1. ABC World News Tonight Features South Plantation High School


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    South Plantation High School took an extraordinary look at clashing cultures in its ground-breaking 2008 fall production of West Side Story. Those familiar with the show might immediately have thought they knew what was coming, but they were in for a surprise. Yes, of course this classic story shows us the rift between the “American” Jets and the Puerto Rican immigrant Sharks, but this production added a whole new level of conflict! Not only was it directed in the style of Theatre for The Deaf, but after casting the leading role of Maria with deaf actress Giovanna Vazquez, Director Jason Zembuch chose to layer the family of Sharks with both deaf and hearing characters, incorporating the use of American Sign Language, interpreters, and many other facets of deaf culture in his examination of what happens when deaf and hearing cultures collide. For years, this internationally recognized theatre program, under the direction of Zembuch and Michelle Terl, has been known for its unwavering inclusion of the deaf and hard of hearing students clustered at South Plantation High School. As a result, they are now able to promote their program as the premier training ground in the South Florida area for educating both deaf and hearing actors. With this classic piece of American Musical Theatre, the Paladin Players explored what it means to be deaf in our society. In doing so, they discovered that deaf culture brings with it a rich community connection that exists both within and separately from the world at large. In the context of this beautifully written script, we are presented with two ethnically diverse groups of hot-headed young adults embattled in turf warfare on the streets of1950s New York. In further defining one of these groups by their immersion in deaf society, the lack of trust that exists between these groups is even more intense. By infusing culturally specific attitudes into the production, and with the creative use of double casting to ensure that all audiences members are able to fully enjoy the beauty of Maria’s music, this show astounded and amazed sold out audiences for it's two week run. So special was the show that it received not just local but national attention when it was featured on ABC's World News Tonight with Charlie Gibson as part of their "Spirit of America" series.

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    • Above the Influence


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      Equally Perverted.

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      • A Catered Affair - Audience Response


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        Audiences love our Jeff Recommended production of A Catered Affair, now playing through April 1st! For more info, visit www.porchlightmusictheatre.org or follow us on Twitter @PorchlightMT

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        • A Christmas Carol - Part 1


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          This is the first half of our family's first backyard, outdoor theater musical version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, performed for our Christmas party guests on Thursday night, December 2nd. When we first laid eyes on our miracle 125 year old Victorian beauty last summer, the children began envisioning the productions they wanted to put on for neighbors and friends, using our back porch, deck, and the attached yards as the stage (using the kitchen and driveway as backstage areas, and the mudroom and washroom doors as additional stage left and right entrances). They began song choices and choreography in early fall 2010, but the bulk of the casting, blocking, set, props, costumes, music editing, and rehearsals was accomplished in the 6 weeks prior to our performance. We made priceless family memories putting this show together, and it was an opportunity for Shane and I to give our children a way to exercise their artistic giftings this school year, since funding for arts-based extracurricular activities went into moving and renovation expenses instead. We're grateful to Nana (a.k.a. Joyfull the Clown/Lana Sue), Kathryn, Kendall, and Kathy for the myriad of ways they assisted us in pulling this off, and without Tommy, Dale, and our new friends Natalie, baby Kenley, and Paul, we wouldn't have had the lighting and practical helps necessary to entertain over a hundred guests that night. 2 fun bloopers occurred in part 1: the jam box weirded out and stopped working when Jackson (Marley) was supposed to sing to Daddy (Scrooge) about the ghosts, so he sang acapella (That's our boy! Good recovery, Jackie!). When the music reappeared, he ended up singing it again! Also, as Libby (Ghost of Christmas Past) and Daddy (Scrooge) were waiting for Emma (Belle) to appear, she was struggling backstage to get her costume on, and was late for her entrance, so Daddy, our first time thespian, called out "Where's Emma!?". Our backstage left manager, Kathryn, who's majoring in theater at UTA, rolled her eyes with a smile and said, "Oh my, we've gotta work with him next year..." :) Hope you enjoy!

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          • Acting 101 - Theatre


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            Questions about theatre? Get the 411 here.

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            • Adam Gwon on "Ordinary Days"


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              Ordinary Days Composer Adam Gwon talks about the production and how he feels about the show's opening at South Coast Repertory on January 3, 2010.

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              • "Adapting" New Comedy Web Series - Pilot Episode: Life Is NOT a Cabaret


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                Adapting is a new sitcom/webseries about a group of young theater artists who are tired of adapting to the world around them. It's their turn to make theater... and their lives... adapt to their standards. To the adapting team, that means hit Broadway musicals will be stripped of their cheap tricks and flashy numbers until they're left with just their stories. Theater companies will be run on principles instead of dollars. And their careers will finally rest in their own unskilled hands. They're bringing back what makes theater great, one bad show at a time.

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                • Ada Wong - The Worst Spy Ever


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                  http://shadowleggy.webs.com/ http://residentevilmusicals.webs.com/ ---------------------------- Ok, so it's not really a musical more than it is a skit of sorts. A visit to RE2... The good times. Back when plot holes or bad moves were just plain funny, and didn't ruin an entire storyline like SOME current RE games... But anyway! For those who don't know, 'John' is an RE character mentioned in RE1 and RE2. The only picture of him you ever see is in Adas inventory; A special photo item. He is Ada's old boyfriend who *lol spoiler alert Snape kills Dumbledor* she basically used to get inside info on Umbrella. Don't get me wrong here, for some reason I like Ada, even though she is a sneaky little beyotch who toys with hearts and does anything to get what she needs. I think I like her for that soft side that says: "Hey! You know what? I'm gonna fall in love with this rookie guy over a span of 24 hours!" I love it. It's so awesomely awesome. But I could never bring myself to get over the fact that in all the missions we see her on, she insists on using her whole real name. Don't spies usually try to like... not do that? And when Annette says she did a 'background check' on Ada, I imagined her finding something like a Myspace account of Ada's like LAWL hai, I'm Ada Wong and this is mah next mission! So yeah, I don't mean to seem like I'm hatin' on Ada, cause she's ballin'. RE5 on the other hand, can go to hell. But that's another story. ---------------------------- Visit the site that Annette found! http://www.freewebs.com/adawong-spy/ ---------------------------- The 'Agencys' voice is created on this Emulator: http://www.naturalreaders.com/?gclid=CPGHsv7e65cCFQwDGgodJVsgCw Annette's extra voice by: mjfan84 http://www.youtube.com/user/mjfan84 John's voice by: Leon14356 http://www.youtube.com/user/Leon14356 Sound clips are found on various websites. Music from Resident Evil 2. ---------------------------- http://shadowleggy.webs.com/apps/blog/ RE5 Suckery discussion/opinion here ---------------------------- Resident Evil Musicals™ ©LeggyProductions Resident Evil is Property of CAPCOM

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                  • A Five Minute Musical (in 5 Movements) - Collision


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                    A Five Minute Musical written for the Collision Stage show, performed at the Bethesda Theater in MD on March 6th, 2010. Concept by Nick Blaemire & Zia Hassan Written by John Cipriani, Scott Colman, Michael Gale, Sarah Lynn Gale, Zia Hassan Starring John Cipriani & Vishal Vaidya Accompaniment from Michael Gale Filmed by Ed Davis

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                    • A Funny Face in Paris © DecoDance 2009


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                      Performance of A Funny Face in Paris, choreographed by Mel Simpson, performed by Anne Pidcock and Karl Bowe, for Secret Cinema / On/Off, London Fashion Week © Decodance / Mel Simpson 2009

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