1. Tempa T & The xx - Hype Time (BKRY Remix) Snippet


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    A video I produced for a remix of The xx - Night Time and Tempa T - Next Hype produced by Sam Baker. https://soundcloud.com/sambakermusic

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    • DGAFEST 2013


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      This took place during two nights over the 4th of July weekend. NextHype threw together 16 DJ's from around the world, a foam pit, a two story tall water slide, bikinis and Hot Mom USA to form what we will remember as DGAFEST 2013! Track: Swindle - Airmiles

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      • Nu Brand Flexxx - "PROJECT: CHERRYADE" ft Boyadee, Darq E Freaker, Peigh & Wonder


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        NU BRAND FLEXXX : @NuBrandFlexxx - PROJECT: CHERRYADE Artist: @BOYADEE @DarqEFreaker @PEIGH @WONDERBOY__ Video: @HVRRICANEHAROLD & J.V.NTEH [Hook 1: Darq E Freaker] BILL IT REAL HARD, bill it-bill it, REAL HARD BILL IT REAL HARD, bill it-bill it, REAL HARD x 2 [Verse 1: Boyadee] Now I could write bars till my pens empty, But too many wanna be the best mc I'd rather make P's from the hits that I wrote, And drive round the mannor in the best M3 I remember when we started this ting, Came in the game on a fardarissh ting Video killed the radio star, Bare man weren't eating on a margarish ting So you wanna be the best but why? I felt what you feel cause i came from grime But had to think should I really care for a scene where the best DJs an ex Forum guy? No sending... True say Grimes in my heart till the ending Even tho most of the scenes been far from friendly, I'd still two's anyone of them on the lem ting We're the best and we don't need a panel to know this, And yes we could've put a lot more out But a shark don't have to be told hes a shark, If hes stuck in a pool full of goldfish (huh) We're different, so they outkast us in an instant But the hits still bang like a piston, that is all... Thanks for listening. [Verse 2: Darq E Freaker] Smoking this Damien Marley it got me feeling gnarly (OUFF!) Cowabunga surfs up dude, I ride the wave like it's a Harley* *Davis, I'm out for the money, punani I get without asking All these bums are pissed at the shit that I do-do, I got them going potty (WHAT?) And you're lame I'm sorry, I've got the market & I'm off my trolley Anybody that want it please come & get bodied, I walk like I've got the blood of a tiger I think I'm Charlie Sheen, hash #winning , Zack Morris And right now I'm higher than mount everest, I'm a forest on fire the way I burn green quick And I ain't even Shaggy but I'm boombastic, so flash don't be looking if you're epileptic You're more gassed than a petrol pump, man say that I'm like an 0'12 Slick Rick My man ball in the club... Henry, Three thou behind the bar... Andre You're an Outkast, Big Boi but you never bade, I'm ah scar the fabric of time like Cherryade [Bridge: Boyadee] #1 hit (HO!)... #2 hits (HEY!)... #3 hits (HO!)... #4 hits (HEY!)... #5 hits (HO!)... #6 hits (HEY!)... 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, now we getting high [Hook 2: Darq E Freaker] BILL IT REAL HARD, bill it-bill it, REAL HARD BILL IT REAL HARD, bill it-bill it, REAL HARD BILL IT REAL HARD, bill it-bill it, REAL HARD And I don't think I'm coming down anytime baby [Verse 3: Peigh] I'm in Café 1001, I am my mums first born son I damage my liver and my lungs, With the liquor and an 8 ball of punk Bigger buds if I'm billing up a blunt, A little blicker been away in the sun I'm in a string vest - no singlet, Rab C. Nesbitt I'm the messiest drunk Ain't paid for a drink in ages, Promoters know the deal when we're fucking up the stages, They bringing drinks by the cases, Still getting paid ain't coming out the wages Nah - I have far from made it, The road I live on is still full of racist I'm getting darker now - I'm in the departure lounge, I see my dreams on the run then I chase it Pocket full of Pepé Le Pew, 5 star - 10th floor - birds eye view Sound like a broken record on loop, But I'm fully on attracting birds like you Southend Pier, with my cousin Pierre, Two bad bitches in the BM coupé It's so clear you are not near, I keep on going like I'm stuck on loop [Verse 4: Wonder] Wonder I am, Nu Brand we are, Bringing it life the game needs CPR Spirits, smoke, we got it in da mix, Take a hit, watch the rizla, kick In-hale keep it locked in like jail, Release like your 1st week of sales And hope that u end up at the top of the charts, Or u could be swimming where the stingrays are Grime scene... From the bottoms where i climbed up, Please pass the mic your times up And Stand over there with your hands up, You've got a shit flow and your swags off Really I'm taking piss, Mc's don't want they want from dis I think that they're lost in the sauce, Crabs in a pot and I'm holding the torch She wants to roll wig W, While rolling up that W So I show her my bag of tricks, And she pulls out the riz and cigs She starts to strip... And then she grinds it... She starts to lick... Man I wanna take a hit... (Man I wanna take a hit!) [Bridge: Boyadee] [Pre Hook: Bianka Lee] Real high baby, real-real high baby Real high baby, real-real high baby Real high baby, real-real high baby I don't think I'm coming down anytime baby [Hook: Darq E Freaker]

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        • DGAF : Foam Party [Fall 2012 Promo]


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          We finally made it back for another Saturday night at the Colosseum! However, this time we came equipped with ponchos, a handful of plastic bags, and some elastic bands to protect our cameras from an onslaught of foam and champagne. DGAF is STILL our favorite gig to film. And this is why. https://www.facebook.com/NextHYPEPVD Track: Zedd ft Ellie Goulding - Fall Into The Sky [Ripped from the live Area 6 set which you can find here: http://soundcloud.com/area-6/dgaf-foam-party-set]

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          • DGAF - Pajama Party Stop Motion Video


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            A stop motion video made from over 3,000 photos taken at the DGAF Pajama Party in the Colosseum Providence. Brought to you by NextHype Providence: http://www.fb.com/pages/NextHYPE/217137151645942. If you dig the video please like my Photography Fan Page: http://www.fb.com/kevinjamesphoto

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            • Joseph McToolio Massetti


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              Joseph McToolio Massetti gives us his interpretation of the GrimeSoc Anthem. Apologies for the slightly poor sound quality.

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              • DGAF 1.28.2012


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                Night club promo video for NextHype Providence to promote DGAF at the Colosseum.

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                • Damian Daviid and Michael Savant DGAF Dec 23, 2011


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                  Damian Daviid is playing DGAF at The Colosseum on Saturday, New Years Eve! NEXTHYPE cellardoves.com colosseumprov.com scroll down for photos

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                  • NextHYPE Providence: DGAF


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                    Every Saturday night, NextHype Providence throws the biggest and best Dubstep event known in Rhode Island. These nights are LOUD. The atmosphere is vivacious and the weekly event is fittingly known as Don't Give a Fuck Saturdays... or as the dedicated fan base likes to call it: DGAF. We wanted this video to be a lot different than our past two releases with NextHYPE. This video is as intimate as it is hectic. The final product aims to pull and push the material to create something completely unique and stand out in its own right. Song: Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

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                    • Is Anyone Up in Providence


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                      Providence, Rhode Island was the home to the first ever ISANYONEUP sponsored party. Organized by the fun loving NextHYPE Providence, no one was prepared for how ridiculous that night was. It was raunchy, crowded, out of hand and exactly what someone would think an ISANYONEPARTY would be like. This video and its contents are R-Rated (and fairly polite compared to what actually went down). It is NSFW and intended for mature (18+) audiences only. Song: Tremourz & J. Rabbit - Sexy Party (Terravita Remix) Filmed at The Coliseum in Providence, Rhode Island. (NextHYPE's weekly DGAF night)

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