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    TECHNICAL DETAILS Title: México Pelágico Time: 64 minutes Production Year: 2013-2014 Production: Pelagic Life & Calypso Films (México) Format: HD 1080 23.98 & BluRay Language: English & Spanish Website: https://www.mexicopelagico.org SYNOPSIS While the Pelagic Life team is chasing the elusive sardine baitball in the open ocean near Baja California, they stumble upon a crude shark fishing operation that sparks a seismic shift in the group’s thinking. Departing from their original concept of documenting awesome sea-life phenomenon, they transform their mission to creating awareness of Mexico’s sea-life while creating sustainable livelihoods for the shark fishermen in order to preserve a delicate and critical ecosystem. Mexico Pelagico is the story of an unlikely pairing of interests. It is clear that once you swim alongside sharks, sailfish, dolphin, turtles and even crocodiles, your perspective will never be the same. Mexico Pelagico invites the audience to engage with Mexico’s rich and majestic oceanic treasures, to be inspired and awed to take up the mantle of respect and conservation through ecotourism. LETTER FROM DIRECTOR Mexico has a forgotten ecosystem: the mega fauna in the open ocean. This collection of marine life includes sharks, rays, billfish, dolphins, whales, turtles, among others, and in Mexican waters they encounter a variety of threats and opportunities. There is over-exploitation of some species and yet massive sanctuaries and success stories exist out there. But the real problem is the complete oblivion of the general public to this particular topic. Mexico is privileged because it has the largest congregation of whale sharks and great white sharks in the world. In the seas of Mexico unique events occur, such as the unusual congregation sailfish and striped marlin to devour huge sardine bait balls. However, Mexico is also one of the countries with the highest export of shark fins in the world. These are just tiny strokes of what is happening in the world we decided ended at the shoreline. Mexico Pelagic is a documentary that tries to show a small layer of the open ocean in Mexico illustrating the positive and negative events that occur. It is a product that condenses three years of exploration, learning and collaborative efforts in pro of the Mexican open ocean. We believe we can and must protect the Mexican pelagic ecosystem by replacing uncontrolled fishing with sustainable ecotourism in partnership with the local community. It is the intent of this film enlighten the public with the majestic splendor of Mexican marine life and incite the public to join the fight to protect the most forgotten and beautiful ecosystem in Mexico. WHO ARE WE? Pelagic Life - http://www.pelagiclife.org/ We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and sustainable protection of the marine biodiversity of Mexico, one of the most diverse countries on the planet. Vision: Exploration, awareness and promotion: Explore and document high quality images of open ocean marine life in Mexico. Educate the public about the current status of pelagic life in Mexico and the challenges it faces. Promote the sustainable development of communities that depend on pelagic life and encourage the responsible consumption of marine species in Mexico. CREDITS Director: Jerónimo Prieto Producer: Jorge Cervera Hauser Editor: Rodrigo Palacios Narrator: Jose Lavat / Nick Smith Executive Producers: Miguel Sánchez Navarro, Alejandro Martinez Vertiz, Jeronimo Prieto, Jorge Cervera Hauser Photography: Jerónimo Prieto, Jorge Cervera Hauser, Erick Higuera, Eric Cheng, Jeff Liton , Eduardo López Negrete Original Score: Eugenio Riveroll, Álvaro López PIncheti, Josefono L Telefono Sound Design: Vasilis Milesis Animator: Mike Uriegas Color Correction: Francisco Iñigo, Jorge Cervera Hauser Graphic Design: Pita Leon de la Barra Narrator Script: Carlos Dragonne Interviews: Ana Lagos, Carlos Céspedes, Rodrigo Friscione, Rene Martinez, Eduardo Martinez Vertíz, Gearado Nasser, Ignacio Armida, Jorge Cervera Hauser, Santiago Martinez Vertíz, Sylvia A. Earle, Erick Higuera, Mauricio Hoyos, Eli Martinez, Gabino Zarabia, Javier Salas, Jorge Loria, Alberto Friscione, Erick Cosío Verdugo CONTACT info@pelagiclife.com

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    • Cabo Pulmo | Pelagic Life


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      After a long roadtrip through the southern tip of Baja California, we arrived at Cabo Pulmo. After many years of wanting to visit this area we finally arrived and were greeted by howling northern winds. After a few grounded days we finally dived in the Protected Marine Reserve. Paralyzed by the amount of life we saw, we can only praise the Castro family, local dive shops and small hotels for uniting and protecting this unique reef. I'm sure we will return to this unspoiled patch of paradise, over and over again... Video and editing by: Jero Prieto

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      • Shark Haphazard & Striped Marlin | Pelagic Life


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        As if to reward us for the liberation of sharks, immediately after the release of the mako the sun came out and birds started gathering in the sky. Finally, in the last moments of our trip, the conditions were perfect for observing striped marlin feeding of the baitfish that were gathering below the surface. We spent the following couple of hours chasing the baitballs... Full story, pics and more visit us at pelagiclife.com or @pelagiclife

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        • Mako Shark Diving | Pelagic Life


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          Freediving with mako sharks in the baja peninsula Mexico. February 2010. Full story, pics and more videos at pelagiclife.com

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          • Free Diving with Bulls | Pelagic Life


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            For many years Playa del Carmen, Mexico has hosted the annual migration of female bull sharks. Each year at the same time two groups of individuals have perused exploiting this natural resource. On one side you have healthy dive operators taking thousands of tourists each season and on the other side you have shark fishermen with permits hunting these sacred grounds. No agreement has been reached. The Pelagic Life crew decided to give a new twist to a seemingly "standardized" dive in Playa del Carmen. We hope this video encourages both the dive operators and the fishermen to seek change and innovate solutions that will benefit both parties. Many thanks to Pepe “Loco” from Pepe Dive Center for making this impossible dream a reality. Follow us on twitter @pelagiclife, facebook and our website pelagiclife.org Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and 16-35mm 2.8 lens. Filmed and edited by Jero Prieto from Pelagic Life.

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            • México Pelágico | Trailer (2) Español


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              PROYECCIONES En Netflix America (Mexico, EUA, Canada, etc) FICHA TÉCNICA Título: México Pelágico Tiempo: 64 minutos Año de Producción: 2013-2014 Producción: Pelagic Life & Calypso Films (México) Exposición: Festivales, licencias educativas y exhibiciones en comunidades selectas Formato: HD 1080 23.98, Blu Ray, XX Idioma: Español & Ingles Website: http://mexicopelagico.org SYNOPSIS Mientras el equipo de Pelagic Life está persiguiendo la corrida de la sardina en el mar abierto de Baja California, se topan con una cruda operación de pesca de tiburón que despierta un cambio radical en el pensamiento del grupo. Partiendo de su concepto original de documentar los impresionantes fenómenos de la vida marina, transforman su misión para dar a conocer la vida marina en México, mientras desarrollando medios de vida sostenibles para los pescadores de tiburón con el fin de preservar este ecosistema crítico y delicado. México Pelágico es la historia de un emparejamiento improbable de intereses. Está claro que al nadar junto a tiburones, pez vela, ballenas, tortugas y hasta cocodrilos, tu perspectiva nunca será la misma. México Pelágico invita al público a empaparse con los majestuosos tesoros oceánicos de México, para inspirar y fomentar el respeto y conservación a través del ecoturismo. CARTA DEL DIRECTOR México tiene un ecosistema olvidado: la mega fauna en el mar abierto. Esta colección de vida marina compuesta de tiburones, mantas, picudos, delfines, ballenas, tortugas, entre otros, encuentra en aguas mexicanas una variedad de amenazas y oportunidades. En el mar de México existe la explotación desmedida de algunas especies y en algunos casos santuarios gigantescos e historias de éxito. Pero el verdadero problema es el olvido completo ante el tema. México es privilegiado porque tiene la congregación más grande de tiburón ballena y gran tiburón blanco en el mundo. En los mares de México ocurren sucesos únicos como la congregación de pez vela y marlín rayado mientras devoran bolas gigantescas de sardinas. Pero también, México es uno de los países con mayor exportación de aleta de tiburón en el mundo. Esto son solo pequeñas pinceladas que ocurren en el mundo que hemos decido termina en la orilla del mar. México Pelágico es un documental que intenta enseñar una pequeña capa del mar abierto mexicano ilustrando los acontecimientos negativos y positivos que existen. Es un producto que condensa tres años de exploración, aprendizajes y esfuerzos en pro al mar abierto mexicano a través del esfuerzo colaborativo. Creemos que podemos y debemos proteger el mar abierto mexicano sustituyendo la pesca descontrolada con el ecoturismo susentable en colaboración con la comunidad local. Es la intención de este largometraje empapar al público con el esplendor marino en México y que el público se sume a la lucha por proteger el ecosistema más olvidado y hermoso de México. SOBRE NOSORTOS Pelagic Life (http://pelagiclife.org) una organización sin fines de lucro mexicana, titulada Protección y Conservación Pelágica AC Misión: Generar conciencia y protección sustentable sobre la biodiversidad marina de México, uno de los países más megadiversos del planeta. Visión: Explorar y documentar la vida pelágica produciendo imágenes de alta calidad.Concientizar al público sobre el estado actual de la vida pelágica y los retos que enfrenta. Promover el desarrollo sustentable de las comunidades que dependen de la vida pelágica. CRÉDITOS Dirección: Jerónimo Prieto Producción: Jorge Cervera Hauser Edición: Rodrigo Palacios Narración: Jose Lavat / Nick Smith Productores Ejecutivos: Miguel Sánchez Navarro, Alejandro Martinez Vertiz, Jeronimo Prieto, Jorge Cervera Hauser Fotografía: Jerónimo Prieto, Jorge Cervera Hauser, Erick Higuera, Eric Cheng, Jeff Liton , Eduardo López Negrete Música Original: Eugenio Riveroll, Álvaro López PIncheti, Josefono L Telefono Mezcla de Audio: Vasilis Milesis Director de animación: Mike Uriegas Corrección de Color: Francisco Iñigo, Jorge Cervera Hauser Diseño Grafico: Antonio Sabater, Pita Leon de la Barra Guion Narrador: Carlos Dragonne Entrevistas: Ana Lagos, Carlos Céspedes, Rodrigo Friscione, Rene Martinez, Eduardo Martinez Vertíz, Gearado Nasser, Ignacio Armida, Jorge Cervera Hauser, Santiago Martinez Vertíz, Sylvia A. Earle, Erick Higuera, Mauricio Hoyos, Eli Martinez, Gabino Zarabia, Javier Salas, Jorge Loria, Alberto Friscione, Erick Cosío Verdugo CONTACTO info@pelagiclife.com

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              • Shark Diaries 2 | Pelagic Life


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                Shark Diaries is a compilation of videos that show exactly how we are freeing the hooked sharks in our project "The Call of the Shark". This video shows the extraordinary effort and practical results of our project. We would like to thank Rocio Barbachano, who's donation helped save this shark. If you are interested in our project or would like to make a donation to save more hooked sharks so we can conclude are multi phased project please visit this link: http://pelagiclife.com/About%201%20Al%20Llamado%20del%20Tiburon/Al%20Llamado%20del%20Tiburon.html Video production done by Calypso Films

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                • The Call of the Shark | Pelagic Life


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                  The idea is to buy and release live-hooked sharks from fishermen in the Baja Peninsula. Besides freeing potentially dead sharks, the main purpose of this project  is to show the fishermen the economic benefits of a live shark. Ecotourism provides higher and less risky income for the fishermen. Not only with direct pay from customers but from indirect income spent by explorers in the local towns. We believe this project will bring the necessary attention and customer flow to the selected towns in the Baja Peninsula while preparing the fishermen to receive shark divers.  Filmed and edited by: Jero Prieto HELP US SAVE SHARKS http://pelagiclife.com/About%201%20Al%20Llamado%20del%20Tiburon/Al%20Llamado%20del%20Tiburon.html

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                  • Mexican Sardine Run | Pelagic Life


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                    Call after call the fishermen were reporting that the sea was boiling… finally the bait balls had arrived! This situation called for an improvised weekend trip to the Baja peninsula. The Pelagic crew immediately organized flights, hotel, and transportation and was off to yet another pelagic adventure. Continue reading and see the entire story here.. http://pelagiclife.com/Expedition%209%20Baja%20Mex%20Sardine%20Run/Mex%20Sardine%20Run.html Filmed and edited by: Jero Prieto

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                    • Paramount Pelagic | Pelagic Life


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                      Few times in our busy lives we have the privilege to witness nature at its fullest. On this trip everything was just happening. Baitballs with sailfish, striped marlin and even threshers. A pod of 100+ false orcas patrolling the off shore islands. Schooling Galapagos and Silver tip sharks in +30 numbers. Schooling yellow fin tuna by the hundreds. Schooling silkies in the +200 strong. Plus your usual pelagic visitors in these bio intense and bio diverse waters of Mexico. For more than a year we planed and named this trip Paramount Pelagic. I'm extremely thankful to the sea gods and the good vibes out there, that the trip was able to live up to that name. We are now starting to consolidate the amount of images needed to produce our ongoing project for a short documentary and book "Mexico Pelagico". http://pelagiclife.org/

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