1. United in Anger Trailer


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    Trailer for our upcoming feature-length documentary.

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    • Police Brutality Explained and Specific


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      The video portion of "Occupied Media: Foreclose on the Corporate Fourth Estate," a piece published on Saturday, December 10, 2011 in CommonDreams.org One cause of police brutality is explained here by OWS protester and retired Philly Police Captain, Ray Lewis at Zuccotti Park. This interview took place 3 days after his arrest on November 17, 2011. Coupling his interview with compiled footage from Citizen Journalists and filmmakers Casey Neistat, Dennis Trainor Jr and Michael Nigro, their footage shows NYPD Officer Grener, Badge 2008, punching a 54 year old mother of 4 in the head.

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      • Occupied with War Street - Live!


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        Poet of Sound and Image KiNo dedicates this episode of Live! to courageous people who take action against the rotten institutions of political and financial piss-taking. There are only two possibilities to a change: 1. Pulling the carpet slowly 2. Pulling the carpet fast

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        • Tom "@TheRedOwl" Baurain - 2012 Reel


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          Inquiries: tom@theredowl.com http://TheRedOwl.com http://twitter.com/TheRedOwl http://vimeo.com/TheRedOwl http://facebook.com/redowlvisuals http://500px.com/TheRedOwl Song "Joining All Nations" licensed from PremiumBeat.com Table of Contents: Opening Shot - a motion controlled timelapse of downtown Kansas City for an upcoming short film Shot 2(0:13): B-Roll shot of Evan Doherty, one of Kansas City's most talented young skaters now sponsored by Christian Hosoi. Links: http://theredowl.500px.com/evan_doherty/#/0 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGov9KIX4M4&list=UUX8DU5X92JTPQkF7DehfETQ&index=5&feature=plcp Shots 3-5(0:15-0:25): Clips from Bill + Rachel's wedding film. Link: http://theredowl.com/v2/Portfolio/william-rachel/ Shots 6-11(0:26-0:50): Shots selected from doing 2nd unit photography on MLG's web series "The Dr. Pepper Ultimate Gaming House." Link: http://theredowl.com/v2/portfolio/ and click "WEB SERIES" Shots 12-15(0:51-1:04): Shots from my "RAW Timelapse Workflow Tutorial v2" done for KesslerCrane and timelapse shooters everywhere. Link: http://theredowl.com/v2/Portfolio/raw-timelapse-workflow-tutorial/ Shots 16-23 (1:05-1:39): Shots from the B-Roll I shoot live at Major League Gaming events. I shoot StarCraft 2, one of our biggest games, if not the biggest. My b-roll is used in MLG's web content and a TV show distributed in Europe by IMG Entertainment. Link: http://majorleaguegaming.com Shots 24-30(1:40-2:07) Shots taken from footage of my contribution to "99%" a collaborative documentary on the Occupy Wall Street movement local to Kansas City. Link: http://99percentfilm.com/ Shots 31-32(2:08-2:15) Footage from Kellen + Christen, a wedding I shot in southeast Wisconsin. Link: http://theredowl.com/v2/Portfolio/kellen-christen/ Shots 33-35(2:16-2:26) Footage from shooting for Red Giant Software's product video for "Denoiser II." Link: http://theredowl.com/v2/Portfolio/red-giant-software-magic-bullet-denoiser-ii/ Closing Shot: A timelapse of the rise of the moon. For a short film coming later this year. My approach to this year's reel has been markedly different from years past. Read up and see if you agree with my points. http://theredowl.com/v2/2012/03/a-contextual-approach/

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          • Occupy Wall Street | What Do They Want? Prosperity


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            The media keeps asking what occupy wall street wants? They want prosperity, doesn't everyone. Prosperity is the common goal of the poor, the middle-class, and the rich. Please discuss and form opinions on what we can do as the american people to solve this crisis. If the system is the problem, then we need to stop electing people who don't change the system. Director : Adam Forgione Director of Photography : Adam Forgione Editor : Adam Forgione Interviewer : Chris Forgione Producers : Chris Forgione, Adam Forgione Color Grading : CineGrain (http://cinegrain.com/) - 35mm 400 exposed, with leaks, leaders, flashes www.wewantprosperity.org

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            • Payroll | Occupy


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              This short music video combines slow-motion footage that I captured on October 10, 2011 at Zuccotti Park (center of the Occupy Wall Street protest), with time-lapse and other location footage from my earlier work-still-in-progress "Financial Capital." The music and lyrics of Nitzer Ebb (here, a non-commercial use) began ringing in my ears when I immersed myself in Zuccotti Park. Rather like Laibach and other European musical "industrialists," Nitzer Ebb's aesthetic of domination that borders on Fascism is simple mockery. By juxtaposing this ironic song of corporate submission ("Payroll") against our once-in-a-generation outcry of financial disparity, I am inviting rumination while staying carefully agnostic about the essence of Occupy Wall Street. [For my companion piece -- a more cinéma vérité-style documentary approach -- see http://vimeo.com/hpmoon/zoo.] Filmed and edited by H. Paul Moon / Zen Violence Films | http://www.zenviolence.com

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              • Occupy Denver


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                Last Saturday I went downtown. This is what I captured. Music: Champagne Champagne-I Fell Through Follow me @https://www.facebook.com/shelbysmithvideo And for more info:http://www.shelbysmithvideo.com/

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                • Occupy Tactics: Violence and Legitimacy in the Occupy Movement and Beyond


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                  A Debate between Chris Hedges and the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective on Tactics & Strategy, Reform & Revolution Why a debate? Since Occupy Wall Street took Zuccotti Park in September 2011, there has been a resurgence of social movement activity in the United States. As momentum has increased, age-old questions over tactics, strategy, and goals have returned to the fore. What is violence? Who gets to define it? Do illegal actions have a place in our movements? This discussion never takes place in a vacuum or on a level playing field; rather, it occurs within the context of a struggle that is already in progress, where every statement has immediate ramifications for the participants. Differing tactical approaches often reflect fundamental differences in strategy and goals. At the core of these issues is the question: What are we fighting for and how do we get there? This moderated debate will feature: Chris Hedges, Journalist Chris Hedges is an American journalist, author, and war correspondent, specializing in American and Middle Eastern politics and societies. He will speak to the perspectives behind his controversial article “The Cancer in Occupy” regarding black bloc tactics and anarchist participation in the Occupy movement. B. Traven, CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective B. Traven will support the case for a diversity of tactics in the Occupy movement and in broader anti-capitalist struggles worldwide, illustrating an anarchist critique of the status quo and a vision of social transformation. CrimethInc. has produced many books and articles, including “The Illegitimacy of Violence, the Violence of Legitimacy,” composed in part as a response to Hedges’ “The Cancer in Occupy.” Moderated by Sujatha Fernandes, CUNY Graduate Center Sujatha Fernandes is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York. She is the author of several books on urban politics and culture; the latest is “Close to the Edge: In Search of the Global Hip Hop Generation” (Verso). She has written about the Occupy movement and recent global uprisings for The New York Times and The Huffington Post. Opening remarks by Sarah Leonard, Dissent Magazine Sarah Leonard is Associate Editor at Dissent magazine, a quarterly of the Left covering culture and politics. She is also an editor at The New Inquiry, and a contributing editor to Jacobin. She co-edited the Occupy! Gazette with n+1 as well as Occupied!: Scenes from Occupied America. She covered Occupy as a writer and journalist. She is currently editing a special issue on radical feminism for Dissent.

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                  • Want To Change The World? Maybe You are Infected With The Good Virus.


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                    Do you regularly perform random acts of kindness? Are you a Pay It Forward junkie? Have you helped a friend with rent? Bought lunch for a homeless person? Helped a sibling with their schoolwork? Given someone a lift? Stopped for a distressed motorist? Picked up a lost dog? If so, you may be infected with a good virus. Visit http://www.goodvirus.org to find out about the ultimate feel good movie!

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                    • MOBILE DESIGN LAB AT OWS


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                      Occupy Wall Street: The humble hash tag that could. This social and cultural EVOLUTION is taking root in hundreds of cities across the planet and showing little sign of losing momentum. In Zucotti Park (NYC), site of the first OCCUPATION, there are inspiring stories emerging. At every corner of the park is the exchange and the fomentation of ideas. Over the coming months, One Pack Productions and Seismologik Media will showcase some of the amazing people who are creating actions which can inspire people to practice being the change they wish to see in the world. www.mobiledesignlab.org

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