1. [CS102] Classes and Objects: A Deeper Look


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    Outline (Chapter 8) - Classes an Objects - Static Members - Enumerations - Constructors ------------------------------- This lecture is presented to students of College of Computer and Information Sciences at Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia. Course: Programming II (CS102) Instructor: Anis Koubaa Textbook: Java How to Program February 2014 (Spring 2014) Course Website: http;//www.coins-lab.org/psu/cs102/

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    • 15 May 2012 : Rethinking Persistence: JPA/Hibernate & myBatis Compared


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      If you have an app, it probably talks to a database. In this presentation we'll look closely at the pros and cons of the two most popular approaches to relational database integration: JPA (Hibernate) and myBatis. Our analysis will walk through several topics, including: Developer productivity Caching strategies Debugging Session & transaction management Schema management In particular, we'll walk through a hands-on review of the myBatis 3 (based on simple annotations) and compare and contrast that with the JPA approach. "I wrote a book in 2004 on Hibernate. I've done numerous Hibernate projects large and small, and in 2010 I was a technical expert in a patent case involving object-relational mapping. Now, I'm giving a presentation on myBatis - come find out why!" -Will SPEAKER: Will Iverson, CTO, Dynacron Group Will Iverson is the CTO of Dynacron Group, a Kirkland, WA-based consulting firm focused on delivering software projects based on the principles of Continuous Delivery (Agile, CI, TDD, binary repositories, DevOps, etc.). Will has been working in the computer and information technology field professionally since 1990. His diverse background includes developing statistical applications to analyze data from the NASA Space Shuttle, product management for Apple Computer, and developer relations for Symantec's VisualCafe. For nearly five years, Will ran an independent J2EE consulting company with a variety of clients including Sun, BEA, and Canal+ Technologies. He was Scrum Certified in 2004 by Ken Schwaber. Will worked for SolutionsIQ's Professional Services group as a Practice Director and General Manager, with clients including AT&T, T-Mobile, the State of Washington, and Microsoft.

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      • Day 1, VII National General Semantics Workshop, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Nov 13 2013


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        Vignettes of the discussion from Day 1 at the VII National General Semantics Workshop lead by Gad Horowitz and Shannon Bell 13-16 November 2013; Venue: Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies Saurashtra University, Rajkot. The Discussion is premised on the viewing of two lectures from the radical general semantics series: Event, Object, Label https://vimeo.com/27649924 and The Structural Differential https://vimeo.com/31303654. The original lectures and the discussion covers aspects of the following: Lecture 1: Event, Object, Label--Introducing Korzybski’s STRUCTURAL DIFFERENTIAL, the path breaking invention that brings general-semantics into being: A 3-Dimensional structure that differentiates-and-relates the event level (“what is going on”), the object level, where living beings abstract from and transform the event to construct their experience, and the label levels, where human beings construct meaning-in-language as an abstraction from and transformation of their sensory experience. Lecture 2: The Structural Differential--Using the Structural Differential as a method of neuro-semantic training in consciousness of abstraction, that is, in non-identification: the map is not the territory, i.e, our linguistic maps ought not to be taken as identical with our experience, and our experiential maps ought not to be identified with the event. “Practice at the silent levels” trains the brain-nervous system to ‘see’ afresh rather than always to ‘see as’ pre-defined in language. Thus GS strives to liberate humanity from domination by the Concept, domination which is damaging to life.

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        • Object Lesson - BAM


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          BAM presentation of Geoff Sobelle's "The Object Lesson" - 2014 Created and Performed by Geoff Sobelle Directed by David Neumann Set design by Steven Dufala Sound design by Nick Kourtides Light design by Chris Kuhl Stage Manager - Lisa McGinn Produced by Jecca Barry

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          • Gad Horowitz [(r)GS] Lecture 9 - Etcetera and Chain Index


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            The ninth Radical General Semantics lecture: The object cannot be reduced to the concept Etcetera The subject cannot be reduced to its identities Alterity politics The multi-ordinal index The chain index Gorilla nature and human nature. Radical General Semantics Forum is available at http://radicalgeneralsemantics.websitetoolbox.com/

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            • Illustrator Object Manipulation


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              • 17 Jun 2014 : How I fought with XJC and won!


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                The XML-Java binding tool xjc is most unforgiving if given an imperfect set of xsd files on input, and complains bitterly with a myriad of unfathomable error messages. Given a non-trivial set of xsd files representing an effort in the computer security arena to describe defenders, attackers and programs that do nasty things to your machine, I wrestled blindly with xjc to get this stuff to build. Then I took a step back, thought about the problem, and wrote a helper tool which preprocesses the xsd file set in such a way that xjc complains no more. As with all good tree/graph coding solutions, recursion is your friend! Speaker: Stuart Maclean Stuart Maclean works at the Applied Physics Laboratory at the UW. He codes in C (autonomous vehicles) and Java (computer security tools). A long-time Java fan, Stuart also teaches Java for the UW Professional and Continuing Education department. Python, just say no.

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                • Jane Bennett. Powers of the Hoard: Artistry and Agency in a World of Vibrant Matter


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                  How do objects sometimes act as vibrant things, with an effectivity of their own, a degree of independence from the words, images, and feelings they provoke in humans? Political theorist Jane Bennett delivers the inaugural lecture as the Vera List Center for Art and Politics embarks on a two-year exploration of the material world. In the face of virtual realities, social media and disembodied existences, the center will focus on the material conditions of our lives and examine “thingness,” the nature of matter. Renowned for her work on nature and ethics, Bennett investigates the power of things, which sometimes manifests as the strange allure that even useless, ugly, or meaningless items can have for us. Her latest book Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things (Duke, 2010) asks how our political world would approach public problems were we to seriously consider not just our human experience of things, but the capacity of things themselves. How is it that things can elide their status as possessions, tools, or aesthetic objects to manifest traces of independence and vitality? Following the tangled threads linking vibrant materialities, human selves, and the agentic assemblages they form, Bennett examines what hoarders – people preternaturally attuned to things – might have to teach us about the workings of agency, causality, and artistry in a world overflowing with stuff. * * * Jane Bennett is Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University, where she teaches political theory and American political thought. She is a founding member of the journal Theory & Event, and is currently working on a project on over-consumption, new ecologies, and Walt Whitman’s materialism. * Presented on occasion of the Vera List Center’s 2011-2013 focus theme “Thingness.”

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                  • Making of Cube World


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                    Disclaimer: I didn't know there was a tutorial on this prior to making it and my method is completely different. Make sure to head over to cg.tutsplus.com for some great tutorials including another method of creating this including some compositing in photoshop. There is no audio since I wasn't in a spot I could record audio. I made this 'cube world' scene my first time in around 10 minutes, but rendering took about 3 hours. The upsides and downsides are there, the polycount could be cleaner and could have cheated in some spots but I'm very happy with what I've got and the render times don't bother me because it's just a still image. Hope you liked it

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                    • Array 001 - Chak & Hart Mix


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                      ARRAY- 001 // CHAK & HART (Array) First of our Array mix series. Starting off with late slot material from our resident duo Chak & Hart, expect hard hitting basslines and a blend of all things banging. Listen to and download the mix off our Soundcloud page - http://soundcloud.com/array-teesside/chak-hart-array-mix-001 HOUSE / GARAGE / BASS TRACK LIST: HART: Craig David & Artful Dodger - Re-Rewind Objekt - Cactus French Fries - Charlotte (Canblaster remix) Dusky -Tyto Alba Joy O & Boddika - Swims Worthy - Shy Look Boddika - Acid Jacksaon Eats Everything- Hevvie Rob Lee - Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Remix) Boddika - Acid Battery Addison Groove - Footcrab VIP SBTRKT - Wildfire (Objekt remix) CHAK: Kamikaze Space Project - Rover B.Traits - Fever (Eats Everything Glandular rework) Nick Monaco - Nick's Episode (Ardalan remix) Olene Kadar featuring D-Low - Baby Keep It Up (parental advisory remix) Shadow Child - String Thing Kwa Productions - Cape Fear (Vlad Caia & Cristi Cons Edit) West Norwood Cassette Library - Blonde on Blonde Milton Jackson - DSI Homeboy - Halfway (Youandewan remix) ARRAY002 - TBA SOON

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