1. Paris Vol. 5


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    Entry from July 27, 2009 "We are jet-lagged and exhausted. The alarm blared at 4:30 am. Without opening my eyes I hit the snooze. "Just five more minutes" I told myself… "Lets go dude" a groggy voice commanded from the background. I didn't move. Out of nowhere, a pillow slammed down on my head, the mattress is lifted out from under me, and I hit the hardwood floor just missing my camera bag. "Ugh not again" I thought, but I knew he was right, we needed to hustle across the city and get our cameras rolling before sunrise. " We were in Paris with only a week to shoot. Armed with top of the line cameras, fresh batteries, memory card wallets, and our favorite glass. The game-plan was to shoot as much as possible and to motivate each other when we were exhausted from staring down the viewfinder. Time-lapses were just an afterthought. Seen a couple. Heard a bit on what it takes to get one done. But when we stepped off the plane in Paris, we had never seen the sky as beautiful as it was. Some twenty two hours later, we slept...at least tried to... We had never shot a time-lapse before, we had never put one together. We were just two guys who came to Paris to photograph. To make beautiful images. And we did. And we didn't stop. It became a battle against our batteries. " Why take one when you can take one-thousand" we'd laugh. Sometimes staying at a spot all day. Biking or walking from place to place. Mispronouncing words we didn't know. Two more packs of Camel's gone. We shot and shot and uploaded wherever we were. Even ran through the terabyte we brought with us and had to buy another one at Rue Montgalet ( nightmare ). Fell asleep on the Alexander III bridge while the clicks of our camera shutters became an urban lullaby. Wandering around the streets of Paris armed with $20,000 in gear, we took Paris head on. Its a scary feeling when you burn through a 32 gigabyte card before the day is done. You don't see what you're shooting. You compose the first frame and let your subject do the rest. We would wait for that perfect set of clouds or that perfect flare or trail from a plane. And all the while we didn't know what the final product would look like. We were shooting blind. But we wouldn't have had it any other way. The unknown kept us moving. Kept us thinking about what could happen when we return. Kept us thinking about what all these different pieces might say in the end. Changing glass as much as we did, we didn't factor in the amount of sensor dust that would build up. We could never just shoot something once, from one angle, without doing brackets and panoramic builds. It became an obsession. And our shutters paid the price. Back home, it took weeks to get organized. Then it took months working between all these side projects, our main gig at BorrowLenses.com, and the Paris project. Just beginning to think about what we would do with all the clips became overwhelming. There wasn't an obvious flow. There didn't seem to be a complete overall puzzle that could even be constructed with the pieces we had. And the pieces were in pieces. We started building each clip in After Effects. Render. Smoke. Chill. Re-Render. Smoke. Chill. We built around 150 clips out of the time-lapses we shot in Paris. They were flickery, noisy, grainy, bandy but they were ours. And we spent more time trying to fix them than we ever imagined. They were the first of the series. And from a single Clint Mansell song from "The Wrestler" sparked a vision for the Volumes. And once we put the first ones on Vimeo, we knew we had something going. We built the second one with a Tycho song. The third from Flying Lotus. The fourth from Pelican City. And after the fourth volume was built, we saw all these comments about the sensor dust. And THAT ate away at us. So we started from scratch; as if we had just hoped off the plane from Paris. Reorganize, re-edit, recolor, re-render. Days and days of work. Going through entire albums trying to find that one song that would go perfectly with all the clips strung together. But we didn't know how they would all hold together. There was no obvious order again. And we didn't think we could fill the twenty volume quota that we had promised to our fans. So we settled on doing a Director's Cut. A montage of all of the clips: Paris Volume 5. Enter Pigeon Point. We had been shooting a new series called the California Coastline. And we went to Pigeon Point down in Santa Cruz with our friend Matt. At first it didn't seem like a prime spot for time-lapses. But Matt didn't tell us the most amazing thing about Pigeon Point. They installed a new temporary 6-beam setup while the main lighthouse wasn't operational. We shot through the night, edited the next day, and posted on Monday. While we were editing, Mogwai popped into the playlist. To be honest we never sat down and listened to Mogwai with our work but it turned out that Friend of the Night fit that piece like a glove. And so we chose 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong for the first part of Volume 5. And we chose Explosions in the Sky, First Breath After Coma for the last part of the volume. It was perfect. We knew what we did best….Own a spot. Literally shoot the shit out of it. We learned a lot since Paris and shot a ton of other projects since we returned. The constant was a pattern. A style, a flow, a complete piece each in its own right. And we laid down the tracks, and then each clip, piece by piece. We cut and recut and re-rendered and fill gaps and cut tighter and sharper. We began to complete the puzzle. And it became what you see before you. Enjoy it. Its been a long time coming but we think the wait is well worth it. Sincerely, Thom & Vin Music- Mogwai - 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong Explosions in the Sky - First Breath After Coma Follow us @seventhmovement Facebook us http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Seventh-Movement/152426741455631 web: www.seventhmovement.com

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    • Hulkamania


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      Hi, I will continue to post here, but my new work has a home at http://keithloutit.com with updates at: http://facebook.com/Keith.Loutit http://twitter.com/Keith_Loutit ****************** Hulk Hogan & Rick Flair duke it out at the Hulkamania tour in Melbourne, Australia this Saturday. This is an early edit released during the tour dates - to become a short film in the near future. Thanks to Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair and all involved for allowing me to shoot this event. Shot on Nikon D3 and D3s bodies. “HIP SQUARE DANCE” Composed by J Clinton/C Doyle/D Tetau Performed by The Wolverines © Orient Pacific Music. Licensed courtesy of Albert Music. http://www.wolverines.com.au/

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      • ALMA Time-lapse sequences - June 2010


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        25-sec exposures. Nikon D700 (ISO 2500) & D3 (ISO 3200) + Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G lenses. ALMA under construction, Llano de Chajnantor Observatory, Chile, night of 16/17 June 2010. (c) 2010 Jose Francisco Salgado (http://josefrancisco.org) More photography at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/josefranciscosalgado/sets/ On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JFS.photography

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        • 'All I Need'


          from nude X posed / Added

          A moody photo story inspired by this haunting song by Air. Shot with a variety of Nikon glass on a Nikon D3. Processing in Lightroom, edited with Final Cut Pro.

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          • Beautifully Bodypainted


            from nude X posed / Added

            A model becomes a human canvas for amazingly talented bodypaint artist Robyn Janetzki of Always Wicked Art (alwayswickedart.com.au). Shot at Burleigh Heads and the Tallebudgera Valley. Shot with a Nikon D3 & a range of Nikkor lenses. Post using Lightroom, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro & Compressor.

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            • Aurora Borealis - 250 Miles Above the Earth


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              The Aurora Borealis as seen from the International Space Station, 250 miles above the Earth. Indiefest 2015 - Short Films - Winner - Award of Merit Culver City Film Festival 2014 - Winner: Best Cinematography Red Hook Film Festival 2014 - Official Selection I created this time-lapse from over 6000 4256x2832 high-resolution images. Images and astronaut audio files used in this film were provided courtesy of NASA at the following website: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/Videos/CrewEarthObservationsVideos/ Thanks NASA for making this possible! I used Quicktime Pro to create the image sequences at full resolution and then rendered the final .mp4 file in Sony Vegas Pro 11, 1920x1080 24p. I had seen several versions of the ISS time-lapse done by others on Vimeo which provided all the inspiration I needed to create this version with an Aurora Borealis theme. The point-of-view is from around the world. I put the image sequences together moving from the Pacific Ocean heading East across the United States and Canada, over the Atlantic and then over Europe and the Middle East. Thanks to the many who provided tutorials and encouragement. In the process of looking for audio files I found an interesting site about sounds created by the Aurora Borealis interacting with the Earth's atmosphere. They can be heard by monitoring VLF radio signals near the Aurora Borealis Recordings of these sounds can be heard in the beginning and end of the film. Learn more about this natural phenomenon at: http://www.auroralchorus.com/ Music: Time Stream by Steve Kornicki Creative Commons license Downloaded from: vimeo.com/musicstore .

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              • Geminids Meteor Shower 2010


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                movie & piano : mockmoon location : Yashimagahara Marsh Nagano Japan camera & lens : Nikon D3 & AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Battery : Vixen SG1000 Technical Info : 14mm F2.8 ISO10000 5sec WB3400K / total 5724shots

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                • In Line - Stillmotion Short


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                  Profile of Atlanta photographer and inline skater John Kelso Shot as still photographs with a Nikon D3 on a Glidecam 4000 Music by Little Tybee www.myspace.com/littletybee

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                  • Time Lapse Stars & Moon Light


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                    Camera : Nikon D3 Lens : Nikon 14-24F2.8G Exposure : 14mm F2.8 ISO6400 6sec x 4 layers(screen) Software : Adobe After Effect CS3 Music : Orignal

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                    • timelapse: bodypainting by aerosol artist mikey xxi


                      from nude X posed / Added

                      Brisbane aerosol artist Mikey XXI works his magic on the body of model Rachael 'Crashie' Stacey.

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