1. Occupy My Life: Episode 1


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    In this three-episode comedy webseries from director Tricia Collins, a cabal of impoverished hipsters hatch a plan to topple the Wall Street elite by sending one of their own on a mission of espionage. A satire straight from the headlines. Directed by: Tricia Collins Written by: Dan Smiley Starring: Matt Lottridge, Daniel Hanuse, Elgar Chen, Jerrod Downey, Leona Lahouri, Sheryl Stuart, Megan Bloy, Rejan Aldosky, Anneliese Washington, Meghan Roche

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    • "Urban Camping" Ban pt.2


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      The Denver City Council, particularly Albus Brooks, in co-operation with the Mayor and the Downtown Denver Business Partnership are attempting to make it a crime to be homeless. They are calling it "Urban Camping" and they say that anyone sleeping outside with even as little protection as a blanket can be arrested in the city of Denver. The banks inflated the housing prices then when you couldn't pay back the house they kick you to the streets and when you try to sleep on the street they send you to jail, a jail which they financed and invested in, profiting all along the way while everybody else pays but the banks. This is richest punishing the poorest, nothing short of class war. Stand up, fight back.

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      • Farmlandia Select Scenes


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        Select scenes from FARMLANDIA, a new documentary by Jan Weber. FARMLANDIA uncovers a food and farm system made up of very different and often opposing views of how farming should be done, where it should be done, and to what end. FARMLANDIA lies at the intersection of Big Ag and the independent farmer and rancher, revealing the harsh realities of a distressed, dysfunctional food system and the seeds of a not-so-quiet revolution aimed at changing it.

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        • From Wall Street to Berlin


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          At 10am this morning 25 life-size figures appeared in front of the Deutsche Bank branch at Berlin's Alexanderplatz. The cut-out figures were cardboard 'clones' of Occupy activists from around the world. In October 2011 two designers from Berlin visited Occupy Wall Street, Occupy DC and Occupy London to meet occupiers and take their photos. "The protests of the Occupy movement address global issues," said Paul Stabe. "We wanted to give protesters the opportunity to make their voice heard in other countries." Deutsche Bank was heavily involved in bringing about the financial crises, knowingly selling "junk" subprime mortgage-backed securities that it's own analysis's described as "crap". Although the German bank received $11.8 billion of United State's bailout funds, European governments insist that the costs of the financial crises be paid for by working people as part of the hugely unpopular austerity programmes. The cardboard protestors will join global day of action against austerity on the 12th May. The march to Alexanderplatz starts at 2pm in Berlin. wallstreettoyourstreet.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Internationale Occupy-Aktivist_innen demonstrieren vor der Deutschen Bank am Alexanderplatz. Unter dem Motto "Gemeinsam auf die Strasse - Wallstreet ist überall!" hat die Initiative "Wallstreet to your Street" am Donnerstag, den 10. Mai um 10 Uhr, 25 lebensgroße Pappfiguren vor einer Filiale der Deutschen Bank am Berliner Alexanderplatz aufgestellt. Die Pappdemonstrant_innen wurden mit Hilfe von Fotos von occupy-Aktivist_innen gebaut, die im Oktober 2011 auf Camps in New York, Washington D.C. und London aufgenommen wurden. "Wir wollen den Protestierenden die Möglichkeit geben, auch in anderen Städten der Welt auf die Straße zu gehen", so Paul Stabe, Mitinitiator von Wallstreet to your Street. "Die Banken und Konzerne, gegen deren Macht sich der Protest richtet, agieren ja auch global." Die Deutsche Bank steht symbolisch für die ungebrochene Macht der Finanzmärkte. Sie war und ist maßgeblich beteiligt am Handel mit hochspekulativen Finanzprodukten, die zum Ausbruch der aktuellen Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise führten. Sie profitierte in Deutschland wie in den USA von staatlichen Bankenrettungsprogrammen und ist seit Ausbruch der Wirtschaftskrise weiter gewachsen. Die Kosten der Krise werden nun durch staatliche Kürzungsprogramme auf die Mehrheit der Bevölkerung abgewälzt. Mit der Aktion soll zum globalen Aktionstag der occupy-Bewegung am 12. Mai mobilisiert werden. Um 14 Uhr findet in Berlin ein Sternmarsch zum Alexanderplatz statt, wo die Figuren als Teil des "Marktes der Ideen" stehen werden. wallstreettoyourstreet.com

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          • Hundreds protest the B of A Shareholder Meeting


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            Wed May 9, 2012 - Charotte, NC | Representatives from the Occupy movements, labor unions, environmental activists, stood with victims of home foreclosures in a massive demonstrations at Bank of America's headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. Outside the shareholders meeting, protesters marched and staged demonstrations to draw attention to Bank of America's relationship with the federal government, the coal industry and its long record of foreclosure abuse. This footage was taken before noon, when my shooting was cut short due to rain. As I packed up local organizers explained to me the that this is "just practice" for the Democratic National Convention 2012 which will be held in Charlotte,NC.

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            • #OWS - Occupy: In Their Own Words


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              During October and November 2011, I spent much of my free time at the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Lower Manhattan. I've long thought our media does a poor job conveying the actual issues (political, social, and economic) facing our country, so talking to a huge group of well-intentioned activists and ordinary people was refreshing. Everyone I spoke with was articulate and passionate about what they viewed as the major problems in America today. With this video, I hope to convey the energy and excitement that permeated throughout Zuccotti Park, as well as lend a microphone to the voices of those speaking out however they could: with words, with signs, and with their occupation of a park. So many of the people I spoke to had their backs against the wall financially and yet their instinct was toward peaceful protest. Regardless of your views on their message, the sight of thousands of Americans gathering to petition their government for economic redress must be considered inspiring. *NOTE: I am aware of isolated reports of violence at Occupy sites in NY and throughout the country. I personally never witnessed anything close to violence on the part of the protestors during dozens of visits over two months and at all times during the day. My experience saw the Occupiers as peaceful.

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              • Rituals of the Slaves


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                Super-8 film and 8 mm video footage by James Leahy (1988/1992-93). Drums by Burundi Drummers.

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                • Occupy to Identify


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                  Occupy to Identify is a short film that examines the Occupy movement through the lens of the Situationists Internationale, a group of avant-garde French intellectuals. In Society of the Spectacle, written in 1967, Debord argues, among other things, “to the extent that necessity is socially dreamed, the dream becomes necessary,” the “spectacle…is the opposite of dialogue,” and “the specialization of power is at the root of the spectacle.” Thus he develops the concept of the spectacle as a social relation among people mediated by images, and as an instrument of unification that subverts reality, where the “liar has lied to himself.” This project takes the concepts of détournement and dérive and applies them to the Occupy movement, advancing the theory that while art can be appropriated by the hegemony to represent the sometimes seemingly serene concept of consumerism as an identity marker, it can also be effectively appropriated by those intent on rebelling against the stultifying influences of consumerism. I have focused on the artwork of those involved with the Occupy movement that are working to re-occupy the places and spaces overtaken by consumerism. Additionally, they are attempting to re-formulate the political, private and public spaces of today’s reality.

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                  • Occupy Bilderberg 2012 Gains Momentum: Circling The Globalist Rat Hole


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                    http://OccupyBilderberg.org Occupy the REAL 1% (Closer to 0.01%) In the year 2012, Truth Exposed Radio, WeAreChange San Antonio, and FunkMasterFive are uniting activist groups from around the world to finally expose the Bilderberg Group in Chantilly, Virginia. Donation Page: https://www.wepay.com/donations/occupy-bilderberg-moneybomb (If you can't make it to Chantilly but would like to help other activists, please consider donating)

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                    • Political Disobedience vs. Revolution: An Exchange and Debate with Bernard Harcourt and Raymond Lotta


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                      Bernard Harcourt and Raymond Lotta On the Significance and Implications of the Occupy Movement Bernard Harcourt, writing in the Opinionator blog of the New York Times, described the Occupy movement as marking a "political paradigm shift": a new form of "political disobedience" involving a "leaderless" organization refusing to embrace "old ideologies"-- whether of free markets or communism. In the editorial, Harcourt specifically engaged Raymond Lotta, an advocate of Bob Avakian's new synthesis of communism, who had recently spoken at Occupy Wall Street. Lotta responded: the question is not whether there will be ideology or leadership-these are in play one way or another- but what kind of ideology and what kind of leadership are needed to overcome oppression and exploitation. Held May 5, 2012, at the New School in New York City, sponsored by the Center for Public Scholarship at The New School and Revolution Books NYC

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