1. The Voice of Freedom: Improving Radio Programs for the Citizens of North Korea


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    Mr. Sangsoo Kim, a news anchorman for the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) station in South Korea, draws upon his previous work producing a television program focusing on North Korean issues to offer his personal views on the various radio stations currently broadcasting to North Korea. He also offers his suggestions on how these stations can continue to grow and expand the information exchange occurring between the North Korean people and those outside the “Hermit Kingdom.” Nathaniel Kretchun of InterMedia and John Knaus of the National Endowment for Democracy provide comments.

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    • Lost Television Episode 1.2: The Clone War


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      We've finished up our second episode of Lost Television. It aired this past Thursday night at 10:00pm. Hopefully we had a few more viewers. Episode 2 revolves around an out of control experiment that Dr. Lorre was up to. Now the entire ship is littered with clones of Gus. It wasn't exactly Gus that was cloned though, but his alter-ego Gustavo. The whole crew then has to decide on what to do with them all, and decide on a not so practical method.

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      • Lost Television Episode 1.1: Your TV Set Is Not Broken


        from Alfred University Television Added 203 1 1

        The premiere episode of Lost Radio's transition to television. Episode 1 is a bit of a character intro for those of you who are not familiar with Lost Radio. We meet the crew of the Spaghetti and get introduced to their various quirks as they attempt to co-exist, lost in space.

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        • Burma You Can WIN


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          Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) dedicated to heroes of Burma. http://bdcburma.org/Statements.asp?Id=72

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          • Syria’s Democratic Past: Lessons for the Future


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            Dr. Radwan Ziadeh provides an overview of the ongoing struggle between democratic and authoritarian forces in Syria and considers useful lessons for fostering a democratic transition, including a recommendation that Syrian society come to terms with its authoritarian past through a truth and reconciliation commission. Dr. Steven Heydemann offers comments.

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            • HSI Season 1 - Episode 7: I Want My SAT Review


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              Click here to get HSI Season 1 on DVD: http://www.higherscoreinsight.com/store With only two weeks before the test, Nick and Gabby review SAT concepts through a series of outlandish music videos. Mojo confronts a dangerous foe, while Ned and TED face off for control of the world's vocabulary black market. With their world turned upside down, the students are left open to Distraction Dan's final ploy for their attention... Higher Score Insight is a tribe of creative individuals. We believe learning doesn't have to suck, and we're working on proving it. Let us know what you think!

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              • HSI Season 1 - Episode 4: The Critical Reading Strategies Detention Gang


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                Click here to get HSI Season 1 on DVD: http://www.higherscoreinsight.com/store When Nick and Gabby enter Assistant Principal McCauley's hostile world of Saturday School, they join forces with a few other students to attack an impossible task: using detention time effectively. Will Gabby's head explode before she learns all the strategies for the SAT's Critical Reading section? Does Talking Mushroom overcome his awkward teenage angst to ask out the Misfit Indie Girl or that Cheerleader? Can McCauley catch the culprits behind the recent influx of high-grade vocab flooding his hallways? How many cliffhangers does it take to guarantee that you'll watch the episode now? Hopefully, no more than 4. Higher Score Insight is a tribe of creative individuals. We believe learning doesn't have to suck, and we're working on proving it. Let us know what you think!

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                • Shrinking from Brainwashing: The Russian Media’s Response to Political Challenges


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                  Nearly 20 years after the demise of communism, Russia’s democracy is backsliding and its political system is “reverting to type.” This process of “de-democratization” under Vladimir Putin and his successor Dmitry Medvedev is particularly obvious with regard to freedom of the press. The government has succeeded in placing most influential media outlets, primarily national television channels, under its effective control, while independent voices are silenced through a wide range of methods, including the threat of criminal prosecution, harassment and, in extreme cases, terror. However, much of the responsibility for this drastic situation lies with the media community itself, which appears, by and large, neither ready nor willing to stand up for their professional and human rights. Prominent Russian editor, Nikolay Rudenskiy, draws from his extensive experience working within the Russian media landscape and shares his views on the current state of Russian journalism and what he calls the “three C’s” of the Russian media community: conformity, cynicism, and corruption. John Squier provides comments.

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                  • NED - Wonder Why (Dancing Particles)


                    from Ryiort Added

                    Music used is "NED - Wonder Why" off their album "Widescreen." Wanted to try some different music with a bit more tempo to it (as opposed to music with pauses in it, which usually is the best for this kind of thing). I split the bass and treble/vocals into two tracks (as I don't have Sound Keys). Treble/vocals drive the motion, while the colouring is mostly done with the bass track. The video has a few small quirks, but I honestly can't be bothered to re-render it with fixes :) And with this video I think it's time to move on from this style of particles ;) Done in After Effects using Trapcode Particular 2 ( http://trapcode.squarespace.com ). Inspired by the wonderful "Let Yourself Feel" ( http://www.vimeo.com/6045312 ) video by Esteban Diácono.

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                    • DJ SULTAN & NED Lets Get Physical Interview with LEE KALT - WMC promo - House Music TV 177


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                      http://www.HouseMusicTv.com - For when you want to WATCH more than you want to LISTEN... DJ SULTAN & NED Lets Get Physical Interview WMC 08 -HMTV 162

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