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    Konkreet Performer is a music control and performance instrument for the iPad. Its unique and intuitive multi-touch interface reconnects the musician’s
 actions directly with the music. Use PERFORMER to play your Synth, operate your DAW, or anything that receives OSC or MIDI. Re-explore your favorite music software tools with a whole new way to search, find and perform your sound. All sounds in this video were recorded using instruments controlled by PERFORMER Available now in the app store! http://itunes.apple.com/app/konkreet-performer/id417418467?mt=8

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    • Who Final full version


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      • Blind Passion - Raw Cut


        from Slanjayvah Danza / Added

        Based on the dancers own passions of body mechanics and the body as work of art in itself, communication and the love of contact work, "Blind Passion' - Raw Cut" is an explosion of physicality and seductive delight. The dancers and choreography move smoothly, becoming more revealing and dynamic, challenging the audience with intrigue and question. "Explosive and memorable" - Hetty Blades "Jenni Wren is truly a master of contact work" - Laura Cappelle

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        • Replace Clothes With Paint #15: The Guy From the Red Cross


          from Neil Curtis / Added

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          The "Replace Clothes With Paint" Art Project is about the real world. Therefore it is no surprise that the Red Cross also plays a role in it. In this case a young volunteer of the humanitarian aid organization got transferred from the real to Neil Curtis own art-world. And which color would fit better to this topic than red? NEW: THE SAILOR –vimeo.com/neilcurtis/sailor THE FIRST TEN SESSIONS – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thefirst10 THE NEW YORK PERFORMANCE – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/usa 026 THE SAILOR – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/sailor 025 THE GUY IN THE BODYSUIT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/bodysuit 024 THE SURGEON – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thesurgeon 023 THE SNOWBOARDER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thesnowboarder 022 THE TAPED – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thetaped 021 THE SWEDE – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theswede 020 THE GUY FROM LONDON – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theguyfromlondon 019 THE JOGGER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/jogger 018 THE MAN IN THE MORPHSUIT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/morph 017 THE GUY IN THE GHILLIE SUIT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/ghillie 016 THE GOTHIC PUNK – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/gothicpunk 015 THE GUY FROM THE RED CROSS – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/redcross 014 THE WOODWORKER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thewoodworker 013 THE DRUNK GUY – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thedrunkguy 012 THE ARMY RECRUIT – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thearmyrecruit 011 THE ENCORE – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theencore 010 THE PIANIST – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thepianist 009 THE GUY FROM MUNICH – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theguyfrommunich 008 THE GUY FROM L.A. – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theguyfromla 007 RAFFI REVERSED – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/raffireversed 006 THE THIEF – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thethief 005 THE ATOMIC BOY – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theatomicboy 004 THE BOXER – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theboxer 003 THE MECHANIC – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/themechanic 002 THE PROFESSOR – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theprofessor 001 THE FIRST SESSION – vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thefirstsession

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          • ZM99 - NA NITOCHKE Director's Cut (ffmstudio.com) / ЗЬМЯЯ - НА НИТОЧКЕ


            from alex.zhernosek / Added

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            FreeFreakMouseSTUDIO - www.ffmstudio.com - представляет ЗЬМЯЯ /ZM99/ "НА НИТОЧКЕ" Режиссер - Александр Жерносек; Продюсер - Ульяна Ашурко; актеры: Гопник, "Jason Statham" - Владимир Божков; группа ЗЬМЯЯ; Катя - Татьяна Вейнмастер; в роли прекрасных глюков: Ульяна Ашурко; Екатерина Якубеня; Алена Дрозд; Мария Василевская; Маргарита Прохорчик; Анастасия Алябьева; Наталья Радецкая. Оператор - Александр Жерносек, Второй оператор - Александр Галушко; Монтаж - Александр Жерносек, Александр Дутлов; Благодарим за помощь: стилиста Анатолия Трацевского, парикмахеров-гримеров Екатерину Жишко, Алесю Тюлькову, художника Марию Найденышеву; Константина Петрова, Анатолия Ломако; а также Анну Иванову, Ивана Летохина, Сергея Лазарева, Андрея Дубицкого, Анатолия Мисникова, Олега Кравчука, Макса Старцева, Алину Мигас, Мариту Андрееву, Павла Курловича.

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            • Symmetry Study #14: (re)Presentation - 5 minute excerpt


              from Jess Curtis/Gravity / Added

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              Study #14 of the THE SYMMETRY PROJECT by Jess Curtis and Maria Francesca Scaroni The Symmetry Project is a journey through perception. Two naked bodies interact through a highly structured improvisational score, constricted in a specific physical practice; that of moving symmetrically, relative to themselves or to each other. In this space of temporary “habitus”, the two bodies are constantly tuning, reformulating the perception of the self and of the other. In the sharing of a central axis, spine, mouth, genitals, face, and anus reveal their interconnectedness and centrality in embodied experience. Limbs entangle and intertwine creating an inter-corporeal kaleidoscope of flesh. A kind of über-intimacy develops, going far beyond sexuality into a kind of communal biology, a symbiotic sensory field. Blending, merging, and then again differentiating, the two become “unfinished entities” – as Pierre Bourdieau refers to the body - improvising new habits, “perceiving the possible”. Exploring and manipulating our perception, they reveal the body’s awkwardness, its monstrosity, its potential failure and finiteness, they create space for the possibility of the unknown, the wondrous, the ecstatic, the infinite. Collaborating with composer/contrabassist Klaus Janek, video artist Regina Teichs, installation artist Ricarda Mieth and photographer Sven Hagolani in a variety of presentational contexts, including photo and video media, “live art” performance installations in galleries, internet, public sites and performance in theatrical contexts, Curtis and Scaroni investigate homologous movement as a lens whose distortion, and or focus, yields insight into a variety of physical, aesthetic, social, and ethical realities. PRESS "..deeply thoughtful, entrancingly beautiful simplicity.......up close [...] is where this symbiotic ritual ought to be experienced. See it now if you can." - Rachel Howard, SF Chronicle "Should you go and see it? Yes. Symmetry is brainy, sensuous, and asks important questions." - Rita Felciano, SF Bay Guardian "The pair take the body at its most basic and vulnerable — naked — and transform its homely and altogether familiar form into abstractions both known and weirdly beautiful. As the dancers move, their bodies resemble pulsing, heroically fragile inkblot drawings in motion." –Ann Murphy, The Contra Costa Times "Does nudity, as much as it liberates physically, wrap us in an emotional shroud? Where does intimacy end and exhibitionism begin?... any dance that raises such questions must be taken seriously." - Allan Ulrich, Voice of Dance

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              • NIN: 1,000,000 Live from on stage, Sydney 2.22.09 [HD]


                from Nine Inch Nails / Added

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                Nine Inch Nails performs "1,000,000" live at the Soundwave Festival in Sydney, Australia, February 22, 2009. Filmed by Rob Sheridan with the Canon 5D Mark II. Audio mix by Blumpy.

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                • Need 4 Speed: Ground Effect


                  from Phoenix Fly / Added

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                  This video features some of the expert wingsuit pilots from team "Need 4 Speed" carving around the European mountains in their Phoenix Fly V4 wingsuits. Robert Pecnik is filmed by Ludo Woerth skiming inches away from the mountain at over 100MPH, refining a line to be seen in the next team video. This is the third and final trailer for our forthcoming documentary on wingsuit BASE jumping, to be released early in the new year. For more information, please check: www.Phoenix-Fly.com www.AdrenalinBase.com Pilot: Robert Pecnik Camera: Ludo Woerth Editing & Post Production: Jarno Cordia www.airrebels.com Music: John Murphy - 28 Days Later For all media and press inquiries, including footage requests - please contact Macca@Phoenix-Fly.com For information on how to start wingsuit flying - www.WingsuitSchool.com

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                  • [SEOUL GOT SOUL] SAVE THE BIKE LANE (Full Ver.) / DKSHOP


                    from DKSHOP / Added

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                    SAVE THE BIKE LANE (Full Ver.) [SAVE THE BIKE LANE] was one of the biggest project of [SEOUL got SOUL] series. (SEOUL got SOUL is a series of short documentray films that tells about fixed gear riders living in Seoul city). This film got selected for Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) 2011. Seoul is not covered up with enough bike lanes compare to the size of the city, so the main purpose of this project is to create bike lanes on the road as a propaganda against Seoul city. Seoul has been investing huge budget in its bike lane project since 1990s. The initial intention of the project itself was seemed promising. However, the city mistakenly did not consider diverse traffic conditions in each region. The bike lanes eventually caused traffic congestions, and turned out a massive parking space. The already existing bike lanes along the sidewalks has been dominated by pedestrians and even trees for a long time. You will realize that there won't be any big change even if filing civil complaints. The yellow line on the left side of the logo means protection, so you can see it as we are here to save the bike lanes. No cars are allowed. One more Bike, One less Car SAVE THE BIKE LANE DKSHOP (David Jongkwon Kim) PS: Today is One Year Anniversary day of SEOUL got SOUL,Thank you guys for all the supports! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Shot with Panasonic Lumix GH1, Canon 5d mk2, 550d Lens: Lumix 14-140, Lumix 20mm 1.7, Canon FD 50mm 1.4, EF 15mm F2.8 FISHEYE, EF 24-105mm F4L USM, EF 85mm F1.2L USM, SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8-4.5 OS HSM Written & Directed by DKSHOP (David Jongkwon Kim) Assistant director Kunyoung Park Director of Photography DKSHOP (David Jongkwon Kim) Kunyoung Park Starring: Shiho Sung / Minho Kim / Chungjae Kim / Dajeong Lee / Joezinho / Jungho Bang Music by Bitcrush DKSHOP FILM 2011 www.seoulgotsoul.com dkshop.tumblr.com twitter.com/​dkshop e-mail: dkshopbeatz@gmail.com Facebook facebook.com/​seoulgotsoul

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                    • Can't Stand the Rain Official Music Video


                      from The Rescues / Added

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                      The official music video for "Can't Stand the Rain" by The Rescues off the album "Let Loose the Horses" which is available now on iTunes and on Amazon. Writers/Producers: Colin Duffy, Lili Fuller, Joe Sofranko Director, Editor: Colin Duffy DP: Aaron Moorhead (principal photography) DP: Brian Barrow (2nd Unit photography and Pick-Ups) Choreographer, Costumer: Lili Fuller Production Designer: Samantha Englender VFX/Colorist: Aaron Moorhead Featuring: Lili Fuller as the Rag Doll Joe Sofranko as the Sad Clown Juliana Tyson as the Ballerina Matthew Krumpe as the Master of Ceremonies Gaffer: Stacy Sievek AC: Thor Wixom Playback: Dan Martinez G&E: Brad Maurer, Charles Ingram, Andrew Schmidt, Michael Westby Hair: Emily Iscoff-Daigian Make-Up: Sydney Blair Friedman, Lexa Paige

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