1. Near-Death Experiences


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    This video includes many people sharing their near-death experiences and visions of the afterlife. Some of the stories are quite hard to find via the internet. Please enjoy, and share with others.

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    • Answers to fundamental questions about life and human destiny


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      The exposition of the Divine Principle is a message given by our Creator God, or any name you want to give Him in Heaven, to Sun Myung Moon. These revelations were received between 1936 and 1945 in Korea, and have been taught under the name "Unification Principle" or "Divine Principle". This message provides answers to our fundamental questions about life and our existence, the origin of evil and the goal human history. The video features Rev. Phillip Schanker, FFWPU-USA. (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification). Please contact FFWPU-Switzerland www.familyfed-swiss.com if you want to listen to a lecture in Geneva, or Lausanne, Zurich or any city in Swizerland, in English, Italian, German or French.

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      • Peace - The Solution for Humanity Conference


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        Peace - The Solution for Humanity Conference

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        • #17 is “it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” & the checkmate that followed & detour info.


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          Rated R. Class 17 is 3:51 hours but it’s 15 minutes in class 17/15 at https://vimeo.com/47612248 with the Whitney Houston parts I wrote about at #212 https://vimeo.com/77818968. When I found out how important this class 17 was to God I explained it in the first minute, that by process of elimination of all my Miss Rights falling through and the checkmates I won on them that it would lead to me finding out that I was the lucky guy to represent all of histories heroes as The bride of Christ. I explain it as the song SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVDkjTNqYqh0oEXLQpQsubTdcmq6LyyVu. Here's what I said about it in class L123 https://vimeo.com/60109388. @ 1:50 is a 17 minute list of magic in my life that might be my best explanation of me being The bride of Christ, (Abba, hon and the Holy Spirit are women). It’s summed up in 15 min @ L127D https://vimeo.com/108944268. Versus the 6 hour class 179a, b & c at MikeOversonEndTimes.org, (before I learned to use voiceover and labels in iMovie), here's the description: Class 179 turned out to be mostly about Rev 21:9 ...Come with me and I will show you the bride, the Lamb's wife. I would never dare to say such a thing until I made and watched 179, (and realized the help I had from God to make it), then Revelation 21:9 seemed to be the best description of what I just watched. Since this class 17 is 3:51 hours long I’ll list it as a table of contents. That “17 and 351” is a hint from God that my longest checkmate is against the state of California since 1976 in L5b https://vimeo.com/35772901 & #216 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfKJYXCgGNg&index=14&list=PLVDkjTNqYqh2F7B0rf2SoXSMtmpZBuAZ4. @ 9 to 28 minutes is New York City, also at 1:45, and prophecies of 9-11-01 is @ 57 min to 1:23 hours. @ 31 to 57 min is Whoopi Goldberg at the 66th Academy awards, Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard, Janet Jackson and the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders version of CALL ME MAYBE. @ 1:23 is Amy Richardson who represents my checkmate on Alaska in 1992. @ 1:52 is two hula girls in 1993. @ 2:09 is Kasron Swan and the song Dangerous. @ 2:16 is Brandy. @ 2:30 is my ex-wife Rori. @ 2:32 I explain Isaiah 26:19 about how the dead will rise. @ 2:36 is “you should get your head^examined^if^you^expect me to believe a stupid story like that”. That line might be from heaven saying how hard this was to believe back then and that's why I was nearly laughing when I got feedback that people liked my class L123 https://vimeo.com/60109388 because 10 years earlier people would've said I was insane. It’s also sign that my job is nearly done and that was to get people up to speed on communication angles from heaven. @ 2:42 is the danger of snuff films to my exes like Kasron Swan as a big parallel to NYC and the 911 disaster. @ 2:54 is stealing credits for God’s miracles and how it could cause the moon to turn to red. @ 2:56 is MTV and the 911 disaster and @ 1:09 to 1:15. @ 3:01 is my reward for for the previous 3 hours was a lucky jackpot to win being The bride of Christ as Cinderella. @ 3:06 is the help I should’ve been getting to make these classes and what it might be like when it’s all over. @ 3:12 is two Pearl Harbor stories and signs of the military not standing up for God and how it won’t fly. @ 3:20 is me as a parallel to the Space Shuttle or how I learned to dream big in L127e https://vimeo.com/109992517, (15 min). Like when God granted my request to be a king at 1 min in classes L123 https://vimeo.com/60109388 and 200 https://vimeo.com/60143120. @ 3:31 I show signs in movies that showed I’d fall soon after I became a Christian and how God used it for good like this from CLASS 123 https://vimeo.com/91654154. God gave me an education of what it was like to be gay with AIDS because of a “new Christian blunder” in 1985 that has caused me to be avoided like the plague for over 28 years now, (explained in #17 at 3:31 hrs and continued on L94 @ 40 min https://vimeo.com/39845641). @ 3:47 I explain the prayers that led to the revelation that hell had frozen over, (and how I was almost stopped by mockers). From class L114 https://vimeo.com/50626250. Sorry about the thumbnail of Janet to this L114, I know that was mean but so were my Miss Rights who were called to prevent the 9-11 disaster but refused to obey God's request. I think there was one called for every person who died in the 911 disaster, (i.e. they had thousands of chances to prevent it). The best proof of that is in class 17 @ 39 to 69 minutes, it's a checkmate on my Miss Rights and my most severe anger at them for not obeying God's request to prevent the 911 disaster and then to have the nerve to blame it on me. I wrote why my classes are over @ https://vimeo.com/50116128 but my rock'n roll playlists PL2, 3 & 5 are a more entertaining version of it at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3-RWtlOIS_k_TbVkYj_c5Q/playlists.

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          • If The Label Shows Your Intent, Wear It ┇ Dr. Zakir Naik ┇ With Q&A Session ┇ 13th Ramadan Dubai World Trade Center 2014


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            Dr. Zakir Naik - The 13th Ramadan Forum Titled: "If the Label Shows Your Intent, Wear It" Dubai World Trade Center - Zabeel Hall Lecture starts at 17:38 Question & Answer session starts at: 1:27:00

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            • 2015 - 150510 - Celebrating 50 Years Unification Movement in Europe (3 hours)


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              Program Celebrating 50 Years of the Unification Movement in Europe, Austria Center Vienna, Sunday 10 May 2015 [0:01:50] Pre-program, Czech and Austria Youth Music Ministry (excerpts only) [0:06:03] Video 50 Years of the Unification Movement in Europe (12') [0:17:51] Opening Remarks by MC, Jack Corley [0:20:00] Cheon Il Guk Anthem, Opening Prayer, Dieter Schmidt [0:26:05] Welcoming address, Rev. Young-shik An [0:32:06] Congratulatory Address, Dr. Wener Fasslabend [0:38:31] Congratulatory Address, Pr. Ursula King [0:46:39] Congratulatory Song: Mrs. Kaeko Onoda [0:55:36] Video Introduction of True Parents (20') [1:15:37] Video Summary of True Parents' Words (15') [1:30:31] True Parents Entrance [1:35:06] True Parents Introduction by Sun-jin Moon, President FFWPU International [1:46:55] True Parents main Address, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon [2:06:46] History Book 50 Years UC Europe Presentation [2:08:06] Six Countries Offering Gifts Presentation [2:11:21] Award Ceremony - CIG Emissaries [2:12:20] Members with Great Accomplishments in their Public Mission [2:14:08] Elders with 40 to 50 years of Mission [2:17:10] Members who contributed greatly to the providence of European Unification Movement [2:10:47] Mission Butterfly: European Pioneers during Communism [2:18:15] 1975 missionaires, pioneers sent to the world [2:24:34] Cake Cutting [2:27:02] Toast for Victory and New Determination, Dr. No Hi Pak [2:30:11] Banquet and Entertainement, Cranes Piano Quartet, Little Angels Performance [2:23:52] Little Angels Performance at Banquet [2:48:20] Little Angels Choir, Yodel song [3:02:54] Group picture and closing © 2015 Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - FFWPU Europe Video: Peace TV, Achim Pock, Michel Reymond, Editing: Michel Reymond

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              • A Name of A Game Israel ┇ Brother Imran


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                Al Hamdulillah ! This is the COMPLETE VIDEO of Br. Imran's English Talk followed by Question & Answer Session on the topic : A NAME Of A GAME ISRAEL Br. Imran,s English Talk Followed by Question & Answer Session. Held on 23 - Aug - 2014 - Saturday evening at Mehdi Function Hall, Lakdi Ka Pul, Hyderabad.

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                • இனிய மார்க்கம் பல்லாவரம் P Jainul Abdeen


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                  இனிய மார்க்கம் பல்லாவரம் P Jainul Abdeen

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                  • Satsang on the 19th of September 2011


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                    Urgency is felt throughout the questions in this Satsang as Mooji guides each questioner and the whole room to the Truth of who we are, with clarity and simplicity he points to the undeniable, yet often illusive Truth.

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