1. Video Game in a Box


    from Adam Kumpf / Added

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    It's a video game in a box! Using a Teagueduino and a few inputs and outputs, we put together a physical side-scrolling video game. To control it, there's a knob on the side. As time advances the game gets faster and faster -- can you avoid all the obstacles and make it to the end? Watch the second half of the video for an overview of how everything is hooked up. The complete source code is available on http://teagueduino.org And if you're curious about Teagueduino and want to buy one, support the project on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/teague/teagueduino-learn-to-make

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    • Hello World! Processing


      from Ultra_Lab / Added

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      Hello World! Processing is a documentary on creative coding that explores the role that ideas such as process, experimentation and algorithm play in this creative field featuring artists, designers and code enthusiasts. Based on a series of interviews to some of the leading figures of the Processing open programming platform community, the documentary is built itself as a continuous stream of archived references, projects and concepts shared by this community. It is the first chapter of a documentary series on three programming languages -Processing, Open Frameworks y Pure data- that have increased the role of coding in the practice of artists, designers and creators around the world. The series explores the creative possibilities expanded by these open source tools and the importance of their growing online communities. See more information at http://www.hello-world.cc

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      • What is littleBits?


        from littleBits / Added

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        littleBits is a system of electronic modules that snap together with magnets. We built littleBits to break the boundaries between the products we consume and the things we make, and to make everyone into an inventor. Each littleBit has one unique function (light, sound, sensors, buttons), and with different combinations you can make large circuits. littleBits allows you to create interactive projects without any background in engineering, programming or wiring, in a few seconds. It's as easy as snapping LEGO bricks together. And the best part is, it's open source! This video was entirely made with littleBits, check out the individual projects at: www.littleBits.cc/community We’ve been featured in the New York Times magazine, acquired by MoMA for the museum’s collection, called by Bloomberg TV “LEGO for the iPad generation“, won "Best of ToyFair 2012", and we're not tired one bit! For more info and to get yours, check us out at: www.littleBits.cc

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        • The Eyewriter


          from Evan Roth / Added

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          • made with openFrameworks


            from openFrameworks / Added

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            • toxiclibs showreel 2009


              from postspectacular / Added

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              toxiclibs is an independent, open source library collection for computational design tasks with Java & Processing. After almost 3 years of continuous development & refactoring, the collection consists of >15k lines of code, 130+ classes, 18 packages bundled into 7 libraries. The classes are purposefully kept fairly generic in order to maximize re-use in different contexts ranging from generative visuals, data visualization to digital fabrication, use as teaching tool and more. Following a public call for participation, this showreel is meant to provide a short overview of projects & experiments done by current users of the libraries. More information & downloads: http://toxiclibs.org UPDATE: By popular demand I've uploaded the mixed soundtrack to Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/toxi/toxiclibs-showreel-mix UPDATE2: Also watch the 2010 showreel here: http://www.vimeo.com/15379147

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              • Elephants Dream


                from Blender Foundation / Added

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                The story of two strange characters exploring a capricious and seemingly infinite machine. The elder, Proog, acts as a tour-guide and protector, happily showing off the sights and dangers of the machine to his initially curious but increasingly skeptical protege Emo. As their journey unfolds we discover signs that the machine is not all Proog thinks it is, and his guiding takes on a more desperate aspect. Elephants Dream is a story about communication and fiction, made purposefully open-ended as the world's first 3D "Open movie". The film itself is released under the Creative Commons license, along with the entirety of the production files used to make it (roughly 7 Gigabytes of data). The software used to make the movie is the free/open source animation suite blender along with other open source software, thus allowing the movie to be remade, remixed and re-purposed with only a computer and the data on the DVD or download.

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                • CAN Kinect Physics Tutorial


                  from Amnon Owed / Added

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                  Kinect Physics Tutorial for CreativeApplications.net Blog post & source code: http://www.creativeapplications.net/processing/kinect-physics-tutorial-for-processing/ For further discussion or questions check out: http://forum.processing.org/two/discussion/2625/can-kinect-physics-code-examples Music: Obedear by Purity Ring

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                  • OF Showreel


                    from openFrameworks / Added

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                    A short video showing recent work done by the openFrameworks community. Its by no means complete and we'll be doing new showreels over the coming months with much more of a comprehensive and reflective selection. The clips were pulled algorithmically from vimeo videos tagged 'openFrameworks' Thanks to everyone using OF, contributing code and inspiring the community with amazing work. Keep it coming!! Music: RL Grime - The Way U Do Remix - https://soundcloud.com/rlgrime/the-way-u-do-rl-grime-remix Thanks! OF Team Video Credits (in order of appearance). Thanks to Roy for putting together the final Edit! Starfield LAB212 http://lab212.org https://vimeo.com/lab212/starfield Chase no face Zach Lieberman, Francisco Zamorano, Andy Wallace, and Michelle Calabro https://vimeo.com/26649425 Untitled Digital Art  Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue, and Kyle McDonald Reincarnation Memo Akten http://www.memo.tv/ http://www.memo.tv/reincarnation/ Audience rAndom International http://random-international.com/ https://vimeo.com/9852175 Faces Arturo Catro & Kyle McDonald http://arturocastro.net/ http://arturocastro.net/work/faces.html Graffiti Analysis: Sculpture Evan Roth http://www.evan-roth.com/ https://vimeo.com/12881763 Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook Evan Roth & Chris Sugrue http://evan-roth.com https://vimeo.com/8072596 N-3D Demo aircord aircord.co.jp/ https://vimeo.com/13389710 EDEN Interactive Ecosystem Simulation Software Patricio Gonzalez Vivo http://patriciogonzalezvivo.com/ http://vimeo.com/31940579 GRID FUTURA EPSIS 1 http://www.futura-epsis1.com/ http://vimeo.com/26226875 Extruditude Lars Berg https://vimeo.com/laserstorm https://vimeo.com/13175129 PRISMA-1666 Harald Haraldsson http://haraldharaldsson.com/PRISMA-1666 Client: China Museum https://vimeo.com/31136390 AR Scratching Todd Vanderlin http://vanderlin.cc/ https://vimeo.com/4312616 Dial-a-rama! Michael Knuepfel http://www.spike5000.com/ https://vimeo.com/6973913 Blind self portrait Matt Mets & Kyle McDonald http://kylemcdonald.net/ https://vimeo.com/40279845 SketchSynth – Drawable user interface Billy Keyes https://vimeo.com/42053193 Receipt Racer undef and Joshua Noble undef.ch/, thefactoryfactory.com/ https://vimeo.com/24987120 Eyewriter Tempt1, Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, Zach Lieberman,Theo Watson and James Powderly. http://www.eyewriter.org/ http://vimeo.com/6376466 FaceOSC Kyle McDonald http://kylemcdonald.net https://vimeo.com/26098366 Darkstar: Gold Sembler http://www.sembler.co.uk/project_gold/ Client: Hyperdub Records http://vimeo.com/15391189 Point clouds with depth of field Kyle McDonald http://kylemcdonald.net https://vimeo.com/7859990 Fragile Tension Memo Akten, Barney Steel, Rob Chandler http://www.memo.tv Client: Depeche Mode / FND Collective http://www.memo.tv/depeche-mode-fragile-tension/ Techno Fan Memo Akten, Barney Steel http://www.memo.tv Client: Wombats / FND Collective http://www.memo.tv/wombats-techno-fan/ Massive Attack - United Snakes UVA http://www.uva.co.uk/ http://vimeo.com/7437991 SubMap Kitchen Budapest http://submap.kibu.hu/ http://vimeo.com/21641723 Augmented Shadows Joon Y Moon http://joonmoon.net/ https://vimeo.com/14219338 Little Magic Stories Chris O’Shea chrisoshea.org http://vimeo.com/20196781 Night Bright Design I/O http://design-io.com/ https://vimeo.com/29193895 Interactive puppet prototype Design I/O http://design-io.com/ https://vimeo.com/16985224 Sniff Karolina Sobecka & James Georges http://www.gravitytrap.com/ & http://jamesgeorge.org/ https://vimeo.com/6400266 Voyagers The Light Surgeons & Flightphase http://www.lightsurgeons.com/ & http://www.flightphase.com/ Client: The National Maritime Museum https://vimeo.com/lightsurgeons Modular Ship Superscript2 http://www.super-script.com/v2/fr/super Client: Nuits sonores http://vimeo.com/25858246 Mapamok Kyle McDonald http://kylemcdonald.net/ Client: YCAM https://vimeo.com/37089912 Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival Telenoika www.telenoika.net http://vimeo.com/7001138 Night Lights Hellicar&Lewis and YesYesNo http://www.hellicarandlewis.com/ & http://yesyesno.com/ Client: NZ Telecom https://vimeo.com/8525186 My Secret Heart Memo Akten www.memo.tv Client: Streetwise Opera / flat-e http://www.memo.tv/my-secret-heart/ Olympic Oval Moka http://www.mokafolio.de/ Client: Vancouver Olympics https://vimeo.com/2543780 Blaze - the streetdance show Memo Akten http://www.memo.tv/ Client: Blaze http://www.memo.tv/blaze-the-streetdance-show/ Body Paint Memo Akten http://www.memo.tv/ http://www.memo.tv/bodypaint/ Starry night (interactive) Petros Vrellis https://vimeo.com/36466564 You fade to light rAndom International Client: Philips Lumiblade https://vimeo.com/6315769

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                    • DaVinci prototype on Xbox Kinect


                      from Razorfish - Emerging Experiences / Added

                      254K Plays / / 14 Comments

                      We've taken this exciting opportunity to port our popular DaVinci experience to the Kinect platform. Gestures are used to create objects and control the physics of the environment. Your hands appear in the interface which allows you to literally grab objects out of thin air and move them in the environment. Additional gestures allow you to affect the gravity, magnetism and attraction.

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