1. Sacrifice | Doctor Who [Letra en español]


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    An special edition of the vid, that I made for my friends, but that maybe you'll enjoy as well. Music: Sacrifice - Zella Day No copyright infringement intended.

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    • MBNCA Gallery


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      MBNAC Video about Gallery that showcases under-represented artists.

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      • M(O)USE, 2015


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        Short M(O)USE is a video-installation reflecting affection & relationships (to others, to art) in our digital age. It ́s about surfaces & superficial satisfaction and inspired by iconic video-works. Long M(O)USE is on the one hand playing with the role of the muse, on the other hand it ́s a reference to a kind of iconic object – the computer mouse (symbolized as a hand icon) – which is used to create an interplay between a digital image on a screen showing a unknown man ́s bare chest and the scene of a woman caressing herself with a computer mouse. Furthermore it is casually alluding to Yoko Ono ́s video "Fly" as well as inspired by Marina Abramovic ́s video-performance "Art must be beautiful" (2 artists who have done quite some work I love). It all comes together in a simple installation that is also addressing the issue & problem of love/affection and physical closeness in our digital age. Though we ́re all so well connected very often we seem to lack this very important physical touch, we are longing to be loved – as individuals but after all also for what we create (speaking for the artist). Other than Marina Abramovic in "Art must be beautiful" I ́m proclaiming that "Art must be loved" and "Artist must be loved" because after all most human beings wish for love, even the most successful or cool artist – be it physical love, emotional love or the love/recognition of an audience. It ́s a kind of desperate image to see the artist caress her face with a computer mouse that is the substitute for someone ́s hand (and something that we hold very close in our hands most of the day...so our relationship to it is even more "intimate"/ „real“ than to most people we meet with or we communicate with online). The mouse is also occuring again in its digital, emblematic version, as a hand- symbol in the video of the naked male chest, pretending to touch and caress it as well. The movements correspond with the ones of the artist ́s "hand" when she caresses her face. So there ́s a connection, a link, a kind of extended or „expanded sense" but yet it stays all a big illusion and after all there is no real second person, no real other involved in this exchange of affection which also becomes clear in the flare of the screen that totally reveals its background resp. digital origin...it doesn ́t even make an attempt to hide this fact. The "Art must be loved, artist must be loved" repetitions become kind of a mantra one is telling oneself to eventually believe it will come true, to affirm it. The perceived tender behaviour that is contrasting the aggressive, brutal and critical performance of Marina Abramovic is still a very sad act. The blinking sensor of the mouse is just scanning a surface that transfers the stimuli to another surface (that is not even real, only a copy) the male body. Also it arises the question if art must be loved (like if art must be beautiful) after all or in what sense it must be loved. So it could also critically react to the crazy art market where art is an investment but not loved anymore (or only loved for its monetary value or as a status symbol). These days often art is also sometimes bought without even having seen it for real. The digital JPG is replacing the actual work with its actual, sensual qualities that are connected to a real experience. Art gets only a substitute for money, it ́s not about falling in love with a work anymore, it ́s about quick consumption rather than real feelings, rather than a sustainable relationship. It might be an object of desire but for other reasons than love. Regarding the Abramovic quote one could also say M(O)USE is a ironic, softened version that is eventually rather „beautiful“ and might be easier to love than the unsettling work of hers. So it ́s a game of deception that has several layers which you needn ́t regard but you can add. On certain occasions it also gets revealed that the picture of the man ́s chest is "unknown" so it ́s not even a picture of a real lover but just some picture supposedly found somewhere on the internet. It ́s swappable (like on Tinder), there ́s no face to it, nothing that would actually reveal a certain person to whom the affection could be addressed. While in the beginning of the video we could think that the woman might be the loved muse, coming in to inspire someone, it looks like the unknown picture is a kind of muse/stimulation to her...an idea that eventually turns out to be kind of wrong as well and renders the work a bit strange or even creepy as well when we consider that we don ́t really know what kind of "inspirations" other people have looking at some of the pictures we uploaded for example. After all it's a reflection of love and relationships (to others, to art) nowadays, about surfaces and superficial satisfaction, that is not only sad but almost a bit funny and awkward in its irony.

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        • President Kennedy's Final Ride


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          Dealey Plaza Dallas, TX

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          • January 3, 2015 - Born to Succeed - Dr. Oswald Euell


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            Dr. Oswald Euell

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            • Ask All - Social App


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              Ask All – Ask the crowd Ask All is an application for your mobile-phone, where you can ask people for advice, in making the right choice. Whether you like to know which pair of shoes fits best, who should pay the next drink in the pub or you like to get an opinion about your product. Your questions will definitely get an answer! Just take a picture. Ask your question. Define your choices. And Submit! Ask All sends your question to hundred different people around the world, serving answers in seconds. You even have the possibility to select target groups. You can check your Results via the Statistic-Center, where all questions are listed. Thanks to a live update, you can check the incoming answers in realtime. Just use our App and help those who are clueless. It´s fun. Advisor: Prof. David Oswald Students: Kevin Bareiß (kevinbareiss.com), Daniel Keller (danielkeller.org), Maximilian Popp (max-popp.de) Music: "THINGAMAJIG" by Jason Shaw (http://audionautix.com/index.html)

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              • Clara Oswald// Paper Flowers


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                WATCH IN HD PLEASE !! I've wanted to vid Clara for some time now, and finally... it's done ! I think the only reason why I didn't like her in series 7 is because I missed Amy so much, but now, in series 8 with Capaldi... she is just brillant ! you can also watch the video on my youtube channel here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KJAEhCIMhI **** Fandom : Doctor Who Song : Imaginary - Evanescence Coloring : Mine

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                • Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours to Live


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                  Aired on the History Channel - 11/22/2013 Editor, Producer.

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                  • american outlaw I


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                    yes, it's him. i followed the precise directions on the rentacar's gps until i was within 60 feet but i couldn't find it. there was a gravedigger kneeling with his back to me nearby. i thought at first he might be praying. after a moment i called out and asked him where it was. he said he was not allowed to tell anyone but i persisted. pointing south, he said "ok, it's over there, behind the dead tree."

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