1. Josh Wood "NO EXCUSES", weeks 4 & 5 at a glance


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    A short clip with some of the training Josh Wood has done in the weeks 4 and 5 of the Josh Wood "NO EXCUSES" program with Jason Shepherd from Body transformation. Josh also swims on a daily basis, trains on his own and has change his eating habits to those from Body Transformation. www.totalbodytransformation.com.au www.joshwood.com.au

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    • Josh Wood "NO EXCUSES" Weeks 2 & 3 at a glance!


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      Here it is! Weeks 2 and 3 at a glance of the Josh Wood "NO EXCUSES" program with Jason Shepherd. This clip shows the training Josh does with Jason, but Josh also follows a food plan made by Jason and also does his own exercises on a daily basis. PLEASE SHARE!

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      • William Tan Kian Meng


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        Dr. William Tan, personifies both passion and compassion. Singaporean, born in 1957. He contracted polio at the age of two and was paralysed from the waist. "I live my life beyond wheelchair. I recognise my limitations and accentuate the positives in my life such as developing my mind and arms"

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        • Crutches - Monday, 3 March 2008


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          This is part of a series of video-clips. For the full story go to my personal website: http://www.myscirecovery.com. This was another incredible session. In the last 3 weeks, the changes have been coming in so fast. You can see the progress since the last walking with crutches video clip, where my balance on my legs was not sufficient to move the crutches independently, and the movement was sudden and unconfident, as more of my weight is being held up by my arms and not my legs as it should be - and is beginning to be here. Here I have to get up - the smooth motion and not leaning on the straps is still one to master - steady myself then move one crutch forward followed by same side leg, then other crutch, other leg, and so on. Also, I'm wanting to be next to people so I can see and they can see that I am 6'2" tall, as you can see when Hratch says to the girl, "Tell him he's tall." This is a massive and very important mental shift that happened some time ago. I want to be up all the time and have people think of me as the tall Guy they knew previously and not a 4'6" person in a wheelchair. Hratch picks up on all these things and reinforces them in every session and every exercise. Watching these videos is just as instructive for me.

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          • Exercise Bike - Monday, 10 July 2006


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            This is part of a series of video-clips. For the full story go to my personal website: myscirecovery.com. Again, look how skinny my legs are! I have always had a love/hate relationship with this damned bike. Just when I think I am getting it, he'll change the exercise slightly and it'll slip away from me again. It has a passive setting, yes, but it's the active one that concerns us. Working our way up through the gears. In the beginning we did whatever we could to get the pedals turning, as you can see. Later on it becomes more organised. But the great, or horrid, thing about gears is just when you think you're improving, Hratch is there demanding more! Everyone always asks me with the bike: how do you do that? I don't know! However I damn well can. How do you bike? I use my body more on the heavy gears, I guess, but then, that's a good thing. I mean, it's normal. Watch a cyclist going up a hill and you'll notice how he uses his body too. Then little by little, a gear that was difficult becomes easy and a higher one becomes the difficult one instead. It's all training. The stopping, going forwards and backwards, going slowly then fast then back down to slow, is all about control. He says, I do. The brain has to work with the legs to do what I (or Hratch!) want them to. Whereas pushing hard on a higher gear is all about getting energy right down into the legs and using such effort that the brain has to produce some reaction.

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            • Total Gym (1) - Monday, 20 April 2009


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              This is part of a series of video-clips. For the full story go to my personal website: myscirecovery.com. Sorry about the music playing in this one – it’s not an edit but what was playing! The Total Gym is an exercise that we started in 2009 and it has really helped progress in putting tension into the leg muscles and gaining control in the legs. This video-clip is taken at the beginning of this exercise, as it is important for me to show progress starting with what is far from possible at the start. The Total Gym is useful as it is adjustable (incline can be raised) but at this flat level (initially in video) it allows me to move my legs without the restriction of the weight of them and the rest of my body. Watching myself on the video was instructive as I realised how much I am doing. It’s an odd one, because one minute I can be pushing apparently easily, and the next I just lose the connection and there is no push at all (or maybe the muscles, being so small are quickly tired). There are all manner of things to control: the up down push, stopping the legs from flopping to the side, and whether I start from the bottom or the top, which exercises the muscles differently. When the legs are tight, that’s when I can push, so sometimes Hratch holds my legs to stop them flopping allowing me to concentrate on the push. Necessarily, it’s a long video: I wanted to show the different exercises, and the differences with height adjustment. You can see the push comes from different muscles, and sometime it takes a while to find out what works. Sometimes it feels the opposite from what it should be. You can see that I have to push the pelvis down before I get the push in the legs.

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              • Week 1 Josh Wood "No Excuses" with Jason Shepherd


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                First week of the Josh Wood "No Excuses" program with Jason Shepherd. This short recap includes Josh's physical examination with Nathan Talbett. And his first session with Jason Shepherd.

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                • www.myscirecovery.com


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                  Walking - Thursday, 4 February 2010 This is part of a series of video-clips. For the full story go to my personal website: myscirecovery.com. Recently, we have been working a lot on the Total Gym to work/activate the muscles above and below knees, as well as everything else in the legs. This is having a big effect, in that the knees are working better (locking) and they are more solid when I am stood up and walking. This clip shows a new change: before, in order to walk, I have been lifting the hip, kicking the leg forward and then trying to place it so that I can lock the knee and put weight on it. This has had an unnatural appearance as the leg stays lifted (held by the hip) for too long and the foot wavers before placing down, ball or sole first. Now, we are trying to put the heel down first and immediately (naturally) as part of the step. I have only been able to start doing this with the knee being more solid. It’s amazing the effect that striking the heel down first has: I feel it as a reaction going up to my knee and my pelvis, like an instruction telling the different parts to be solid and take the weight. I have condensed an hour of walking here (after an hour on the Total Gym) into 7:29minutes, to keep viewing bearable! But what is more interesting in this clip is you see more of the instruction as Hratch is concentrating on instructing and not videoing me. You see me getting wrong and getting it right. I’m still wearing the below-knee splints, like before. The harness around my waist was for the ceiling hoist, but I ended up not going on the hoist as walking that direction meant I could walk further before turning. Ignore it! While I was doing this there was a faint memory/feeling of something familiar (i.e. walking a little more as one should). Seen from behind you can see I’m still having to lift the hips a bit to help the leg, but the kick forward is under tension and done from my leg. It is all about tension and reaction (control) from the muscles, and this is what the Total Gym continues to do for me.

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                  • Crutches - Friday, 15 February 2008


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                    This is part of a series of video-clips. For the full story go to my personal website: http://www.myscirecovery.com. This was the end of my first week playing with crutches. Here I am trying to get the balance with them. Just to stand, relax and let my legs and body take the weight. When it happens, it's such an amazing, happy feeling. When I try to lift the stick, the balance in my legs is different and my body and mind were still adjusting to it. I should be able to stand with the weight equally balanced through both legs but often the holding on side would lift a bit. This changes. And it all gets easier. Progress, progress, progress. I have this irritating habit of working better under a stick than a carrot! Each time I get praise, I muck it up! I'm in a very light-hearted mood through this clip. It's hard to explain the excitement I've been feeling all week with what's going on and opening up. I mean, check out those steps towards the end of this clip. That is IMPOSSIBLE for a paraplegic. For anyone wanting to be up, they can train them with full length callipers, but not THIS. This is the result of 1000s of hours of progressive work. I reckon I make it look normal. Typically, the new steps I took because I wanted to were the best, but the camera wasn't switched on and when it was I was so tired, but at least you see the effort and the fact that I fall and get up and fall and get up! That's what it's all about.

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