1. The MTN Diaries 2 – Hardcore 2013


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    After the 1st movie released in 2009, The MTN Diaries saga is back. Graffiti is still on the menu, but no halls of fame and no galleries this time... Nothing but sweat, rails, chases and raw action. One word says it all: Hardcore! [Part 1] aka 'Hardcore 2012' takes you on a trip through Paris (France), Malmö (Sweden) and Amsterdam (Holland). Watch it there >> http://vimeo.com/54093433 [Part 2] aka 'Hardcore 2013' continues with some subway and train missions in Athens (Greece) and Milan (Italy). The journey ends up in the streets of Paris once again, for a typical day with the PAL crew who take us on a visit of Paris' Chinatown… after the classic café-croissant. - Tras la primera película lanzada en 2009, la saga de The MTN Diaries regresa. El graffiti, como es obvio, sigue estando presente, pero no en los halls of fame o en las galerías… En esta ocasión se trata de sudor, vías, persecuciones y acción pura y dura. Una sola palabra para describirlo: ¡Hardcore! [Part 1] aka 'Hardcore 2012' te lleva de viaje por París (Francia), Malmö (Suecia) y Amsterdam (Holanda). Puedes verlo aquí >> http://vimeo.com/54093433 [Part 2] aka 'Hardcore 2013' continúa con algunas misiones de metro y trenes en Atenas (Grecia) y Milán (Italia). El recorrido termina una vez más en las calles de París, pasando un día cualquiera junto el grupo PAL que nos acompaña en una visita por el barrio chino parisino… por supuesto, después del clásico café-croissant.

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    • More 25p footage from the Canon 5D2


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      The lady she do the walk into the picture (in the square like look like a TV) and she go and look over at the side using her eyes that are on top of her face (for looking and that sorta things).

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      • 5Dmk2 tests with 50Hz lights part 2


        from Regis Hervagault / Added

        Semi-comprehensive roundup of shutter speeds to get rid of the strobing and flickering issues in PAL land with various bulbs, neons, leds, city lights... basically, 1/50 always looks best. 1/100 works most of the time & 1/30 can help in low light. 1/200 and faster divides of 1/50 do not look good at all as you can check in the video. any other setting is calling for trouble in most places with ordinary 50Hz AC lights. sorry for the shaky footage, this was done handheld in a rush with a non-IS lens.

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        • 5D MkII 30p to 25p


          from Tynan / Added

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          After Effects retiming to 25p.

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          • 5d's Achilles' heel? Bizarre banding/ flicker while shooting PAL


            from Heath Cozens / Added

            This is a quick and dirty camera test that I ran after encountering major flicker issues shooting PAL under fluorescent lighting. It was shot in Japan, which is cursed with two electrical systems - both 50 and 60hz, despite being exclusively NTSC - but the issue brought to light in this video concerns anyone shooting HDSLR PAL in 60hz territories (eg: for BBC footage shot in North America). I regularly shoot both PAL and NTSC, in 60hz-land and in 50hz-land depending on the job. Flicker is a hassle that you learn to avoid - but I've never encountered this specific issue before. It seems that the 5d's not behaving as a normal video camera would: normally in a 60hz environment, you have to shoot at a shutter speed of 60 to eliminate flicker. With the 5d, it appears that this doesn't work. In fact, when shooting PAL, any shutter speed under 60hz lights results in flicker. Conversely, shooting NTSC under 60hz at any of the lower shutter speeds produces acceptable footage. The problem came to light when I was shooting documentary test footage with an subject in Osaka (Osaka runs at 60hz) who I had previously only shot on PAL DV. I've been shooting him over a very long time, exclusively on PAL DV -at a shutter speed of 60, of course- and there had been no weird flicker issues. But switching to the 5d and continuing to shoot PAL under the same 60hz fluorescent light, flicker, if that's what it is, was in every shot, regardless of shutter speed. I packed in the filming for the evening, went sat down and pointed the camera at the pavement to conduct a quick test of what shutter speeds worked, and at what frame rates. When I got back to Tokyo (50hz, like Europe) I pointed the camera at some more flouro-lit concrete (worst art film ever...) and cycled through the various frame rates and shutter speeds again. The results are, as you can see, disturbing. Could it be that the 5d is totally unsuited for shooting PAL in 60hz territories? I find it hard to believe, but it appears that depending on the region, you simply cannot avoid flicker when shooting PAL under fluorescent or mercury vapor lights. The funny thing is that NTSC looks fine regardless of shutter speed. It looks like some kind of interference pattern - a diabolical collusion between the scanning speed of the sensor and the flicker of the lights? I would like to open this up for discussion and to hear your experiences - especially those who've been shooting PAL in, say, the States... Any issues shooting PAL there? Vital statistics: Electrical current: 50hz (first half/ shot of stairwell), 60hz (second half/ shot of pavement) Frame rates: standard 5dmk2 rates of 23.976, 25, 29.97 Shutter speeds: 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 Test methodology: The first half of the video covers 50hz electricity. Under 50hz, I shot at 23.976fps (cinema frame rate) at shutter speeds of 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, and 100. In the same 50hz location, I then shot at 25fps (PAL) using the same shutter speeds. Finally I shot at 29.97 (NTSC) using the same shutter speeds again. For the second half of the video, the above procedure is repeated under lighting running at 60hz.

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            • The Collapse of PAL


              from Rosa Menkman / Added

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              Music and Video by Rosa Menkman I recommend watching this with headphones (louder!)! Full description is now available at the Rhizome Artbase Here are some articles on The Collapse of PAL: Life and Death of an Image by Domenico Quaranta in Fabio Paris Art Gallery - Solo show catalogue, 2010 Media Archaeology of Signals (Transmediale 2011) by Jussi Parikka in Cartographies of Media Archaeology, 2011 What is Media Archeology? by Jussi Parikka in University of California Press, 2012 Going beyond the Collapse of PAL in The Collapse of PAL by Rosa Menkman in Sunshine in my Throat, 2011. Motion Pictures by Dom Philips in Time Out Sao Paolo, 2011. INTERVIEW WITH ROSA MENKMAN, DUTCH VISUALIST by Andrew Rosinski in Dinca, 2010. Render of part one of the Collapse of PAL (Eulogy, Obsequies and Requiem for the blue plains of phosphor). As performed at TV-TV on the 25th of May 2010, Copenhagen, DK, Copenhagen, DK. The video work is based on analogue signal, compressions, glitches and feedback artifacts in sound and video. For this part of the 30 minutes video, I used a NES, some image bending and a broken photo camera (CCD chip is loose) && for the sound I used a cracklebox, feedback, Eurosignal and a couple of DV-compressed videobends. In "The Collapse of PAL" (Eulogy, Obsequies and Requiem for the planes of blue phosphor), the Angel of History (as described by Walter Benjamin) reflects on the PAL signal and its termination. This death sentence, although executed in silence, was a brutally violent act that left PAL disregarded and obsolete. While it might be argued that the PAL signal is dead, it still exists as a trace left upon the new, ‘better’ digital technologies. PAL can, even though the technology is terminated, be found here as a historical form that newer technologies build upon, in- herit or have appropriated from. Besides this, the Angel also realizes that the new DVB signal that has been chosen over PAL is different, but at the same time also inherently flawed as PAL. In memory of PAL. Shout outs to Secam and NTSC!

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              • Tutorial for PAL vimeo compression


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                Video tutorial for setting up Compressor for use with vimeo compression settings, and then exporting some footage from FCP using this new preset

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                • Streamline


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                  justACRO Team evolves: Gabor Kezi flies the most radical paragliding maneuvers high in the sky or just a few centimeters from the ground. The editor Peter Szabo plays a lot with the speed and camera angles to show what is possible with the paraglider. Amazing shots, beautiful environment, fluid actions, nice rhythms, justACRO!

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                  • GH1 Initial Impressions (PAL model)


                    from Edward McLeod-Jones / Added

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                    First footage from my GH1. 1920x1080x25p with the kit lens. Converted from AVCHD using NeoScene. Ungraded. Just got it, so didn't have time to learn too many of the options, so some of it was shot in iA mode, some in Manual movie mode, with 1/50 shutter, but auto-iso. Also took a lot of footage using the 1280x720x30p MJPEG mode which I'll edit into a comparison piece. Unfortunately, didn't take any 720p AVCHD footage at the time. Quite happy with some of the shots, there's a nice c/u of a pigeon with the background showing good dof for example. Some of the fast moving shots are quite chunky and muddy, so will be good to compare with the 720p AVCHD mode. Very happy with the camera itself, it's incredibly light and inconspicuous, easy enough to take anywhere and everywhere. Takes great photos as well as the video of course. Filmed at Canary Wharf, London, UK. Music (Creative Commons): "Reflections on the gift of Melchior" The Persephone http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/The_Persephone

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                    • Snowscape


                      from Mark Mountford / Added

                      With the sudden heat wave spreading across the UK, seemed appropriate to finally upload this video to help you cool off. Originally I wanted to see how the FS100 would handle sub zero temperatures and turns out, pretty well. Camera - Sony NEX FS100 Lens - E18-200mm Music - 'Snowfall' by Steinbruchel Follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com/nptfilm

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