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    As we approach the beginning of the 2015 season, I wanted to rid myself of all the left over footage I had of Clayton and his 86' Corolla. If not for the fact that it would make a neat little edit, but simply because I needed the space for more footage. I desperately need more content. NIGHT TERRORS DRIFT X STREET RODDER CLUB IG: @justanotherbluesbrother @olsonberger facebook.com/themnightterrors Shot using Pentax "Potato" KX 18-55MM, 10-17mm and 85-200mm. Music: m.A.A.d City - Kendrick Lamar

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    • 27 Seconds of Nothing


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      (Forgot to mention we usually film nothing over the offseason, mostly due to the presence of snow and lack of garage space) But I digress, here's 27 seconds of nothing (AKA how women refer to your sexual performance), 9 seconds of which are of a rabbit who sits outside of our house that we affectionately refer to as "Bugs" AKA the most cliche rabbit name ever. There are some hidden gems in here, like a preview of some apparel, & a new look for my 240sx etc. NIGHT TERRORS DRIFT X STREET RODDER CLUB IG: @justanotherbluesbrother @olsonberger www.facebook.com/themnightterrors Shot using Pentax "Potato" KX 18-55MM, 10-17mm and 85-200mm. Music: After School - Dom Kennedy

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      • "Children's Pedcast," Episode 2: Dr. Keith Cavanaugh on sleep health


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        Dr. Keith Cavanaugh and Karen Johnson, APRN, of the Children's Sleep Center in St. Paul talk about healthy sleep habits for kids from newborns to teens. They cover children and schedules, sleep apnea, daylight saving time, teens and technology, and other sleep habits, both good and bad, providing information for parents and kids.

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        • Nightmare: Soothing a Scared Child


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          Halloween may have left a lasting impression on your child. Pediatricians notice a spike in nightmares following the holiday high. “Especially around Halloween if your kid has been watching scary movies or things are a little more frightening or someone said something about boogie men,” says Lee Memorial Health System Pediatrician Dr. Denise Drago. “We’ll hear about a lot more nightmares.” Three-year old Grace Jacobs just entered prime-time for nightmares. They are most common in preschoolers, up to about age six. “Typically if she’s having a nightmare we just try and comfort her the best that we can and try to let her know everything will be okay,” says her mom Lisa Jacobs. That’s actually just what the doctor ordered. Soothing a scared child begins with making them feel secure. “When they do wake up from a nightmare it’s important to listen to what they had a bad dream about and re-assure them why that’s not necessarily going to happen. Not just say it’s a bad dream,” says Dr. Drago. One parent trap is offering too much comforting. Letting a child bunk with you for the night can set a bad precedent. And it doesn’t resolve anything. “As long as you’re reassuring the child, ‘there are no monsters in your closet, mommy and daddy are right down the hall.’ what you don’t want to do is bring them in your bed because that gets them to go to sleep faster,” says Dr. Drago. Sometimes neutral territory may be the next best thing. Without promise of staying with you- they can transition back to their own room. “I know a lot of people will put their children in their bed to try and get them through it. We’re lucky enough we have a little couch,” says Jacobs. By handling it with care, you may be able to enjoy fewer night terrors and more sweet dreams. View More Health Matters video segments at leememorial.org/healthmatters/ Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of medical care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For nearly a century, we’ve been providing our community with everything from primary care treatment to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Visit leememorial.org

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          • Night Terrors - Trailer


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            Night Terrors (2014) Produced, Written & Directed By: Joshua Powers Starring: Sawyer Bell, David Allen Norton, Eric Hanson, Michelle Hirst Score by: Timothy Collins

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            • Pavor Nocturnus


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              This is the animated short film I made for my final project on my design course. "Pavor Nocturnus" means "Night Terror" in latin. The key thing I wanted to express with this piece is the pure chaos of having a Night Terror, the contrast between the peaceful dreams of sleep and the violent, screaming and thrashing of utter terror. It’s difficult to describe what it feels like. There is no feeling or awareness other than that of pure inconsolable fear. Imagine, if you can, being caught in a seemingly infinite abyss of blackness that is somehow simultaneously claustrophobic. I thought about claustrophobic places and the factors that united them. That is to say feelings of entrapment, thin rays of light disappearing under an irreversibly sealing door. These are the kinds of potent feelings I remember the morning after a Night Terror. My earliest ideas revolved around distilling these feelings into their simplest symbolic forms such as a black hole, a prison or cage. I soon came to the conclusion that what was difficult to describe may also be difficult to convey in any kind of literal way. I reasoned that matters of the dreaming world are perhaps best dealt with metaphorically. When the night comes, it is shown in the form of a benign moth. This moth deposits dusty sand that forms the stuff of dreams. In remarkably short periods of time, we dream up infinitely varying stories and scenarios. Like the dream architecture in this piece, dreams are fantastical yet fragile. Any kind of disturbance can shatter our dreams and bring us to a confused awakening. When I am in the throes of a Night Terror, it destroys both my dreams and those of the people around me. The once tranquil moth now tramples and eats away at the dreams it had made, until there is nothing left but primal, abyssal terror. Like a sand castle toppling under its own weight, my screams of terror rouse me into a fitful, confused awakening. Gathering my thoughts, I look around only to see that what seemed like an eternity of nothingness was, in fact, mere seconds. Select quotations from Dante’s Inferno highlight the resemblance between the chaos of a Night Terror and a descent into the funnel of Hell.

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              • Night Terrors Trailer


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                Night Terrors (2013) is a feature-length horror anthology, chronicling the night Maddie had to stay home to watch her little brother, Willem. When he asks to hear some stories before bed, Maddie decides to get back at him by spinning the most thorn-covered yarns she can think of. Three half-hour short films fill up Willem’s head with dread before bed. In Massacre on 34th Street, a maniacal Santa Claus puts everyone on the naughty list. In Baby Killer, a loving father and distinguished professor does the unthinkable to save his daughter’s life. And finally in Abstinence, a new flesh-eating virus is taking over the bodies and minds of an entire college campus and it’s up to two nerds to outlive it. Maddie may have shaken her brother up, but will he be the only one sleeping tonight? Produced by Weird on Top Pictures, distributed by Alternative Cinema through their Camp Motion Pictures imprint. Above is a trailer for the film.

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                • Night Terrors Teaser Trailer


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                  The teaser to Motion Art Collective's "Night Terrors," a short film that follows the path of a war veteran's struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and coping with life after returning home. https://www.facebook.com/nightterrors14

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                  • Night Terrors - Non Human


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                    Idea & Editing: Kate Zelentsova Visuals: Doctor Who 2005 6x09 Night Terrors Music: Boris Nonte, Gregg Lehrman – Non Human No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to their respective owners.

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