1. Our story Caring for Connor Campaign fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


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    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Our story. If you would like to help out in any way big or small please get in touch at facebook.com/caringforconnorcampaign or www.caring4connor.com thanks for watching :) please hit like and subscribe. #duchenne Thank you to Laura Taylor for her cover version of How Long Will I Love You. http://youtu.be/q27CDYrEcso https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialLauraTaylor. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4bc5mVsIJVdIIRPHLULe2Q/videos

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    • Jade: Persistently positive


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      Jade has merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy that affects her physical mobility. Her head is on a permanent tilt and her hand is turned upside down. Despite these challenges she is persistently positive and determined to make the transition to high school like any other 13-year-old. Together with support from her mother Cheri, Jade's future is full of optimism. Watch more ABC Open Unsung stories here: http://ab.co/1C7ZodQ

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      • MDA - LOCKED UP


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        THEY GOT JON! The MDA has incarcerated Jon and we need your support to bail him out. You donations will help to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy, Click here to donate: http://bit.ly/Z06MtB 77 cents of every dollar donated goes to research, services, and education. Please support the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s programs and mission. #MDALock

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        • Hilda Bih's wheelchair


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          Hilda Bih is an inspired, hard working radio host in Bamenda Cameroon, West Africa. Hilda has Muscular Dystrophy. She has been slowly loosing her ability to move her limbs since she was a child. Her family helps her do everything, including the simplest things like moving from room to room. She is currently in the USA on a presidential fellowship for young leaders. We now have the amazing opportunity to send Hilda home with a powered wheelchair that could revolutionize the way she lives and allow her to accomplish even more. Support our campaign to get her a wheelchair while she is here on a presidential fellowship for young leaders. Click here! http://www.gofundme.com/3w2io

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          • Stem Cell Treatment for Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy


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            "Young patient take stem cell treatment for Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy and slowly he recover. For more Information follow ReeLabs on : Website : http://www.reelabs.com/stem-cell-therapy/neuro-muscular-disorders.html/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ReeLabs Twitter : https://twitter.com/ReeLabsIndia "

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            • Dreams are Strange Things


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              Follows life of Thomas, who is affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This short film includes a documentation of his memories of having more physical ability and how this remains prominent in his dreams. We are faced with the stark contrast in that he now needs help to do the simplest of tasks, but remains independent through his photography.

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              • Letting Go


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                The story of Nicole and Ryan Levinson, who are getting rid of their things and preparing to travel the world on a sailboat.

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                • CripLit -- About Me: Medical Diagnosis


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                  In my first video, I listed my diagnosis as limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, but mentioned that it’s not a “for sure” thing. The truth is, my situation is a bit of a medical enigma. So everyone gather ‘round for story time… When I was about 5 or 6, I started showing symptoms of something being physically very off. Prior to, I was an active little kid, did cheerleading and gymnastics and all that. But I recall, as one of my first really lucid memories, staring up at a staircase and thinking “there’s no way I can make it up these.” I think my mom thought I was just being a difficult, prissy little kid. It didn’t make much sense, after all, why I could walk around but not walk up stairs. If I was sitting down, I would complain about having to stand up because it was tiresome, difficult. Just odd things here and there. And being so young, I had no real way to describe what was happening. The real tip off came a couple months later when I was walking around in a pair of my mom’s shoes, trying to be fancy or what have you, and I fell on the floor furnace—while it was on—and I couldn’t get back up. She was in the shower, my little sister had to run and get her, my mom picked me up and ran cold water over my leg in the sink. It was traumatic. When we got to the doctor, I remember them accusing my mom of child abuse for a short period of time because they said no child would voluntarily let her leg burn on a furnace. That’s when we went to a specialist. He determined that I had something called juvenile dermatomyositis, which is a treatable autoimmune dysfunction. They put me on all sorts of experimental treatment plans, including high dosages of steroids. I think I weighed more as a seven year old than I weigh now, honestly. It was supposed to help. I think 50% of children with JDMS recover completely, and another 30% only experience some muscle weakness. But after a couple years of treatment, I wasn’t showing progress. The medications were slowly killing me causing kidney problems and seizures. It was a very dark time. I commend my parents, who were so young at the time, for handling it like they did and I thank my lucky stars that all of this happened when I a young kid, and more easily able to bounce back. So they ran some more tests and determined that I had Muscular Dystrophy which is incurable. And in my case, not really treatable. They could do their best to stop it progressing, but that was about it. Even still, once I went off the steroids, the muscle deterioration happened really quickly. So quickly, in fact, that by the time I was eleven, I had severe scoliosis. Terrible. It was collapsing one of my lungs, I was getting pneumonia multiple times a year. It had gotten to a truly life threatening point. So a spinal fusion was done where they basically cut me from neck to tailbone, then put my spine back together in a straight line and fused a titanium rod to it, to keep everything in place. It’s great my x-rays look like the Eiffel tower. It was a huge success. Opened my lung back up just like it was supposed to. Actually more than it was supposed to. My breathing was supposed to get better, but it ended up getting a lot better. My lung capacity increased in a way that it shouldn’t have. See, with MD, once you lose muscle mass, it’s gone. Since my lung had been compressed, the muscles around it had weakened. So opening it up would obviously improve my breathing, but only to an extent because I would’ve lost that muscle mass. 6 months or so after the surgery, they did some pulmonary tests and I had exceeded the improvement that I should have been capable of. I had, presumably, gained muscle mass. I think that’s when I really understood the fact that I’m in uncharted waters. They told my parents and I, after they diagnosed me with MD, that they couldn’t figure out which protein my body was unable to make. That alone didn’t quite convey to me the strangeness of my situation, but after the surgery, after the anomaly of my improved muscle function around my lungs, I think I finally understood that life was just going to be trial and error. People ask if it’s frustrating or frightening, not really knowing what’s “wrong” with me, but I think it’s outstandingly freeing. And then people ask, well what if it were something curable? That’s a whole other story, for a whole other day, but I know myself, I know my obsessive mind, and I can say that rather than waiting and pining for a cure, not knowing what’s wrong or how to fix it has actually allowed me to get on with my life and be productive in an adapted way. It’s far more interesting that way and I think I much prefer it.

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                  • Laminine brings a new life into Janine's life - a FIBROMYALGIA patient


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                    http://www.lamininesupplement.com/ Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by lasting widespread pain and tenderness in muscles and connective tissue. It is usually accompanied by fatigue, sleep disturbances and joint stiffness, and may be primary or secondary to another underlying condition. It may also include various functional problems, such as difficulty swallowing or breathing, tingling of the skin, muscle spasms, bowel disturbances, sensitivity to light, anxiety, and brain fog. Janine suffered for 15 years under FIBROMYALGIA, untill she was introduced to LAMININE in 2011

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                    • A panel of medical doctors are being interviewed on why they started using laminine on themselves and their clinic patients.


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                      http://www.lamininesupplement.com/ A panel of medical doctors are being interviewed on why they started using laminine on themselves and their clinic patients. Laminine originated from an idea of providing a perfect food supplement that will aid the brain in regulating and building a stronger body.LAMININE is an adaptagen and perhaps the ultimate supplement. TEN CLINICAL STUDIES SHOW THAT: REGULAR USE OF LAMININE HELPS TO: Elevate SEROTONIN levels Increase in Physical strength Decrease Pain Reduce sign of Aging Reduce Stress Increase in Mental strength Increase in Muscle tone Aid in Brain function Promote more Restful sleep

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