1. The Bboy Mercenaries Teaser


    from Charlie Marbles / Added

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    Raw Angles presents the missing link in the Bboy timeline... Using rare archive footage of underground European hip hop jams of the late 80's and early 90's, with exclusive interviews with bboy pioneers from across the globe and a soundtrack of classic hip hop, rare funk and atmospheric 80's electro, "The Bboy Mercenaries," is a feature length documentary about how Bournemouth - based Bboy crew "Second to None" helped keep bboying (breakdancing) from going extinct through the exchange of VHS tapes of their seminal battles and game-changing practice footage with the pockets of survivors dotted around the world in a time before the internet. Come to the premiere on Sat 9th May: https://www.facebook.com/events/911359872249502/ WEBSITE NOW LIVE FROM 18/05/15 Brought to you by Raw Angles Films From the original idea by El Lapizito and NathaN Losado Written, Edited & Directed by Charlie Marbles Produced by El Lapizito, Charlie Marbles and NathaN Losado Interviews by NathaN Losado Scratch mix by Jabba tha Kutt

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    • echo.haus Demo Reel: Sci-Fi/Action


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      echo.haus is a creative partnership specializing in sound design, audio programming, and music production for interactive projects. From AAA and Indie Games to Virtual Reality, echo.haus will make your interactive projects Sound Better™. echo.haus was founded in 2014 by Viktor Phoenix

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      • Green Beret Dec14 422 ACC 320


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        Check your sound is on The film opens in silence and is an experiment in not using speech but vision only But there is sound at 1 min 25 secs and at the every end So check your sound is on. This is based on a poem from Vietnam I found on back of a stop the war campaign card When I first read it I wanted to try who it's essence in film instead of print This is very much a first attempt to see how we might work on it Great thanks to all who helped and we look forward to improving on this. In the meantime see this as a first rough attempt rather than even as a work in progress The poem in its entirety is below My plan was to experiment by not using sound, keeping anything and everything to a minimum, and casting on a purely gender neutral basis If someone close to you is shot to extract information from you, does their gender or that of their executioner really matter? With thanks also to "Stop the War" and Glasgow Stop the War coalition glasgowstopthewar@gamail.com "He was 12 years old and I do not know his name One morning the mercenaries took him and his father Whose name I do not know One morning upon the high plateau Green Beret looked down upon the frail boy with the eyes of a hurt animal and thought, a good fright will make him talk He commanded and the father was taken away behind the forest’s green wall Right kid tell us where they are. Tell us where - or your father - dead With eyes now all bright and filled with terror the slight boy said nothing “you've got one minute kid” said the Green Beret, “tell us where or we kill father” and thrust his wrist watch against a face all eyes on the second hand turning, jerking on its way “okay boy 10 seconds to tell us where they are” in the last instant the silver hand shattered the sky and the forest of trees “kill the old guy” roared Green Beret and shots hammered out behind the forest’s green wall And sky and trees and soldiers stood in silence and the boy cried out Green Beret stood in silence as the boy crouched down and shook with tears as children do when their father dies “Christ” said one of mercenaries to Green Beret and he didn't do a damn thing we killed the old guy for nothing, So all they all went away Green Beret and his mercenaries And the boy knew everything he knew everything about them,the caves, the trails, the hidden places, and their names In the same instant protected by frail tears far stronger then any wall of steel, they past everywhere, like tigers, across the high Plateau Translated from the Vietnamese by ho thien

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        • Military Type Security at Walmarts, Costa Rica.


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          Wow Here come the US Military to Costa Rica. Is not, how this takeover starts? First the claim they have to bring in the military to PROTECT AMERICAN INTEREST" abroad. BUT lately the good ole USA have been bringing in Mercenaries and Blackwater type companies to maintain an inhumane type of so called Security, that violates laws of the Geneva Convention. This is how they get their foot in the door? Now using private mercenaries for security in American Fascist owned corporations? Is Walmart expecting something major to happen. Why on earth would a security be all dressed up in high end body armor for a shoplifter. Are they expecting mass looting and riots. Is Walmart expect some type of retaliation against corporate interest? Will there be looting and massive unrest in other countries against the USA? Watch out costa rica. Your past 2 presidents sold your country. Now they are setting themselves up for the take over of your country. Watch my video, AUSTERITY IN COSTA RICA, HOW THE PRESIDENTS SOLD YOUR COUNTRY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPRQD9-KmK4 I AM VERY CONCERN BECAUSE THIS IS MY HOME NOW. PARADISE IN COSTA RICA. A COUNTRY WITHOUT A MILITARY. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR MY UP COMING VIDEO ABOUT HOW CR HAS NO MILITARY. Whose is protecting them against a invasion. The Ticos need to quit shopping at Walmart and all of their affiliates in CR, Pali, Maxi Pali, Maxi Bodega, Mas o Menos, If they can't make money here, they will leave. That includes the other corporation here spreading their poisons around. Coke Cola, McDonalds, KFC, etc. It is making these people sick. It will bankrupt their health system. A planned objective to bankrupt the health socialized system. CR can't pay the interest. Then the IMF cam repossess the CAJA here. And force Obama Care.

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          • Sniper positions in Misurata Libya


            from Mark Pearson / Added

            During the siege of Misurata a Libyan describes where the sniper positions were on Tripoli street, North West Libya, August 30, 2011. (By MARK PEARSON)

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            • Agenda Show LBC 2014 - Mercenary Merchandise


              from Alexander Millimeter / Added

              For more info visit: mercenarymerchandise.us Produced, shot and cut by Alexander Millimeter. Music by Steely Dan " Do it again" (DPTRCLB Edition)

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              • Solid State - Episode 3


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                Prairie Jones & Roland Thompson are two absent minded merc's trying to complete their latest mission.

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                • Mercenaries Playground of Destruction: Gameplay Trailer


                  from Eyestorm Productions / Added

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                  Challenge We want to launch this new IP, but the market is saturated with games of this genre. Solution We present the viewer with the one promise that no other 3rd person shooter can deliver; complete and utter free reign of destruction. We’ll use this video to show off every vehicle, weapon, and special feature available at their fingertips to pull this off.

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                  • The Cheap Mercenaries


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                    Discount Soldiers-of-Fortune Jacobson (Dave Hoggan) and Johnson (Steve Lehel) are hired by an unknown client to stage an incursion into Panama, where dope smugglers are transporting drugs across an unguarded bridge. Things don't quite go as planned when their Latin-American adversaries prove to be more formidable than the Cheap Mercenaries expected.

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