1. NarcissUs Demo July 2015


    from Andrés Villa Torres Added 14 0 0

    NarcissUs project is an exploration of a machine learning from itself. Critical approach towards the development of intelligent machines.

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    • 8ninths' HoloLens Prototyping Environment Tool (H-PET)—first glimpse


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      HoloLens Prototyping Environment Tool (H-PET) for rapid visualization of Holographic Experiences at low fidelity to facilitate design and layout discussions between designers and clients.

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      • Tiled Frustum Culling for Differential Rendering on Mobile Devices


        from KaiRohmer Added 2 0 0

        Mobile devices are part of our everyday life and allow augmented reality (AR) with their integrated camera image. Recent research has shown that even photorealistic augmentations with consistent illumination are possible. A method, achieving this first, distributed lighting computations and the extraction of the important light sources. To reach real-time frame rates on a mobile device, the number of these extracted light sources must be low, limiting the scope of possible illumination scenarios and the quality of shadows. In this paper, we show how to reduce the computational cost per light using a combination of tile-based rendering and frustum culling techniques tailored for AR applications. Our approach runs entirely on the GPU and does not require any precomputation. Without reducing the displayed image quality, we achieve up to 2.2x speedup for typical AR scenarios. get the authors version on: http://kairohmer.azurewebsites.net/Publications

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        • iPad LFDS for Ideation, Conceptual Blending and Pastiche


          from Rawshaping Added 2 0 0

          iPad LFDS app for capturing real world content and to create virtual representations for further design processing. The captured images can be transformed, blended, rotated, translated and combined in various ways to form novel concepts. All generated data is stored and can be accessed for presentation and communication.

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          • Delta Voxel Cone Tracing


            from Tobias Alexander Franke Added 9 0 0

            Presented at ISMAR 2014. Delta Voxel Cone Tracing is a method to adapt real background images with changes in lighting from synthetic augmenting objects. http://www.tobias-franke.eu/publications/franke14dvct/

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            • Interactive Relighting of Arbitrary Rough Surfaces


              from Tobias Alexander Franke Added 3 0 0

              Presented at SIGGRAPH 2014 Posters. Using voxel cone tracing on the extracted delta between real and synthetic light. Delta Voxel Cone Tracing can relight arbitrary rough surfaces to accommodate for the change in illumination due to the synthetic object. http://www.tobias-franke.eu/publications/franke14irars/ http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2614225

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              • Delta Light Propagation Volumes for Mixed Reality


                from Tobias Alexander Franke Added 1 0 0

                Presented at ISMAR 2013. Delta Light Propagation Volumes are used to extract and map the change in illumination caused by a virtual object inserted into a real scene. Regular LPVs are used to relight the object with indirect bounces from real objects. http://www.tobias-franke.eu/publications/franke13dlpv/

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                • Near-Field Illumination for Mixed Reality with Delta Radiance Fields


                  from Tobias Alexander Franke Added 1 0 0

                  Presented at SIGGRAPH 2013 Posters. A modification of Light Propagation Volumes to extract and map the change in illumination caused by a virtual object inserted into a real scene. http://www.tobias-franke.eu/publications/franke13drf/ http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2503468

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                  • Technoumenon - the transcendental digital object


                    from fito_segrera Added 255 7 0

                    It is a realized fact that humanity's enthusiasm for exploring the digital realm has created a parallel chimerical dimension to the physical reality, while positioning the individual in a rather disorienting space; somewhere in-between nature and technology; oscillating in the middle of bits and atoms. My thesis project is concerned with the emergence of perceived simulated/represented phenomena which arises from the digital unobservable; an exploration on how bits (abstract units of “information”) transmute into atoms and create meaning. For this, I propose an art installation that uses simple simulation and representational elements as validation of my newly developed idea of technoumenon; in other words a system that bridges the digital transcendental object (in its pure abstracted form; the bit) with the manifested phenomena perceived and interpreted by the human apparatus. Five motorized pulleys will be installed on the ceiling of an empty space. Each of these holds a string with a metallic bucket hung from the other end. A centralized mini-computer generates a parallel flow of bits of data which are thrown randomly into each bucket (simulating/representing drops); the contact of this invisible digital particle triggers in each bucket a solenoid which subtly hits the metallic interior of the container; generating a “water-drop” sound. The central system holds information of the number of drops contained in each bucket and calculates its current weight. The motorized pulleys loose string as the buckets get virtually heavier.

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                    • Nerve Engine for RealTime 2015


                      from Bonemap Added 28 0 0

                      Bonemap, Nerve Engine, 2013 Brisbane Festival; The Block, Creative Industries Precinct, QUT, September 1 - 14 http://www.bonemap.com

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