1. "Angles Mirror" (2013) by Daniel Rozin


    from bitforms gallery / Added

    Daniel Rozin "Angles Mirror", 2013 465 plastic spokes, motors, video camera, control electronics, custom software, microcontroller, steel armature 7.7 x 7 x 3 ft / 2.35 x 2.13 x .93 m edition of 6 The "Angles Mirror" rejects the idea of building a picture based on relative lightness and darkness. Instead, it explores a system of linear rotation that indicates the direction of an object’s contour. A wall-mounted sculpture, the "Angles Mirror" is a sharp triangular block of steel, dotted with yellow indicator arms that pivot. Based on the isometric grid, its structure favors the patterns and angles found in an equilateral triangle. The arms, which do not have the ability to change brightness or luminosity, use input from a camera and reconstruct the view with areas of varying angles. The negative space surrounding a viewer is translated into horizontal lines on the picture plane. Rather than creating a photorealistic image, the three-dimensional movement of a figure is represented, visualizing optical flow as viewer’s proximity to the sculpture changes. A nuanced contour results, as the viewer shifts back and forth, altering how the structure of space is perceived. Similar to "Fan Mirror", in the "Angles Mirror", the sequence of movement across the picture plane is directed in part by its audience. When the viewer walks away from the work, or chooses to view the sculpture from a distance, a series of predefined images and transitions cover the object’s surface. Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc. To learn more about Daniel Rozin's work, please visit: bit.ly/nLESCP bit.ly/AmsFdp

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    • Vertical Framing Video Essay


      from Miriam Ross / Added

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      This video essay accompanies a written version in Issue 24 of Refractory (refractory.unimelb.edu.au/). For more thoughts on vertical framing you can check out miriamruthross.wordpress.com/vertical-media/

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      • Electrosmog Montréal


        from Jean-Pierre Aube / Added

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        The radiofrequency spectrum is at the heart of telecommunications, used by police, emergency personnel and public transport services, as well as the armed forces. Every day, this spectrum ensures the proper functioning of mobile phones and wireless devices. Seen as an essential resource by some and as a health hazard by others, the electromagnetic fields generated by radiofrequency spectrum activity have multiplied exponentially since humans first learned to harness electricity. In his Electrosmog series, Jean-Pierre Aubé searches out ambient radio frequency activity in the urban landscape of Montréal, which for Aubé forms a singular territory, characterized by its density in the city and by the political and economic issues that accompany it. Equipped with a radio, an antenna, and home-made software, the artist sweeps the titular spectrum of radio frequencies. Every tenth of a second, the device takes a snapshot of its readings – a measure of electromagnetic activity on a specific frequency. This information is then paired with images of Montréal, digitally altered by these same measurements, to create a “documentary in sound” of the city’s spaces. Montréal, well-known to the artist after years of radiofrequency experiments here, is the eighth city in which Aubé has measured and visually presented this urban Electrosmog. Electrosmog, Montréal, 01.1 MHz - 144 MHz, 2012 Text from the CCA and Elektra - video abstract original length : 11 minutes - built with Processing

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        • impress - flexible display


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          Final documentation of my flexible display. More information: www.silkehilsing.de/impress

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          • Content is Queen


            from Sergio Albiac / Added

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            "Content is Queen" is a video art series of generative portraits that reflects on the foundations of democracy and the resilient nature of the structures of power. At the same time, it is a paradoxical dialogue and strange marriage between the banal and the utterly majestic: to create the series, the most popular (in a truly democratic sense) internet videos of a given moment are used as the input of a generative process that "paints" with action the portrait of the Queen. On a technical level, this piece is a result of my research in breaking the limitations of the static image in a contemporary revision of the tradition of painting. The portraits are created using an innovative generative technique that I have developed called "generative video painting". It differs from previous attempts of video collage (like the techniques developed by David Hockney, mixing simultaneous points of view of an action) or video mosaic (where still images are represented by whole videos acting as pixels when properly reduced in size). My technique uses regions of video content to effectively represent or "paint" heterogeneous regions of the image. Both the partial content of the videos and the whole image are fully visible at the same time, widening the possibilities to deliver meaning in a contemporary aesthetic language. To better experience this piece as a painting, there is no sound. See it full screen to enjoy details. The generative process is implemented using Processing (www.processing.org). Many thanks to Andres Colubri (GSVideo library) and the whole Processing community. www.sergioalbiac.com

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            • NECLUMI - a probable future of jewellery?


              from ◥ panGenerator / Added

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              NECLUMI is the first ever projection-based interactive necklace. Are we willing to abandon atoms of gold for the waves of light ? At the current stage the whole setup is based on iPhone running custom app and a picoprojector connected via hdmi cable and attached to the wearers chest. Given the rate of miniaturisation of the picoprojector technology and observing the trend of wearables treated more as jewellery and fashion accessories rather than just gadgets, we predict that wearable projection and projection-based jewellery become a reality in a few years. We’re currently committed to create a standalone version of the project and we’re opened for funding and collaboration. www.neclumi.com www.wearableprojection.com www.pangenerator.com PROJECT CREDITS: Jakub Koźniewski - original concept, design, development Piotr Barszczewski - iOS dev support VIDEO CREDITS: Jakub Koźniewski - camera and video editing / grading / graphic design Katarzyna Grzeszczak - model Magda Grabowska - neclumi "voiceover" Music: "May" by Marcel Pequel (http://www.last.fm/music/Marcel+Pequel) - video edit

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              • NEWMEDIA


                from molistudio / Added

                Visit us! http://molistudio.com La Plata, Argentina HD Version Recommended ·· Direction & CG Animation Julian Cooke · Sebastian Dias ENG: As seen in many sci-fi films tapes, we've been invaded again, but this time is our own fault: We've created New Media. They've dominated the human race, changing themselves into biomecanical appearance self-sufficient organisms. Far from the action footage and the explosions which define this film genre, the world is now an unshakeable place; victim of the alienation caused by the sent signals. ESP: Como en muchas cintas de ciencia ficción, hemos sido invadidos nuevamente, pero esta vez la culpa es nuestra: hemos creado a los medios de comunicación. Ellos han dominado a la especie humana, convirtiéndose en organismos autónomos de apariencia biomecánica. Lejos de la acción y las explosiones que caracterizan este género fílmico, el mundo es un lugar imperturbable; víctima de la alienación provocada por las señales enviadas. Soundtrack by Doomdozer

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                • Movecraft Demo Reel


                  from Colin Evoy Sebestyen / Added

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                  For my demo reel, I've decided to try something new. I've open-sourced every project, sharing all of the source files. New source files for 2015! Get them here: http://www.movecraft.com/demo Many thanks! @colin_movecraft colin@movecraft.com www.movecraft.com

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                  • "Voice Array" at MCA Sydney (2011) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer


                    from bitforms gallery / Added

                    "Voice Array," 2011 Subsculpture 13 intercom, 576 white LED lights, holosonic speaker, custom-made hardware and software display dimensions variable "Voice Array" is a construction for vocal improvisation that uses blinking LEDs and a customized intercom system of audio playback and recording. Capturing hundreds of voices and translating each one into a series of light flashes, the piece stores a unique pattern as a loop in the first light of the array, until the next participant speaks into the intercom. Each new recording is pushed along its long horizontal band of LEDs, as sounds of the voices gradually accumulate. When the first voice reaches the other side of the piece, the participant’s phrase is once again released as sound, punctuated by the staggering pulsation of all the lights in tandem. The ever-changing voices stored by the piece play back through a directional speaker, during moments of less activity. Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc. To learn more about Lozano-Hemmer's work, please visit: http://bit.ly/pSbJgx http://bit.ly/HeemCA

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                    • Nike+ City Runs


                      from yesyesno / Added

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                      For the launch of the Nike Free Run+ 2 City Pack series, YesYesNo was invited to develop software that would allow runners to create dynamic paintings with their feet using their Nike+ GPS run data. During the two day workshop at Nike headquarters, we invited the participants to record their runs and then using our custom software we imported the metrics from their run, to create visuals based on the speed, consistency and unique style of each person's run. Using the software the participants were able to play with the mapping and adjust the composition of their run which was then outputted as a high resolution print for them to take home. We also worked with the Innovation Lab at Nike to laser etch the runner's name, the distance they ran and their run path onto a custom fabricated shoe box, which contained a pair of the 'City Pack' shoes from their city of origin. The second part was a retail installation which visualized a year's worth of runs from the Nike+ website. We made custom software that played back runs throughout three cities: New York, London and Tokyo. The runs showed tens of thousands of peoples runs animating the city and bringing it to life. You can see individual runs, as well as the collective energy of all the urban runners. Credits: Produced in collaboration with DualForces. YesYesNo Team: Zach Lieberman, Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson. Software was made with openFrameworks v007b and uses Moka's ofxTileSaver addon. Project Page: http://yesyesno.com/nike-city-runs

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