1. New York - OWS - MARCH for EGYPT & SYRIA


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    Watch on YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLaNNhhd5ww OCCUPY WALL STREET - Direct Action Group MARCH in solidarity with the general strike in EGYPT and with SYRIA New York, 11Feb2012 OWS Direct action website: http://owsdirectaction.com/da/welcome.html New York City General Assemby/Groups/Events http://www.nycga.net/groups/ OWS website http://occupywallst.org/

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    • David Plays the Harp to the Hearts of the Masses


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      A contemplation of the Occupy Wall Street movement in relation to 1 Samuel 17, David and Goliath.

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      • "Stone" Advocates "Breaking Down This Corrupt Banking System"


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        Royston "Stone" Naylor is a photographer who has won awards, not least for his coverage of the John Peel stage at the Glastonbury Festival for the last 21 years. Here he explains why he will be pitching a tent on Exeter Cathedral Green next week and joining the Occupy Exeter movement. "Stone" deplores "the ever widening gap that's appearing between the wealthiest 1% and the other 99%", and advocates "Breaking down this corrupt banking system"

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        • Occupy Wall Street: Change is in motion


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          Almost right after Occupy Wall Street started, from the first march on September 24th, I tried to document the major events with photography, and once in a while I would shoot the occasional video. This upbeat, fast moving video portrays the essence of the people who participates and supports the movement. Change, real change, comes only from participation, and participation is democracy. The clips are from September 24th, October 1st (march on the Brooklyn Bridge), October 5th (Foley Square), October 15 (Time Square), October 29th and November 11th (Concert in Foley Square). Music courtesy of Josh Woodward (http://www.joshwoodward.com/)

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          • Occupy Louisville: Occupy Mitch McConnell/NDAA Protest


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            Part of a national day of action against the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, which "allows for indefinite detainment of American citizens on American soil, without being charged and without right to legal counsel. " Visit Occupy Louisville at www.occupylouisville.org.

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            • Interview w/ Anthony Gronowicz Green Party US House candidate New York 14th District


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              9/3/2012 (Monday) interview w/ Anthony Gronowicz - a Green Party candidate who is running for the US House of Representatives in New Yorks's District 14 - 2012. Hosted by Thomas w/ libertarianprogressive.com - If you like these interviews & the information, spread the word + share + like + subscribe + comment + favorite http://libertarianprogressive.com https://twitter.com/libertarianprog 1) Intro 2) 3) 4) 5) http://www.votegronowicz.info .

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              • Interview w/ Ursula Rozum Green Party US House candidate New York 24th District


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                9/4/2012 (Tuesday) interview w/ Ursula Rozum - a Green Party candidate who is running for the US House of Representatives in New Yorks's District 24 - 2012. Hosted by Thomas w/ libertarianprogressive.com - If you like these interviews & the information, spread the word + share + like + subscribe + comment + favorite http://libertarianprogressive.com https://twitter.com/libertarianprog 1) Intro 2) 3) 4) 5) http://www.ursulaforcongress.com . New York updated their districts earlier this year: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/03/20/nyregion/new-york-redistricting.html http://www.nationalatlas.gov/printable/congress.html#list

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                • Как массовые акции протеста влияют на стабильность в мире?


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                  Подробности на http://www.masterforex-v.org Новости США. Массовые акции протеста охватили многие города мира. В Америке, Европе и Азии люди вышли на улицы с призывом «Захвати Уолл-Стрит». Протестующие обвиняют фондовые рынки в «экономике ссудного процента». Мирные демонстрации, порой переходили в беспорядки, например в Италии. Больше всего от акций протеста пострадал Рим. Очевидцы говорят, что по городу словно прошли полчища варваров. На улицы вышло более ста тысяч человек. Они грабили, ломали и поджигали все на своем пути. Полиция сообщает, что погромы и грабежи спровоцировали радикально настроенные группы. В Нью-Йорке, в ходе митинга, было задержано около 70-ти человек, однако таких погромов, как в Италии, не наблюдалось. В некоторых российских городах тоже прошли акции протеста. Организаторами нескольких из них, было движение OccupyRussia. Некто из активистов марша протеста заявил, что банковская система прогнила насквозь. «Банки пытаются создать иллюзию всеобщего счастья, тем самым они лишь помогают усугубить кризис». Многолюдные акции уже успели перерасти в серьезное движение. Многие неволей сравнивают его с «арабской весной». Появилась информация, что эти акции финансируются, что на их поддержку уже было собрано около 300 тысяч долларов.. Билл Доббс, представитель движения «Захвати Уолл-Стрит» рассказывает: «Деньгами помогают все желающие, переводя средства через Интернет. Деньги идут на продукты и другие товары для палаточных лагерей. Нам приходит масса посылок с вещами первой необходимости. Ежедневно приходят сотни таких посылок». Тем временем, аналитики компании FX Clearing, входящей в международный рейтинг брокеров Форекс академии трейдинга Masterforex-V отмечают, массовые акции протеста и забастовки только усложняют экономическую ситуацию. На эти события негативно реагируют мировые рынки. Участники акций, обвиняя во всем банки, не предлагают альтернативы. А ведь прежде чем что-то рушить и крушить, нужно знать какой фундамент строить в будущем.

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                  • Calen Fretts Libertarian US House Candidate Florida District 1 2012


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                    6/22/2012 (Friday) interview hosted by Thomas w/ libertarianprogressive.com - w/ Calen Fretts - a qualified Libertarian candidate running for a US House seat from Florida in 2012. We covered many issues. Here are my notes for the interview w/ quick links to skip ahead to the 3 main segments of the interview: [points to mention - the interview is unedited - Calen answered all the questions and expanded at certain times, which was great to get a better feel for what his principles are w/ more comprehensive explanations]. 1) Intro - what drives you - & Issues: - Budget - History - Civil Liberties - Foreign Policy / Trade / War Powers - Constitution / Rule of Law 2) Other Issues: 22:29 - Litmus test / a standard - Sunset provision laws - taxes - Government / People - who's serving who - Bail outs - Reaching across the isle / Common ground - Industrial Hemp - 2nd Amendment - Space - Priorities - Internet privacy / security - Abortion 46:00 - Running as a Libertarian (3rd party) 3) Vision / Close: 55:35 http://frettsforcongress.com/ .

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                    • Catman Cohen -- ZERO


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                      Director Tristan Bernal presents a stunning, nihilistic depiction of teenage angst and alienation in his dark, disturbing visual interpretation of the controversial Catman Cohen feature song, ZERO, the opening track in Cohen’s new CD...Confessions of a Shadow. For every teen who ever felt invisible or ignored, ZERO captures the suicidal self-loathing juxtaposed against a profound yearning to be loved, a struggle for acceptance so rarely realized by those young oddballs who our society considers to be less than “perfect.” Moreover, ZERO stands as a poignant visual metaphor for those in our society (the unemployed....the financially bankrupt.....the uninsured sick and injured.....the hungry and homeless....and all other suffering people in crisis) who feel profoundly worthless and invisible as they maneuver through an often hostile world that typically affords dignity, status, and value only to the rich, beautiful, and smugly satisfied. Indelible images of anguish seeped in bloody despair provide the backdrop to a haunting electronic song, ZERO, whose eerie wailing notes will reverberate in your head long after the music ends. For More Info about Catman Cohen...and...Confessions of a Shadow, please go to: http://www.catmancohen.com

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