1. Beck "Gameboy Homeboy"


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    The official video for Beck's "Gameboy/Homeby (Que' Onda Guero)" 8Bit remix from the Guerro album/Hell Yes EP (also featured in Guerrolito, remix album, Interscope 2005). The first animated video ever directed by Wyld File. Links: www.beck.com www.wyldfile.org ---------------------- Verse one: Scene: The streets of Los Angeles - We see a rug with reggae-salsa-techno mashup bootlegs, awesome noise 7inches, lazer discs, tapes, used Nintendo games, and a Yanni cassette. The dude's sidekick blows into the Nintendo carts. - Another dude buys the Yanni tape (its Beck in disguise), and a crazy vegetable van passes letting out a ton of smoke from the exhaust, we fade into a graph mural on a wall of a butt farting out a huge fart cloud, it says "????7th heaven, cloud nine...ect..." - A stretch hummer limo passes by (foreshadowing) - A crazy street man with a burger king crown is dancing with a rave top hat out for donations. The dude throws the tape into the hat and we zoom into the smelly floppy rave top hat to see a magic world of intrigue and magic. - also 3 thugs in white T's play jazz classics in triple time, no one puts a cassette in their hat. Chorus: Scene: workout room: - Hipsters with electro-clash tank tops on excercise equipment watching closed-circuit television of the street outside - They see nerdy dude with same t-shirt as them. Their faces melt. - We see out from windshield of driving limo. The hood ornament looks like a replica of the leaning tower of pisa or the eiffel tower wearing a bikini. People on the streets are dancing, of course. Verse 2: - The Yanni tape falls from the sky into a huge monster jeep that drives over the limo. - There's a lot of graffiti dudes on the streets and the walls covered in these tags like "Michael Bolon" and "Jammz Juice" and especially the "Yanni" crew has particularly bombed this particular hood (as seen in the animated short). - A graf dude trades cassette for a can of spray paint from girl in pink jeep. - The tape falls out of other graf dudes bag and into this woman's tight butt cleavage. - She trades the tape to dog faced man for a valuable gems stone. - Dog faced man puts the cassette in into a blockbuster return slot. - We see someone leaving blockbuster with the Yanni tape in a Bill Cosby "Ghost Dad" video box. - We zoom into the darkness of Bill Cosby's mouth where we see a chorus line of popsicles dancing. Chorus: - Robots dancing: then a giant soccer ball with face on it comes and knocks them down and a fancy cat laughs at it all - Dancing guy in a Gameboy outfit hands out flyers that has different fake video games playing on his face and lots of pixel animated bits. (might use live action for this part with our homemade cardboard gameboy costume and green screen it over the animated background.) Verse 3: - A huge soccer ball hits man with a huge mullet and replaces his head, but mullet remains on soccer ball. - The soccer man gets kicked by a go-bot's foot into a Kinko's pile of trash and then a Xerox machine falls on him and copies come out that are of Yanni's face. - Dude rolls up poster and smokes it. - A little kid watches fake cartoons on televisions in window of a store - Graf guys are tagging "yanni" and cops don't notice - Yanni's limo passes and his window opens and he sees a big Yanni tag and he sheds a tear. - for screwed part: some one spills cough syrup onto a boom box and it gets fucked up, we see its the Yanni tape, some one takes the tape off and begins to lick clean the tape of its slimey syrup coating - A hummer limo is at a stop light and someone tags "Yanni" on the side. the window comes down and it's a dude with long hair and a mustache (aka Yanni) and he looks concerned, but then he sees how tight the piece is and how it looks like him so he gives the thumbs up and is surrounded by hotties in the limo and realizes that life is good so he drives away feeling satisfied. END

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    • Beck "Bit Variations in B Flat"


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      The official video for Beck's "Bit Variations in B Flat" (Interscope 2005) which is an 8bit remix of "Girl" from the Guerro album. Directed by Wyld File. ---------------------------------- We were going for a little more melancholy feel on this video (the third in the trilogy we did for Beck); a drifting astronaut hallucinates in sensory depravation, dreaming of his love back on his planet. Start: We are flying through outer space, just above a space craft. The view is just above the head of the pilot, so you see his back and out the front window of the spaceship alternating with a close up of his helmet and you see objects in space flying by in the reflection of his helmet bubble. The space itself looks like early PC screen saver graphics emulating the Star Trek warp speed effect. The pilot of the craft is an anthropomorphized cat. The verses of the song feature animations floating at high speeds past the cat's spacecraft and slowly fading fragments of memories and hallucinations from spending too much time stranded in space. The animations are sentimental reminders to the cat of a love lost or a time gone. Transparent Sentimental Space Memories: Young military cats playing Making out with a computer Sexy cat beach Roses made of drugs Candy hearts with mixed messages on them Meeting the black president shaking paws Cross-section of human skull revealing circuits inside Realistic human heart made of diamonds A hot tub with hippies in it A really cool made-up musical instrument Pot of shit at end of rainbow Experimental holograms The chorus' feature the cat floating in space towards another cat. They meet in the middle and try to kiss but are obstructed by their helmets. The end zooms out to reveal the two space cats are just pieces of a chess board being controlled by an evil robot god/nerd. the end Links: www.beck.com www.wyldfile.org

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      • Extreme Animals "Questions Of The Ages"


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        Music by Extreme Animals (on tour now!), video by Jacob Ciocci. Available from the Music Is A Question With No Answer DVDR (Audio Dregs 2010). A new installment in the Critter Collection series by the Extreme Animals! This is a DVDR with video pieces by Jacob Ciocci and Extreme Animals music, limited to 100 copies and available on their 2010 tour as well as at here. Hardcore hip-hop bagpipe jamms and pixelated party wisdom, including the tracks "Get Out of Your Mind", "Question of the Ages", "Gone Green", and "Your Life/Your Language". Life is a wilderness, don't do anything illegal, it's our time down here! If you don't have a seizure we will give you a refund (no guarantees). www.audiodregs.com www.myspace.com/extremeanimals www.jacobciocci.org

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        • Jacob Ciocci "The Peace Tape"


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          This video available on (real) DVD from Audio Dregs Recordings!!!! 30-45 minutes of videos-some old but mostly new, including "The Peace Tape" and super 8 collaboration with Shaun Moulton!!!! To be released with Jacob Ciocci solo music vinyl LP (aka "ROTFLOL" 40 min.)--old school Paper Rad soundtracks and newer new jamms on vinyl with massive download coupon (65 min). "The Peace Tape" specials thanks to Thom McConnell and Jim Lingo for your help (music by Extreme Animals). DVD+LP+MP3 pak available here: www.audiodregs.com/order

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          • Never Mind the Lines: a Coloring book expermential Video.


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            Long video mix of images for Dashboard CO-OP Art event to benefit Georgia Public School Art programing. This Video has music by Acid Mothers Temple mixed with the SIDS and Music created by 69 Plunderphonics 96 by John Oswald. The video mixes found footage, with other artist work, including a small clip by the artist group Paper Rad. To learn more about my work, go to www.nebproductions.com

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            • there is no G.O.D. without R.G.B.


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              a homage to brakhage using techniques inspired by paperrad. digitized film leader painted frame by frame in ms paint.

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              • Gossip "Standing in the Way of Control"


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                The official video for Gossip's "Standing in the Way of Control" (Kill Rock Stars 2006). Directed by Wyld File. We had a very short amount of time to make this happen, but we managed to make a make shift green screen, get some lights, a camera, and a pizza and get came together! The band was awesome and fun to work with so we managed we jammed out the ultimate "Gayoss" adventure. Links: www.gossipyouth.com www.killrockstars.com www.wyldfile.org

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                • Pop Culture Nostalgia Porn


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                  Video collage. No sound.

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                  • BODYBLDNG - MIDIGERIDOO EP


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                    BODYBLDNG New EP MIDIGERIDOO Summer 2010

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                    • Doo-Man Groop "Live"


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                      Live clip form an awesome show in Pittsburgh 2006 featuring The Doo Man Group (ex-members of Dr. Doo).

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