1. Fast and Light to Pluto


    from The New York Times - Video Added 48.8K 456 9

    On July 14, 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft will zip past Pluto and its five known moons. Nobody really knows what it will find. Produced by: Dennis Overbye, Jason Drakeford and Jonathan Corum Read…

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    • Stunning Views of Earth From Space


      from The New York Times - Video Added 30.4K 387 6

      The International Space Station is as far as humans go in space these days, but it is at just the right distance to capture astonishing images of Earth. Produced by: Dennis Overbye, Jonathan Corum…

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      • Raining Fire


        from The New York Times - Video Added 24.4K 350 7

        Though it is sedate in comparison with other stars, our sun is a volatile neighbor, a thermonuclear furnace fueling spectacular storms that send high-energy particles and radiation far out into space. Produced…

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        • The Shadow Universe Revealed


          from The New York Times - Video Added 27.8K 336 5

          Recently astronomers have used a cosmic web imager to visualize simulations of dark matter, showing how the large scale structure of the universe grows and the nests in which galaxies are hatched. Produced…

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          • Out There | Einstein’s Telescope


            from The New York Times - Video Added 24.5K 308 1

            A century after Albert Einstein proposed that gravity could bend light, astronomers now rely on galaxies or even clusters of galaxies to magnify distant stars. Produced by Jason Drakeford, Jonathan…

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            • Peering Into a Black Hole


              from The New York Times - Video Added 27K 311 3

              Astronomers hope the Event Horizon Telescope, a synchronized network of radio antennas as large as the Earth, will take the first ever picture of a black hole, an abyss so deep no light can escape. Produced…

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              • Storm Chasing on Saturn


                from The New York Times - Video Added 21.1K 264 3

                The sun is slowly rising over Saturn’s north pole, exposing an immense six-sided hurricane. The storm, big enough to swallow four Earths, was first spotted by the Voyager missions in the early…

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                • Hubble Reflects the Cosmos


                  from The New York Times - Video Added 8,501 243 5

                  After 25 years, the Hubble Space Telescope is still surprising us. Hubble has been called the most important advance in astronomy since Galileo, and its greatest discoveries might still be ahead. Produced…

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                    from Blackburn Design Added 11.7K 93 2

                    What's Out There? The Out There program tells the story of two iconic cycling routes, the people who ride them and the uncommon adventures they have along the way. These routes, the Pacific…

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                    • Brittani out there by Wolf189


                      from WOLF189 Added 15.8K 72 0

                      Brittani out there by Wolf189 http://wolf189.tumblr.com/ Wolf189's video channel: https://vimeo.com/tag:wolf189/page:1/sort:newest Music: The Unseen Guest - Out there https://www.facebook.com/unseenguest

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