboarden gehen und spanische Skater in Barcelona treffen, bevor es über die Meeresenge von Gibraltar weiter nach Marokko geht. Dieses Land bietet nicht nur eine atemberaubende kulturelle und natürliche Kulisse, sondern einzigartige Surfspots an der Küste und viele Möglichkeiten zum Snowboarden im Atlas Gebirge. Über den gesamten Trip werden sie wieder Lokalmatadore der drei Sportarten besuchen und in den Film integrieren. Aus all diesen Erlebnissen wird eine 25-minütige Reisedokumentation entstehen. WEBisode I “Autumn“ Der Herbst, die bunte Jahreszeit dazwischen, mit endlosen Möglichkeiten. Die Gletscher eröffnen die Saison, weiter unten in den Städten ist es noch immer warm und an den Meeresküsten peitschen die ersten Wellen der Herbststürme herein. Wir haben einige unserer Erlebnisse mit der Sony Action Cam AS30V dokumentiert: Die ersten Powderturns und selbstgebaute Jump-Lines auf den Gletschern gemacht, mit Carver Skateboards das Surffeeling auf die Straßen Innsbrucks geholt und in Portugal ordentliche Herbstwellen mitgenommen. Marokko wir kommen! Benno, Matze & Maximilian // In Winter 2014 Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger head from Innsbruck to Morocco for a road trip. On the way they will visit skaters in Barcelona, go snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada and travel on to Morocco. That country offers cultural and natural diversity, unique surf spots along the coastline and many possibilities for snowboarding in the Atlas Mountains. Throughout the whole trip it is planned to visit local heroes of all three board sports and to integrate them into the movie. The result will be a 25- minute travel documentary. WEBisode I “Autumn“ Autumn, the colorful season in between, offers endless possibilities to us. The snowboard season starts on the glaciers, in the cities it’s still warm and at the same time the first big winter swells hit the Atlantic coastline. We recorded some of our experiences with the Sony Action Cam AS30V: The first powder turns and some fun handmade jump lines on the glaciers, surfy turns with Carver Skateboards on the streets of Innsbruck and scoring some nice waves in Portugal. Morocco we’re coming! Benno, Matze & Maximilian Music: Walls&Birds - Nothing at all https://www.facebook.com/wallsandbirds www.3fwb.com https://www.facebook.com/3friendsweeksboards http://instagram.com/3fwb

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              • 3FWB - Trailer


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                3 guys, Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger, will travel 3 weeks trough europe with 3 boards in their luggage.We gonna start in february at Arlberg and stay there for one week before we gonna journey on over Italy in direction to the northcostline of spain.There we will stay for around 2 weeks. Stephan Günther, a german skateboard icon, or Paul Grey, a german surfer, who lives in portugal since couple years, will visit us on the trip.The rest comes with the time. We try to catch the best conditions and hope just to have a good time. All those impressions and experiences will be brought to you in a 15min travelmovie released June 2013. http://www.3fwb.com Song: Dead Horse Beats - You're No Good http://deadhorsebeats.bandcamp.com/

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                • 3FWB - WEBisode III


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                  Webisode III – Interview mit Tony Butt Wer den Stormrider Surf Guide kennt hat schon seine Texte gelesen. In Asturien trafen wir den Ozeanograf und Big Wave Surfer Tony Butt. Er wohnt an der Nordküste Spanien in Asturien. Dort haben wir die meiste Zeit unseres Surftrips verbracht. Song: Wiregrass - Southern Anbei die Liste seiner Bücher auf Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/Tony-Butt/e/B001KME3KA __________________________________________________________________________ Webisode 3 – Interview with Tony Butt Those who know the Stormrider Surf Guide already read some of his words. We met and interviewed the oceanographer and big wave surfer Tony Butt. He lives at the northcoast of Spain in Asturias where we spent most of the time on our surf trip. Song: Wiregrass - Southern Amazon list of his books: http://www.amazon.de/Tony-Butt/e/B001KME3KA

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                  • 3FRIENDS - 3CONTINENTS


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                    From December ´14 to the end of January ´15 the three friends Benno Postert, Matthias Reif and Maximilian Meisberger went on 3 different trips around the globe. Maximilian traveled to the caribbean island Curacao for a fotoshoot, a bit of surfing and to have just a good time. Coming sunburned back from the ocean he, Matthias and Markus went into the European Alps to catch some powder lines while Benno was on a one man Car Danchi powder trip in Japan. It was a great time. Thanks to all the people and partners who made that happen. Mainly filmed with GoPro Hero 4. Benno, Matthias, Markus and Maximilian. Music: Femi - Nothing Lasts Forever www.3fwb.com https://www.facebook.com/3friendsweeksboards https://instagram.com/3fwb

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                    • 3FWB WEBisode IV/2 - JAUFENPASS


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                      JAUFENPASS // After coming home from our Morocco trip mid of February the snow situation didn’t changed around Innsbruck. Mid of March we decided to go again in southern direction to the “Fleckner-Hütte” at the Jaufenpass. Good choice: we found tons of snow and pure sun for three days. We jumped every type of kicker around the hut and just had a good time up there. Thanks again to Roland & Ulrike from the “Fleckner-Hütte”. Music: Odesza - IPlayYouListen www.odesza.com www.3fwb.com facebook.com/3friendsweeksboards instagram.com/3fwb

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