1. Menopause, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement | Divine Elements Health Centre


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    http://www.divineelements.ca | Divine Elements Health Centre has teamed up with Dr. Ron Brown of TrueBalance in Edmonton and is now offering men and women bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to relieve the symptoms of hormone imbalance and deficiencies. Dr. Nicholas Jensen will develop a personalized treatment plan to help you optimize your health and regain your life.

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    • Dr Travis Elliott Naturopathic Physician Portland (503) 244-0500


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      http://www.drtraviselliott.com/ Dr Travis Elliott Naturopathic Physician 1340 SW Bertha Blvd Suite 200 Portland OR 97219 (503) 244-0500 Dr Travis Elliott is a licensed Naturopathic doctor practicing in Portland, OR. Dr. Elliott provides an alternative natural approach to medicine. Finding a healthier treatment solution for hormone balancing, weight loss, memory loss, anxiety, depression and mood disorders. Dr. Elliott specializes in a secondary opinion through naturopathic treatments tailored to the needs of his patients using natural medicine, counseling, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, detoxification and food allergy testing. Areas of expertise includes: Thyroid and Hypothyroid conditions, Autoimmune disease, Mind/Body Medicine and Bioidentical hormones.

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      • "Fast Healing English 2013"


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        http://besthealingclinic.com - At The Fast Healing Clinic we can help you with a als natural cure because we are a naturopathic doctor san diego. We also have addictions natural cure as well as depression natural cure. Call us today to get a free phone consultation.

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        • What Is Estrogen Dominance


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          "Estrogen dominance" is a term coined by Dr. John Lee in his book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause. It's a condition that can be at the root of numerous health complaints, and one that is treatable when properly diagnosed. In a series of four short but very informative videos Dr. Marcantel, a naturopathic doctor in Gilbert, AZ, talks about what estrogen dominance is, its causes and symptoms, how it is related to endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and PMS, and why women of all ages are often affected by the condition. When we say "estrogen dominance" what we're saying is that we have too much estrogen hormone in ratio to progesterone hormone. Remember: All the hormones dance with each other; they work with each other; they support each other. Estrogen and progesterone work with one another. We have to have them in balance. When they're in balance, when that ratio is good, the woman feels well. She's at peace with her world; she can handle stress a lot better. So when I say estrogen dominance it means that there's too much estrogen built up in the blood as compared to the proper ratio of progesterone. So we have to balance that out. We use something called "DIM." It helps the liver to metabolize and get rid of all that extra estrogen that's in the body. It's very easy to do, but very effective. I've done it myself. We have three different kinds of estrogens: E1--estrone; E2--estradiol; and E3--estriol. We want to check estrone, as well, because we want to make sure it's in a low amount because when they do find estrogen receptor sites that are positive [for cancer] it's usually the estrone. The other way that we increase the progesterone and, of course, get the estrogen to progesterone ratio at a good level is by giving progesterone--bioidentical progesterone. Dr. Tina Marcantel, NMD 201 W. Guadalupe Rd. Ste. 202 Gilbert, AZ 85233 Office: 480-892-0211 Website: http://drmarcantel.com

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          • What To Expect During Your Initial Visit With Dr Tina Marcantel


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            When a new patient comes in, we like to do a very thorough history and we also do a physical as well. We go over any lab reports that they may have. And it usually takes about an hour to do the initial visit. The history is very important because everybody is an individual and we have to make sure that we get all the details of the patient's history because that will help me to help them. So, I tell people, get ready because I will question you a lot. I will pick your brain per se. And as much as you can, have ready with you, the information that you know, your symptoms especially, your symptomatology. I'm going to ask you about in detail, when it started and the severity of it and such as that. And also the history, we have paper work here because I want to see, get an in depth look at the patient's history, his genetics and all that. So, I also do a thorough physical on a person, just to rule out any abnormalities. We do an abdominal exam. We do eyes, ears, nose, throat. We check the thyroid, the lymph nodes. We do quite a number of things, your blood pressure, heart and lungs as well. And then, the person will usually with a blood lab slip and they will usually leave if there's an indication of symptomatology, leading to suspicion of a hormonal imbalance. I will have them do a saliva test, check all the different hormones. And then, after all that's done, we'll have them come back in a couple of weeks and we'll go over everything. Over here, my belief is to educate the patient. Education will empower people. And so, I do spend quite a length of time, going over the test with the patient, giving them the information, a copy of their test and giving them the information and then, we come up with a protocol.

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            • Dr Tina Marcantel Education Background As A Naturopathic Doctor


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              So basically, I was a nurse for many years, about 20 years. And I decided to go back to school, to be a naturopathic physician. I was getting a bit frustrated with some of the things that I saw. We weren't getting to the root cause of people's problems. And so, I wanted to try to help people at a holistic level. Not only take care of the root cause of the problems, but also involve the spiritual, emotional, psychic, as well as the body. So, I decided to pack up my bags and my kids and my husband and I came out here from Galveston, Texas, came to Tempe, Arizona and went to a four-year program in Tempe, Arizona, a naturopathic program, and have been practicing since 2003.

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              • Take A Look Inside Dr. Tina Marcantels Health and Nutrition Supplement Store


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                We have what we call a Medicinary here and we have quite a number of supplements. We also have an online supplement store that's very convenient for our patients and also patients out of state as well. I am a believer in using supplements and vitamins and minerals and botanicals. But I also believe that there are certain times that a patient will need a prescribed medication. So, I consider myself more integrative. I will prescribe if I have to, if the patient really needs it, and then, what we can do is work on some of the root causes of the problem, and work with supplements as well. And then, accordingly, bring the person more into a balance. Some times, people will get low vitamin D on their blood reports and we will give them vitamin D. These are just examples. Or they have iron deficiency anemia. We have some natural iron supplements here. All kinds of different supplements. We do detox over here as well. So, we have detox supplements. And, of course, I'm a firm believer in doing vegetable and fruit smoothies in the morning and put a little bit of protein in there. We have different protein shakes. Some of that balance the pH as well. And for those that are vegetarian, we have Pea Protein powder. So, as you can see, we have such a variety of different supplements here. Also a lot of people come here that are under stress and they have difficulty sleeping at night. We have some wonderful botanicals that help people to relax and sleep. Some people are in an on-mode all the time, so they're releasing a whole bunch of cortisol at night and it's keeping them awake. We have some wonderful botanicals here that will actually help to decrease that cortisol load at night, so that, you can sleep.

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                • Learn About The Benefits of Acupuncture With Dr. Tina Marcantel NMD


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                  Acupuncture, what we do is, we insert very tiny needles in different areas, acupuncture points. We look at the meridians. And when we talk about the meridians, I give the analogy of the blood vessels in our body. We have blood flowing throughout our body. Same thing with the meridians, except it's energy flowing through these meridians. There are certain times that, for one reason or the other, energy gets stuck. And so, we use acupuncture as a way to keep the chi, which is the energy flowing, so to promote better health.

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