1. The BDS Movement Against Israel: Lessons & Successes, 2005-2015


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    This edition of Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel is devoted primarily to examining the genesis, politics, principles, objectives and accomplishments to date of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions Campaign against apartheid Israel and its military occupation. It will feature a video produced by student solidarity activists from nine universities in the Greater Boston area called “We are the Freedom Flotilla”; a short but powerful introduction to BDS narrated by Rafeef Ziadah and produced by the international BDS Coordinating Committee; and a comprehensive overview of the movement and its successes in the first ten years by Omar Barghouti, a co-founder of BDS and one of its most principled and articulate advocates. This edition also opens with excerpts from an interview by Al Jazeera Plus with journalist and activist Max Blumenthal, who was in Gaza during Israel’s massacres in the summer of 2014. Blumenthal is the author of several books, the most recent of which is “The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza.” Host and Producer - Mark Hage Co-Producer and Technical Director - Danny Weiss Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel, Episode 261

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    • Omar Barghouti - BDS - The Global Struggle For Palestinian Rights


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      Omar Barghouti - BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) -The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights Filmed at Socialism 2011 in Chicago http://haymarketbooks.org

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      • HERE IS ISRAEL - Boycott Israel by Ari Lesser


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        Boycott Israel Lyrics by Ari Lesser Boycott Israel, if you think that's just But unless you have a double standard you must Also boycott the rest of the nations With allegations of human rights violations We're not perfect but if you think we're the worst First take a look at the rest of the earth Don't pick and choose to pick on the Jews Pick up the paper and read the news Boycott North Korea I don't think you'll see a Country in the world that could be un-freer Boycott China, let's not forget That they stole the whole country of Tibet Boycott Japan slaughtering thousands Of helpless innocent whales and dolphins Boycott Vietnam where they choose to use Drug addicts as slave to shell cashews Boycott Cambodia, grabbing up land Five million acres from the poor man's hand Boycott Thailand for shutting the door And deporting refugees back to the war Boycott Burma, don't let your cash slip Into the grip of that military dictatorship Boycott India, women can't escape When the government officials are guilty of rape Boycott Pakistan, crazy country Where they execute people for blasphemy And boycott Afghanistan opium land Where poppy fields stand in the Taliban's hand Chorus Boycott Syria their government's killing Thousands of innocent, unarmed, civilians Boycott Iraq make them change the laws That lock up and torture people without cause Boycott Iran with the greatest rate Of execution out of every other state Boycott Turkey because they've always denied And lied about the Armenian Genocide Boycott Turkmenistan, where the only media That you ever see is what the president'll feed to ya Boycott Uzbekistan, government's rotten Enslaving children to harvest cotton Boycott Russia because every year More Muslims mysteriously disappear Boycott Ukraine, where the politicians Lock up the opposition, so there's no competition Boycott Belarus, president's got to go You know those elections are just for show And boycott Germany, cause there's no reparation For murdering half the Jewish population Chorus Boycott Sudan, the Darfur genocide Where hundreds of thousands have already died Boycott Egypt and don't let that narrow Minded president keep acting like Pharaoh Boycott Saudi Arabian oppression Of women getting beat up, treated like possessions Boycott Bahrain police brutality Against the Shi'ites by the Sunni Monarchy Boycott Yemen make them stop the obscene Execution of juveniles under eighteen Boycott Eritrea national slavery Where they work for free indefinitely Boycott the Congo, doing terrible things To sell blood diamond engagement rings Boycott Zimbabwe you'll find all kinds Of torture behind those government mines Boycott South Africa, make them pay For the hundreds of women raped everyday Boycott Ivory Coast, sound the alarm There's thousands of slaves on those cocoa farms Chorus Boycott Chile because they deny Abortions even if the mother will die And boycott Brazil where the brutal police Kill thousands of people to keep the peace Boycott Venezuela closer inspection Shows that the socialists stole the election Boycott Colombia, putting out the lights Of anyone who fights for union rights Boycott Ecuador for stealing the lands Of indigenous people for their corporate plans And boycott Costa Rica where they've applied So much pesticide, that hundreds have died Boycott Honduras where a journalist Gets shot if he writes anything like this Boycott Mexico in the war on drugs The military acts like the cartel thugs Boycott the USA make them pay For torturing people in Guantanamo bay And boycott Cuba, but if the government hears You criticize them, you'll be locked up for years And boycott Israel, if you think that's just But unless you have a double standard you must Also boycott the rest of the nations With allegations of human rights violations We're not perfect but if you think we're the worst First take a look at the rest of the earth Don't pick and choose to pick on the Jews Pick up the paper and read the news --- Ari Lesser's Powerful music video begs the question: "Why is there such a strong call to Boycott Israel by various college organizations and professors when the majority of countries around the world are committing verifiable atrocities that are all but ignored?" Secondly: "Why is Israel under the magnifying glass when it is one tiny state (the size of New Jersey) surrounded by 22 Muslim Middle East countries that commit endless crimes of murder and torture of their own women and children in the name of religion?" Most of you just want to do the right thing. The right thing requires thinking for yourself. It's time to do your own digging. (Do not use Wikipedia. Their entries can be updated by just about anyone!) --- Download this song http://arithemc.bandcamp.com/track/bo... Connect with Ari: https://www.facebook.com/arithemc --- https://www.facebook.com/HereIsIsrael

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        • DEBATE on Transformational Justice


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          DEBATE following the lectures by Tshepo Madlingozo, Stiaan van der Merwe and Omar Barghouti at the Round table on Transformational Justice, at Voksenåsen, Sept 14, 2013.

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          • Omar Barghouti- Strategies for change


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            Dag Hammarskjöldprogrammet på Voksenåsen og Networkers SouthNorth innbyr til en rundebordssamtale på Voksenåsen om: Transformative Justice

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            • Al Nakba - Episode 1, The Early Years, Setting the Stage for "the Catastrophe"


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              This edition of Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel will feature part one of an in-depth, beautifully produced documentary by Al Jazeera called “Al Nakba.” The film traces the long history of empire meddling and colonization in Palestine, beginning in the late 18th century, and that led to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 on 78% of historic Mandate Palestine. The latter resulted in the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians and the destruction of hundreds of Arab villages to prevent their return and to solidify a dominant Jewish majority in the region—this period is what Palestinians call Al Nakba, “the Catastrophe.” Later, in 1967, Israel conquered and occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. The program will show the concluding chapters of the film on future episodes. Additionally, this program will report on the upcoming negotiations in Washington between Israel and the Palestinian Authority—and why they are very likely to come to nothing—and on key developments this summer in the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel. Special thanks to Danny Weiss, our technical producer, and Jamie Brooks, VTJP webmaster.

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              • The Jordan Valley: Occupation & Colonization


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                This edition of Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel reports on the intensifying colonization and ethnic cleansing process underway in the occupied Jordan Valley, courtesy of a documentary prepared by Al Haq. The program will also report on the death of Arafat Jaradat, a 30-year-old Palestinian who died in February from serious injuries sustained while he was in the custody of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security police. We will follow up as well on the bloody aftermath in Gaza in the wake of Israel’s most recent attack on the territory, Operation Pillar of Defense, through videotaped testimony by survivors who lost homes and family members. Finally, we will close the program with a presentation on the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel by its co-founder, Omar Barghouti. His talk was given in early February at Yale University. Special thanks to Danny Weiss, our technical producer, and Jamie Brooks, VTJP webmaster.

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                • Omar Barghouti at the University of Pennsylvania


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                  Omar Barghouti, the founder of the global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel speaks at the University of Pennsylvania on February 5, 2013. Lecture entitled "Israel is no South Africa! Why BDS?"

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