1. in Memory of Medium Jean Duncan at Hafan y Coed 11th Dec 2002


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    This seance was held by the physical medium Jean Duncan with her circle and students. Several members of their spirit team presented themselves and held discussions. Two other members of the circle also took their turn and went into trance. The Spirit communicators were David, Matso Basho, Jack Webber,Marie Corelli and Aisha bent abu bakr. This seance was filmed by John and Maryse Locke, using a night vision video camera.

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    • Church Universal & Triumphant Debate: Wessels vs. Zotter


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      Larry Wessels, director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (see websites: BibleQuery org, HistoryCart com & MuslimHope com) accepts a debate challenge by a "Church Universal & Triumphant" advocate named Verner Zotter. This debate took place on Larry's ministry radio outreach show entitled, "Christian Answers Live!" playing on KIXL 970 AM on Saturday nights. Verner Zotter, a local cable access television producer, took exception to Larry Wessels' local cable access shows playing on Time Warner channel 11 in Austin, Texas & thus challenged for debate. Wessels saw this debate as an opportunity to deal with one of the many forms of "New Age" religious belief that sets itself up in opposition to Biblical truth. The "Church Universal & Triumphant" (CUT for short) is one of the chief sects to grow out of the "'I AM' Ascended Masters" new age religious movement. "I AM" has its roots in an eclecticism of ancient GNOSTICISM, Eastern MYSTICISM, THEOSOPHY, & CHRISTIANITY. Borrowed from Exodus 3:14, the phrase "I AM" attempts to capture the locus & essence of deity that resides in a line of "Ascended Masdters" throughout history.The "I AM" movement proper began in the 1930s with GUY BALLARD (1878-1939) & his wife Edna (1886-1971). Borrowing from the Gnostic idea that God, as absolute spirit, is only accessible through human intermediaries, the Ballards taught that these "Masters" had been raised up at various times throughout history to reveal God's truth. The chiefs of the Ascended Masters were Jesus & a seventeenth-century OCCULTIST, Saint Germain, with whom Ballard claimed to have had contact in 1930 on Mount Shasta in California. Guy Ballard died in 1939 & his wife Edna then claimed that her dead husband was now an "Ascended Master" & she claimed to be in contact with him. Following Edna's conviction for mail fraud & fraudulent solicitation of funds she continued to provide leadership for the movement until her death in 1971. The "Church Universal & Triumphant" (CUT) was founded by MARK L. PROPHET (1918-1973). Prophet, a Theosophist, claimed to have received revelations from the Ascended Master "El Morya" after which Prophet announced that he was the secretary or revealer of "El Morya's" thoughts & discourses. In 1975 the CUT, then known as the Summit Lighthouse, published a document allegedly by "El Morya" supposedly linking key leaders of THEOSOPHY (another New Age religious group), Ascended Masters throughout history, the Ballards, & finally Prophet.Elizabeth Clare Wolf was an attendant at some of Mark Prophet's early conferences. She was immediately attracted to him as they shared a common vision on the night of April 22, 1961, in Boston. They were soon married & found themselves in constant contact with the spirit world. Eventually, Mark & Elizabeth began to proclaim themselves the divinely appointed messengers of the "GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD"(made up of CONFUCIUS, BUDDHA, Jesus Christ, Jesus' mother Mary, Saint Francis, Saint Germain, El Morya, & among present figures, Guy Ballard & Mark Prophet) & sought international outlets for their teachings.After Mark Prophet died in 1973 Elizabeth renamed her religious organization the "Church Universal & Triumphant". Elizabeth also found out through "communication" with the Ascended Masters that she was now to be given the titles of "Guru Ma," "Mother of the Flame," & "Mother of the Universe." Her teachings say that God does not exist apart from the created universe. Her doctrine of God is similar to PANTHEISM as taught by Hinduism. Like many New Age cults, CUT does not make the distinction between God & creation as Christianity does. CUT says "Jesus" & "Christ" are to be understood as being two different concepts. For CUT "Jesus" is just a historical person that lived in Palestine while "Christ" embodies a principle of divine consciousness possessed by everyone in the world. CUT also denies the Biblical concept of the Godhead, the Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19), they say the "Holy Spirit" is not God but rather a depersonalized "energy," a "germinal power of nature," or the "Fire of the Cosmos." CUT denies the Biblical account of salvation by denying the necessity of Christ's death on the cross & the reality of eternal punishment by a righteous & holy God. CUT rather says that salvation is achieved by "self-realization" (similar to Hinduism & Eastern thought) by claiming that once a person becomes aware that they themselves are divine, then salvation has been accomplished. This debate will clearly show the differences between the Biblical record & people who base their beliefs on "visions" & communications with "Ascended Masters." Biblically speaking, the "Ascended Masters" would be considered demonic spirits preaching "doctrines of devils" (1 Timothy 4:1-3).Those wishing to see other debates or theological discussions can go to GOOGLE VIDEO & type "Larry Wessels" in the GOOGLE VIDEO search box & hit enter.

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      • The Best of Nancy Garber: Season 1


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        Renowned and two-time "BEST OF BOSTON" Spiritual Medium reaches out to those who have passed on. Her amazing abilities and accurate messages are encouraging, healing and spellbinding to her audiences, both in private readings, and in her live audience television program, taped at the studios of Dedham Television in Dedham, Massachusetts.

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        • AKASHIC RECORDS. A guided meditatoin to access the Akashic Records


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          A basic guided meditation to access the Akashic records. Simply sit, listen and feel the journey unfold. Once you reach the Akashic book you will be able to ask any questions you have about life, the universe and everything in-between. You may wish to ask about life after death, the purpose and meaning of life or even ask to meet your spirit guide. You may receive an answer either by sight, sound, taste or hearing. Afterwards, you will journey back down to reality so you can continue your day. Note- This is a rough version with no sound effects- I will record a better version later when I’ve got time.

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          • Medium James Van Praagh Shares His Process For Communicating With Spirits


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            AfterlifeTV.com: In this interview, which is essentially Part II of my last interview with him, medium James Van Praagh explains how he communicates with our deceased loved ones in spirit. This interview covers a lot of spiritual territory, as James Van Praagh and I talk about souls, spirit guides and how our loved ones in spirit try to communicate with us on their own. James Van Praagh has been working as a medium and teaching people about life after death for over 30 years. His first book, Talking To Heaven, reached #1 on the The New York Times Bestseller list. Then he went on to write Reaching To Heaven, Healing Grief, Heaven And Earth, Ghosts Among Us, Unfinished Business, Looking Beyond (for teens) and his latest book, Growing Up In Heaven. He has also written a book on meditation. James Van Praagh had a daytime television talk show, Beyond With James Van Praagh, he produced a successful TV mini-series about his life on CBS entitled Living With The Dead starring Ted Danson (playing the role of James Van Praagh) and Mary Steenburgen, produced The Dead Will Tell on that network starring Anne Heche and Eva Longoria, and was Co-Executive Producer of the CBS primetime series Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. You can visit James Van Praagh’s website at http://www.VanPraagh.com where you can sign up for his online courses, purchase autographed books, view his calendar of events, and participate in his online chat rooms. This interview is on http://www.AfterlifeTV.com. Check out Bob Olson’s other sites: http://BestPsychicDirectory.com (a directory of hundreds of psychics & mediums by location with reviews & Instant Readings) & http://BestPsychicMediums.com (his personal recommended list of tested psychics and mediums).

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            • Deep Trance Demonstration


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              This video was recorded in a seance cabinet in the dark using a red light and a normal vision camcorder. Transfiguration and ectoplasm hardly ever show up in white light.

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              • Psychic vs Intuitive


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                Angela discusses the differences between a psychic and an intuitive, and how psychic and intuitive skills work. She demystifies having psychic and/or intuitive skills, explaining these are abilities not “gifts.” She also addresses why these skills are more prominent for some people and touches on learning to “read your matrix” and understanding how to determine real signs from extraneous information. Angela also addresses societal views of psychic phenomenon and explains that it’s important to remain grounded in science when observing paranormal phenomenon. Finally, Angela shares her experience being an intuitive and psychic medium, including how she became aware she possessed those skills and how she was called to do the work she does today.

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                • Best of Psychic Voices with Nancy Garber (1/2 Hour Special)


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                  Renowned and two-time "BEST OF BOSTON" Spiritual Medium reaches out to those who have passed on. Her amazing abilities and accurate messages are encouraging, healing and spellbinding to her audiences, both in private readings, and in her live audience television program, taped at the studios of Dedham Television in Dedham, Massachusetts.

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                  • Positive Energy, 11.14, Michele Granberg interviews Corbie Mitleid, Certified, Psychic, Medium & Motivational Speaker


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                    Have you ever been to a psychic? What are psychic abilities? Corbie Mitleid gives viewers a glimpse into life as a psychic by discussing the nature of intuition and how to prepare for a productive psychic reading. Watch this enlightening show!

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                    • Richard Schoeller at Summerland


                      from Joe Cahill / Added

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                      This is a Video of Richard Schoeller giving a lecture and doing message work at Summerland in Hauppauge, NY www.summerlandchurchoflight.com www.sacredmessages.com

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