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    DATAFLUX investigates the possibilities of using live software patches to render synesthetic audio and visual installations. The piece uses a software counting mechanism to step between scenes and sequences. Projections are beamed onto a motorised mirror allowing for wider displacement which is also triggered via the same system. Size and locations for the reshaping white squares are changed on every beat, allowing for the movement streams that you can see, this relocation creates an internal message that allows the software to fluidly render these changes. It is this concept of a hidden working system that I aim to represent with this work. I want to visually represent the mechanics of the software program. As of yet this installation will last one minute twenty before the viewer will be presented with a loop point, however with inclusions such as randomizers and out of phase oscillations there is the possibility of an artificially generated sequence with perpetual transformation. The sound is made up of four pre-rendered two channel linear streams that are re-triggered every 30 seconds, developed in a way to seem to be a more complex live point to point triggering system (the lack of a fully live soundscape was due to lack of developmental time). Heavy sub bass information was present and a strobe effect is also triggered once every 60 seconds. These extreme audiovisual elements were included to heighten the sensory effects the work has on the participant, and to attempt to draw a connection between virtual and physical/environmental intricacies. The installation aims to represent the notion of pushing capacities in order to assist in envisaging further developments. The layout of the pillars are based on the existence of a fixed large pillar located in the centre of the room. I am planning for Engimatica in February to more dynamically represent a digitally choreographed environment. To my indiscretion and perhaps paradoxically, Enigmatica will be made up of a completely pre-rendered looping linear stream, there will be no live software elements. www.kitwebster.com

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      Enigmatica acts as an experimental platform for the combination of light, sound and space. A series of suspended frames diminish in size down the length of the gallery acting as a canvas for the display of surface specific projected visual sequences. Within this constructed inter-dimensionality and through the development of abstract visual and sonic sequences I aim to create an illusory enigmatic environment whilst demonstrating the potential for new forms of digital sculpture. Presented at Mars Gallery, Melbourne Continued with ENIGMATICA NOVA http://vimeo.com/15015638 www.kitwebster.com

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      • Rapid Projection Mapping System


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        www.everyoneishappy.com I developed a very fast and flexible projection mapping system which we were asked to present at Pecha Kucha Brisbane. This was part of that demonstration, however the same setup can very rapidly map out all sorts of shapes. There are a couple of cuts, but NO post FX at all, I promise. Developed in VVVV. Programing: Kyle McLean Editing: Eva Luenig Camera work: Pancho Colladetti Music: Antony Raijekov (CC BY) http://tony.cult.bg/

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        • Lounge C - New Media Art Process


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          Mapping Projection, Light Sculpture, TimeBased Art Installation, you name it! Moleculagem was hired to do visuals on a pre-made surface/sculpture for Lounge C, an ambient party , based in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Lounge C Project and Direction/Caio Mario Mutz Art Installation Video Architecture/Moleculagem Object/Natalia Weidlich e Jair de Souza MUSIC Eletronic/ Negale Jones and Tony Viegas Classical/ Felipe Prazeres and Quarteto Rio de Janeiro Consulting/ Heloisa Fischer Design Brand/ Vinte Zero Um Pics/ Daniel Basil, Andre Pantoja, Pedro Conforti Production/ Aline Ferreira and Piero Carvalho Press/ Patricia Simões for more info check:http://www.bevarela.com/cat/02a-lounge-c-newmediaart/

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          • Moulting Fridge


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            Live performance video done after two days of residence at the festival "Just Pour Nous" in the TOTEM (Territory Organzied Temporarily In Merveillous Space) Maxeville (54) France, Art factory held by the company Materia Prima. Media created on the spot, video broadcast on a facade of 8m high covered by doors of refrigerators (which is part of the permanent decoration of the place). Ambient sound played live by llwyt on one of his sculptures / instruments. Performance video live réalisée après deux jours de résidence dans le cadre du festival "Juste Pour Nous" au T.O.T.E.M (Territoire Organisé Temporairement en Espace Merveilleux) à Maxeville (54), Art factory tenu par la compagnie Materia Prima. Medias créés sur place, video diffusée sur une facade de 8m de haut recouverte par des portes de refrigerateurs (éléments faisant partis du décor permanent du lieu). Son ambiant joué en Live par llwyt, sur une de ses sculptures/instruments. Video: Diez www.myspace.com/diez54 sound: llwyt www.myspace.com/lllwyt Totem: http://www.totem-totem.com Materia Prima: http://www.myspace.com/materiaprimaartfactory Festival: Juste Pour Nous www.myspace.com/tournesolarts Moulting Fridge by Bachorz Cedric "diez" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 France License.Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at diez54@gmail.com.

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            • Musical Visions Server


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              www.everyoneishappy.com Following separate channels of live music, the server projects responsive media back on to the performers and their environment. Developed in VVVV. Programing: Kyle McLean Musicians: Eva Luenig, Delany Delaney, Kyle McLean Camera work: Pancho Colladetti

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              • Antivj presents: Light Sculpture


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                Antivj is a visual label www.antivj.com Sculpture "Halbzeug" by visomat inc. Live visuals by Joanie Lemercier Music: Sleeparchive

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                • Proj'IT v1.0


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                  Extract of live visual Video Projection mapping, based on 252 post it, each square is made with 4 post it. All media are created for this project, with after effect, photoshop and Maya Sound: DJ El padrino (www.myspace.com/drumadelik) some pictures of v1.2, MOST representative on: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=436629460&albumId=916834 Proj It by Bachorz Cedric "diez" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 France License.Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at diez54@gmail.com.

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                  • ScareMail


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                    ScareMail 2013 web browser extension ScareMail is a web browser extension that makes email "scary" in order to disrupt NSA surveillance. Extending Google's Gmail, the work adds to every new email's signature an algorithmically generated narrative containing a collection of probable NSA search terms. This "story" acts as a trap for NSA programs like PRISM and XKeyscore, forcing them to look at nonsense. Each email's story is unique in an attempt to avoid automated filtering by NSA search systems. More information and software download at: http://bengrosser.com/projects/scaremail/

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                    • "Angles Mirror" (2013) by Daniel Rozin


                      from bitforms gallery / Added

                      Daniel Rozin "Angles Mirror", 2013 465 plastic spokes, motors, video camera, control electronics, custom software, microcontroller, steel armature 7.7 x 7 x 3 ft / 2.35 x 2.13 x .93 m edition of 6 The "Angles Mirror" rejects the idea of building a picture based on relative lightness and darkness. Instead, it explores a system of linear rotation that indicates the direction of an object’s contour. A wall-mounted sculpture, the "Angles Mirror" is a sharp triangular block of steel, dotted with yellow indicator arms that pivot. Based on the isometric grid, its structure favors the patterns and angles found in an equilateral triangle. The arms, which do not have the ability to change brightness or luminosity, use input from a camera and reconstruct the view with areas of varying angles. The negative space surrounding a viewer is translated into horizontal lines on the picture plane. Rather than creating a photorealistic image, the three-dimensional movement of a figure is represented, visualizing optical flow as viewer’s proximity to the sculpture changes. A nuanced contour results, as the viewer shifts back and forth, altering how the structure of space is perceived. Similar to "Fan Mirror", in the "Angles Mirror", the sequence of movement across the picture plane is directed in part by its audience. When the viewer walks away from the work, or chooses to view the sculpture from a distance, a series of predefined images and transitions cover the object’s surface. Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc. To learn more about Daniel Rozin's work, please visit: bit.ly/nLESCP bit.ly/AmsFdp

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