1. Ingress – Beginning of a Transit


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    Manifestation of a transformational year. 2014 has been a transformational year. The birth of our son, relocation to a new city, closure of one startup adventure, the beginning of another startup journey and the launch of various big design projects. To manifest the transition into a new sign I have composed a short film of time-lapse sequences that were shot primarily during the same time period. This film represents the transformation of a single day. Sequences were captured on multiple occasions in Joshua Tree. Original music by Phil Clevenger. Enjoy! Hardware: Canon EOS 6D Canon 16-35mm f 2.8l II Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II Nikon 20mm f/1.8G ED Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Software: LRTimelapse Adobe AfterEffects Adobe Premiere Motion Control: eMotimo TB3 Pan & Tilt Head Kessler Pocket Dolly Kessler Stealth Slider Kessler elektraDRIVE Kessler Second Shooter Film and individual sequences are available for licensing in 4K.

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    • A Moment in Time


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      A big role of 2013 was Time-Lapse photography. A few clips from my 2013 collection! "Wake Up" by The Arcade Fire.

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      • Mt.FUJI 2013 Perseid meteor shower


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        • Perseid Nights


          from Mark 'Indy' Kochte / Added

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          This astro-lapse video was taken in the days (or nights, as it were) leading up to the height of the Perseid Meteor Shower in 2013 (8/7, 8/9, 8/11, 8/12). The first two nights were shot in Rocky Mountain National Park (Longs Peak Campground and Timber Creek Campground) in Colorado, and second two nights were shot in Vedauwoo in Wyoming. The sequences that start at 1:09 through the end of the video were shot in Vedauwoo, in the main campground. The earlier sequences were all shot in The Park. Over the course of these four nights the two cameras caught around 130 meteors in their fields of view. Visually, I saw a couple each night except for the night of Aug 11/morning of Aug 12, in Vedauwoo, when I stayed up for about an hour after resetting the cameras at 1:30am and watched the sky blaze with meteors. I counted around 40 meteors in that hour of my just sitting there watching the sky. It was amazing. Some were brilliant and long (lasting upwards of 2 seconds), some were short and quick (lasting less than a second). And of those 40 meteors, 8 were super-brilliant and/or fireballs. Due to the nature of time-lapse photography, specifically astro-lapse photography, with a playback rate of 24 frames per second (in other words, 24 images per second) meteors show up as extremely brief light streak flicks that last for an instant (1/24th of a second). The light streaks that go across the sky in the video are in most cases planes, but in other cases satellites. Meteors just don’t last that long. So, really, time-lapsing a meteor shower is anticlimactic in video form, but the still images captured can show some amazing light streaks. I opened this video with one of the fireballs one of my camera captured, and wrap with the video credits overlaid on four different stills from the time-lapse sequences with some of the better meteor captures. As mentioned, about half of the streaks you’ll see are satellites or planes, especially if they cross the entire field of view. The rest are meteors. These are best identified by going through each and every still image one at a time (some examples in the photos section below). There are a couple captures of geosynchronous satellites in the sequences. The best example is at 0:49. As the Milky Way swings over to the right toward some trees, a ‘star’ will appear in the left third of the video, about 2/3 of the way up from the bottom. It will brighten then fade then brighten then fade – and will NOT move along with the rest of the stars! That’s a geosync satellite (and the brightest one of all the sequences that I captured them) I hope you enjoy the video, the music, and the views of the night sky. :-) Wordy EXIF Data: All sequences but the second in the video were shot ISO 3200 (the second sequence was accidentally shot ISO 800; I used Lightroom 3 to pull out the stars a bit, but the black clouds were black clouds – there was no light in the valley reflecting off of them!). All images were 25 seconds in duration, with a 5 second pause between shots (to allow the images to be written to the SD cards, and in the case of the eMotimo-mounted camera, allowed the pan-tilt system to nudge the camera facing slightly, meaning I was shooting 2 exposures per minute. In the end I had over 3000 images. Both cameras were Nikon D7000, one with a 14mm Rokinon lens set to f/2.8, the other with an 11-16mm Tokina lens set to 11mm and f/2.8. The ‘hyper-lapse’ sequences (where the camera is moving) were done using an eMotimo TB3 pan/tilt system (http://emotimo.com/learn/about-emotimo-tb3/), the makers who I would like to thank for the help they gave me in the weeks prior to the trip in figuring out how I could shoot the camera w/out tying it directly to the eMotimo (since my D7000s have built-in intervalometers, and this thus saved battery power to be reserved to the TB3 exclusively). Music: “Storm Gatherer Plus Choir” by Tony Flynn.

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          • Star Gazing Utah


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            This was my first attempt at star time lapses. Kindaaa worked, kinda didn't. Trial and error, right? All of this was shot within the last few weeks... mostly during the Perseid meteor shower. Canon 60D

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            • Joshua Tree during the 2013 Perseid Meteor Shower


              from Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia / Added

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              The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most spectacular showers of the year. This year, instead of shooting it myself, I decided to host a workshop to introduce other artists to the wonderful world of capturing nature through timelapse. This film was made by our crew of timelapse newbies and myself over 4 days. You'll see dozens of meteors zip across the sky against a backdrop of the Milky Way. You'll also see scenes with smoke from the nearby Banning wildfire that occurred during our first day at the workshop. About the workshop: Taught by timelapse filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee, participants learned how to shoot everything from static to multi-axis, day to night, and astro timelapses. The 4 day workshop also covered how to process RAW photos into Ultra HD resolution 4K videos. Thanks to Kessler Crane for supplying the motion control devices for our participants. Shot with Kessler Pocket Dolly, Cineslider, Shuttle Pod Mini, Shuttle Pod, Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly, Revolution v2 Head, 3 axis Cinedrive, and Oracle controllers. For more info about our workshops: http://www.evosiastudios.com/workshops For more behind the scenes: http://facebook.com/evosiastudios Music : Red Letter by The American Dollar http://theamericandollar.info Workshop sponsored by Kessler Crane http://www.Kesslercrane.com

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              • La Palma, Islas Canarias: A Timelapse Movie


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                La Palma, Islas Canarias: A Timelapse Movie This is my first at a major (and destination) time-lapse video. My wife and I spent a wonderful vacation this summer on the beautiful and rugged island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, hiking and photographing. The weather was superb except for the "Calima" phenomenon that was prevalent during our last week. This is caused by a dust storm that is stirred up by high winds in the Sahara Desert (approx. 200 km away) and is then driven over the Canary Islands by south easterly winds causing very hazy conditions (hence the sun becomes a massive glowing ball with no definition as seen in some of the sequences during sunrise and sunset). The night skies are breathtaking though. I spent two nights camping along the caldera rim on GR131 trail. Here I saw the Milky Way in all it's splendour, and was fortunate to have conditions very favourable for timelapsing, with the Perseid Meteor Shower was approaching it's peak. Sleepless nights indeed ! The island of La Palma is declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, protected from light pollution by the Sky Act (http://www.starlight2007.net/pdf/SLeng.pdf), is a no-fly zone, and boasts one of the worlds best sites and all - year round clearest skies for astrophysical observing. Our La Palma album: https://vimeo.com/album/2498182 GTC tour: https://vimeo.com/73063516 Equipment: Canon 550d Canon 24mm f/1.4 L-series Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 wide Sigma 10mm f/2.8 fish-eye B+W ND filters Pocketslider dolly (Pocketslider.de) Hahnel Giga T2 Pro intervalometer Velbon QHD-53D tripod and MeFoto backpacker tripod Zoom H2n Handy Recorder microphone for the bird sounds added to the google earth zoom at the beginning. GoPro Hero 3 camera for the intro. videos 12000+ Raw files edited using LRTimelapse, Adobe Lightroom, Final Cut Pro and Quicktime. I have yet a lot to learn and am still pretty new with timelapse photography techniques. It takes a lot of time and patience. Thanks to my wife Brenda for all her patience, inspiration and helping me carry my equipment on those gruelling hikes. Music: "Shadowland" by Simon Wilkinson www.thebluemask.com (purchased with a license) Watch our other hiking / timelapse videos of La Palma here: vimeo.com/album/2498182

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                • Looking Into Infinity


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                  Steinbeck said it best, "I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.” Medicine Point Lookout, Bitterroot Mountains, Montana Copyright Mike Cohea/2013

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                  • Time Lapse: Perseid Meteor Shower August 14, 2013


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                    Photographed and Edited by Sean D. Korbitz I hunkered down from 1:00 a.m. to 3:45 a.m. at Horsetooth Reservoir to shoot this long-exposure time lapse. I was using a Nikon D5200, 18-55 mm lens w/ fish-eye attachment. Shots taken at 17 second intervals, 15 second exposure, f4, iso 2000. As the counter shows I caught eleven meteors in the roughly three hours. All other beams of light are either airplanes or satellites because they occur in more than one frame (15 seconds of real-time).

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                    • ペルセウス座流星群(perseids meteor shower 2013.8.13)


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                      2013.8.13 1:43 a.m - 4:29 a.m Canon 5D MarkⅡ EF24mm F1.4L II USM F1.4 ISO3200 5sec WB3400k

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