1. DIY Steadicam - Flying Camera Support


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    Garret Brown's original Steadicam® is an icon that revolutionized filmmaking. Being the first and the best, it naturally and justifiably commands a premium price. It is for this reason that homemade DIY Flying Camera Supports have been around since at least 1977, just one short year after Mr. Brown's invention. With this tradition in mind, I present the two fundamental principles behind the steadycam and show you how to build your own Flying Camera Support. * 2009 Telly Award winner - http://videopia.org

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    • DIY Camera Stabilizer - BodyPod


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      The Above video shows some information about how I modified a cheap Targus Monopod into a very lightweight portable DIY Camera Stabilizer for my 5D Mark II and 7D to shoot video. This obviously will work for any DSLR and if you want to modify the head into one that flips into Portrait mode, i'm sure it would be a great traveling BodyPod for Photographers too. Remember, this DIY is to 'enhance' practicality of Monopod use while still maintaining full functionality. This is not a 'flying' stabilizer. Here's the Problem::: Monopods are great and much lighter to travel with than a Tripod. For some reason though, it sucked having to carry one around because I could never get it to fit into a backpack. I searched and searched and searched for a Monopod that could fold up very short, was lightweight, but could still support my camera when extended. The biggest reason Monopods aren't very compact is because 'When Extended, it should at least be Eye-Level". How compact can you get a Monopod and still get it to be Eye-Level?? My Solution::: So after a bit of thought and a problem I ran into while shooting video in a Vegas Night Club, I came up with the idea of Cutting a Monopod in half and using a Sling as the support foundation. Straps have long been a great way of support in Shooting Photos, Videos, or even in Rifles. By removing the foot of the Monopod and adding an Eye Screw from Home Depot it was very simple to mount a quick release luggage strap. I could have stopped there, this was pretty nice already, but since I didn't need a Monopod to extend from the Ground to Eye-Level, why not cut it shorter. All I needed was from the hip to Eye-Level. Modifying the Monopod I had was very simple. I slid the foam grip down and found 3 tiny screws. I removed the screws and the head came right off. I measured the length I wanted and cut the Monopod (basically in half). Reattached the Head on and that was pretty much it!! I went from a 22" folded Monopod to about 10" inches. Now this item travels in Stealth no matter where I go and for the first time ever, I finally have a Monopod that fits inside a backpack. Can't beat that for 15 bucks...... I posted a bit more information including Parts and photos at http://cheesycam.com/?p=93 Update Update Update: http://vimeo.com/10451933

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      • Monopod Mania


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        Monopods galore! Check out the full lesson here- http://vimeo.com/videoschool/lesson/123/monopods

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        • Working With Camera Stabilizers and DSLRs. Canon Cinema Caravan (2010)


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          here it is, a long journey that began with a crazy proposal to Canon well over 8 months ago, culminating in a almost a month living on a bus, touring the country, and meeting some amazing people along the way. our last tutorial is an introduction to stabilizers for EOS cameras. it covers our hands down favorite too, the monopod (answering the most commonly asked question and some tips and tricks), our take on sliders (the atlas LTS 30 by cinevate featured here), as well as a breakdown on stabilizers (featuring the steadicam merlin). i hope you enjoyed the series of tutorials, stay tuned for what's in store in 2011. for those of you in the paris area, come and see us on the 14th for an all day seminar on storytelling in both photo and cinema. more info on our education blog stillmotionblog.com/author/education follow us on twitter @stillmotion P.

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          • a RED EPIC wedding // janet + josh in the south of France


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            janet + josh travel the world together. of all the places they have been, where they chose to have their wedding was definitely one of the most awe inspiring. a village in the south of france, probably no more than 50 people living there, surrounded by friends, family, wine, nature, and good food. the location was in itself a character in their film. it is what inspired the aspect ratio we shot in as well as our choice to use the RED EPIC. the finished piece is mostly EPIC footage but there is a good portion that is also DSLR. we shot with zeiss CP.2 35/50/85mm lenses as well as the RED 17-50 T2.9. most EPIC footage was off a monopod, with some shots on the slider or tripod. it was definitely a challenge to try to tell janet + josh’s story with the same intimacy as a DSLR but with a camera that is much heavier and often slower. what i can report from that experience is that it is definitely possible, and in many ways the EPIC allowed for shots that weren’t possible otherwise (at least not at the same quality). but it definitely does slow you down and would be tough to adopt for every shoot. as for the post workflow, all of the EPIC footage was looked at in redcine-x pro. 5k masters were made with a light color pass from all of the selects. from there that was combined with the DSLR footage and put together in a 5K timeline in premiere. all DSLR footage was stretched in post to match the aspect ratio and resolution. for color, the sequence was sent out to davinci resolve and then back into premiere for finishing. the workflow was very possible but it did add more steps and slowed us down. soundtrack licensed through withetiquette.com from the lovely amy seeley, the track is ‘didn’t i’ P. For licensing inquiries, please contact discovery@storyandheart.com

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            • nicole+michael - all this time in mexico


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              LATEST UPDATES - 2012 international educational schedule will be constantly updated in the upcoming months (bottom of post). thank you. added boracay, philipines july 2012. http://mayadacademy.com/ // here is what ive always believed should define a wedding film. its very simple actually. the couple, their families+firends, and what they go thru and feel during this once in a lifetime day. and while i was blessed to have shot this film within a magical city in mexico, i feel it is important to perhaps touch on the location and all the little events that go on during the day; but to not get too carried away. to me, the focus and pull of the film should always be driven and to travel alongside the journey with the bride and groom. TECHNICAL TIDBITS all this time // one republic used with permission. thank you www.songfreedom.com - shot with 2 Canon 7ds + 1 Canon 5DmkII (3 cameras in total). - 24p for the 7ds, 30p on the 5d converted progressively to 24p using a 1:1 frame re-map that allows the conversion to be 100% CLEAN with no articulating slows it down to look as though the footage was shot @ 36p. - lenses mainly used were zeiss zf 35, zeiss zf 50 1.4 (now replaced with zeiss zf 20 makro), zeiss makro 100 zf, a few canon 70-200 2.8 IS, while the ultra sharp main ceremony camera was canon 2.8 L prime (awesome lens). i have been already getting emails re zeiss glass, and i would say that for HDSLR cinema, they are the best bang for the buck and provide the best value/dollar. if you're unsure try an entry level zeiss 35 f2.0 and compare to its canon + nikon counterparts, and then you decide. every cinematographer i have talked to in the past 9 months have did this exact thing, and kept the ziess :) . Keep in mind that the zeiss ze zf and zf.2 houses the EXACT same optics as the zeiss compact primes that go for $4000 per lens. - photosession + reception stabilization provided via cinevate atlas 30 + steadicam pilot + 5dmkII + 24 1.4 (now replaced with zeiss zf 21) while ceremony steadicam pilot setup was 5dmkII + 16-35 (now replaced via canon 14L rectilinear). the ceremony was VERY VERY windy as it was near the beach - other stabilzation used was cinevate atlas30 + manfrotto 561 monopods. -audio is all double system, the 25$ fuzzies on the lavalier mics went a long way to save the sound from being unusable from all the wind noise. GOOFS - i went against the rules that i teach and swear by, hence there is a cameo of me in this piece (i didnt want to waste the shot)... let me know if you can point it out! oh one last thing... after all these years, i finally FINALLY got the epic crane processional shot that ive always dreamt of when i first picked up a camera and shot my first wedding. enjoy, and dont forget that it's ok to cry a little when watching this piece. -myw follow me via facebook - film@michaelywong.com twitter.com/michaelywong www.michaelywong.com if you would like to share films; feel free to add me as a contact on vimeo. thank you. 2012 EDUCATIONAL SCHEDULE. ==================== looking forward to meeting many of you in the near future as I will be speaking @: infocus // charleston; south carolina USA // jan 2012 *thank you to my friends, colleagues + students alike for the wonderful reception given to me* www.infocusvideoevent.com exposed down under // sydney; australia // early july 2012 myw returns to Australia for the first time in 2 years. www.exposeddownunder.com mayad academy // boracay; philipines // late july 2012 myw is honoured to share the stage alongside some of Philippines top event/broadcast talent. http://mayadacademy.com/ FULL 2012 educational schedule will be continuously updated throughout the year.

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              • jamie delaine || photographer


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                check out the full blog post here: http://www.hellotomorrow.ca/blog/2011/06/jamie-delaine-photography-promo/ video by: Hello Tomorrow Wedding Films http://hellotomorrow.ca jamie: http://jamiedelaine.com song: sunshine - the appeal http://theappealmusic.com

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                • REVIEW: Top 5 Video Monopods Compared


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                  Slik Monopod: http://tinyurl.com/7y2nda8 Tripod Head I use with the Slik: http://tinyurl.com/3syptra Velbon Monopod: http://tinyurl.com/7asaqye Acebil MP-60V: http://tinyurl.com/836zyhb Manfrotto 560B-1: http://tinyurl.com/6v43sf9 Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 (the best IMHO): http://tinyurl.com/79xzfkr UPDATE: I Stand corrected on the Manfrotto 560B. Brent Barrie raised the point that the 560B works great when using other tripod heads. So while its not ready out of the box you could add your own tripod head. So if you are strapped for cash, but you had another tripod head on a slider for example, you could use it on the 560B. Keep in mind by the time you add a decent tripod head you will be closer to the price of the 561. The 701 head on the 561 monopod is the dream team. The quick release tab is super fast when using a DSLR that alone is worth the extra money to me. So there you go. If you want a great monopod leg and your own tripod head grab the 560B. If you want a monopod and a killer tripod head and don’t plan on removing it all the time check out the 561.

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                  • OAHU - Trailer


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                    Live The Life You Love LE PROJET : Nous avons suivi le crew frenchy durant l'étape du tour pro de bodyboard à Pipeline. L'occasion de découvrir le North Shore mythique, mais aussi les autres côtes de l'île. De Makaha à Waikiki en passant par les plages magnifiques du sud-est, et bien sur les vagues du North Shore comme Off The Wall, Rocky Point, Waimea, Sunset ou encore Pipeline et Backdoor. Parti là bas avec une tonne "d'à priori" hérités de toutes ces années à lire, voir et entendre des milliers de choses sur ce bout de terre mythique, sans compter les vidéos VHS regardées jusqu'à usure totale quand nous étions gamins, ces 15 jours auront permis de découvrir un lieu baigné de culture surf, à la fois calme et intense, paisible et dangereux, ou règne sérénité et respect. Keywords : Découverte, aventure, plaisir, voyage We managed : prises de vue et montage Location : Oahu, Hawaii, Etats-unis Le film bientôt en ligne. _ Live The Life You Love THE PROJECT : We followed the French crew during the Pipeline contest, a stage of the bodyboarding pro tour. The opportunity for us to discover the legendary North Shore, but also the other coast of the island. From Makaha to Waikiki through the beautiful beaches of the south-east, and of course the mythical beaches as Off The Wall, Rocky Point, Waimea, Sunset and Pipeline or Backdoor. We arrived in Hawaii with lots of "a priori" from all these years to read, see and hear thousands of things, and also VHS videos watched when we were kids, these 15 days have uncovered a place bathed in surf culture, both quiet and intense, peaceful and dangerous, or reign serenity and respect. The movie online soon Keywords: discovery, adventure, fun, travel We managed: shooting and editing Location: Oahu, Hawaii, United States _ Illustrations : Vincent Le Vern - http://www.vinslev.com Motion design : Loic Labayle - http://www.luvstudio.fr Organisation : www.oceanroots.com Music : https://itunes.apple.com/fr/artist/grouplove/id410732500

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                    • Carmen + Elton | Florence, Italy | shooting solo


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                      I still remember our first meeting at a great Japanese restaurant about a year ago. Since then, I’ve seen and hung out with Carmen and Elton many times. It’s such a pleasure to be present in their life even after the whole film process. Without a doubt, we had our best time in Florence… Carmen is a wedding planner (http://www.devotedtoyou.ca) so, as you can imagine, the organization of her destination wedding in Italy was perfection. The nature however was far from perfection as volcanic ashes forced many flight changes/re-routes and non-stop rain threatened the wedding ceremony outdoors. Finally, the rain gave way merely 5 minutes before the ceremony. And what a majestic wedding ceremony it was, thanks to custom vows, italian accents everywhere, and of course the magnificent backdrop of Florence; allowing me to shape a rich and cultured tale that, I am embarrassed to admit, I personally have relived tens if not hundreds of times already. I would like to also quickly point out that I killed myself shooting this wedding by myself. First time in three years, I had to tackle a 3 camera shoot on my own. Lot’s of sweating and stress, but I survived! Thank you Carmen and Elton for the honor of filming your wedding. Thank you Joee Wong (http://jwphotography.ca) for making it all happen and putting us together long before my official launch :) Speaking of which, watch out for the new blog on February 6th! Check out http://jwphotography.ca/blog for Carmen and Elton's beautiful pictures and more story. I had a lot fun working with a duo of Joee Wong and Claudia Hung (http://www.claudiahungweddings.com) during this wedding. BTS As I mentioned earlier, I shot this solo, which definitely wasn’t easy. 2 days before the wedding, I shot the couple hanging out and walking around the city, as well as their last meeting with a planner. Here’s how I shot it: 7d with 24-70mm f2.8 - locked on a tripod, moved a few times during an hour long meeting 5d mark II on a monopod and slider, moving around, shooting mostly with a 50mm f1.2 and 24mm f1.4 I put lapel mics on the couple and the planner. Two were wireless with a feed to zoom h4n and the planner had an iriver on her. This setup allowed me to change positions and get different angles as I was still getting a static angle and good audio of the whole conversation. Wedding day: The B&G were getting ready at the same villa, on two different floors, which made it easy for me to shoot both of them in the morning. I had to run up and down 2 floors, which seemed more like 10 after 2 hours of shooting, lol. The hardest thing to shoot was the ceremony. 3 cameras, 6 microphones and monitoring audio is not an easy task for a one person during 20 min ceremony. My setup was as follows: 70-200mm f2.8 on a 7d, on a tripod, on the right side; throughout the entire ceremony. First, I had it set up to shoot the groom’s reaction during the processional. During the remaining of the ceremony, that was a bride’s angle and officiant’s angle camera. 24-70mm f2.8 on a 5d mark II, on a tripod, placed on a terrace up the stairs. It was first set to shoot straight down the aisle for the beginning of the ceremony. I run up during a reading to reposition the camera. I placed it in a far left corner of the terrace to get a better master wide shot for the end of the ceremony (first kiss, release of the doves etc.). I was moving around during the processional, shooting with a 5d mark II on a monopod, mostly with a 50mm. During a reading or the officiant speaking, I would shoot complimenting angle of the couple on a monopod, go reframe other cameras or shoot some cutaways. For the vows, I switched to 135mm f2 to get a groom’s angle. The reception was fairly easy to shoot, I must admit. Everything was pretty laid back, only 2 short speeches, nothing formal. This was an all EOS shoot. Lenses used: 50 f1.2, 24 1.4 II, 135 f2, 70-200 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8 and 14mm 2.8 Audio: 2x sennheiser wireless mics zoom h4n 2 irivers tascam DR-07 with a lapel mic on a reader EDIROL R-09 Two tripods, atlas 30 and manfrotto monopod I tried something new with the color grading to boost the dynamic range even further in post. My goal was to give the location its justice (mostly dynamic range in wide shots) and keep an overall warm tone throughout the piece, yet still keeping the colors very natural, not overly saturated. PERSONAL/STORYTELLING NOTES I especially love how the meeting with a planner became almost a Story Clip shoot. Federica, the planer, started asking Carmen and Elton about their relationship, how they met etc. I really love that part, as it feels very natural. I got a lot more of it and it definitely made the main feature that much better and richer. Since sightseeing and typical tourist activities were such a huge part of Carmen and Elton's experience of Florence and their wedding there. I really wanted to emphasize that in this piece. That's why you'll see them walking around Florence admiring marvelous architecture, trying traditional Italian gelato and having coffee, Italian coffee :) They're both true explorers and love to travel. It had to come through in this clip. I particularly enjoy the moment, where Elton says: "I choose now to walk this path with you, wherever it leads..." and you see them both looking at a map. Very literal and metaphorical message at the same time. The closing shot was filmed with its use in mind. I remember the entire shuttle bus waiting for me for 10 min, after I jumped out of it when it was about to take off, yelling that I had to get this one last shot. I knew where it was going... For those seeking international education in 2011: Ray Roman Michael Y. Wong and myself in a workshop: Running on a Tightrope - Mastery of Modern Day Event Filmmaking Honolulu Hawaii, Mar 1-4 2011 This is going to be an comprehensive, insightful but simply AWESOME learning experience. details at http://filmfoundryworks.com follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/thefilmfoundry

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